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~Hanna West

My eyes flashed back at Letty who was pulling her hair into a messy pony tail, she caught my eyes and smiled excitedly. I felt Dom's hand on my knee and I looked over to him. This was it. The big one, the one we've been waiting for. Dom's voice signaled over the walkie talkie that we were 'good to go' and looked over at me.

"You got this?" He asked me before glancing back a Letty briefly.

"Bet your ass." Letty smirked.

"Hell yeah." I exclaimed leaning over and pulling Dom into a passionate kiss. We broke apart with the sound of Letty clearing her throat. "Let's do this."

I pushed myself out of the open passenger side window and carefully climbed on to the hood. Letty followed my actions and soon we were both crouched down on the hood waiting for Dom to get us in position, I secured the line that connected Letty and I before patting the hood telling Dom we were ready.

"I thought we'd be robbing banks by now. Not some gas truck in the middle of nowhere." Han said through my head piece.

Letty and I laughed before she shouted, "Down here, gas is gold."

"Yeah, but banks don't move." Tego said in Spanish.

"Anytime you get near a bank we have to break you out of prison." His friend Rico laughed through the walkie talkie.

"Kill the chatter." Dom ordered. "Game time."

I smiled at Letty and yelled, "I wouldn't piss him off guys." Taking a breath I counted to three aloud, Letty and I jumped onto the back of the truck. As Dom drove by I gave him the nod silently telling him everything was okay.

"Okay guys, you're going to have to hit this hard and fast. We got 4k left until we hit the down bridge."

I climbed up first and got my balance on the top of the moving truck, Letty followed me and we hopped from container to container until we reached the third one.

"Letty pass me the..." Before I finished Letty handed me the dry ice. I dropped down and sprayed it across the hinge.

"Hammer." I yelled up at her, without further ado Letty dropped the hammer down and I smashed the froze hinge successfully separating the to containers. "All you Han."
"Liquid gold." Letty cheered, helping me up. We moved up the truck and I heard Dom tell us that there was only 1k left. Just as he spoke the truck swerved catching me off guard, I lost my balance and fell backwards.

"Katie." Letty screamed, grabbing my hand. "Katie, hold on."

My hand was slipping and I knew it. I tried grabbing onto something but there wasn't anything else in my reach. "Letty." I screamed in pure panic. "Oh, my God." I heard gun shots and saw Dom fall back. "Letty unhook me." If I was going to die I sure as hell wasn't being her with me.

"Hell no." Letty screamed, gripping my hand tighter.

Dom pulled his car over to where I was hanging, "You have to spray the hitch." Dom shouted.

I looked at him as if he was crazy, which he was in my mind but I grabbed the dry ice and sprayed it anyway. The truck started to swerve again and my hand slipped out of Letty's. Before I could fall I grabbed onto the latter that scaled the container.

"Hold on to something tight." Dom ordered and I wrapped my hands around the latter, clinging to it for dear life.

Dom flipped his car around and smashed into the weakened hitch successfully breaking it. A piece of metal became air born and struck the gas container Letty and I were on, it started spraying gas everywhere.

Letty had a clear shot from the top of the gas container into the car and looked down at the line connecting us. She meet my eyes and I nodded. Reluctantly she pulled out a knife she had in her boot and cut the line. She glanced at me one more time before jumping off the container onto the hood of Dom's car. Dom reached out and helped her slip back into the back seat. He turned his attention to me and reached his hand out again. "Katie give me your hand."

I tried but just ended up slipping a little, the gas was coating the steps of the latter making it really hard to grip. "I can't." I shouted as I tried again, my grip was slowly loosening and as hard as I tired I couldn't catch Dom's hand.

"You're going to have to jump." The minute Dom said that the truck slammed on it's breaks. I held on tighter and silently prayed to God. "Jump. Katie Jump."

I closed my eyes for a minute and sucked in a breath before jumping. It felt like years before I landed on a hard piece of metal. Dom reached out and grabbed my arm to steady me as he continued driving.
The truck swerved for a third time and smashed into the car sending me to the other side of the hood. Before I could roll off I felt a pair of hands grab me and pull me into the safety of the car. I smiled at Letty as she let go and leaned back into her seat, breathing heavily.

Dom pressed the gas and we continued backwards at high speed, I looked ahead of us and silently cursed when I saw that one of the containers had caught fire and was rolling directly towards us. Dom spun the car around and we watched as the fiery container neared us.

"Dom." I spoke carefully, I looked over at him and saw the concentrated look in his eyes. Not a good sign. "Dom." I shouted as the container got to closer for comfort.

Dom smiled and pushed the gas peddle down, driving us straight ahead, I snapped my eyes shut and grabbed Dom's knee. We just skidded under the container as it lifted off the ground. The car came to a stop and we sat in silence, until Letty broke out into laughter.

"Holy shit." She laughed.

I smiled and tried to hold in my laughter, but it didn't work well. "Holy shit." I repeated.

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