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Chapter 1

A few weeks earlier…

"He has a right to know," Will Horton spat at his mother, wearing grooves in the carpet as he paced furiously, trying to work this out in his mind. As if he could wrap his brain around what he had seen – what his mother had done. He was disgusted. He felt sick.

Sami reached for his arm, pulling him to a stop. She hated seeing Will like this. He hated her; she knew he did and he had every right to feel that way but it hurt her. Tears filled her eyes. "Please, Will. You can't tell Rafe; you just can't. He'd never understand."

"Well I don't understand this either!" Will said, continuing to pace and vent; vent and pace. "You said for years that you hated EJ; that you loved Rafe beyond reason, and the second hard times flared up-"

"Hard times, Will? I thought your brother was dead. I thought Johnny-"

Will nodded. Okay maybe that wasn't fair but he was upset and when one was upset, they said and did crazy things. For a moment he thought he could try to understand Sami's point of view, but the moment passed when she said, "I don't want to lose Rafe. I don't. You can't tell him what you saw; our marriage would never recover."

"Woe is you," Will said. "It's always about you, Mom, isn't it?"

"No it's not."

"Yes, yes it is!" Will snapped, running a hand through his cropped blonde hair. "I can't keep this secret anymore and you can't ask me to. Rafe is not only my stepfather, he's my friend and friends don't betray friends like this."

"It's not a betrayal, Will. It's an … omission."

"It's a lie. Same difference."

"Will –"

"Don't ask me to keep this secret from Rafe, not anymore," Will said. "It's eating me up inside, what you did."

"I truly believed Johnny was gone. I was mourning my little boy, Will. I was panicked and crazed and just really messed up. I can't be held responsible for that, even if it was wrong."

"You can't be held responsible… Are you kidding me?" Will said.

A tear rolled down Sami's cheek and she reached for her eldest child but he yanked away like her touch had scalded him. "Will-"

"You disgust me, Mom, plain and simple." Will would live to regret those words but in that moment, he didn't care. He marched to the door, only stopping to look back once and say, "You tell Rafe the truth or I - I will."

And then he was gone, having issued an ultimatum with results that would be crippling. Sami cried, not knowing what to do. Normally a scheme would fix this but not this time. Will hated her and she sensed that whatever happened next would change everything.

She was right.


Will decided that a long walk was in order. He ended up at the newly renovated Horton Square, stalking around the place, not sure what to do with himself. This secret was eating him up inside. He had actually seen his mom fucking the man who had tried to destroy their lives so many times. It was sickening. Beyond sickening. His mother may have said she had changed but Will didn't believe that she ever would.

He decided some coffee – decaf – was in order so he headed to the new Java Web. He had just walked inside when he spotted none other than Sonny Kiriakis turn away from the counter and head in his direction. Sonny looked at Will and as usual, seemed to see right through him, to the darkness that surrounded him. "Want to talk?"

"No," Will insisted, starting to sidestep Sonny. Being around Sonny … It always left him feeling discombobulated and he refused to acknowledge why exactly that was.

"Okay… You sure?" Sonny took a sip of his coffee and Will watched his lips for a moment, unable to simply turn away right then.

Will finally ripped away his gaze and looked anywhere but at Sonny. "I'm –" He wanted to say that he was sure, that he was A-okay, but he wasn't. Maybe he needed to talk to someone; someone who wasn't as close to this situation as everyone else in his life seemed to be.

"I'll buy you a croissant," Sonny offered.

Will shook his head. "Are you trying to bribe me?"

"No. I just can see you're upset and –"

"And you think a croissant will solve all my problems?"

"No, but you need to eat."

"I had a big lunch."

"Will, just come on. Come sit in the Square with me. I promise not to bite."

Will flushed red. It was an innocent remark but it left him feelings out of sorts. But he really did need to talk to someone right now…

"Alright," Will agreed. "Let me grab a coffee and I'll meet you."

"Okay," Sonny said and started to hand Will some money but Will shook his head.

"I've got this."

Will moved to the counter and ordered a decaf. While he waited for his order to come up, he turned to look out the window. His eyes fell on Sonny and his throat closed up tight. Why did Sonny keep inserting himself into Will's life? Why did Will let him? Sonny kept insisting Will that had to be honest with himself, about who he was, but he didn't know how. He didn't even know how to tell his stepfather the truth about what his mother had done.

He felt like a lost cause.

Will sighed. The barista handed him a cup of decaf. Will tossed a dollar into the tip jar and then slowly, almost haltingly, went outside to approach Sonny. Sonny saw him coming and slid over on a bench, giving Will a wide berth, as if he knew that Will needed the space.

"Nice evening, huh?" Sonny said, tapping his foot lightly.

"Yeah…" Will said. He took a sip of his drink. It tasted bland and a little bitter but he forced it down his throat anyway. He looked at Sonny. "How did you know?"

"Know what?"

"That I was upset."

"I saw the look in your eyes; I still see it," Sonny said. "Want to talk about it?"

Will sighed. "My mom and I … We had a huge fight tonight. Lately we just haven't exactly been seeing eye to eye."

"About what?"

"I can't say."

"So it's a secret or-"

Will nodded. "Yeah, it's a secret. One that if it came out… well, it would affect so many lives."

"Well, Will, in my experience … Sometimes the truth sets you free."

"Do you actually believe that Hallmark card shit?"

"I live that mantra," Sonny said. "I was in the closet for a really long time –"

"This isn't about that, Sonny," Will snapped. "God, is everything about being gay for you?" He regretted it the moment he saw the look in Sonny's eyes. "I'm sorry but it's not… the same thing," he said lamely.

"I know. I am just saying … Telling the truth really does lift a burden off your shoulders."

"Probably not this time. It could only make things worse."

"Well it's a burden you shouldn't have to carry around by yourself. I lied to myself and everyone for a lot of years and it caused me a lot of pain and heartache. I finally had to be true to myself and whatever's bothering you… You probably need to just let it out."

"I'm scared," Will murmured, hoping Sonny hadn't heard him admit that.

But Sonny just nodded in understanding. He really seemed to get Will and it was a scary, crazy, almost beautiful thing.

Will stared at Sonny for a moment and Sonny gazed back. Finally, the moment got too intense for Will and he turned away. "Uh … thanks for the chat," he said. "I think … I know what I have to do. Even if it hurts; I can't carry it around. It's eating me up inside."

Sonny nodded. "I wish you the best, Will, I really do."

Will nodded. He believed Sonny when he said things like that.

Will waved to Sonny and then dumped his cup in the nearest trash can. He started out of the Square, feeling anxious again. But maybe Sonny was right… maybe the truth would set him free. After all, he was so tired of all of the secrets and the lies.

He pulled his cell phone from his pocket and before he could rethink it, he was dialing.