Chapter 10: Healing Damon

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Bonnie's P.O.V

Quiet. Absolute silence encased the car, broken only by the occasional sniffle from Elena. It was incomprehensible to think that someone would do something like this to a living, breathing being. She may not agree with what Damon does to protect the people he cares about, but she would never wish the torture he had went through on anyone. The file had sickened her even more. While looking for anything concerning Damon at Augustine's desk, she found more than she ever wanted. Augustine had experimented on other vampires before and after Damon, and none of them ever lasted long. Damon's file contained information about his first torturous stint with Augustine in the fifties as well as his latest, painful encounter. Seeing him lying on the table sickened her, especially when she saw what Augustine had done to his chest cavity. What would definitely kill a human being only caused Damon to wake up then die continuously. It was unsettling to her to see Damon, who in any other circumstances would have been the strongest one in a room, completely helpless.

Caroline was obviously shaken, for she was as quiet as a mouse and kept her eyes only on the road. On a normal day, your ears would have fallen off from her incessant chatter, but not today. Caroline, who also followed the rules of the road, was full-out speeding to get back to the Boarding House. Damon may be number one on her most hated list, but Bonnie knew that even this would warrant a worried Caroline. Feeling the silence begin to creep into her, Bonnie broke the silence. "What are we going to do with Wes and Augustine? We can't just leave them there. They might escape and come after Damon again," Bonnie said. Having not heard anything but the sound of silence, Caroline jumped. Elena, who was too engrossed in stroking Damon's hair, ignored the comment and the two girls. "Well, we can't just let them go. Augustine will have a vendetta against us all now and he will definitely kill Damon this time, just so he can have the satisfaction of getting rid of him," Caroline replied. "I agree, but it's not like we can tell the authorities what happened. They'd try locking us up for sounding insane," Bonnie shot back. "Well, whatever we do, he has to suffer," Elena said quietly from the backseat.

Elena's response sent the car into another silence. They were just entering Mystic Falls when the silence was broken. Damon had begun flailing around, gasping for breath, yet unable to take in any oxygen. Elena could only hold Damon and try to comfort him as much as possible, though the tears running down her cheek probably did anything but comfort him. The lack of oxygen soon got to Damon, his gasps coming shorter and shorter. Bonnie could only watch, sitting from the front seat, at the sad spectacle in front of her. Glancing at Caroline, she could see the tears in her eyes, though she was refusing to let them fall. It was horrible to see someone who she, and Caroline, thought to be a monster to be at his lowest. Someone who had done terrible things to herself and everyone around her. True, Damon had been horrible to so many people, but is this what caused Damon to be the way he is. If so, had he and everyone else been wrong about him the entire time they knew him. Heck, Stefan didn't even know that Damon had been held hostage for five years in the fifties and tortured by a maniac. Who knows what else could have happened to Damon in the one hundred and seventy something years he's been alive.

The gasps coming from the back seat soon ended. Damon was dead. Again. Elena's sobs increased in sound. Bonnie and Caroline knew that they couldn't do anything to console their friend, so they kept their eyes straight, while Caroline added more pressure to the gas pedal. Bonnie could only wish that the next twenty-minute drive to the Boarding House would be a blur. She didn't know how much longer she could stand the sound of sobbing. The only thing that could help her was Jeremy, and coincidently, he was at the Boarding House. She knew that Jeremy was quite out of the loop, concerning Damon's situation, so she would have to explain to him everything that happened. Hopefully, he would be able to help Elena through this too.

The twenty minutes passed and they finally pulled up to the Boarding House. Fortunately, Meredith's car was sitting in the driveway, meaning that Damon would get the help he needed. Pulling up next to Meredith's car, Caroline put the car in park and turned the engine off. Opening the doors, Caroline and Bonnie got out the car. Stefan's Porsche pulled in next to Caroline's car and he quickly got out. "So, should we just take Damon on in, or should we go check with Meredith first. I mean she may not have everything set up yet," Caroline asked. "Going in sounds like a better idea. Do you think that Elena will be okay out here by herself?" Bonnie replied, looking towards the back seat of the car. "Yeah. We shouldn't be inside for very long," Stefan said. "Besides, I don't think Elena will even realize that we're gone."

Making their way into the house, they were greeted with Jeremy and Meredith's worried gazes. "Hey, what exactly is going on? You said Damon was hurt, and explained a little, but I'm still confused. Where's Damon? Elena?" Meredith fired question after question. "They're in the car. We'll go get them, and then we'll explain everything to you guys," Bonnie told them, beginning to feel a little sick about having to retell the story of everything that's happened in the past few days. She turned to walk out the door and found herself being followed by everyone in the room. Ignoring them, she hurried to the car, finding Elena in the same position they left her in before they went into the building. Opening the door, she expected Elena to react, but instead she completely ignored them. "Elena," Bonnie said, trying to get her attention, "We're at the Boarding House. Meredith is here to help Damon, but first we have to get him out of the car and get him inside. Okay?" Elena, at the words 'help Damon,' she jerked up and began registering what was going on around her and began to move to get out of the car. Seeing the sudden alertness in Elena, Bonnie started to help Elena get out of the car without jostling Damon too much. "Jeremy," Stefan said, "we're going to need some help carrying Damon into the house. You have to be very careful though not to jostle Damon's body. We have to hurry and get Damon hooked up to the machines so he can start healing. Then we have to decide what we're going to do with Augustine and Professor Whitmore before he can cause any more damage."

Jeremy moved to help them, but stopped when he saw Damon's chest. The long cut starting at the sterno-clavicular and ending at the umbilicus, showed the horror that was Damon's inner chest cavity. Though Jeremy had seen a great deal of horrible things, he couldn't take seeing someone he's known for at least four years cut open. Backing away from the corpse, for that was what it was, he looked down at the ground. "What exactly happened at Whitmore Elena," Jeremy questioned, trying to keep the vomit down. Elena gave no reaction to the question, her eyes and ears only for Damon. "Elena," he tried again. "Jeremy, she isn't going to answer anything, she's too traumatized. She's barely responded to any of our questions on the drive down," Caroline informed him. "Look, we need to hurry and get him settled," Meredith spoke up, "we can ask questions after."

Watching Jeremy, Stefan, Caroline, and Elena, lift Damon's unresponsive body from the back seat of the car, Bonnie mind wondered. How was this going to affect Elena and Damon in the long run? What would have happened if Elena had believed Whitmore's text messages? How long would Damon have been held there if that happened? What would Elena have done if she ever found out that Damon had never sent those messages to her? That he would have been horrendously tortured day and night. Though, it was probably better not to dwell on things that didn't happen and instead worry about what would happen next.

The group carried Damon's body into the Boarding House and followed Meredith to Damon's room, Jeremy had shown her where it was, where she had set up all the equipment she would need. Going up the stairs was a little tricky, but they eventually made it to his room. Bonnie stopped at the doorway of his room when she saw all the equipment surrounding Damon's bed. They deposited Damon's body onto the bed and backed away. "Alright, I need everyone but Elena to leave the room, okay? Everyone can come back after I've got him settled," Meredith announced to the group. Bonnie was the first one out of the room, followed by Jeremy, Caroline, and Stefan. They made their way down to the living room, where they could think about everything that's happened.

Meredith's P.O.V

They said it was bad, but this, this was horrible. Who could do something like this to another living person? She couldn't even begin to imagine what Elena must be feeling right now. Looking towards Elena, she began firing off questions to Elena. She didn't respond to any of Meredith's questions. "Elena," Meredith said, "If you want to help Damon, then you need to answer any question I ask you, okay." Elena slowly nodded, but she never took her eyes off Damon. "Now, what exactly happened," she asked. Elena said nothing, but she did reach into a bag, which she supposedly grabbed from the car before they came into the house, and pulled out a folder. Taking the folder from her, Meredith opened the file and noticed the numbers 21051. "Elena, what are these numbers? What do they mean?" "There the numbers that Augustine insisted on calling Damon. He didn't feel that Damon was a living being, meaning he only needed a subject number, not his real name," Elena responded, never taking her eyes off of Damon's unconscious body.

Meredith fell silent as she began reading the file. She quickly realized that the file dated back to the fifties, which opened even more questions that she would have to ask later. She finally came to the part of the folder that told her what Augustine had done to Damon in the past few days. Reading the notes Augustine had made, made her sick. She had seen horrible things in the Emergency Room, but to read and see something that had been purposefully done to torture a living being, took the cake. She mustered up the courage and continued to read the notes.

When she finally found out what Augustine had done, she began deciding the best course of action she would need to take to speed Damon's recovery. Looking back at Elena, she saw that she hadn't moved from her position next to Damon. Moving to the bathroom, she washed her hands and prepared to work on Damon. Dawning a pair of latex gloves, she moved back towards the bed and began to pull the flaps skin away from each other, to see the damage that had been done. Elena, seeing what Meredith was doing, started to cry. "Elena, you don't have to watch this if you don't want to," she told her. Elena shook her head and kept her eyes on Damon's face.

Looking into the chest cavity, she saw that everything was slow to re-grow back. At this rate, it would take a couple of weeks before Damon was back to his normal self, if he ever gets over what's happened to him. He may never be the same again. No one knows how Damon reacted the first time he escaped, let alone how he escaped in the first place. Did he turn it off in hopes to feel nothing? Did he hurt others to try to make others understand what he went through? Was this the reason that Damon was the way he was when he first came to Mystic Falls? Why he expects no one to care about him, only Stefan?

Attaching the drip to Damon, she opened the valve that would essentially keep him from waking up. During the next week or so, his body could focus on healing. This option would prevent Damon from dying repeatedly. Hourly injection of blood would speed the process along, healing Damon's internal organs quicker. Turning towards Elena, she asked, "Are you going to stay up here or do you want to go downstairs with me and talk about what's happened?" "I'm going to stay right here until Damon is back to normal," Elena responded. "You know, Elena, Damon may not be entirely the same after everything's that happened." Elena didn't respond to what she said and instead moved to cradle Damon's head. Shaking her head, she turned away from the bed and began making her way towards the stairs. Right as she was leaving the room, Elena spoke up and said, "Damon will be fine. I'll be there to help him." Closing her eyes Meredith continued on her way to the living room, preparing herself to talk more about what's going to happen to the people responsible for all of this.

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