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But the bells they are silent, they no longer chime,
And the stars they look different, they've lost all their shine

Oh but all that would change if I could call you mine,
This December 25


His mother's voice brought him back to reality. He turned with an apologetic look. "Hmm?"

"I asked if you objected to Thea picking the movie this year." He looked at his sister, who was grinning like a fool. Even if no one else had, she saw her brother's brain stop working when Felicity walked in.

"I was thinking Love Actually. It's a Christmas movie after all and I'm not really in the mood for any big life lessons at the moment." She explained.

"By those criteria we could watch Die Hard." Roy suggested. Thea glared at her boyfriend.

"But I think Love Actually is a must more suitable movie to watch together." She said through gritted teeth emphasizing the last word. As if her meaning was suddenly clear , Roy rescinded his objection. "Is that ok with you Felicity?" she asked.

"Sure. I haven't seen it since it first came out. I got set up on a blind date with my friend's computer science tutor. Movie dates by the way, are terrible for meeting someone for the first time because you don't really get a chance to talk to each other. " She paused and looked at Oliver. "My friends suggest movie dates a lot, are they trying to tell me something?"

"Absolutely not" He said.

"You're lying again."

" Movie time!" Oliver clapped his hands together. " Felicity, everything out here is safe for you to eat so dig in." He grabbed the DVD out of his sister's hands and walked over to the entertainment centre. He heard Moira offer their guest a chair but Felicity refused explaining she was actually far more comfortable on the floor. When he was finished setting up the film and grabbing a first plate of food, he noticed that Thea and Roy had sat it such a way that the only place left was the section of couch directly behind her.

The group laughed and commented throughout the interconnected love stories happily munching away on their dinner. Felicity's back started to bother her at one point so Oliver pulled out the throw pillow next to him on the couch and offered it to her. She accepted leaning it up against his legs before resting against them.

" I think my favorite story in all this is David and Natalie." Thea commented during a scene " I mean he loves her even if she's a litte awkward and he's too stubborn to admit it."

"Subtle." Roy muttered.

"Shh!" Moira glared at the younger couple while trying to hide a smile. She was enjoying this Christmas more than she had in a very long time. She still couldn't make up her mind about Oliver's new friend but she knew he would tell her when the time was right.

The rest of Christmas Eve followed a similar pattern of relaxed conversation and vague innuendos from the youngest Queen. They all eventually said goodnight and made their way to their respective rooms.

The problem for Felicity was that she hadn't even attempted to go to bed at a reasonable hour in months. She sat awake fiddling with her tablet for an hour or two before looking over and remembering she hadn't put her gifts under the tree yet. She gathered up the packages and made her way downstairs. She noticed that there was still a fire going in the family room. "Well that's not very safe"

"Only if someone isn't in the room." She spun around quickly to see Oliver sitting on the couch with a book. "Dig and I should start giving you awareness training."

" I'm not on a mission."

"Sometimes the missions come to you."

"I thought we were supposed to be relaxing."

"I'm not very good at that."

"No kidding." She turned back to the tree and the task at hand. "Couldn't Sleep?"

"I don't sleep very much. Just enough to get by." He put down the book and watched her. "Are my bad habits rubbing off on you?"

" I guess, I mean I tried, and it's not that the room isn't comfortable. I mean the bed is really nice, big enough for two. Not that- You know-" She closed her eyes and sighed. " I was doing so well." Oliver got up and started heading for the kitchen

" I'll be right back." Felicity nodded. Once she finished rearranging the gifts so hers weren't all in one spot she wandered bookshelf to bookshelf analysing the collection. He eyes fell upon a beautiful wooden chess set. She picked up a knight to admire the handy work more closely.

"That was my father's." She nodded. "I think it was my grandfather's before that."

"Do you play?" she asked.

"Used to" He had placed a bottle of wine and two glasses on the table. " I was pretty good." She turned and smiled.

"Challenge accepted." She picked up the board and carried it to the floor near the fireplace. Oliver filled one glass for each of them before joining her. When they were deep into the game she laughed.

"What?" Oliver asked as he searched the board for a move he may have missed.

"Nothing. It's just, This is not something I ever saw happening, and I'm not just saying that because you're beating me." Felicity hissed in mock pain as he took her bishop.

"Thought I was only good with a bow?" He asked.

"No, I didn't say that. I just meant that I didn't think you and I, playing chess, drinking wine. It's a bit surreal.. but nice."

"Yeah.." he trailed off after she made her move. He pushed a pawn into position. " You need more wine." He grabbed the bottle and topped her off.

"Why? Not that I'm complaining."

"Because I just put you in checkmate." Felicity looked at the board confused at first before she saw what Oliver was referring to.

"You're right, you win." She got up, returning to the tree. "And now you get a prize." She pulled out a carefully wrapped rectangle and handed it to him. "Well, technically you would have gotten it tomorrow anyways, but there might be less to explain this way." He smiled and opened it. Inside was a classic leather bound journal- with a very high tech passcode lock. "You always tell me if I need to talk about my day I can come to you. I'd like to think that goes both ways but I know there are, things, you aren't ready to talk about yet." She tapped the front cover. "They can go in here, for now."

" Thank you." He said sincerely before giving her a hug. He reached under the tree pulling out a flat square box. " It's only fair." She pulled off the ribbon and gasped. A small braided gold bracelet sat inside.

" I know you broke yours breaking into the art gallery a few months back. I figured the least I could do is replace it.

"Yeah but Oliver, this one's real." She lifted the yellow, rose and white gold chain and admired it. "I bought mine for $20 in a university gift shop."

"You deserve better." She looked up, hearing words she had said to him a year earlier. She saw his face soften and become more vulnerable. Unsure of what to do next, she stalled.

"Can you help me put it on?" She held out her left arm and pushed up the sleeve. He took the bracelet out of her hand and fastened it around her wrist. She felt sparks where his fingers brushed her pulse points. "Oliver, you seem to think you're holding me back from something, or that I'm not happy. I'm happy. I love my life and it's a life you're a major part of." She looked into his eyes. "So thank you."

He hadn't let go of her wrist yet. He used it to his advantage and closed the space between them. He lifted her wrist to his lips and kissed it. She stood there, heart racing , nervously trying not to forget a single moment. He dropped her arm and moved he hand up to her cheek before leaning in and softly kissing her lips.



"What are you doing New Years Eve?"

Every year around this time,
You go your way and I go mine,
But the roads are all closed,
Stay with me tonight,
It's December 25