The flying lesson went by as smoothly as possible. Malfoy kept bragging and showing off his skills, which weren't bad actually, Ron kept being angry and Sebastian gladly managed to be at least mediocre at controlling his broomstick. He was nowhere near good, but at least he didn't fall like Longbottom.

For the rest of the day, however, he kept bothered about Longbottom's gift that Malfoy had stolen. Sebastian didn't feel like he could do anything about it on the spot, and didn't know what he could possibly do after.

He managed to meet Hermione before dinner and told her what happened:

"You didn't do anything, right?"

Sebastian shrunk his posture while they walked towards the Great Hall.

"No. Ron still isn't speaking to me and besides, nothing good comes out when I get angry."

Hurting Malfoy could – or could not – save his reputation. Between the risk of making things worse and keeping the situation, Sebastian chose the latter during his flying lesson, though he wouldn't forgive himself for letting Malfoy get away with it, regardless of either Ron was speaking to him or not.

It was about returning something stolen to its rightful owner, not supporting Ron.

Hermione sighed.

"Yeah, you are right… You got much much better since you started practicing outside classes but we never know. Ron will get Neville's gift back, I'm sure. It's a Remembrall, by the way. I've heard Neville needs it."

Sebastian nodded. He could never know. Hermione didn't know he killed a dog and broke Dudley's hand, and even she agreed it was best for him to steer clear of situations where accidents could happen.

"Well, good bye." Hermione said when they arrived to their destination. "Don't get in trouble." she added very seriously.

He couldn't promise anything.

"See you tomorrow." he replied.

Sebastian turned on his heels to make his way to the Slytherin table right away, to avoid Hermione's suspecting glare. Malfoy and his entire gang were there, and he played with Longbottom's gift, whatever a Remembrall was. Sebastian watched from afar. He could always steal the thing while Malfoy wasn't looking, but he was always looking and always surrounded by people.

Sebastian never had been an avid follower of rules, but he never stole anything before either, so he figured the chances of stealing the Remembrall going wrong were very high. Getting beaten up by Crabbe and Goyle wasn't what worried him. What he could do, even unintentionally, was what scared him.

He left early to the common room, and went to a corner practice a few spells and study in advance, hoping to also keep an eye on Malfoy and spot a chance to steal the Remembrall and return it to Longbottom before curfew, which was already pretty close.

Soon enough, Malfoy and his minions would enter the common room and occupy the couch in front of the fireplace.

"Are you ready for the duel, Draco?" asked Pansy Parkinson.

"Duel? What duel?" he sneered. "Of course I'm not going to duel him. I told Filch someone was going to be at the trophy room at midnight. That will teach him not to challenge me."

Sebastian pretended to read his Transfiguration book but in fact, he was listening closely.

Crabbe and Goyle laughed.

"That's smart." commented one of them.

"Of course it's smart! Do you think I'm going to put myself at risk of getting in trouble? Longbottom will never see his Remembrall again." Malfoy said.

That added a whole other level of trouble to the situation. Sebastian didn't want Ron – or anyone else for that matter – to get in trouble for trying to defend someone, so he had to warn him somehow that Malfoy never meant to duel him.

But it was two minutes left untill curfew, that was at nine p.m, and Sebastian didn't know the way to the Gryffindor common room, where Ron or Longbottom should be by then. Plus Malfoy still had the Remembrall.

Malfoy hung out the common room until about eleven, and then he yawned.

"I think I'm going to bed. I'll hear the good news tomorrow at breakfast."

The girls said good bye and went to their dorms, and a few moments later, Malfoy, Crabbe and Goyle went to their dorms, which were also Sebastian's. Would they be asleep in time for Sebastian to steal the Remembrall somehow and meet Ron at the trophy room?

Half an hour passed. Sebastian stood up to check the situation on his dorm. It was late but he was completely alert, still very much used to be up all night and sleep all day. He tiptoed to his dorm and saw that the lights were dim, and Crabbe and Goyle already snored.

But Malfoy, on a distant corner, had his breathing still far too quick and shallow to be sleeping profoundly. The Remembrall was nowhere to be seen. Malfoy's uniform, however, lay on top of his trunk in a messy mountain, beside his bed. He apparently wasn't used to not having someone to fold and organize his clothes. Could the Remembrall still be on the pocket of his pants?

Malfoy's breathing was more slow and deep, and his face was more relaxed.

Sebastian got his wand at ready and aimed to the pants on top of the pile, across the room. He had been practicing his aim and was pretty good at it by then, but any mistake and he'd be in trouble. What if Malfoy's trunk floated, instead of his pants?

He'd have to see for himself.

Sebastian scanned the hallway first to see if someone was watching. No, he was all alone.

"Wingardium leviosa." he whispered softly. Swished and flicked his wand, concentrating to aim on the pants alone. They obediently floated above the pile and came floating across the room, towards Sebastian.

He grabbed them when they were close enough and went to the bathroom to check the pockets, and found the Remembrall, which he put in his own pocket. And then he mused for a little while if Malfoy should escape unscathed from stealing the Remembrall or not. Well, he couldn't say a thing about something he stole disappearing from his pockets, while he could complain about his pants ending up on the toilet.

Plus, it was something Dudley would do.

Sebastian sighed and went back to the dorm's door and floated the pants back to their place. Then he went to the common room. Twenty minutes to midnight. He could only hope Ron decided to show up earlier, or else Filch would find them.

The boy snuck out the common room, ready to run and hide at any minute. He was very good at walking silently, however, and avoided meeting with Potter and Black along the way. They spoke very loudly about the… Assets of a woman Black met at his store earlier that day.

Sebastian scowled at the commentaries and chose another path. He made it to the trophy room within several minutes. Ron was already there, observing the trophies that decorated the whole room, and seemed surprised to see Sebastian there.

He didn't say a thing, and merely showed the Remembrall and put it on Ron's hands.

"What are you doing here?" the ginger boy asked.

"Malfoy set up a trap for you. Filch will come in a few minutes, I think. We should hide."

"So you stole the Remembrall?"

Sebastian shrugged.

"What else could I do? We should really get going and hide, though. Malfoy told Filch someone would be here and it must be ten minutes to midnight."

"Alright." Ron agreed hesitantly.

They left the room and walked as fast as they could to far away from the trophy room, without any particular direction in mind. And then they heard a meow, not very far away.

"It's Filch's cat! It smelled us, I bet." Ron whispered.

Sebastian looked around and went towards the first door he could find.

"Let's just hide here until it goes away."

"Isn't it the forbidden corridor?" Ron asked.

"So it's the perfect place to hide." Sebastian replied, and thought about a spell he had learned: "Alohamora!" The door unlocked with a click. "Just try not to touch anything that might look deadly."

The room, or rather the hallway, was pitch black and Ron said "Lumos."

The light immediately revealed a gigantic three-headed dog sleeping at a corner. Ron was about to scream when Sebastian covered his mouth and pulled him out of the room before the dog could wake up and snarl, which would probably call Filch's or his cat's attention.

"What was that?" Ron asked. His face was pale as if though all the blood had been sucked out of him.

"I have no idea." Sebastian said, confused by the dog and desperate with the fact that they had little to no time to hide. "Just run to your common room and I'll run to mine."

They split up and Sebastian ran as fast as his thin legs could take him. Luckily he made it to his common room without getting caught, regretting not playing enough soccer during PE on his old school. Trying to catch his breath, he went to his dorm in silence, hoping not to get in trouble in the following day.

He was tired, but he couldn't sleep. What on earth was a three-headed dog doing inside a castle?

A.N.: Sebastian didn't have Slytherin as a choice for nothing, lovelies.