Title: Blood Song

Author: Wincesteriffic Kaz

Info: A castle, an island and men's bodies mysteriously drained of blood…what could possibly go wrong? Post 2x05 "Simon Said" Dean/Sam 6th in the "BYC Verse"

Author's Note: It's been too long since I played with my boys. :D If you haven't read the first five stories in this verse, that's alright. You shouldn't be lost but…why would you want to miss out on all the fun? Although, given one part of this story I have planned, reading the first story in this verse at least would be a good idea.

Also, first two chapters? … *snicker* I'm working off a little…tension…before I kick the storyline into gear. I'm sure there won't be any complaints.

Graphic depictions within.

Disclaimer: I don't own 'em but if I did…they'd never get dressed. Heh heh heh

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Chapter 1

Dean slammed back into the wall and slid to the floor with a groan. "Son of a…bitch." He shook his head to clear the cobwebs and looked up with a snarl. "Let him go, you evil bitch!" He shouted and tried to get back to his feet. The witch they were hunting had hold of Sam. She had her hands on his face and it should have been easy enough for Sam to break her grip but he looked to be struggling. "Sammy!"

The witch held Sam with her power. It was difficult. Even with her magic wrapped tightly around his mind, he still struggled and she could feel him fighting her. She pulled his head down to her own curiously. "You're very powerful. You know that?"

Sam could only stare angrily at her. His body felt paralyzed and he could hear his brother shouting. He fought to pull away and groaned in disgust when she licked up the side of his face.

"Oh, my." The witch leaned back and stared into Sam's blue-green eyes. "You have the remnants of a powerful spell in you." She licked him again and then licked her lips savoring the taste. "Very powerful. What is it?"

"Screw you, lady!" Dean lunged for her with his knife only to be thrown again into a new wall before dropping to the floor again with another grunt of pain.

The witch pulled Sam closer. "Give me another taste of that power, boy." She licked his throat above his collar, chuckling as he shuddered with disgust in her grasp. "Tastes like…control." She tilted his head to look into his eyes again. "Someone had that willful little mind of yours under their thumb, and I think maybe if I taste a little more of you…I could learn how. What do you think?"

Sam gasped when a shot rang out and the witch screamed. He felt her magic leave him and he dropped to the floor. "Dean?"

Dean stalked over to them and stared down at the witch as she glared up at him and breathed her last. "I think you shouldn't have touched my brother." He put his gun up and dropped to his brother. "Sammy?" He took Sam's face in his hands and stared into his eyes. "You alright?"

Sam nodded and shook hard. "Couldn't move."

"I know." Dean pulled him in and wrapped his arms around Sam in a fierce hug. "Scared the shit outta me, little brother."

"I'm alright." Sam hugged him back and then got to his feet and swiped at his face where she had licked him with the sleeve of his jacket and a grimace of disgust. "I just want to finish this and get the hell out of here."

"Good idea." Dean delivered a parting kick to the witch's leg and then went in search of his bag with the salt and lighter fluid. "Gonna enjoy toasting this bitch."

Sam nodded and stared down at her. Her words echoed in his head and a sick feeling began to worm its way into his stomach. He put a hand up to the elephant hair collar at his neck and tried not to let it worry him. Sam shook himself when Dean came back in the room and put a smile on. "Salt?"

Dean tossed the canister to him and grabbed the lighter fluid. "Let's light this place up. I don't think the local cops need to find the stash of human flesh she has in the basement."

The house burned behind them as the brothers jogged down the street back to the Impala. They drove in silence back to the motel, and every moment seemed to stretch on for Sam until they pulled up. He got out and didn't need to look to see the concern on Dean's face. His big brother knew something was up, and Sam wasn't sure how to broach the subject.

Dean watched Sam walk into the motel room and frowned. He grabbed their bags and went in after him, kicking the door shut. He tossed the bags on the bed and watched Sam. "Alright, you big girl. What? What's goin' on in that freaky brain of yours this time? And don't tell me nothing."

Sam sighed. "It's…" He closed his mouth rather than say 'nothing' and leaned on the wall next to the bathroom, needing the support. "Did you hear her?"

"What, crazy witch bitch?" Dean raised his brows. "What's to hear?"

"She said she felt the remnants of a control spell in me, Dean." Sam dropped his eyes miserably, unable to look at his brother just then. "It was the hypnotist's amulet. Has to be. She said she could…taste it." He rubbed self-consciously at his neck where she'd licked him. "Do you think…you and me…" He waved a hand between them and still wouldn't meet Dean's eyes. "…is that what happened? Was it the amulet that made us like…like this?"

"Like what?" Dean asked softly though he knew damn well where Sam was going and Dean's temper was starting to rise to the occasion.

"You know." Sam swallowed hard, worried that he was about to blow apart the one and only bright spot in his life by picking it apart. "Together."

"No. No way, Sam," Dean snarled. He crossed the space between them and grabbed hold of Sam's shoulders. Dean thumped his back into the wall and forced Sam to look at him. "The only thing that amulet did was make us stop bein' too damn scared to admit it!" He gave his little brother an angry shake. "You just start feelin' like this about me after the amulet?"

Sam stared into Dean's green eyes and shook his head slowly. "No." He'd had inappropriate thoughts about his big brother since he was a teenager and knew Dean had as well.

"Well, neither did I." Dean gave him another shake and then leaned down as the anger blew out of him. He pressed his forehead to Sam's. "It gave you to me," Dean breathed it against Sam's lips. "I am not gonna regret that, Sam."

Sam closed his eyes as the fear left on a rush of relief at Dean's reassurance, and he nodded. "Gave us to each other." He closed the distance between their lips and pressed his against Dean's in a soft, tender kiss, suddenly needing the contact and Dean's response to assure himself that they really were alright.

Dean growled and crushed his body against his brother's, thrusting his tongue into his mouth and tasting every inch of Sam he could. "You're mine, Sammy." Dean gasped it into his mouth. "Mine. Don't…" Dean kissed him deeply, knocking their teeth together. "…don't you ever think I don't want this…don't want you."

"Dean." Sam wrapped his hands around the back of his brother's head and held him still so he could kiss Dean and show him every ounce of love and need he had for him with his lips and tongue.

"Fuck, Sammy," Dean groaned and rubbed their hardening cocks together through their jeans.

Sam gave a breathless chuckle as they kissed. "That…that sounds like a good…mmph…good idea." He gave a nudge and then switched their positions, putting Dean's back to the wall. He grinned and dropped to his knees. "Better get those shirts off."

Dean thumped his head back into the wall as Sam pulled his jeans open. "Oh, hell yeah." He shrugged his jacket off with Sam's hand on him, grabbed the bottom of his shirts, and got tangled with them over his head when Sam's warm, eager mouth swallowed his cock down to the root. "Fuck!"

Sam hummed around Dean's length and let him bump the back of his throat when his brother's hips jerked forward. He tilted his head slightly to look up and snorted a laugh as he pulled off to watch. "You, uh…need a little help there, Dean?" His brother had his shirts and arms trapped around his head.

"Shut…don't stop, dammit!" Dean wrenched the shirts off and looked down as Sam slid his mouth back over him, all while keeping his eyes up and locked on Dean's. Dean felt his knees go weak seeing the depth of the love there in his brother's gaze. He still wasn't sure what he had done to earn that level of devotion, but was eternally grateful that Sam chose to share that with him. He put his hands in Sam's hair and closed his eyes, savoring the feeling of Sam's warm, wet mouth closed around him and the little shivers of pleasure each time Sam took him deep and hummed in just that low tone that vibrated all the way up Dean's spine. It was maddening and perfect and all going to be over way too soon if he let it go any longer. "Sam," Dean moaned and tightened his hands in Sam's hair. "Sam, sto…fuck…stop." Dean pulled and loved the needy moan Sam gave him with his hair being used like a leash. "Bed, Sam." He pulled his little brother up and shoved his jacket off his shoulders. "You're wearin' way too many clothes."

Sam stood in a rush as he pulled off his shirts and dragged his jeans down his hips while Dean kicked his own off. Sam licked his lips at the sight of Dean naked and dropped back on the bed with a laugh when Dean pushed him. He scooted up the bed and took hold of the headboard behind him while Dean crawled over him.

Dean leaned down and licked a stripe up the center of Sam's chest to his throat and brushed his fingers over the collar there, the one he'd put on him that Sam now rarely took off, and how he loved seeing the dark, almost black elephant braided elephant hair against Sam's bronzed skin. He rested his weight down onto Sam and looked up at him. It struck him suddenly and made his stomach clench. The amulet may not have forced them to love each other, but what if it had influenced Sam another way…made him submissive and willing to give himself over to Dean's every whim. Dean pulled back slightly and looked at his brother, already holding on to the headboard and waiting for Dean to give him anything, to use him any way he wanted, and he swallowed hard.

"Dean?" Sam took a hand from the headboard and curved it around his brother's jaw. There was suddenly a look of such fear on Dean's face at that moment, seemingly out of nowhere, that it scared Sam a little. "What's wrong?"

Dean curled his fingers around the collar and watched Sam's face, but Sam just looked at him puzzled by the sudden change in mood. "Sammy…you ever wanna…you know…ride me instead?"

Sam snorted and stared at him, a little confused. He slid his other hand down Dean's back and pulled his hips in against his. "I ride you all the time, big brother."

"That's not…friggin' dirty mind." Dean couldn't help but chuckle and he shook his head, becoming serious again. "You're always the bottom, Sam. Do I…make you stay there? 'Cause, you know, you could, if you wanted…be the, uh…the top once in a while. We don't always have to, ya know…be, uh, like we are." Dean's voice trailed off as his fingers traced the collar at Sam's throat, but his eyes never left his brother's face.

Sam frowned and brushed his thumb over his brother's cheek. "Where's this…wait. Is this because of the amulet?" His eyes went wide and he took Dean's face in both his hands. "Dean, no!" Sam kissed him and smiled. He rolled his hips up into Dean's, earning a low moan of want. "I like things the way they are. I mean…I REALLY like it. A lot." Sam rolled his eyes. "You can make all the girly jokes you want, dude but this is exactly what I want." He kissed Dean again. "What I need." Sam thrust their hips together again, brushing their straining cocks together.

"But, Sam…"

"Every wet dream I ever had of you as a teenager involved your cock…" Sam reached down and wrapped his hand around his brother's erection and squeezed until the air punched out of Dean's lungs on a moan. "…inside me."

"Son of a…" Dean groaned and rolled his hips, making Sam stroke him.

"Your hands holding me down." Sam bit along Dean's jaw to his neck. "You think I'd let you do half the stuff you do to me and then beg you for more if I didn't like it? I was a kinky bastard long before that amulet, big brother."

"Fuck, I love you," Dean growled and got his head back in the game. Sam's deep, sex-heavy voice in his ear was enough to make Mother Theresa wet her panties, so who was he to resist? He wasn't sure he entirely believed Sam but, for now, well, he'd just have to make sure he didn't take it too far until he could be sure. Of course, if Sam HAD a "too far," Dean hadn't been able to find it yet. He gave a mental shrug and a smirk. "Hands on the headboard, little brother."

"'Bout damn time." Sam moaned happily with Dean licking his way down his chest and across his stomach. He yelped and laughed when Dean bit the inside of his thigh for the comment, and Sam's brain officially shut down for the night with the first swipe of Dean's firm tongue over his hole.


Sam woke in the circle of Dean's arms with a shaft of sunlight falling over his big brother's face from the window. He leaned up enough to look at him smiled. Dean looked so peaceful right then, the weight of the world off his shoulders, at least for a moment while he slept, not having to worry about Sam or miss their father. Sam sighed. He wished he could keep Dean this peaceful all the time and smirked because sex went a long way toward helping. He eased out of the bed and his brother's arms, soothing the backs of his knuckles over Dean's chest when he stirred until he settled back to sleep again.

Sam went silently into the bathroom and closed the door. He looked at himself in the mirror, naked but for the collar and smiled softly as he put a hand to it. He knew Dean was still worried, still afraid that Sam submitted to him the way he did because magic was forcing him to. Sam rolled his eyes and went to the sink to brush his teeth. "Idiot," Sam muttered fondly. He was going to have to find a way to reassure Dean that the trust Sam had in him was absolute, that he wanted exactly what they had together of his own free will.

It came to him while he was in the shower and Sam grinned. They were actually closer than he'd realized, less than an hour away, and all he had to do was get Dean there…and maybe ask the guys for a little help. Sam got out of the shower in a much better frame of mind and wrapped a towel around his hips. He opened the bathroom door and found Dean just sitting up. "Mornin', bedhead."

"Huh?" Dean slapped a hand up to his hair and groaned, feeling that one side was sticking straight up. "Shuddup."

Sam shrugged and tossed his towel on the bed, standing naked before his brother. "That's what you get for putting all that product in your hair, dude."

"I do not put 'product' in my hair. Girls do that." Dean snarled and got out of the bed. He slapped Sam's ass on his past to the bathroom. "Don't make me beat you."

"Promises. Promises," Sam taunted and leaned over the table, angling his backside out in a tacit invitation. Before, Dean would have rounded on him, his face would have darkened with passion, and Sam would have been the happy recipient of several of his big brother's handprints. This time…Dean frowned and turned away.

"Takin' a shower. Find some coffee, please?"

Sam scowled and straightened as the bathroom door closed. "Oh, yeah. This shit's gonna stop." He dressed in a hurry, grabbed his coat and his phone, and left to find coffee and make a call.

Dean came out of the bathroom in a cloud of steam. Sam hadn't used all the hot water for once. He smiled and then frowned, seeing his brother was still gone. "How long's it take to get coffee?" He dressed quickly and smiled again when he heard the Impala's distinctive engine outside. Dean pulled his t-shirt on as Sam came in and grinned at the big brown bag and two coffee cups his brother brought.

"Coffee and Danish." Sam chuckled at the avaricious look on his big brother's face and handed Dean his coffee before sitting at the table with his own and the bag.

"No donuts?" Dean asked, leaning over and peering into the bag. He chuckled at the look of disgust on Sam's face. "I'm kidding." He pulled out an apple Danish and took a bite, leaving icing along his lips and moaned. "S'good."

Sam grabbed Dean's shirt and used it to pull him down. "Yeah, it is." He licked all the flakes of icing from his big brother's face with long, slow swipes of his tongue and sat back with a smile when he was finished. Dean just stood there, bent over and watching him with lust-blown eyes and a half eaten Danish. "Your Danish is getting cold."

"Right. Yeah. Wow." Dean took another bite and smirked. "We gotta get these more often."

Sam chuckled and sipped his own coffee. He leaned back in the chair and prepared for an argument. "So, I can't help but notice how close we are to Kinseyville." He saw Dean's eyes narrow and Sam kept his smile in place. "It's been a while since we saw Steve and Joe." Sam pulled a Danish out of the bag and shrugged. "It'd be nice to visit the club again."

"Sammy." Dean sighed and turned away to sit on the end of the bed.

"We should see how they're doing and…play…again," Sam said it softly and smirked as Dean unconsciously licked his lips. The memories were vivid for both of them, and he knew Dean had enjoyed it every bit as much as he had; Sam on display for a room of people with Dean owning him in every way possible. Sam had to reach down and adjust himself, hard again at just the thought.

Dean remembered that night well. It had been, well, glorious. Sam had been glorious and beautiful, and Dean had been in awe at the trust his brother had in him. Dean frowned now because he wasn't sure anymore if that trust was real. "Sammy, we don't…"

"Stop it, Dean." Sam shook his head. "I swear to you it wasn't the amulet that made me a sub."

"You don't know that."

"Yes, I do," Sam said quickly. He tossed the Danish on the table and went to kneel in front of his brother. "Dean, when are you going to trust me on this? I don't want to lose what we have." He leaned his head forward and rested it on his big brother's chest, over his heart. "I need it. I need you just like we are, not wearing kid gloves and afraid to touch me. Please, Dean."

Dean stared down at his head and closed his eyes, defeated. He couldn't let Sam feel guilty or hurt because of his own insecurities. "Alright. I'm…I'm sorry; but we don't have to go to the club."

Sam leaned back and quirked a smile. "But I already called Steve and told him we'd be there tonight."

"What?" Dean pushed up off the bed to glare at him.

"We're going." Sam took his brother's seat on the bed calmly. He'd known Dean would try to find a way to back out of it and he wasn't going to let him. "It's a good thing I did call. Steve said they need someone tonight to show off." Sam chuckled. "Apparently they had this guy who does this whole thing with whips and backlit screens or something and he broke his leg." Sam leaned back and aimed a finger at his brother. "I've seen you screwing with that old whip in the trunk. You're good."

"Dude, did you volunteer me as a friggin' carnie show?" Dean asked in dismay.

Sam laughed. "Shut up. You know you'll love it." He stood up again and patted Dean's chest before he went back to his seat and his Danish. "You get to show off your lion tamer skills in front of everyone and if you blow it, the only things you'll hurt are some defenseless paper screens."

Dean glared at his little brother's satisfied face and had the sudden urge to tie him down and redden his ass for a while. He pushed the thought away and grabbed another Danish from the bag. "Fine; but I'm gonna get you back for this. You wait."

"Looking forward to it," Sam said softly while Dean muttered his way around the room, beginning to pack their bags. He smiled to himself and hoped the rest of the night went as planned.


To Be Continued…