"Are you still awake babe?" Ellen shifted her husband's heavy head that lay in her lap with her knee, he didn't respond. She shifted slightly in their oversized couch. "Jason?"

"Mmm, I'm awake." He replied very sleepily.

"No you're not." She ran her hand down his arm and interlaced their fingers. He was curled up along the couch, resting his head on top of her thighs. She had picked the movie, it was her favourite clearly it wasn't his. "I'm thirsty, be a doll and get me a drink will you?" She shifted her knees again and again she got silence. She shifted more violently and his head bounced on her knee.

"Ow, I'm awake" he turned over to face her stomach. "What do you want from me wife?"

"Wife" she smiled. "That's the first time you have called me that." She leant down and kissed him tenderly on the lips.

"That's what you are" he smiled against her mouth then kissed her again.

"Get me a glass of water please." She whispered against his mouth "husband." She stretched the syllables of the word out against his lips.

"Are you going to be like this for the next eight months?" He asked nudging her naval with his nose, trying to sound indignant.

She sat back against the back of the couch "Yes, yes I am."

He nudged the bottom of her t-shirt up. "Hello little bundle of multiplying cells that will someday be my son." Her knee nudged his cheek in protest. "Or daughter" he added and felt her relax under him, satisfied with his added response. "Your mummy is being very demanding this week."

"Well daddy shouldn't have knocked mummy up on their wedding night."

"Are you allowed to say 'knocked up' in the presence of our unborn child?"

"It is a bundle of cells remember and I'm still thirsty."

"Aaargh" he protested and pulled himself to a standing position. She rubbed her belly where his mouth had left a warm patch still completely unbelieving that she was pregnant so soon. She had gone off the pill just a month before the wedding but hadn't expected to get pregnant until at least after the honeymoon, likely not for months even a year, that was what everyone told her anyway.

She was pleased, of course she was, she always wanted to have children and she was having them with the man she loved. Guilt hit the pit of her stomach with that thought and she brushed her hand across her middle hoping she could brush away the feeling with it.

She had only just started her new job; the boss was hesitant giving her leave for her wedding and honeymoon. How were they going to take it when she told them she needed maternity leave in six months too? At least Jason had a good job at the restaurant and was next in line for the head chef position. But working as a chef meant late nights and sleeping during the day, which could be a challenge with a newborn in the house. She sighed deeply and looked around. Their apartment was small and the heating was broken at the moment. How were they all going to fit, how were they going to pay the bills? The thoughts were racing through her mind like a night train and she mentally screeched on the breaks, she had a good man, one who adored her, worked hard and hell he even cooked. She smiled to herself feeling reassured, they could make it work. Thank goodness his parents had paid for the cruise otherwise their honeymoon would probably have been in some cheap hotel probably not far out of their own state. When she had found out she was pregnant he had suggested refunding their tickets, going back to work, getting some money behind them for the baby. Could she possibly love him anymore? No if they didn't go now it would be years before they got the opportunity again and hell she had three months left to rock her bikini body where better to do it then on a tropical cruise. The morning sickness hadn't kicked in yet and she hoped that meant she was going to be spared from that little inconvenience.

"At least your father will think we actually waited until we were married." He called from the kitchen.

She could hear the ice machine and water running from the tap. "Ha, you keep telling yourself that." He came back with a tall glass of water, the ice chinked against the sides. "Thank you." She took the glass from him and he re-joined her on the couch.

He watched her, stunned as she drained the glass in a few large gulps. "You were thirsty."

"Your spawn is sucking me dry."

"Are you going to be alright on this cruise?"

She looked sideways at him "It's our honeymoon; I'm not going to miss our honeymoon Jason."

He rubbed his thumb affectionately over her cheek. "We could postpone."

"Till when, the kids have left home? We've been through this, I'll be fine." She tried to sound convincing, unsure if it was for his benefit or hers. Then it hit her "oh god."

"What?" He drew his hand back quickly and moved away from her slightly thinking he had hurt her in some way.

"Oh god" she repeated clasping her hand over her mouth, scrambling out of the seat and running to the bathroom.

He cringed as he heard her vomit violently and repeatedly into their toilet. "Are you alright?" he called. He cringed again when she wretched in response. "This is going to be fun" he laughed to himself then got up to fetch another glass of water.


Oh she needed this - a hot bath with thick, aromatic bubbles, candles and a glass of pricey pinot, Special Agent Dana Scully took her weekends off very seriously. There was soft classical music coming from her lounge and she smiled with her eyes closed and took another sip of wine. Her last case had been hell one of the ones that landed both her and Mulder in a hospital bed. The paperwork had taken up the better half of a month and she knew her meeting the next day in Skinners office meant another case was going to send them across the country somewhere. For now she was content in completing her 'weekend off' ritual. Waxing her legs, making a homemade face mask, dying her roots, re-shaping her brows and soaking in a bath so hot and full of bubbles she ran the risk of shrivelling into a prune and drowning. At least she would go down with a smile on her face she thought. She heard the door open and light, familiar footsteps cross the bathroom floor. He didn't move for a long time or say anything and she smiled knowing he was standing there simply admiring the view. Her foot rested on the edge of the bath and she felt him come and sit awkwardly next to it. She kept her eyes closed and kept quiet waiting for him to make a move or say something instead she felt a familiar hand take her ankle and start to rhythmically massage the soul of her foot. Just when she thought this bath couldn't get any better! She sunk down letting the water level reach over her shoulders and tickle the back of her pulled up hair. "I thought you weren't going to come over tonight?" she asked without opening her eyes.

"I got a call" he replied resting her foot on his shoulder and extending the massage to her lower leg.

She could feel his two day old stubble scratching the thoroughly soaked skin on the top of her foot. "Oooooooww" she flinched as he ran his thumb through the belly of her calf muscle, which was always tight from long days in her heels. What marvellous hands this man had. "Who from?"

"Skinners office, they are sending me away on assignment."

"Alone?" She snapped her eyes open and looked at him. He was perched delicately on the edge of the bath and had the full length of her leg in his grasp. He stilled his hands momentarily and nodded his head.


He bit his lower lip not willing to commit to an answer. She knew that meant she wasn't allowed to know.

"For how long?"

"Two weeks, possibly a month."

She dropped her gaze and stared intently at some of the bubbles floating around her. "What about this undercover case with Agent Doggett we are supposed to be briefed on tomorrow" she asked moving her hands over the top of the fluffy bubbles nervously.

He shrugged in response avoiding her questioning eyes by concentrating on his hands moving slowly over the defined muscles. She took her leg back from his grasp and submerged it back beneath the warm water, closed her eyes again and took another sip of wine. That meant the conversation was over. His hands were still posed mid-air as if they still held her leg, he dropped them to his side as his head fell forward the way it always did when he had managed to disappoint her.

She heard the bathroom door click closed behind him and drew a long, deep breath parting the bubbles on the water's surface as she exhaled through pursed lips. It wasn't his fault she considered, she wasn't angry at him really; he was just the closest target to aim her frustration at (as usual). But what did this mean? They had been separated before, Mulder had been asked to consult on other cases in the past but why was she being assigned to another case with another agent. This Agent Doggett had come to their office just last week regarding a case he had been working on, a ghost on a cruise liner. Ghosts were Mulders department, why send him away and leave her with this Doggett, who seemed to be more sceptical then she is.

The music had run to the end of the CD, the bubbles were now slippery sludge across the now tepid water and she suddenly wasn't enjoying her bath anymore. The air was cold on her warmed skin when she emerged from the water. She turned the light on and blew out the candles then faced the mirror to complete here night time ritual. She brushed her hair and applied a generous amount of anti-wrinkle crème. Even though she knew scientifically that wrinkle development had more to do with genetics and lifestyle then how much you spent on face crème. Then considering her lifestyle and the man who was no doubt waiting for her in her bed -no amount of anti-wrinkle crème could flatten her 'worry lines.'

When she emerged from the bathroom she found him sitting against the headboard, his glasses on reading a case file. When he saw her he discarded his glasses and the file and pulled back the covers inviting her to join him. She disrobed and climbed in snuggling her head onto his welcoming bare chest. She inhaled him deeply, he smelled so good, and he felt so good under her cheek. She exhaled a long sigh silently hating how much she had come to depend on him being there. "What time do you need to leave?"

"5am" he replied stroking her hair.

She sighed again and drew him down to lye next to her. He kissed her deeply letting her know how much he was going to miss her. She let him make love to her and when she cried out in pleasure she let him know she would miss him too and in the morning when she woke he was gone.