So this takes place after "The Serpent" and contains some minor spoilers for "Heart of Stone". Enjoy!

Disclaimer: I don't own Once Upon a Time in Wonderland.

Will was gasping, choking, hands scrabbling uselessly at his throat. Behind him, Jafar was smiling maliciously, the eyes of his serpent staff glowing a bright, ruby red. By his side was Alice, no longer the little girl that had visited Wonderland all those years ago, but still just as foolish, just as naïve. Because she's crying and begging and pleading, but she's not doing the one thing that can save Will.

"Ana- " Will choked, and the Queen's icy mask cracked just a little.

"Use your wish!" she shouted at Alice. "Just wish!"

And she relaxed, because she remembered this happening before, ad knew that Alice would use her wish. While the fate that Jafar would bestow on Will wouldn't be much better, at least he would be alive.

But nothing was happening. Alice wasn't wishing, and Will's struggles were getting weaker and weaker until he stopped struggling altogether. Jafar released the spell, Will collapsed in a crumpled heap on the ground, and somebody screamed. It took Anastasia a while to realize it was her.

Rushing to his side, she cradled his head in her lap. "No, no, no," she mumbled. "Will, wake up. Wake up. You can't die," she begged.

She hadn't realized that Alice and Jafar and her guards had disappeared. But she did notice when Will's eyes snapped open and he stared at her.

"You killed me," he whispered. "I would have been enough, but you made the wrong choice. And now I'm dead, and you are weak because you didn't stop it. I hate you."

Anastasia couldn't look away, couldn't drop his head or tear herself from him. All she could do was look and look and look while the guilt grew and grew and grew until in consumed her.

Anastasia gasped as she jolted awake. She lay in bed, unable to fall back asleep or quiet her racing heart. Quickly making a decision, she swung out of bed and pulled on a robe. Luckily, she met no guards as she walked through the halls, and she didn't stop walking until she had reached the maze. Will was still there, eyes blank and hand reaching into the air.

She stepped closer, putting her hand on her chest, feeling the stone warm beneath her touch. She looked into his face, and his eyes weren't filled with hatred like in her dreams. But somehow, this emptiness was worse.

"I'm sorry, Will," she whispered. She didn't even realize that she was crying until she felt the saltiness on her lips and tears sliding down her cheeks. "I'm so, so, sorry."

Later she would come up with a plan. Later she would become the Red Queen, trick Alice into helping her, and get the magic dust. Later she would save Will, and never let him know.

But for now, she just stood there in the courtyard and cried.