Lethal Pup

Summary: When the well takes Kagome further back in time than usual, she meets someone she never expected and is in for an adorable surprise.

Disclaimer: I do not own Inuyasha nor do I make any profit from this story.

(A/N: I had no intention of adding to this one-shot, but this little idea popped up so here you all go. Enjoy.)

Over the time period in which Kagome spent at the western castle, she spent much of her time conversing with InuTaisho, or Touga, and fawning over baby Sesshomaru. Today found her holding him once again.

"He grows up to be powerful?" Touga asked, wanting to hear more about how great his son becomes.

"Very," Kagome confirms. "I'd never met a stronger demon, and I think he was holding back for... his brother's sake. He did try to kill me once, those poisonous claws of his are scary."

"So, he is poisonous like his mother, is he? I'll have to watch out for that as he grows," Touga noted to himself, already dreading the mess such abilities can create.

"If only he would stay this cute and harmless," Kagome giggled as she played with him. She could have sworn the baby glared at her, having understood her assessment of him. His tiny hands reached for hers, and overcome by the adorableness, she let him grab her hand. His grip was strong for a baby, not impossible to break out of, but would certainly require some effort. Her bliss was shattered when his two puppy-teeth fangs latched onto her hand and pierced the skin. "Ouch," she pulled her hand away to see the tiny holes on the side of her hand. "He bit me. Naughty puppy." Inutaisho just laughed at his small son's antics as he tried to grab at Kagome's hand again.

Thinking back, Sesshomaru could vaguely recall a girl ticking him off as a pup and her getting bit as a result. After the girl who traveled with his brother revealed her presence in his past, he willed the memory to return and he was not surprised to find them to look very similar. If he had bitten the priestess, there would still be a mark, since humans did not heal very fast. He wished to know for sure if she was the one from that memory.

Wincing at the pain in her inflamed hand, Kagome accidentally drew Shippo's attention, "Are you ok, Kagome?"

"Yeah, I just hurt my hand and it's a little sore," she explained, calming his worries over her. Her remedies had not been working and she was far more worried than she let on, infection was a serious matter in this era. "Can you bring me my medicine box?"

"Sure," the small boy answered, eager to help and bounded off. She sat by the stream to wait.

"Miko," a deep voiced announced a presence behind her.

"Sesshomaru," she was startled to see him here. "What are you doing here?" She stood but cradled that hand, protecting it from getting bumped. He saw this and scented his poison in her system. He had been poisonous as an infant? That was odd, most demons took a few decades to show their powers. It only made his pride swell at being of such high breeding. A few brisk steps and he seized her wrist, she squeaked in protest, fearful of the pain if he touched her sore hand, and tried to pull away.

He inspected the damage, very conducive of an infant's bite and smiled slightly. "I remember," he spoke slowly.

"Huh?" she stopped struggling long enough to get confused.

"You called me harmless," he reiterated the reason for his actions.

"Yeah, and you didn't need to bite me for it," she snapped back.

"Not so harmless, was I?" he barely touched the reddened skin to prove his point.

"Ouch, that hurts. Don't touch it," she began pulling again, trying to get away.

"This needs cleaned," he informed as is she didn't already know that. She had been taking care of it as best she could, using antiseptics and such, but nothing was working. Before she could respond he pulled her wrist closer and dipped his head to sooth the swollen area in a most unusual manner to her.

"What, are you doing?" He didn't answer just kept dragging his tongue slowly over the area. It was starting to feel better, so her struggles had ceased, with only embarrassment remaining.

"My poison has been cleansed from your system," he told her and released her wrist. She looked at her hand. The punctures no longer looked aggravated, but partially healed, pink flesh covering the area.

"Wow. Thank you, Sesshomaru," she let her gratitude show, but when she looked up but he was already gone.

"Kagome, here's your remedies," Shippo called after carrying the heavy box to her. It was no longer needed after Sesshomaru's unique healing method.