Chapter 1: Annabeth p.o.v.

(A/N: VERY IMPORTANT TO READ! This takes place after the 2nd giant war so Percy and Annabeth still get nightmares about tartarus. Only they can help each other sleep or get out of the 'phase' (Phase is like if they are in the nightmare but they are awake) Also Paul and Sally are married.)

"Annabeth Chase please report to the Headmaster's office," Mrs. Norm said, sticking her head into the dorm. I am attending an all girls' boarding school in New York city in which all girls have their own dorms to stay overnight. All the teachers are females as well, so emphasis on the "all-girls". After the war my Dad was set on making me finish my education with the highest qualifications possible. Honestly, i just wanted to go to a normal high school with Percy since we are both already accepted to the college in New Rome, but my dad will not listen to reason.

"Yes Mrs. Norm, I'll be right there," I said, sighing. What does she want this time? I've been called into Mrs. Anthony's - the Headmaster's - office multiple times ( even if it has only been a week since school started) and mostly it's for something ridiculous... well maybe it's not exactly ridiculous, but it is an accident. For example. one of my roommates tried to sneak up on me and i may have pinned her against the wall... but it was just my defense skills... I didn't mean to hurt her!

Standing up from my bed, I headed towards the office. There I was greeted by the sight of an extremely upset Mrs. Anthony. "Ms. Chase, take a seat. I would like to ask you if you knew the time a student should be in their dormitory?" She asked.

"Student should be in their dormitories no later than 9 pm," I said, quoting her words from the beginning of the year orientation.

"Very good Ms. Chase, now why do these security cameras show you walking into campus at 9:14 pm?"

"Mrs. Anthony, the traffic was really bad, it was a Saturday so I –"

"No excuses, Ms. Chase. If I have to call you in this office one more time, you will be expelled." When I heard this, rage filled my stomach, was it my fault that New York City gets a lot of traffic on a Saturday night?

"Mrs. Anthony, I'm sorry that I got here late, but it's New York..."

"I will not repeat myself, . You may be top student but the rules still apply to you. And since you've made such a big deal, I, putting this offense on your record."

"I'm sorry Mrs. Anthony, please I will try to be more-"

"On time? Compliant? Obedient?"

"I really-" i tried to explain myself again but Mrs. Anthony would just keep cutting me off.

"I am tired of all of your excuses Ms. Chase."

"They're not excuses, they're facts ... and reasons!"

"Well, Ms. Chase, I'm sorry, but frankly you have way too much attitude and you have been here merely one week and already you have broken multiple rules. I fear that I am going to have to expel you."


"No 'buts' . Pack your bags and leave, you have untill this morning." With that, I turned around ran to my dorm to collect all my items. She gave me untill the morning, but i was too upset to stay there any longer. I took my bags and walked out of the building.

The only place I could think to stay is Percy's house, so I got a cab and headed towards there. I didn't bother to call because Mrs. Jackson/ Blofis had told me that if I ever need anything, I could go to them. Also I wanted to see seaweed brain's reaction when he saw me.

"Alright miss, hear we are. That would be fifteen dollars." The driver said. I gave him a twenty and told him to keep he rest as a tip. I stepped out of the cab and walked up to the building and headed towards his apartment. Taking a deep breath, I knocked on the door and waited.

"I'll get it mom!" I heard someone scream. At that moment Percy opened the door and stood there shell shocked.

"Wise Girl!" he screamed, and pulled me into a bone crushing hug.

'Percy. Can't. Breathe." Then he finally let go, but not without tenderly kissing my lips first.

"What are you doing here?" he asked.

"What? You don't want me here?"

"You know that's not what I meant!"

"... I may or may not have been kicked out of a private all girls school..."

"Awe, is Wisegirl being a bad girl?"

"Shut up!"

"HA WISEGIRL IS NOT SO WISE ANYMORE!" Then cue the slap to his face.