Hey! So this was a random idea I got, and I just had to write it! So please read and tell me what you think, and if I should continue! Thanks!

Jack looked up from his textbook when he heard Ratchet curse in Cybertronian.

"Uh...something wrong?" Jack asked, raising a brow.

The medic huffed.

"The Groundbridge has malfunctioned and refuses to shut off!" He then sighed. "I'll need to go find the problem. Stay here and touch nothing!"

Jack merely hummed, returning to his studies. At least he'd get the quiet he wanted, he mused.

Ratchet left the room and Jack was alone, sitting on the deck that had his, Miko's, and Raf's things on it. Everything was calm, and he enjoyed that.

Until the Groundbridge turned red.

There was a loud explosion that spread through the room, only prevented from continuing due to the blast doors that were triggered.

The last thing Jack remembered was terrible, terrible pain before everything went black.

Jack groaned, blinking slowly as he awoke. He couldn't see much. Wherever he was, it was dark, and he could only see the outline of what seemed to be boulders.

He attempted to move, but gasped, curling slightly when his right leg burned with pain. Looking down, the teen saw his leg was stuck, pinned beneath a boulder it seemed.

"A-Arcee?!" Jack called. "Optimus?! Anyone?!"

No reply came, the only sound being his voice echoing off the caverns walls.

Jack grimaced as his side ached, and he pressed a hand to it, only to find it sticky with warm blood. This was definately not good.

Jack lay down once more, closing his eyes. All he could do now was wait, he supposed. He took deep breaths to control his fear.

But he was totally unaware of that in this state, he sent out a pulse of energy.

Ahsoka watched Anakin and Obiwan talked with the council through a holoprojector.

"The remaining Sith here are being driven out, but there was an explosion east of camp, so that will certainly slow our progress." Obiwan said, crossing his arms.

"The cause of the explosion?" Master Windu asked. Obiwan, Anakin and Ahsoka all shrugged.

"Unknown." Anakin replied. "We haven't been able to send a scouting team to-"

The three jedi suddenly jolted in alarm when they felt something pass through them. A jarring amount of pure force energy pulsed through them, images of a dark cavern passing through their heads.

"Skywalker? What's going on?" Windu asked, brow furrowed. The others of the council also showed concern, leaning closer to the projector on their end.

"We...Sorry, Masters, there...the weirdest thing just happened."

Obiwan nodded.

"Agreed. We will have to contact you later, Masters. Something is amiss with the force."

"Not in the wrong way though!" Ahsoka was quick to asure the council. "Just...weird."

Yoda nodded.

"Very well. Contact us when the disturbance is found, you will."

"Yes Master Yoda." The three jedi chorused, bowing.

The holograms flickered out of existance, and the three turned to each other.

"So I wasn't the only one that felt that, was I?" Ahsoka asked the other two.

"No. You weren't. The energy flow came from the direction of the explosion from earlier." Obiwan said, sighing, but smiling as he did. "I guess we'll just have to scout the area ourselves."

When Anakin, Ahsoka and Obiwan arrived at the smoking rubble of a mountain, it was late-afternoon, close to early-evening. Two suns were setting on the horizon, and the three were glad to have decided on using the speeders to get to the explosion vacinity quicker. Searching at night was always much harder.

"Woah..." Ahsoka gasped, gaping up at the crumbled mountain. "That had to be some explosion to do this..."

"No kidding." Anakin said in agreement as they walked forward.

They all began to dig through the rubble, carefully moving it about with the force. It was a dangerous task, resulting in almost causing land slides multipule times. But soon, they found their way in.

"Man, it's dark in here!"

"Keep it down, 'Snips! We could cause a cave in if we're too loud!"

"Well it's dark!"

Obiwan sighed at the bickering master and student. He ignited his lightsaber, lighting the area and bringing the arguement to a hault.

"There, that's better." Obiwan said plesantly to himself, continuing on.

Another pulse of pure force energy suddenly passed through, making the jedi stumble.

"Okay, that was definatelystronger." Ahsoka said, bracing herself on one of the rocky walls.

"We must be getting close." Anakin replied with a nod, going to help her and ensure she was okay.

They began to search once more, moving boulders and rubble aside.

Anakin went into a seperate, smaller tunnel. It gave him a slight sense of clautraphobia, but he pushed it aside, crouching slightly to move on.

Finally, it opened up into a large cavern, and he ignited his saber to look around.

His jaw dropped in shock.

"Obiwan! Come quick!"