Chapter One: The Capitol

"Naruto you need to wake the fuck up,"

Gale sighed as he kicked his friend in the sides. He was only a year older than the boy, but for some reason Naruto acted like he was older than he was. For example, the drunken state he was in right now.

"Come back in three years," Naruto grumbled. Gale sighed and kicked Naruto a bit harder this time, causing the boy to grunt in pain and wake up. Sitting up Naruto grabbed his head due to the hangover.

"Shit, get me some water," Naruto ordered. Gale already had a glass in his hand and handed it to the blond who drank it down greedily. After refilling it about three more times and downing it in the same amount, Naruto finally sobered up…somewhat.

He looked at the boy in front of him to see he was standing their somewhat patiently, dressed up somewhat. "What's with the get up?" Naruto wondered, standing from the chair and going to his fridge for a big bottle of water which he started to drink.

Gale eyed the teen up and down. He stood at 6'3, sun-kissed messy blond hair, a light nice tan to his skin, three whisker marks on each cheek, sapphire blue eyes and a nice lean muscled form.

"Maybe if you weren't drunk then you would know what today is," Gale to the teen who glanced at him. Naruto finished drinking and stared at him with a blank expression before rolling his eyes and moving to his bedroom.

"Give me five minutes," Naruto said quietly. Gale did wait the five minutes and saw Naruto come back wearing somewhat decent attire instead of the rags he usually did. He wore a white button up collared shirt, which wasn't all the way buttoned up; some black slacks and loafers too.

Naruto followed Gale to the square of district 12, both in their own thoughts. The two boys stood within the crowd as they all watched the video of the hunger games and how it came to be.

Naruto however was not listening or paying attention because he was too busy thinking about how shitty his life has been since he sealed the Juubi within him.


He didn't see why Orochimaru wanted it so much, it's a bitch. Though his friends won the war, he was cast aside. Due to the sealing, he was overloaded with power and memories that weren't his own. And because of it, he fell into a deep sleep for 100 years or so.

He woke up, in a coffin that allowed oxygen, the he rose from the dirt. That dirt however, was where the Hokage tower was based at. It was completely gone, nothing remained, not even Konoha. All replaced with a barely living forest.

He tried summoning the toads, but he got nothing. He could barely use his chakra and still could to this day. Naruto was confused about the world around him but then he became lonely as centuries continued to pass, about 400 maybe 500 years.

He changed over the years since awakening. When he awoke in this strange time line, he looked everywhere for anyone that remembered him, but it was impossible. He even tried contacting Kyuubi but remembered that he was no longer the Kyuubi he knew…no longer his friend Kurama. He was the Juubi…who had no conscience, just pure chakra.

For the third time in his life, Naruto became scared. He was alone again, after he tried so hard to make so many friends and have so many people believe in him…he was alone. And for the maybe the fifth time in his lifetime, tears left his eyes.

Naruto hoped to wake up with his friends still around, he wanted to finally truly confess to Sakura…he wanted to become Hokage, he wanted to bring peace to the elemental nations. But… apparently…that wasn't the case.

When Naruto awoke, he awoke with various letters in his coffin. Though he wondered where they came from, he figured it out when he read them. They were from his friends.

Tsunade, Sakura, Sasuke, Kakashi, Konohamaru, Hinata, Shikamaru, Ino, Killer Bee, Gaara, The fifth Mizukage, but one was from he didn't know.

He happily read his friends letters, grinning as he realized they sent him later in their lives, telling him how they were and hoped he would wake up soon, and if he didn't then that they were very happy they met him and he changed them…made them stronger. It honestly did touch Naruto's heart.

But then he read the one from the stranger. When he opened it his eyes narrowed upon reading it, the letter said,

'Naruto-sama, you do not know me and probably never will, but my name is Izumi Uchiha, I am the great granddaughter of Sasuke Uchiha and the Kyudaime Hokage. I wrote this to you because while the doctors say you will never wake up and it's only a matter of time before you die, I believe that you will…and I want you to be prepared for whatever is happening during the time you have waken. It's been 80 years since you have fallen into your coma.

My great grandfather, Sasuke, became the Rokudaime Hokage and served for 42 years and like you wanted, there was peace brought to the elemental nations under the idea of all the Kages who participated in the 4th shinobi war. Well I'm very sorry to say, it did not last very long.

Peace…while it is great it become very laxing to those under it. Years started to pass and people started to lose the ability to use chakra, it caused a panic between those who couldn't and those who could. Leaders after the kages from your era rose and they weren't as…understanding those you knew. The fifth Shinobi world war ensued.

To be really honest…there was no winner. While they were still people who could use chakra, they weren't as powerful Shinobi, no real training due to peace. So…the leaders dug and researched the planets properties and discovered Radiation. It didn't take long for science to create a human bomb made out of Radiation through the use of Ninjutsu.

Villages, cities, towns…they all fell to the mighty power of the human bombs. Hundreds upon thousands died or were affected due to the radiation. The earth was literally scarred and probably still is in the time you are in. Keep in note that this all happened while I was still a teenager.

The Hachidaime Hokage was…weak in terms of my clan. His will carried with whoever was winning, he only had his best interests, not Konoha's. Konohamaru Sarutobi-sama, The Nanadaime Hokage who served for 10 years did not choose him to be Hokage as he died in a mission, so it…sadly went to the people to choose as Sasuke-sama had dismissed the civilian council, the Shinobi council wasn't enough to make the decision, as they need a Hokage who appeals to both Shinobi and Civilian.

Anyway, The Hachidaime Hokage signed a pact of 'Unity' between the other damaged villagers. They felt that the ability of fighting, the entertainment…the need for order stayed alive. So…that was when they had decided to section each country into 13 districts, Konoha ended up district twelve. But that is not the worst part,

The Blood Unity tournament was born. I really truly hope they still do not exist during the time you wake Naruto-sama. They are heartless spectacle to watch people die for no real cause, the need for survival. I know because I myself have been reaped to participate in the first and fourth Unity tournament. Once I reached the age of 18, I was safe not to participate.

Here is how it works, in each district four people are chosen from a jar of names. The names are people are between 12 and 21, two boys and two girls are chosen. The 52 people are then taken to an arena and are to team up to kill the other districts till there is one left. It doesn't matter if they can use chakra or not, it doesn't matter if they are children or not!

The Blood Unity tournament is to keep the 'peace' and 'order' in the world, so no uprising takes action like before the start of the fifth war. It's similar to the Chunin exams, but on a grander and bloody scale. It's sad now Naruto-sama. The Hokage was a position that was a goal worth reaching for.

I tried, I really did. I became the Hokage, but it meant nothing. I was able to do nothing…they had so much power, the republic, I couldn't fight against them and bring back true order. I failed Ojiji-sama, I failed Kaa-sama and Tou-sama, and I failed you Naruto-sama.

Please Naruto-sama, do what I couldn't. Do what you dreamt to do when you were awake, bring true peace to the elemental nations. Help my people, help them all. This order is only peaceful to those who live in the republic, district 1, 2 and 4. Everyone else is oppressed and have no choice but to obey or die.

Heh, I bet if Danzo was alive to see this, he would be extremely happy, after hearing what my Ojiji told me about him, I bet he would.

Forgive me for my failure Naruto-sama, I hope you don't have the mistfortune of waking up during the oppressed times, and if you do…please, I beg of you to help them.

My Ojiji-sama respected you, my grandfather respected you, my parents respected you, my clan respected you, and I respect you. Thank you for all you have done, Naruto-sama.'

When Naruto had finished reading the letter he was in shock at this information. He traveled the world to see what was now happening and was happy to hear that the Blood Unity Tournament had fell apart because members within the senate of the republic rebelled against it.

But…about two hundred years later, something even worse than the Blood Unity tournament appeared.

The Hunger games.

The Republic was no longer standing, instead it was a dictatorship. Ran by one person, a president. The world was already scarred, and peace was getting boring, so they brought back the Blood Unity tournament in a worse more condensed form.

Instead of 52 tributes, it was 24, two from each district. And only one person could win. They tributes would be reaped, taken to the capitol to be seen as T.V stars before thrown in an arena for a battle to the death.

Naruto set out on a mission….

And he failed. There was nothing he could do, he could barely use his chakra! It was as if was locked away, and fucking hated it! He tried to use other methods but it was no use, the damn capitol had too much power.

He didn't want to give up because of a stupid reason like that, but then he was graced by actually watching the 46th hunger games and he realized that…these people actually enjoyed it. Either they enjoyed it or were to oppressed to even want to try and rise against it, they lost hope.

How could he help people who lost hope? You lead the horse to water but you couldn't make them drink. He tried various times to give the oppressed hope and he ended up 'dying' several times in return. After years, Naruto's optimistic nature slowly faded into a cynical, sarcastic, jackass nature.

He gave up on trying to give hope to people when they didn't want it. Though he did have regrets, he drank them away. Surprisingly, even though he couldn't use chakra, he could still heal at an alarming rate that he was not used too; hell sometimes it wouldn't even damage his skin.

His senses had also increased to new heights that took time getting used too. So, not fearing of becoming sick or anything like that, Naruto drank. He bet he could even out drink Tsunade which was saying something.

Though he looked 17, he sure didn't fucking act like it when he didn't want too. After he gave up on the people of Panem, he travelled…to every district and 'enjoyed' life as much as he could, changing names when he started to be suspected.

He fucked various of women, drank various drinks, pissed off a bunch of people…it was like he was a more carefree and less perverted Jiraiya. The life of a wanderer was awesome, but quickly got boring.

So he decided to live in district 13 seeing as they were a bit away from the capitol influence…well at least he did live there till he left for a bit and came back to fucking ashes. During his short time away they revolted and caused an uprising, so they were destroyed.

Now, Naruto was pissed but he was pissed for different reasons. He was pissed because if they revolted, then that meant they had some kind of hope to hold onto and strived for better. AND HE FUCKING MISSED IT!

If he didn't leave he could have finally taken the opportunity to help District 13 in their uprising! But…he fucking left…granted it was like for 3 years to get some capitol pussy and drinks but that wasn't the point!

So now, he lived in district twelve, which was the middle class part of Konoha but was now a coal mining district. Naruto went down to the coal mines a few times, but when he realized he could actually die from an explosion like that, he stayed away.

Now here was at the reaping for the 74th reaping, a small scowl on his face. During the years he still trained but not as intense as it was when he first awoke, he was more lax but his skills were nothing to put down.

He could still kill that damn cawing crow a few yards away with a simple flick of his wrist and knife.

After so many reapings you would think that he was chosen for at least one…but no, he wasn't. Mostly because he never kept still and because luck was always in his favor when it came to drawings like shit like this, so Naruto didn't think he would be participating unless one of them were chosen.

His eyes scanned over the crowd, looking for her in particular. The girl he took a high interest in. As he scanned he finally found her, she stood by her younger sister and mother, Katniss Everdeen.

God she was so fucking pretty, strong, brave and good willed…hmm, who would ever though he would fall an Uchiha? Yeah, she was an Uchiha, he could tell just by the small similarities she held to Sasuke. However, she was Izumi Uchiha's decedent on her fathers side.

He and Katniss's relationship was an odd one. They weren't enemies, but they weren't exactly friends either. They usually spoke to each other through Gale, but even then it was very light.

He had helped her, and always had helped her. She was one of the few people he cared for in this world, and he would be damned if she died because of these stupid games. So he hoped she wasn't picked…or her sister, Prim.

Naruto dazed eyes looked forward in surprise as he felt a prick and saw that his blood sample had been taken from him just like Gale previously. He glared at the peacekeeper and snatched his arm back and walked off to stand by the group of boys that were 18.

His eyes softened slightly as he looked at the first year reapers that were clutching their to their siblings like a lifeline.

He was forced to wait till the clock struck two and Mayor Undersee began his stupid repetitive speech about the hunger games. Naruto figured he would have said 'Rebel and die, don't rebel and live,' damn Snow and dramatic speeches.

It was then Naruto's good friend Haymitch Abernathy stumbled on stage drunk as hell. Naruto openly laughed at the man, not worried about the peacekeeprs or anything.

Because if they dared touch him he would kill them.

Haymitch puked then fell off stage and was carried off by the peace keepers and Naruto clapped for his performance.

Effie trinket, the fake ass bitch that Naruto disliked cleared her throat and smiled at the crowd as she spoke into the microphone. "Happy hunger games and may the odds be ever in your favor," she smiled but no one smiled back or said anything.

"Boo! Get off the stage," Naruto said, changing and throwing his voice. Effie looked to see who said that but couldn't place it while Naruto just chuckled to himself and earned chuckles from the others as well.

The woman started to rattle on how the hunger games were amazing and how she was glad that she was in district twelve. And that was one of the reasons why Naruto did not like her; everyone knew she hated the place and saw it beneath her.

After what seemed like hours she finally got to the drawings, ladies being first as always. Naruto stiffened slightly, a stoic expression on his face. Gale noticed Naruto's change and looked towards him in confusion.

"Primrose Everdeen," Effie called out with a small smile. The young girl was in complete shock, tears of fear starting to come from her eyes. She then started to walk over to the stage as Katniss started screaming her name.

Naruto had to keep himself from calling for Katniss to stop but he couldn't, that was her sister which was why…

"I VOLUNTEER! I volunteer," She screamed then regained her composure slightly. Everyone was surprised and not at the same time, they all knew the love Katniss held for her sister. Prim then ran to her sister, hugging her tightly, begging her not to do it.

"Well this is really unexpected for the first time ever we have a Volunteer from district twelve, give it up for our volunteer everybody!" Effie tried, clapping with a smile but no one held her amusement and just watched as Katniss stepped onto the stage.

"Hello dear, what is your name?" Effie asked the girl, holding the microphone to her. Katniss stated her name, still in a dazed state and this made Effie smile a bit more. "Am I right to assume that was your younger sister?"

"No shit!" Naruto threw his voice again causing her to scowl at whoever said that. She then turned her attention to the boy jar and started ruffling through names.

"Now for the boys," Effie smiled, she picked on up and opened and looked towards the crowd with a slightly bigger smile and it only served for her to be on Naruto's shit list.

"Gale Hawthorne," She called, Naruto, Gale and Katniss's eyes widened at this.

"I volunteer!" Naruto shouted causing the attention to go to him. Gale looked at him in confusion as did Katniss, a look of recognition in her eyes at seeing him. Effie gasped in delight at the fact of two volunteers.

Naruto started to walk towards the stage but Gale grabbed his arm and squeezed. "Naruto, what the hell do you think your doing?" Gale demanded quietly. Naruto just gave him a blank look and shrugged his shoulders.

"I'm saving both of your asses. Katniss needs to live, for her family as do you Gale. Watch over them, ne?" Naruto smiled at his real friend since he awoke. Gale just looked shocked as Naruto slipped out of his grasp and walked towards the stage, his eyes on Katniss the whole time who returned the gesture.

Naruto gave a small charming smile towards her and stood to the side of her, as if he accepting his fate.

"What is your name young man?" Effie asked, holding the microphone to him. Naruto glanced at her before speaking.

"Naruto Uzumaki," He stated this caused her to smile brightly and face the crowd and spoke in a 'loving' voice.

"Two volunteers! This is a great event!" She said completely giddy. Naruto gave a visible scowl at her but he and Effie noticed Katniss's eyes were still on him. "You two, shake hands," Effie ordered.

Naruto shrugged and turned to her, a larger smile on his face offering his hand. Katniss hesistantly reached for it, mistrust and worry in her eyes at looking at him. Once she grasped it, Naruto softly shook his, his smile still in place.

"Katnip," Naruto teased causing her to squeeze in annoyance. Naruto just chuckled before his smile dropped and he gazed seriously at her. "You will comeback Katniss, I promise….just trust me," Naruto whispered quietly. Katniss let a tear fall from her eye as she nodded.

When they turned their heads to the crowd, still holding their shake, they saw the three fingered salute of goodbye given to them by everyone in the audience. Effie seemed confused by this while Naruto and Katniss returned the gesture.

Even when the anthem stopped playing, they still held their hands in the shake.

Naruto sighed as he sat in a chair waiting for the peace keepers to come get him. It was visiting time before the tributes had to leave, but Naruto doubted anyone was going to come see him. He was happily mistaken as Gale did come in with a frown look on his face.

"Yo," Naruto grinned but he received a punch to his face that barely hurt but it looked like it did.

"What the hell are you thinking?! Why would you volunteer for me?!" Gale demanded. Naruto sighed as he rubbed his face and gave a shrug.

"I don't let my friends face their problems alone, not when I can help it. Gale, you have a family to take care of…Katniss too. How can either of you take care of them if you are both put in that arena to kill each other? I don't understand," Naruto raised a brow.

"But…I could have helped her, made sure she could…"

"Live? Sorry man, but as great as you are, it's not enough. I'm pretty sure you would die in there, or Katniss. And I can't let that happen, what kind of friend would I be if that were the case?" Naruto wondered with a sigh.

"And would about you?! You can barely stay sober! Yeah you're a good hunter but that's basically it! Naruto, how can you keep Katniss alive?!" Gale demanded. Naruto frowned then gave a smirk.

"Lets just say I have a better chance of keeping her alive than you do my friend. I gave Katniss my word that she will comeback, and not in a body bag. I'm giving you my word she will comeback too, then you can finally confess to her," Naruto grunted.

"Eh? What the hell are you talking about?" Gale wondered. Naruto blinked raising his eye brow once again.

"You mean to tell me you don't have feelings for Katnip?" Naruto asked. Gale shook his head.

"Not really, I love her yes but as a sister. Its part of the reason why I want you to keep your word about bringing her back. And I also want you to be safe and be the last one to die, even if its to her. Naruto promise me," Gale ordered seriously.

"Yeah yeah, I promise," Naruto waved him off. Gale nodded and gave his friend a manly hug before he was seen out by the Peacekeepers. Naruto sat back down in his chair and rubbed his jaw. "Hmm, that will leave a bruise,"

His head lifted up when he saw the family of Katniss walk in. Prim and her mother looked somewhat sad. Naruto frowned but he smiled at Prim as he walked towards her.

"Look Prim, you don't have to worry about your sister, I'll keep her safe. I promise," Naruto grinned. Prim looked up at him with teary eyes, probably just came from seeing her sister. She hugged Naruto, crying into his chest.

Naruto gave her comfort as he nodded to her mother who nodded back. He gave the girl one last grin before they were forced to leave. With a sigh, he ran his hands through his blond locks.


The blond ex-shinobi stood close to Katniss as they walked to the train. She was silent, in her own world at the moment. They both ignored the reporters and photographers that crowded them on the way to the train.

But they were forced to stop in front of the capitol train due to reporters wanting to get an actual picture of the two volunteers. Naruto threw up the bird with a scowl on his face, showing his rebellious nature and Katniss just averted her eyes though still faced the camera.

When the doors did finally close, Katniss stumbled into him, in both shock and exhilaration as the train took off from the station. "Sorry," She mumbled as Naruto steadied her, arms wrapped around her waist.

"No problem," Naruto said giving his signature foxy grin. His grin though faded as he gazed at her. It was interesting that the one who is usually so controlled would have such intense emotions flickering across her face and in her eyes.

Said girl was trying to deal with her feelings as she continued to stare at the man who had helped her and supported her from the shadows. A man in which she owed her life too…where would she be without him? Dead probably.

Ugh, she hated owing people.

"I need to change," She got out lamely before clearing her throat. She wriggled out of Naruto's arms before heading down the hallway.

Naruto just watched her go, a small frown on his face. With a small shrug he followed Katniss down the hall looking for his room, which upon trial and error he finally found it. It was nice to put it mildly. Almost better than his apartment during his time in Konoha.

That thought started to bring depressing thoughts to him but he slapped his face, shaking him from those thoughts. He didn't need to distracted, he already ignored his one rule of letting someone get close. Which is why he needed to get Katniss out.

She needed to live.

Standing he went through the closet to get out of his reaping clothes, though there wasn't any orange there was a dark red which was good enough. He put on the red short sleeved shirt and black sweats. He didn't bother wearing shoes because he didn't feel like it.

Leaving the room he bumped into Effie Trinket, and though he extremely disliked her, he helped her up anyway, because he was a gentlemen. He then left for the dining room seeing as he missed breakfast because of Gale's rushing and was starving.

Upon reaching the room he saw a basket of rolls and grabbed one of them and took a big bite. He then went into the wine cooler looking for something good to drink.

"Um aren't you too young to drink?" Effie asked in confusion as she watched Naruto.

"Aren't I too young to die?" Naruto shot back, not even facing her to give the reply. He grinned as he found an unopened bottle of brandy. Naruto didn't even bother looking for a cup as he popped the top open and drank straight from the bottle as if it was water.

Effie just blinked in shock as he sat down, leaning back in his chair. "You guys got any ramen around here?" Naruto asked after sighing in relief from the drink. Effie shook her head causing him to grunt. "That's a shame,"

He and Effie glanced towards the opening sliding door which Katniss came out of. Naruto raised a brow at her appearance, seeing as her hair was now down and she was wearing loose comfortable clothes, that did nothing to hide her curves like they were supposed too.

The girl nodded to him in greeting before asking where Haymitch was.

"Haven't seen him, probably trying to get over a hangover," Naruto shrugged as he took another swig of the alcohol. Katniss gave him a questioning gaze but did not voice her question. Naruto noticed and offered her some.

"No thanks," She denied shaking her head. Naruto just gave her a blank look.

"Look Katnip, though it is highly unlikely since I am a complete badass, but you may never get to enjoy the pleasures of alcohol, might as well go for it right?" Naruto suggested. Though she bristled slightly at the nickname she huffed before grabbing a glass and allowing him to pour her some.

Naruto did so with a grin and watched her drink it slowly. She gave a cough and grabbed her throat at bit making Naruto chuckle, "Yeah, burns your throat when you first try it, but the more you drink, the more it cools and you can actually savor the taste," Naruto smiled.

Katniss just looked away from him, a small blush on her cheeks. "How is it?" He asked her, her blush increased a bit.

"It's good," She grumbled before taking another sip, expecting the burning sensation. This allowed her to savor the taste like Naruto mentioned.

The food then came, coming in courses. They were served a thick carrot soup, green salad, lamb chops and mashed potatoes, cheese and fruit, with a chocolate cake. Naruto stared at the lamb chops with a twichting eye and looked towards there servants.

"You guys got chicken?" His answer was a nod. "Well I'll have that, baked with Italian dressing please," Naruto ordered. They bowed and left to go do so.

"You don't like lamb?" Effie asked, sitting down beside Katniss who began taking food and eating slowly. Naruto shook his head in response.

"No, Lamb gives me gas and Pork is disgusting. I refuse to eat something that rolls around and eats it's own shit," Naruto scowled causing the two women to look at him in surprise. He shrugged, not caring of their opinion about his food choice.

After dinner they were brought to a different part of the train to watch the recaps of the reapings. Naruto wasn't to thrilled to see his competition, since he knew he could kill them all in a blink of an eye without chakra. And seeing their terrified faces would only make it difficult for him to bear, killing children wasn't something he liked….

Didn't mean he wouldn't fuck them up, there's a difference.

So he sat beside Katniss, a little close but neither of them noticed. He closed his eyes for most of them, opening them for District eleven. That was a mistake as his eyes open right when a little girl is called to the stage. She is a tiny thing, skinny arms, skinny legs, dark skin and curly brown hair. Almost the perfect contrast to her tribute partner, Thresh who was to put it simply, a giant.

Then it finally came around to district twelve.

They watched as Prim's name was called and Katniss' desperation is plain to see as she pushed her sister behind her. He admired how she only lost her emotion for a split second in order to save her sister before regaining it back just as quickly. Her natural strength bade her look dangerous and certain which he was grateful for; although only he was able to see the familiar fear in her eyes. The commenter's talk about their confusion, as to why the crowd won't applause.

Then Gale's name is called and Naruto just gave a small smirk at the power in his voice as he volunteers. It gets a bit bigger when the female commentator says she would like to basically ravish him.

Though not exactly touching her, Naruto felt Katniss stiffen next to him at the commentators next words.

"Do those two know each other?" The male asked excitedly, leaning forward when Katniss and Naruto don't let go of each others hand.

"It seems like it, look at the way they're looking at each other," The woman says though not as enthusiastic as the male. "They could be more than friends, but so far this looks like an exciting games!"

Naruto huffed lightly, turning off the T.V, Katniss nodding in thanks.

"They are not right you know, we aren't more than friends," Katniss warned him which he just shrugged at.

"Never said they were Katnip, I mean we aren't even really friends, associates actually," Naruto shrugged and while he had a nonchalant expression inwardly he had a frown, not liking that idea of knowing her but not being friends with someone as aweseome as her. "We can change that though,"

She turned to him with a narrowed glare, "What do you mean by that Uzumaki?" Naruto raised a brow before he chuckled and gave an answer.

"I mean the friends part Katnip, we can be friends…right?" He asked with a kind smile. Katniss looked at him uncomfortably which caused a sense of dejavu to wash over him. "I won't hurt you," he said gently in a near whisper.

"I know you wont, it's just…" She gave a sigh not even finishing. "Yes, we can be friends…Naruto," the girl added. Naruto grinned in response, jumping up and giving a stretch.

"Awesome! Besides Katnip its up to you if you want to be more than friends, I honestly wouldn't mind and would like that idea, after all you are really stunning," Naruto grinned and walked off, knowing the girl had a large blush on her face…which she did.

She couldn't even give a reply, only sputter as he walked off like he said nothing. Katniss regained her composure and hopped up following after Naruto with a scowl on her face.

"Naruto! What do you mean by…." She stopped in the dining area to see a somewhat sober Haymitch eating his dinner and Naruto sitting beside him having a glass of wine. The two just looked at her still doing what they were doing.

Feeling a headache coming she just huffed turned around and walked off, "I'm going to bed," she didn't stay long to hear the response from Naruto who just chuckled as Haymitch ate his dinner.

"She's seems like a feisty one," Haymitch muttered, Naruto nodded his head in agreement, sipping on his wine.

"That she is, gorgeous too. Though a bit stubborn and strong. Look Mitch, I need you to focus your training on her, I don't need it but she does," Naruto told his 'older' friend. Haymitch just grunted, not giving a real response but he stopped when Naruto grabbed his arm and squeezed it tight. The man looked into Naruto's blue eyes in surprise.

"I'm serious Haymitch," Naruto spoke in a deadly serious tone. Haymitch just gazed at the teen and gave a nod.

"Alright, but I need to find out what she is good at," Haymitch informed, returning to eating his food. Naruto gave a nod as he gave the information about Katniss's skills that she would be too stubborn to give.

Katniss lay on her bed, her left arm covering both her eyes. She needed to get her head in the game. She couldn't let her walls fall down, she wouldn't break her promise to Prim of returning…but she also can't let her debt to the blond man go unpaid.

She had told him earlier they could be friends; even so…she didn't know what to consider him.

He was her savior, after all he saved her not too long ago when she was starving and on the brink of death due to malnutrition. He helped her and gave her the fresh bread he just paid for. Not only that, she knew he was the one supplying her and her family with food after that night. Though he never said anything.

Whenever she saw him through Gale, she wanted to speak with him and tell him how grateful she was for his kindness and help…but she always backed out and got nervous. What if…wait…what if nothing! She knew that Naruto knew she knew.

Naruto is actually a nice guy, it wasn't like he was going to do anything negative to her. After all he helped her, why would he hurt her?

As she pondered on it more, the more she thought about Naruto. Yes he was cute…extremely actually but he and Gale were the only experiences she had with boys. She wanted to say he wasn't interested in her…but she could tell that was clearly not the case.

The girl sighed turning herself to the side of her bed, kicking her feet over the edge. She needed some fresh air. Quickly, she opened the door and started to head to the back of the train, remembering a compartment which circulated the air from outside.

But of course fate liked fucking her over lately.

She bit back a sigh when seeing the found the one person she didn't want to see right now, sitting down in the said room.

"Couldn't sleep?" Naruto asked softly, right before she could make her exit. This time she did let out a sigh,

"Yeah," Naruto chuckled as he moved to the side a bit and patted the spot next to him.

"You can sit down if you like," He offered. Katniss frowned and was going to question it but didn't feel like going back and forth with the blond so she just did so. They fell into compatible silence. "You worried, aren't you?"

"Yes, was her reply after a moment of thought, deciding to tell him the truth.

"It's understandable," Naruto nodded, still quiet. "I…I really wish we could have been better friends sooner, Katniss," Naruto told her truthfully causing her to look at him.

"I do too," Katniss said sincerely, even though she knew it would've made it only that much harder. Naruto turned to her to meet her gaze and it was like he heard her thoughts because of what he said next,

"Don't worry about anything else other than surviving Katniss. You won't kill me and…" Before he could even finish she jumped off with a glare to her face.

"How the hell do you know that?! I promised Prim I would come back! How the hell do I know you won't try and kill me?! You may be trying to get my defences down and…" She was cut off when Naruto pulled her back down and covered her lips with his, shutting her up.

Katniss was in shock, her first kiss was just taken. Although she had nothing to really go by other than seeing her parents do it when she was younger, it was nice. The kiss was warm and touching, and made her heart flutter.

Naruto pulled away, a smirk like smile on his lips. "Now that that shut you up, I was trying to say I won't kill you. I would never do anything to hurt you. I don't care about the rules or the damn games, you are my only priority when we enter that arena," Naruto explained to her as she was just silent.

"You want to know why I'm trying so hard in being friends with you? It's because I want you to trust me, I need you to trust me if we are going to work together to get out. You are not the only one who made promises, I made a promise to your sister and Gale I would have you back alive, with or without me. And I've also promised you. You deserve better Katniss, but you don't deserve this," Naruto finished with a sad smile.

Standing up he headed for the door, but just as he was about to walk out he stopped with a sigh. "I'm sorry for stealing your first kiss, it must have been very important to you. I did not mean it in a romantic way, just to make you listen. I won't do it again, Goodnight, Katniss," Naruto bid before he left.

Katniss didn't get any sleep that night.