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Triad: Elements of Balance

Chapter I

Emerald Wrath




She was feeling like a retard just curled up on the soaked ground sobbing her eyes out because of a stupid boy: a boy she hadn't loved. She had realised quite early on that it was just infatuation. He was different, unique, and too beautiful for any boy to be.

That femininity drew her to him. It captivated her. It never was about what he was. She supposed she could have tried fixating on one of the girls, Alice maybe, but how could she when they had partners. So she got herself obsessed with this boy.

It was never like her. She had never been a big scene-buster with boys or whatever. She had always called it a waste of her time. He wasn't anything special, not really. He treat her like glass. Maybe to him she was that fragile, but to the world around her? She wasn't.

He could be so infuriating. Condescending. He wouldn't even kiss her properly, just a pathetic peck here and there just to shut her up. Then he told her he was dangerous, and that her blood called so strongly. If he really loved her that much he would have never been able to hurt her. He would have shrugged the call off without a thought about it.

That didn't stop her caring, or loving his family. They had been like family to her – well everyone apart from Jasper and Roselle. Japer mainly because he wasn't very good at not eating humans. Roselle because she was either a bitch or jealous of Bella's continued humanity.

She liked to think the latter, which made things worse now, as that meant even the bitch loved her more than her boyfriend. Life sucked so much sometimes she just felt like screaming at the world about how pathetic it is to her.

Discovering what they were was a highlight: a revelation. It showed her the amazing world of possibility. She had seen many amazing people all over the TV through the news and other medias, and she could be like that couldn't she? Though, maybe that was just a silly wish.

How can a vampire become a hero? She supposed from within the shadows, hidden from the world. It could have been amazing, but then what about these vampire mafia jerks she had been told about? They would likely come for her, to keep their secrets from the human world.

Edward. She cringed just thinking of him. He had been so surprised that she didn't think that vampires exist was weird. When you've seen people flying on the news from other planets and especially magic you knew was real, how could vampires not exist?

Though, the whole sparkling thing in the sun had to have been the single most gayest thing she had ever seen. It doesn't even serve a purpose except to alert people to their differences. In this day and age, she reckoned the humans wouldn't be so helpless against them.

Her chest felt tight thinking of everything taken from her. She knew Edward did this because he is a douche who doesn't have a clue about real feelings. He was doing it to 'protect' her. The rest of his family going along with it, maybe because they have forgotten that it wasn't just about the boy and girl, but the other's too.

His family had become a nice part of her life. They didn't seem to understand that, or maybe, maybe they did. Maybe they were too scared to go to her and say goodbye in person. Maybe he even threatened them with something, or at least those he knew would come anyway.

She had never felt like she was normal as a human, and her fast track to her future was denied by a century old virgin with control and mummy issues. He likely hadn't gotten over his Victorian style values and still believes that woman should be treated a certain way.

Yes. It is nice for a man or anyone to be helpful, open doors and whatnot. However, when HE starts trying to walk for you or carry you, and drive you everywhere. It was then time to run away because it became creepy. She had already overlooked the stalking and, she shuddered now thinking of him watching her while she slept, clueless.

It made her feel uneasy considering all things he still had the body of a seventeen-year-old boy. She felt queasy. Wondering whether he touched her, or just as bad, himself while watching her.

She wondered why she was even crying! Maybe it was for Alice. She had never had a friend like her before. She had never had a best friend before. She just wasn't quite good enough to make friends back in Phoenix. Even with the out-crowd, geeks, or nerds.

Her 'crowd' tended to be the outcasts. The throw a ways, which was why she found this small town so odd as she sat with the popular out-crowd. The school still had its jock, cheerleaders, and geeks, but her crowd here was a miss and match.

That left her even more confused about where she'd fit in. She had liked it back home in Phoenix. It was so much easier to understand. Here in Forks it was more complicated because of such a low population mismatched kids played with each other while young and made odd ties.

She supposed she did have one top friend back in Phoenix. She was like Alice, except when it came to personality and clothing choice. She was 'tough' and Goth. Thinking about it, she realised the Goth look worked well for her.

It was obvious she wanted more than just friendship, and she let her be clingy, affectionate, loving even. She had almost forgotten in all that had been going on. She had relished in her gothic girls attention since she didn't get that at all.

They had had their first kiss together. Their first and only touch. She felt embarrassed now, but at the time, it was her first bit of rebellion from the norm. They were at her Goths house, underage drinking, and well. It was only hands down panties, but they did get off together before going to sleep snuggled together.

Neither of them had spoken about it in the morning, but it was always a quiet whisper asking her why she was dating a boy when she liked girls. Maybe she liked both. She had looked to both, but always with the men or boys, she tended to look at the more metrosexual. The pretty boys. It confused her already baffled mind.

She felt like she might be going nuts, but shook away those thoughts as her sobbing had subsided as she concluded that she might have been crying for Alice leaving her, for lost opportunity with her friend back in Phoenix. She was sure Alice would know how to help her. She had all of the answers to everything, anything.

Bella Swan: The Messed up and Confused Girl. That should be her title from now on. Though, she thought that might baffle anyone here. She was a teenager after all. Teenagers are supposed to be a little messed up and confused, and with the exception of a few, not having to deal with things like loving a vampire too much.

It certainly didn't help that that vampire was both female and married to a man. Life can be so harsh when you finally see the truth within yourself. She had enjoyed Alice's company over Edward's. Sometimes she would even feel relief when it was Alice sneaking up on her over him.

Alice didn't treat her like she was brittle. They did things together. Alice may have whinged and begged Bella to go shopping with her sometimes, but she never forced her to do anything. It was nice, comfortable, and peaceful. Bella would even let Alice win just to see the bright smile and receive the firm comfortable hug; a hug Edward was too afraid to give.

Her sweet vampire smell was even more appealing to be around: not too sweet. She guessed she should have realised her feelings weren't for who she expected.

She paused that thought and felt a spike of anger. Maybe, Alice had a vision and chose to run away. Edward would have read her mind, and the clairvoyant wouldn't have been able to stop him for long.

Bella might have confessed eventually.

However, she knew Edward would want to run away from a painful realisation would Alice do that to her? No. She can't believe she would. Alice was always an upfront girl. She would have confronted Bella about it. She would have let Bella down gently and still been a great friend, but. No. She couldn't think of a different scenario.

It was too painful to wonder what if. What if hurt too much. What is? That was all that mattered right now. She knew she was young enough to get over this and move on, to discover herself. To find out what she wants in this confused and painful world, to find her place.

In away when Edward had brought her into the woods to dump her. She felt relieved. However, when he told her he was taking his family with him, she broke down, unable to think straight.

She was gone…!

She wanted to screams at him. Tell him where to screw himself, and that Alice was staying, but she was already in shock. Too afraid of her own truths. However, now everything was clear to her.

She needed to find Alice. Not so, they can get together and live happily ever after, but to ask her. Why. To ask her whether she returned any feelings, but most of all, what did Edward threaten her with?

Bella had always prided herself on being a good person. A very kind person even. That had just gotten her dumped. Left in the woods somewhere around Forks. She knows that if she finds her way home some time tonight it will be a complete fluke.

Edward knows that she could manage to get lost at a mall while standing next to the map screen things. So he left her in the woods. Good idea idiot! He didn't want her so he leaves her to get eaten by a grisly bare, or a dinosaur or something. She wouldn't be surprised to see a T-Rex at any moment.

She sat up sharply then, thinking. Could this be his way to get back at her? She looked to the darkening sky as rain started pouring down slushing all over her. Her dark brown hair soaked in seconds. She didn't move, slipping into the soggy muddy ground.

"I…" she mumbled to herself, wide eyed. "I had thought about dumping him!" she said loudly over the noise of the rain, soaked to the bone in her blue jeans and red and grey chequered shirt clinging to her body and water was getting through her brown walking boots.

"He had seen it through Alice's visions even if I wasn't going too… I don't know what I was going to do. Then Jasper. The empath might have felt what I felt for him, or Alice, and Edward would see again!"

She jumped as thunder boomed in the sky. Lightning streaked across lighting the darkness as thick clouds rolled in. She knew she was going to catch a serious cold if she didn't find shelter, preferably her house.

She rubbed her puffy bloodshot eyes as she let out a little sob and began having some deep shallow breaths to calm her down. She was caked in dirt by now as she tried to calm and think clearly about getting out of the woods and home. A nice hot bath calling her.

He had dumped her to beat her to it. Then to further punish her he left her alone in the woods when he knew a storm was coming. She sighed tiredly as she shivered; pulling herself up to her feet, she almost slipped in the sloshy mud.

However, before she could take a step. Her eyes widened in horror as a green streak blast past her through several trees, marking a trail of dirt. The trees crashed down either side of her in a boom through the rain with thunder and lightning.

She span round fast to see the glowing red light bounce twice, pushing up ploombs of dirt before it came to a stop. The dirt created a wall to act as a backrest for the black skinned man. His haircut short he had a goatee bared around his lips.

The dirt and dust settled. Bella made a couple steps towards him. She couldn't believe what she was seeing. He was caked in mud and blood all over. The red life fluid was pouring from his lips and his right eye was swollen shut.

His form hugging green and black leather like uniform was in tatters, hanging off him. His green glow was out and he looked barely conscious. He held a small green coloured material pouch, clutched desperately in his right hand.

Bella ran to him, dropping to her knees at his side, worried when she startled as the green ring on his left hand came up. His fist clenched the ring was glowing, but he relaxed. His arm flopping down while he was breathing harshly.

His eyes were droopy as he looked at her. His vision must be on the fritz or something as his eyes kept crossing and uncrossing and his green pupils kept dilating every time he seemed to lose concentration.

"P-please!" she muttered out terrified. "M-Mr. Green Lantern!" she said in worry. "I-I don't know what to do," she said before an idea struck. "W-wait, don't you have a communicator to the Watch Tower and the Justice League," she said hopefully.

He just gave her a baleful look. "C-comm. is d-down!" he said in a pained voice. "M-my signal i-is be-being blocked!" he struggled out. "Y-you have to-to. Take the r-rings and run. Please. They-they can't return. They're b-being blocked somehow.

"H-he wants power. You can't let him, h-have…!" he lifted the green pouch and passed it to her, his hand going limp. "Run!" was the last word to drift from his lips as he passed out.

"Too late for that Stewart!"

Bella spun and looked up to see a man. She thinks. This thing was grey skinned with near glowing orange hair. He kind of reminded her of that blue alien from the movie Avatar, as this guy also has weird markings, and is large. At least eight feet tall. Though, these markings were glowing green and he wore a green and black uniform, minus the lantern symbol she would expect, even from a rogue.

She could see clearly on the things hands, six thick fingers, each containing a green ring. His sharp lips turned up into a sinister, sharp-toothed smile, as he looked her up and down. His glowing eyes of green creeping her out more than anything.

The rain was still splashing down on them and she worried more for the defenceless Green Lantern as she stood to protect him. She could see a necklace on this alien of green rings. She felt sick, as it was obvious, this thing had been attacking Green Lantern's and stealing their power rings and now one of her planets Lantern's was next.

"Like them?" he asked with a soft chuckle as he floated a little further down, close but not too close as she held the cloth bag in her hands to her chest. It felt comforting somehow. "These rings are awfully pretty aren't they," he continued and gestured the rings hanging around his neck with pride. "But they don't belong in the possession of naïve, primitive little monkey's like you or John Stewart. So hand them over!"

Suddenly a green beam shot over her shoulder and smacked into the alien, but he put up a green barrier holding it at bay with ease. "RUN!" the Green Lantern commanded barely awake. She looked to him in worry but she did not need telling twice. She turned and moved faster than she had ever in her life running through the trees.

"YOU CAN RUN! BUT YOU CANNOT HIDE FROM ME LITTLE HUMAN GIRL!" the evil Lantern roared out and she could hear him coming. "You have no power to even defend yourself! It is pathetic!" he continued, causing her to quiver, as he sounded so close.

The ground pulled up and exploded beneath her feet, lifting her up and throwing her forward with the force. She cried out in pain as she skidded across the ground, losing her grip on the cloth bag. It dropped and she cried as she flew into a tree.

Her heart was pounding and she had never felt so scared in all of her life. Her breathing was hard and she was coughing up blood, whimpering. She didn't know what she could do, but she had to get the rings back. She couldn't let him win. It could mean a lot of destruction and innocent people killed until the League get there and stop him.

She frantically looked around for the bag. Her heart was pounding in her ears and she felt cold dread run through her blood as she saw him. He picked it up with a giant sneer on his lips.

He laughed at her look of horror. "Now. What to do with you. You are just a normal weak human so. I think I'll destroy you anyway, just to amuse myself."

"T-this planet is littered with people with power far greater than a Green Lantern!" she quickly said, trying to stall for time as she shimmied back slightly her right palm landed on something hard and warm while the cold rain poured on them.

"I'll be long gone by then!" he replied with a sadistic grin.

"They'll hunt you!" she replied as she did the only thing she could, slowly moving, she slid her right middle finger through the dirt, the warmth buzzed with a strength she never knew before. "The Justice League and the Green Lantern Corps. You'll never be left alone. More will come. You'll never win in the end!"

"You bore me little girl!" he retorted as he fired a green beam of light at her. She cried out and crossed her arms as it exploded into her.

She had closed her eyes but opened them a moment later to see steam rising off her and the grey alien was groaning in pain outside of the crater she was now sitting in.

The rings couldn't return. However, looking to the glowing green ring on her middle right finger. It looked like they can still chose a new master. The Dark Lantern pulled himself up, looking to her in rage.

"Doesn't the Green Lantern Corps really ever know when to give up!?" he demanded, enraged with her.

Her eyes widened as he charged. She watched, unable to think much about a defence, but an escape. It was with that desperate thought that a green glow blazed from her skin and she screamed as she shot into the air, and he just shot by underneath and crashed into a few trees.

Spraying mud.

Bella hovered for a moment. Her breathing heavy as she tried to calm down before she turned to see the Green Lantern still lying where she left him. She didn't know how but she managed to fly over to him and land back where she started.

He had woken tiredly, looked up at her, and winced, as her eyes were a pale green boring into his bright green. "Have you even looked at yourself?" he asked humourlessly as she worried about his wounds.

She paused in surprise as she realised that she was wearing skin-tight black gloves and stood in shock, as she looked herself over. She wore a top that starts down from green into black form hugging armour curving perfectly around her breasts but ending just below showing off her smooth stomach.

The lantern symbol emblazoned her chest, glowing green, and her legs are contained in some skin-tight black leather/plastic/rubber, she is not sure what the material really was.

However, tied around her waist was a black belt with the lantern in green in the centre with a green material cloth (though looks similar to the rest) skirt hanging to just above her ankles slit fully down the sides and waving in the breeze.

She was now wearing emerald green boots, and moving her gloved hands to her hair, she felt some kind of ribbon tying it back with a few ringlets hanging either side as her fringe. She just knew the ribbon was green too, and her hands continued to her eyes. She felt the green mask fastened to her skin around her eyes.

She dropped back to her knees and looked at the ring on her now gloved finger before back to the Green Lantern. "W-what… I don't understand?" she asked, confused and frightened as she turned to see the alien is up again.

"You little bitch!" he roared out with some blue blood on the corner of his lips. "Twice… twice you fucking get me. Never again," he growled angrily.

"The green power of your ring," the Lantern suddenly interrupted hurriedly. "It's all about your will. There is nothing you can't do if you have the will to pull it off."

Bella gulped as she shakily stood up. The alien charged at her and she shot into the sky creating a shock wave as she left with him hot on her heals. He fired a few times but it was as if she could sense the attack and dodged left, right, back. She fell back, flying under him as she thought. She had seen the Lantern's on TV. They can created all sorts of crazy stuff from the light.

She pointed her ring forward as he slowed and turned. It shone out and moulded faster than she expected and before he knew it, he had a huge rusty looking pickup truck smash into his head, knocking him out of the sky and land on top of him before exploding and blowing out a lot of the road below.

However, as she looked down she grimaced as two police cruisers had barely stopped before they were engulfed. She groaned. This is not happening. She watched through the downpour as her father got out of his cruiser, drawing his gun just as the smoke cleared to show the alien.

The murdering alien smirked viciously as green energy formed some kind of weapon that began to fire. However, Bella moved quickly thinking of a shield! Any protection! It formed from her ring between the cops and the few other vehicles behind as she floated down landing but keeping the wall up.

Bella looked behind her at her stunned father. She felt thankful that he didn't recognise her thanks to the storm and her mask and uniform. His eyes looking past her to the monster causing all this trouble.

The alien let up his attack and she lowered her shield as she watched him wearily. The bricks of green falling away into her ring. "Who are you?" she demanded. "W-what do you want!? Why are you doing this!?" she found her voice more demanding than she would have expected.

"My name is Sageriro!" he answered sneeringly. "And I want your ring before I take your wounded friends. The Guardians are such fools giving all of this power to such primitive wastes like all of those who might have worn your ring before you.

"Just hand it over! You're not a soldier!" he demanded. "Just a stupid little monkey playing at being hero! If you do! I'll leave this planet alone and I might if I'm feeling generous let John live."

Bella grit her teeth in worry, unsure. Can she actually trust this thing to keep his word? If she does hand over her ring. Then what? He leaves and starts attacking other Green Lanterns? Murdering innocent people in the process? Just because he can?

His eyes suddenly narrow in a sneer as her fists clenched. "I see. You've made your resolve to fight," he commented chuckling. "How unusual you are. I can see your fear, but yet... you're ready to fight anyway. Is it for those that might die when I leave, or perhaps your ring has let you know? I murdered the bitch who wore it before I destroyed half of her world," he laughed as Bella's eyes widened impossibly in fear.

She took half step back clenching her right fist tighter. Her ring started glowing green as she prepared to fight. She had no doubt that she was going to die, but she can hope to stall him until help arrives, of course if help is on its way.

He went to attack when huge glowing green pincers grabbed him, picked him up from the ground and threw him into the air. Bella didn't wait to see what happened as she knew she had to do something.

She shot after him like a dart and punched her right fist forward as she saw Sageriro rightening himself in the air. Three huge buzz saw blades blast out of her ring.

His eyes widened but he managed to avoid two while the third cut along his chest creating a thin blue blooded cut as the first two blades smashed into the forest and the third dissolving in the air.

He glared at her, but his attention was diverted seconds later as a brown haired lantern shot passed her and punched with a giant glowing green fist that hit the alien, blasting him into the forest and out of sight as they hung in the air catching their breaths.

He turned to look at her with a smirk. His pale blue eyes behind his mask looking her up and down and her glare not fazing him. "The names Hal. Hal Jordan. Green Lantern… and you might be?"

"Err, Isabella Swan," she answered nervously. "B-but I prefer to be called Bella. I-I'm kind of new at this."

"Really. I hadn't noticed," he answered jokingly with a cocky grin as he turned to the trees with narrowed eyes as he created two huge green Gatling guns either side of himself smirking as the alien began floating up. "Watch and learn from the master baby!" he said smugly before his gun barrel's started spinning and then they fired. It was incredible how realistic it looked. It's a shame that the alien had blocked everything with a green wall though.

"Get off my planet!" Bella suddenly screamed out and Hal actually grimaced as a huge green double decker bus, which exploded when it hit the ground with alien, smashing the monster into the dirt. She couldn't help but smirk at the man. "Mine did better than yours."

He rolled his eyes and actually pouted. "Yeah, but he wouldn't fall for that again."

"I dropped a truck on him earlier," she retorted feeling braver now she's not alone.

"Yeah but both times he was foolish to not consider you a threat," he retorted. "He obviously didn't think you would capitalise, and neither did I actually. Good job."

"Um, thanks," she muttered, embarrassed and feeling proud of herself for once.

He shrugged. "Yeah, well let's scrape the bastard up off the ground and get the rings back," he said as they slowly drifted down. "Oh, by the way, you haven't seen John around have you? About six fool tall, black skin, human wearing a uniform like mine?"

"Yeah, it's where I got this," she answered gesturing her ring. "He had a bunch, but this guy's got them all now except this one, yours, and his."

"Good, and that's all he gets," he replied with a relieved sigh. "This asshole has a lot to answer too."

They were only several feet from the ground when it suddenly exploded in green energy. Hal moved quickly, creating an energy sphere around Bella and himself, and flying up out of the blast higher into the sky where Bella was surprised to see the other Lantern, John barely managing to fly as he looked to be in so much pain just floating. She felt bad for him, but he is certainly a real solider.

The three of them looked down as more and more energy poured out in an explosion, while in the centre it looked like it was being sucked back in, like a plump stretched doughnut

"W-what's happening?" Bella asked worriedly as she subconsciously pushed Hal further from her as he was up in her space and slapped his hand away. "And stop that!"

John glared at Hal before returning his attention to the energy. "I think he's cracked open a few lanterns. Now he's trying to absorb them. Shit Hal. If that bastard manages to absorb all of that power he'll be unstoppable."

"I. I don't think that's the problem," Bella suddenly said.

The two men looked at her in confusion, but she just pointed a little way off where the alien lay with blue blood all over with his body in tatters of blood and flesh.

"Well not unless dead guys can become powerful," she said looking green in the cheeks and not from her powers. Trying not to think of the Cullen's when she said that.

"Shit," Hal whispered in horror. "That ass didn't have a clue. I wondered why he kept getting clobbered by Bella. The idiot didn't have a clue how to use the power right. I bet it took him a lot longer to actually gain any control, so he kept thinking she was fluking it."

"That means the losers left us with a bomb that may take out half of Washington," John said with a growl.

"Wait, couldn't we gain control and absorb it or shoot it into space or something?" Bella asked desperately.

"Even if all three of us tried we would die just like him," Hal said. "We could probably take a half a lantern each, maybe more. But that much! We would go boom too, and cause more damage!" he continued gesturing himself and John. "You, perhaps half of that, and from what I see I think there maybe thirty rings down there. That means thirty lanterns. Who knows how many that idiot cracked open!?"

John nodded. "I think we should leave and try to protect as many people as we can."

Hal nodded in agreement. "Yeah, Bell, you might want to rescue your family while you still have time," he said as the sphere disappeared and he started drifting. "See you later Bell. John and I will take Seattle!" he called over the increasing roar of power below as he and John shot off.

However, they stopped moments later with wide eyes as they turned to see Bella had gone lower and was pointing her ring at the power. She ignored their shouts. She was too far-gone. She would not sacrifice the state. She would not let so many people die since she now had the power to do something, anything, even if it only lessened the explosion. To save one extra person she must try.

The words just flowed, and came to mind. The ring guided her along with all of its bearers past. She could almost picture them, fighting to save people. She could picture their voices praising her bravery, and felt tears leaking from her eyes as she pushed back all regret.

"In brightest day… in blackest night… no evil shall escape my sight… let those who worship evils might, beware my power… Green Lanterns light!"

She roared out the words fearlessly, and John and Hal watched in awe as her ring shone brightly as it starting sucking in the energy wrapping it around her pulling it in, and after only a few moments she started screaming in agony, but still she didn't stop, even when she was a blaze with green flames.

John and Hal could do nothing as they floated. Transfixed. Her screams ringing through their ears shall be forever imprinted in their memories, and their nightmares.

Then it was over, and all that remained was Bella engulfed in power, screaming such agony. They could just make out her shape as she held her head as if it was about to explode. She had done what should be impossible for any human body, but her will was stronger than the green light of will itself.

They blinked and she was shooting up into the sky like a rocket, and both men felt tears rolling down their cheeks, as they had both been too scared to try. Too scared to die, even though it's a part of their jobs, and she was just an innocent girl in the wrong place at the wrong time, but if there was anybody human or otherwise that deserved the title of Green Lantern. It was her.

The pain had lessened in the cold void of space and she was able to pull the power in for a moment so it didn't obscure her view as she floated a few hundred miles above the Earth. Tears in her eyes drifted off, forming ice. She just wished she could have gotten that last goodbye. That last hug. That first loving kiss.

From her best friend.


"The Earth… it's so beautiful, just like her," she spoke softly for just herself as she closed her eyes.

It was too bright.

Watching the girl from a giant satellite space station orbiting the Earth stood many young. Earth's superheroes. Having detected the tremendous power leaving the planet they were surprised to have seen a Green Lantern. However, not just a Green Lantern, a human female Green Lantern.

As she tried to watch the Earth, they could see the power getting pulled further into her, but the energy was unstable. They know what was going to happen, and some of the younger heroes watched in transfixed horror as they questioned whether they would ever do this.

Die for nameless, faceless people so selflessly.

The screen flashed white and the instruments went haywire before they felt a small shockwave, and moments later, it was over.

She was gone.

to be continued…

A/N: this was a rewrite of my stories Crimson Manna and Spectrum Priestess, combined. Both stories are being combined into this once fiction. They will be similar, but not the same. Then from the Twilight world to the Harry Potter world. I'm finally going to add in the Naruto world to make this a Twilight/Harry Potter/Naruto/DC superhero crossover, mainly based in the DC Superhero universe!


I had always thought Crimson Manna and Spectrum Priestess belonged together.