Author's Note: So, this is OrganOfFlames from mid-2017 here! A lot has changed since late-2013 when this started. The most notable difference is that I believe I've gotten at least a little bit better at writing, haha. If you read this chapter and think it's terrible, maybe skip ahead although there are quite a few callbacks to older chapters as well as the journey of getting used to this messed up Beacon!

Because it's been so long, and a poorly written opening chapter isn't the best way to draw people in, I will be re-writing this chapter soon. If people enjoy it, I may re-write some more too (perhaps fan favourites).

Other than that, remember that this is all just smutty fun, and the "story" (if you can call it that) is just a way to carry us from one pairing to the next. Don't worry, this story is fairly self-aware (at least now it is). Oh, and you'll see perspective changes in this chapter, that does not continue and the re-write will remove them.

Also, some later chapters have some dub-con or some characters more or less forcing themselves onto others, just remember that life shouldn't always imitate art and consent is extremely important. Just felt like I should say that here, although I'm sure most of you are more than sensible about that.

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Chapter One: Remember When The Boys Were All Electric? (Ruby x Weiss)

(This Chapter Contains: Yuri)

Third Person

The bathroom was a cold place, just like her heart. It made her feel even worse then she already did. The mirror reflected her imperfect body back at her, rubbing it in her face. How could she be perfect when she was so far from it? 'I'm not perfect! Not yet. But I'm still leagues better than you.' Her words she'd said when Ruby and herself were teamed up, rung in her head constantly. The running water made a rhythm to her dark thoughts. 'How could anyone like me if I constantly act like a spoiled brat?' She thought to herself. The scar on her left eye mocked her for her imperfect ways. Running her eyes along the mirror, she saw herself and was disgusted. Sure, she had a slim body fit for fighting, but the scars the flow along her stomach and around her breasts beaconed out to her, making her angry at herself. She looked back up to her own face and saw tears falling across her cheeks.

Besides the faint sound of water running in the bathroom, the bedroom was silent. Ruby was curled up on her bed, looking at Crescent Rose fondly. 'As a girl, I wanted to be just like those heroes in the books. Someone who fought for what was right and protected people who couldn't protect themselves.' These words had been imprinted in her mind since she was a child. They were always motivation for her dream of being a huntress, but now they seemed mad at her for already failing. If Penny couldn't defend herself like she did, Ruby wouldn't have been able to forgive herself. She couldn't believe that she got taken down by one shot as soon as she got to the fight. 'What if I was the only one there, defending people, or even just one person? I couldn't have even done that…' Ruby begun to sulk on her pillow, trying to cover it up and wipe the tears away before someone else came in.

Silent, not a better sound for a library. Blake sat on a chair hidden in the corner of the large, well-lit library. Her book was open in front of her as she eyes scanned the page, but she was not reading, she was lost in her thoughts, thoughts about the White Fang. The White Fang was her whole childhood and now, now they're evil and ruthless, Blake didn't know what to think. They were making not only human lives hell, but also other Faunus that were being treated badly, not because they were different, but because of the White Fang representing the Faunus race horribly. 'Unfortunately, the real world isn't the same as a fairy tale.' Blake knew this first hand. The world was cruel and unforgiving, even to a little girl. She shifted the book over her face so she could let some tears out that had been building over the years.

Yang was a few meters away from Blake, watching her sympathetically. 'It must be hard to be a Faunus.' Yang had seen some of the struggle Blake had faced lately, with her team finding out that she was a Faunus and fighting the White Fang. Unlike Blake, Yang had nothing big to be sad about, but she hated seeing Blake so sad and disconnected. She flipped out her scroll and sent Blake a message. It took Blake ten seconds to react after her scroll began blinking and a noise sounded out. Blake slowly opened it and scanned the message. She seemed confused by it, but then closed the scroll and walked off; book in hand. Yang smiled and waited a few seconds before leaving as well.

Ruby slapped her own tears off her face and sat up. She was sick of crying, but her dream seemed faint and clouded. The water had stopped running in the bathroom a while ago and Ruby thought that Weiss must have left a while she was hidden on her bunk, crying. Ruby wanted to lock herself in the bathroom for a bit, just like Weiss did, which made Ruby wonder why she was in there for so long with the water running. The door suddenly flung open making Weiss scream. She was still stood in front of the mirror completely naked. Ruby turned as red as her cape and froze solid, unable to shut the door or even take her eyes of the snow angels body. Weiss was covering up her most private parts, which disappointed Ruby, but she didn't know why she was so disappointed by that. Weiss had colour in her face, after staring at a ghost for so long, it seemed odd to Ruby and herself. "Ruby, do you mind shutting the door!" Weiss yelled making Ruby snap back into reality and panic. Ruby grabbed the door handle and slam the door, but without thinking she realised that she was still in the bathroom. "No! Leave!" Weiss commanded.

"I-I'm sorry Weiss." Ruby was about to reopen the door when she noticed Weiss had tears running down her face. "Are you okay Weiss?" She asked sincerely.

"Yes and how is that your business anyway!" Weiss snapped back at her. Ruby stepped closer, ignoring Weiss aggressiveness.

"Weiss, I'm your friend and your team leader. You should tell me these things, not hide away." Ruby reached out and placed a hand on her shoulder, making Weiss blush again and slightly smile.

She suddenly whacked Ruby's hand off of her and crossed her arms. "I've been fine by myself for this long, I think I'll be fine by myself now." Weiss said stubbornly.

"But you don't have to be alone anymore Weiss. You have a loving team with you and even friends in Team JNPR. You could talk to anyone, especially me!" Ruby took another step forward and reaching out for Weiss' hand. She grabbed it and pulled her closer creating an awkward atmosphere that only Weiss could feel; Ruby was oblivious to it. Weiss tried to tug away, but Ruby had an iron grip, she was staring into Weiss icy eyes. She tilted her head and leaned in, puckering her lips.

Weiss' POV

What is she doing? Is she coming to kiss me? No, she can't be! Wait… She is! I can feel her warmth brushing onto me. She is insanely hard to resist. I have to take this time to try it, to kiss another girl. I started leaning in and I began puckering my lips. Her kiss is amazing, I can taste her and she tastes amazing. I don't want to stop, but it's getting much harder to stay in the kiss every second. Ruby backed away and spoke softly, "I'm sorry Weiss, I didn't mean to-" I cut her off with a tight hug and kissed her neck gently. "Oh Weiss, I didn't know you felt this way!" Ruby exclaimed joyfully. I smiled and we began to kiss again.

Third Person

Weiss quickly felt comfortable being naked when the second kiss broke. The red caped fighter looked down at Weiss' naked body, presented in front of her. Sure there were scars, but that didn't mean a thing to Ruby. Her hands came into contact with Weiss bare skin and felt her shape. Weiss gave Ruby a pleasing smile, but then a frown. "You know what? I don't think I should be the only one naked." Weiss began picking up her combat skirt, but before she could blink, Ruby was already half undressed. Her cape was piled onto the ground and her combat skirt quickly followed only leaving a bra and panties. She gave a smile as Weiss left her combat skirt on the floor and wondered back over to Ruby. "Now let's see about that bra, shall we." Weiss gave her a seductive purr into Ruby's ear making her sigh with pleasure. Weiss wrapped her hands around Ruby's back and found her bra strap along her back. With a few fluent movements, Weiss was holding Ruby's bra in front of her. It fell to the ground and when it did, Weiss and Ruby's bodies collided in a sexual fury. The lips and tongues connecting and their saliva combining, all in an intimate rampage on each other. Ruby felt along Weiss' stomach and gently tickling her pelvis, making Weiss clench her hands in anger when Ruby's hands left the area to go back to her face and breasts. Weiss' breasts were the smallest out of the two, but were still soft, perky and enjoyable. Ruby's were slightly larger, soft and more shaped even though she was younger.

Weiss moved her lips and tongue from Ruby's mouth and travelled them downwards to her breasts, taking one nipple into her mouth. She moaned softly when Weiss moved her tongue around, flicking her nipple and gently nibbling at it. While Ruby was distracted in her own pleasure, Weiss moved her hand downwards, slipping under her panties. She used her fingers to rub Ruby in the rightest way possible, sending a jolt of pleasure through her spine. Ruby used her two hands to hold Weiss' head exactly where it was. Her hips were thrusting upwards every so often when Weiss flicked her clit with her fingers. She removed her fingers from Ruby's vagina and ripped Ruby's panties right off. Weiss threw the ripped pieces of fabric across the room and pulled her head off of Ruby's nipple. Ruby tried to grab at Weiss head again, wanting her to return to what she was doing, but Weiss was too away to reach.

She grabbed both of Ruby's ankles and pulled them apart, giving Weiss a direct route to Ruby's pussy. Weiss slipped her tongue inside Ruby which sent her haywire, immediately making Ruby moan loudly. The icy angel felt her tongue colliding with Ruby's insides that were pulsing in pleasure. Weiss used one hand to rub Ruby's clit and used her other hand to rub her own. She masturbated often and it normally took her a long time to climax, but doing what she was doing to Ruby shortened her fuse drastically. Ruby gave a final moan before her nectar squirted across the room and into Weiss mouth. She licked her lips and swallowed what she could before lying down on her back and spreading her own legs. "You're done for now, my turn." Weiss said out of breath. "I'm almost already there for you too!"

Ruby had never dreamed of doing this before, she barely masturbated herself, but to do it with another girl was something completely different. She slipped two fingers inside Weiss and that's all she could manage with the tight girl. She began licking her clit and kept thrusting her two fingers in and out as fast as she could. Weiss moved around a lot, bouncing on the floor, unable to handle the amount of pleasure she was feeling. "I'm gonna… I'm gonna!" Weiss couldn't manage to finish her sentence before she began squirting up the wall and onto Ruby's clothes, bundled in the corner of the room. Weiss lay on the floor of the bathroom which was no longer cold like it was previously. She didn't want to move, she was lost for breath. "That was amazing Ruby!" Weiss smiled, which appeared once in a blue moon. "I've never came like that before."

Ruby giggled and sat against the wall, her legs slightly apart. "Who knew you packed so much punch."

Weiss laughed, another thing you didn't see every day. "I knew I squirted, but not like that. And you can't say much! You did too!" Weiss defended herself, even though there was no point, they weren't fighting for once, they were happy to have each other's company.

Author's Note: Every chapter is titled after lyrics from a song. At the end of each chapter, I will have what song the lyrics are from.

Song: Fluorescent Adolescent

Artist: Arctic Monkeys

Album: Favourite Worst Nightmare