Since today is the Day of Dragons - fourth anniversary since How to Train Your Dragon premiered! - I wanted to upload a little something. This was part of a much bigger thing, but I got super lazy and wasn't feeling it and this was the part I liked best, so... XD there ya go! Happy DoD!

Summary: sometimes, the smallest of things can bring the greatest of joys. Hiccstrid fluff.

Just a Hint

Hiccup woke up to her kisses on his forehead, the sound of her soft giggles the sweetest of wake-up calls. Lazily, gradually, his heavy eyes fluttered open; despite his sleepiness, he couldn't help himself from smiling when he saw Astrid grinning so widely.

"Mornin', M'Lady," he managed to murmur before a loud, relieving yawn interrupted his speech and his eyes drooped back to closure. "You're up early."

Astrid chuckled carelessly. It was always too early for Hiccup. Daylight filtered through the woollen curtains of their bedroom already, yet her husband would easily sleep for another hour or two.

Astrid favoured waking before the crack of dawn; Hiccup, on the other hand, had always had a restlessness to him late into the night. Their somewhat mismatched sleeping schedules were, on occasion, cause for friction. But this could prove useful, someday…

Astrid took as steady a breath as possible, to still the flurry in her belly.

"What time did you come to bed, anyway? Didn't feel you crawl in," she whispered into his ear, kissing the stubble across his jawline, the length of his neck, his exposed collarbone. Bringing herself closer to him helped her feel calmer, more relaxed; the contact with his skin soothed her just as much as it thrilled her.

Hiccup felt a slight draft to his left side as Astrid snuggled back under the bed covers. "Late," he replied, shuddering as he felt her hand slide languorously across his stomach, dangerously low. "Really late," he insisted the moment her roaming hand ventured under his shirt.

"Hmmmm," Astrid hummed, one of her fingers circling around his navel as she resumed her kisses; now across Hiccup's chest, ever so slowly. The warmth of her lips, pressed tightly upon the fabric of his garment, stirs him awake. "I missed you."

His shirt was pulled halfway up his chest by then; the way Astrid lightly dragged her lips across the skin of his belly made his muscles clench. She knew he was ticklish, and was certainly doing this for her own amusement. Hiccup said nothing against it; he didn't want to give her the satisfaction, so he pretended to remain unfazed.

Astrid twirled the hair on his lower belly between her fingers, breathing in the scent of his skin under the covers. She was trying to get herself together; to keep her nervousness under control. Hiccup surely hadn't taken notice, and probably wouldn't even if he were awake. He was just so aloof sometimes, so distracted, so… endearing.


Hiccup jerked when Astrid poked her finger into his navel; he didn't know what startled him the most – her sudden victorious outcry or the overly invasive prod.

"What the – what was that for?" He arched an eyebrow at her the moment she threw the furs back; cheeks flustered and lips stretched out in wide smile as she held up her hand in front of his face, something pinched between her index and her thumb.

Hiccup squinted. Then frowned. "Lint," he deadpanned at the source of his wife's enjoyment. "You're happy because you found lint."

"Inside your bellybutton," Astrid corrected, now gazing fondly at the minuscule ball of fuzz. "I have plans for it."

Hiccup eyed her testily one more time before pulling the bed furs back up, to at least cover his exposed stomach; the bedroom air was cold and still. "Have you been drinking this early in the morning?"

"No," she chimed, shaking her head over-enthusiastically; judging by her body language and coloured cheeks, Hiccup would have sworn otherwise. "And I'm not going to be drinking for some time."

Hiccup scoffed. Astrid enjoyed a hard liquor whenever she could get her hands on a good one, and they just so happened to have a nice bottle stashed downstairs.

"Well, the more's left for me then." He let his eyes start to close again. The hours of sleep he'd been missing out on for the last couple of weeks stubbornly wanted to catch up with him.

But Astrid – also quite stubbornly – didn't want that to happen. Not right now. She was too anxious, too thrilled, too jumpy – she didn't want to allow his drowsiness to affect her mood.

"This is a great ball of lint," Astrid insisted, poking Hiccup's cheek with her other hand to keep him awake.

"Are you still looking at that thing?" Hiccup groaned, although he was admittedly amused by now. "Okay then, tell me of your plans for that great ball of lint."

Astrid sat bolt upright, holding the item of greatness carefully between her fingers. "I'm glad you asked. See, this is all a part of something bigger."

Hiccup nodded, feigning intense interest in the conversation; in reality, he was paying more attention to how her braid was starting to come undone, streaks of gold clinging to her cheeks and neck.

"I'm going to collect a small ball of lint from you every day, until I have enough."

His eyes now focused on the curves of flesh under her tunic, but Hiccup registered a sufficient amount of her words to maintain the conversation. "Enough for what?" he asked absent-mindedly.

"To knit a sweater," Astrid announced, sounding convincingly smug.

"It's going to take you a while to collect enough lint for that," Hiccup laughed heartily, as the mental image of her wearing a sweater made out of bellybutton lint flashed before his eyes.

Astrid rolled the little ball of lint between her fingers, "It's going to be really tiny, just so you know."

Hiccup flashed her a devious smirk. He sat up as well, wrapping his arm around her waist, "Well then… why bother wearing it at all?"

She turned her head around just in time to avoid his kiss; his lips were met with her cheek instead.

"I'm not knitting it for me," Astrid explained.

Hiccup seemed to pause and ponder her words for a while. Then he squirmed uncomfortably, "If it makes you happy, I guess I won't mind wearing – "

"It's for a tiny person," Astrid insisted, now a hint of irritation grazing her voice. He was hopeless.

"Do we know any midgets?"

Completely hopeless.

"It's for a baby, for Thor's sake!" Astrid blurted out, exasperation finally getting the better of her. Truthfully, she had dreaded his reaction; but she needed to get it out now, before she lose her resolution.

"Whose ba– " Hiccup started, but then fell silent; his lips parted, his eyes glazed and wide. He blinked and shook his head, an edgy smile tugging at his lips, a nervous flutter spreading across his chest. He tried to articulate the words properly, but all he could say was a half-formed "wha..?"

"I'm pregnant," Astrid replied, the knot in her throat not allowing her voice to rise above a whisper.

She wanted to tell him she'd just been to the healers that morning, how nervous she'd been for the past week, and also how scared and excited she was… But all explanations would just have to be left for another moment.

She couldn't really talk when her face was pressed so tightly against his chest, when his arms were tangled so firmly around her. His shaky, exhilarated laughter pushed all the concerns and doubts away from her mind. They would pull through this; together.


Back to my textbooks, then. /sighs/