A/N: Here is a list of the music used in A Once and Future Destiny

Chapter 2 (Gaius' Chambers) - "Solitude" by Duke Ellington; "What's Forever For" by Michael Martin Murphey

Chapter 3 (The Round Table) - "Moon River" by Andy Williams

Chapter 4 (A Time for Truth) - "Think of Me" and "Angel of Music" from Phantom of the Opera

Chapter 5 (The Kindness of Friends) - "Magical Mystery Tour" by the Beatles

Chapter 6 (The Sorcerer's Shadows) - dialogue/lyrics from The Sword in the Stone, "Higitus Figitus"; The Lion King "I Just Can't Wait to be King"; images from The Crow (1994, Brandon Lee)

Chapter 7 (An Intruder in the Citadel) - "Fields of Gold" by Sting

Chapter 9 (An Audience with the King) - "I'll Be Over You" by Toto

Chapter 10 (An Hour in the Dark) - "For You" by Johnny Cash and Dave Matthews; "The Glory of Life" by Rascal Flatts; "Sgt. MacKenzie" by Joseph Kilna MacKenzie; "Soldier" by Steven Curtis Chapman; "Soul's Core" by Shawn Mullins ref.

Chapter 11 (Sharing Secrets) - "Didn't I" by Montgomery Gentry

Chapter 12 (The Sum of All Dreams) - "Good Man" by

Chapter 15 (Two Servants) - Tombstone ref.

And the first part of chapter 1 of part 2, The Emrys Strain

Chapter 1: Outside Camelot's Boundaries

"Again?" Merlin said. "Is this really necessary?"

"Hold still, Merlin," his grandfather ordered. "The more you move, the more it will hurt."

Merlin squeezed his eyes shut, a bit of an old Goldie Hawn/Chevy Chase movie playing in his mind, Goldie gasping out an explanation of defense against an attacker in her apartment – I stabbed him with the needles!

"Do you want me to hold your hand?" Arthur's tone was amused, condescending. The king of Camelot didn't turn an eyelash at the thought of needles. Merlin hated needles. He opened his eyes to glare at Arthur as Gaius tied a rubber ribbon impossibly tight around Merlin's upper arm. "Come on," the golden-haired king teased, "don't be such a girl."

Merlin clamped his jaw shut. And his eyes. Oh – narcotics, Brian Dennehy said, the epitome of a tough, jaded police detective. No – knitting, Goldie whined. The alcohol swab was cold and sudden against the inside of his elbow, and he couldn't help jumping. Arthur laughed softly, from his perch on the nearest of Gaius' lab tables. Merlin opened his eyes to send his friend another murderous look –

"Just a pinch," Gaius warned, and Merlin's whole body seized as the needle pierced his skin, entered his vein. Forgetting Arthur, he watched in sick fascination as his blood began to fill the clear plastic vial. Ye gods, sometimes he thought the field of medicine had gotten more barbaric in 1500 years, not less.

Although, he didn't have to clean Gaius' leech tank, anymore. That was a plus.

Merlin couldn't seem to look away from the red liquid as Gaius snapped off the vial and began to fill another one, but Arthur didn't find the process as riveting. He kicked his expensive shoes absently in Merlin's peripheral vision, then jumped down, crossed to the back counter, began to finger glassware. "Did the police ever get back to you on the break-in last week?" Arthur asked.

Gaius snorted. "Vandals, they said. A couple of young men enjoying meaningless destruction." Merlin felt his grandfather's glance, felt him wondering about Merlin's own past record. He didn't look up.

A moment later, Arthur cleared his throat and wandered away down the rows of glass-fronted cabinets containing lab equipment. "It was a mess," he agreed mildly. "Did you get everything replaced?"

"Yes, your father was very gracious about the expense," Gaius said, and Merlin glanced up at the old man's face, able to read his grandfather's feelings more closely than his words betrayed to the former king. "Unfortunately – and I do apologize, Merlin – the samples also need to be replaced."

"So what am I now, an experiment?" Merlin said, at the same time as Arthur remarked, "You make him sound like a science project."

Gaius grunted and snapped the third of three filled vials shut. He reached for a blob of cotton, sliding the needle from Merlin's arm while holding the cotton to the tiny insertion point in his skin. Though Merlin experienced immediate relief that the sharp foreign object was no longer under his skin – nothing compared to a Saxon's crossbow bolt, Merlin reminded himself, and the arrow nothing in comparison to a serket's stinger – he could do nothing for the dizziness and nausea. He unclamped his hands from the arms of the chair, leaving wet marks of sweat on the tan leather as Gaius wrapped a bit of purple sticky-tape around the piece of cotton. Merlin dried his hands on the legs of his jeans, and pulled down the sleeve of his dark blue sweater.

"What are you going to do with that?" Arthur asked, sauntering back to them with a smirk for Merlin's less-than-composed state.

Gaius fit the vials into a frame that held them vertical and pushed the tray to the back of the counter. "I did manage to run tests with the previous sample to see if the additional vaccines required by foreign travel may have any negative affect on Merlin – even ordinary people sometimes have adverse reactions to vaccines for yellow fever, typhoid, smallpox, and the like. If Agent Chance wants you to travel as he has mentioned – well, it's best to be prepared. Forewarned is forearmed, after all." Merlin opened his mouth to ask what the results of those tests were – of course he wouldn't be classified with normal people - and what else Gaius planned to do with the second round of blood samples.

"Speaking of Chance," Arthur said, shooting his cuff so he could check his watch, "we need to get going if we want to have time for lunch with Percival and Kathryn before our appointment. We'll be back in Camelot before five, I'm pretty sure."

"Give my regards to Percival and Kathryn," Gaius called after them as they left the lab, and Merlin waved to show he'd heard.