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Chapter Forty: You've got a Pretty Kind of Dirty Face (Ruby x Nora x Ren, Jaune x Weiss x Yang, Blake x Pyrrha)

(This Chapter Contains: Yuri, Straight, Three Pairs, Facial, Threesome, Creampie)

It was late and yet no one from teams RWBY and JNPR were sleeping. In fact, Nora had slammed open the door to RWBY's dorm and thrown her entire team inside, a grin present on her mug. It wasn't the normal kind of grin either. This one was twisted with lust and maddening desire. Okay, so maybe it was Nora's normal kind of grin.

As the three tossed members slowly found their balance, Nora gleefully wrapped her arms around the two boys, her head resting on Pyrrha's shoulder. The onlookers, the four members of team RWBY, stared at them, then at each other, then back at them. "What is going on?" Weiss nervously muttered. Nora was a loaded gun, if the gun wasn't filled with bullets, but insatiable desires, and that put Weiss on edge. Not only Weiss, but the rest of her team looked on with either slight worry or eagerness. The eagerness being exclusive to the busty blonde.

Jaune sheepishly looked up after listening to the murmurs of her overly excited teammate. He saw Ruby sitting beside Weiss, they seemed to be watching something on her scroll. His eyes flicked over to the cat Faunus he'd recently been involved with, she was doing what she always does, reading. And then up to Yang, he wasn't sure if she'd just awoken, or something far, far dirtier.

Back to his teammates, Nora was practically drooling with excitement over her plan; Pyrrha was looking timid, obviously not sure about Nora's ideas; and Ren was stoic as always, after being around Nora for so long, Jaune was never surprised.

The hammer-wielders 'ingenious plan', was actually rather simple and typical of the sexually-charged girl. She wanted the two teams to bond and in her mind, there was no better way than to lock the door and have a little heated excitement.

Her hands suddenly clapped together twice, everyone's eyes on her and only her. "Alright, listen up, maggots! I've been detecting some lack of trust and teamwork between us!" She bellowed, the room almost shaking from the might coming through her vocal chords.

The seven others rose an eyebrow each. "Uh, what do you mean?" Yang tilted her head, half of her body lazily hanging off the side of her bunk.

"Yeah! I think our teamwork has never been better!" Ruby piped up, puffing her cheeks.

"M… Maggots?" Blake questioned.

Nora quickly sliced both arms down to her side, standing straight to attention. "I hear your complaints! I'm like a watchful Nevermore, circling Beacon to uncover your deceits!" Still shouting, her eyes narrowed, briefly looking at all four members of RWBY.

Weiss wasn't having any of it, but Ruby looked shocked, embarrassed almost. "Perhaps we should slay this spying Nevermore then…" Her icy tone chilled Nora to the bone.

Nervously waving her arms in front of her face, she attempted to recover her powerful stance. It didn't help when Yang cracked her knuckles and smirked. "Mhm. I think my arms could use a good work out."



"Don't you know of privacy?"

Nora lost track of who said what, but it all felt like shot after shot into her gut. As if barely managing to climb up the cliff she'd just been kicked off of, her voice portrayed her desperate struggle. "Why am I being ragged on like this? You're all perverts too!"

Everyone suddenly seemed to lose interest, looking around the room aimlessly. Nora smirked, pointing her finger at the heiress. "Especially you." The heiress mouth dropped open, her hands clenching.

"W-What are you talking about?!" If she had her weapon, Nora would be pinned to the wall in a matter of seconds.

Nora wagged her finger back and forth, excited to see how Weiss' attitude towards her would change throughout the next hour or two. "Watchful. Nevermore." She licked her lips, staring down the heiress. "As I was saying, before I was so rudely interrupted, we need more trust and less deceit!"

"I'm still trying to figure out who's deceitful…" Jaune admitted. Nora's claims were about to start a game of 'Who Dun' It?'

Ren planted a caring hand on his friend's shoulder and spoke softly. "I don't think anyone… Don't take Nora's words to heart." Jaune slowly nodded, remembering who this energetic demon was.

"So, we must bond!" She slammed her hands together again. Yang nodded, her grin growing. She knew exactly where Nora was heading with this. The rest of JNPR had been filled in moments ago when Nora decided to run with this idea she was so fired up about.

Seconds ticked as everyone waited for Nora's next words to fill in the blanks. "…" Silence. "…" More silence. She drew in a long breath. "… Let's fuck!"



"Don't you know about setting the mood?"

"Wha-?!" Immediately shot down, Nora reacted poorly. "Come on now! What happened to you guys?" She sulked, her hands dropping to her sides as her back hunched. She looked as though she'd been betrayed by everyone she'd ever known. Yang couldn't hold back her laughter as Blake hid her smile behind her book. The blonde's laughter brought out her sister's laughter too. "What's going on here?!" Nora was alarmed; panicked.

Weiss put down her scroll and let out a small laugh after watching Nora's horrified reaction. "We knew of your idea before you even came in here." The heiress ran a hand through her hair, making it all flow as one. She placed the hairpin on her bedside table beside her scroll.

"H-How? I'm the watchful Nevermore, not you!" Eyes wide and hands in a defensive posture, she scanned the four girls. The rest of JNPR didn't seem bothered by it at all.

Yang's eyes lit up as she smiled. "Perhaps we're sneaky Creeps." She winked. "Or perhaps we just have ears and could hear you shouting about it next door."

Nora blankly stared at her for a moment. "Oooooh." She nodded briefly. "That makes sense." Pyrrha gave her a gentle pat on the back. "So, how about it then?" Her delighted, excited demeanour came rushing back immediately.

"I'm in!" Yang jumped off her bunk, her breasts almost bouncing right out of her shirt. Ruby looked at Weiss and nodded softly, to which Weiss also agreed. Finally, Blake put her book down, feeling more comfortable with this idea nowadays.

Suddenly, everyone was scanning for their first partner, but Nora already had her eyes locked on the petite redhead. Nora towered over the sitting girl, younger than her by a couple years, her shadow seemingly growing. "Remember a while back when I said 'too bad you can't join us'?" Ruby actually didn't, but she said yes anyway. Nora had Ren by the wrist and leant down to Ruby's ear. "Well now you can." The sounds of Nora licking her lips in Ruby's ear made her body feel tight and her legs tingle.

Her hands got right down to business, groping the younger girl's developing breasts. They bounced in her hands with ease, the squeak Ruby let escape was music to her ears. However, that wasn't enough for Nora, she needed to feel them directly. It was as if Nora had undressed Ruby for years, she knew exactly what to remove in what order and how to do it.

Ruby simply sat there stunned as Nora threw her cape to the floor and immediately began working on her corset. "Eep!" She continued to squeak, Nora straddling her to stop her wriggling from the mixture of tickling and teasing she was feeling. Her silver eyes focused on the thick thighs that squeezed her waist, then slowly took a tour up the body. She'd never been with Nora before, her mind excited and a little nervous.

She donned her pyjamas. The pink short shorts, which were honestly short enough to be consider panties, and her signature 'BOOP' shirt, ending just shy of her waistline to reveal a small amount of midriff, perhaps that was due to the bust beneath. Ruby had the urge to grip her by the wide hips and explore the suggestive body, but with Nora on top, she could do nothing but let the girl strip her naked.

The heat rolled over her exposed shoulders, stomach and thighs as Nora threw her corset away. Hands already fought the clasp of her red and black bra, Ruby simply yelping as her body was losing layers quicker than ever before.

Nora's lustful eyes stared over Ruby's body, the bra loosening and being tossed aside like the rest. Her petite breasts were pale and delicate; even cuter than she'd imagined. Nora pressed her hands down on Ruby's smooth stomach, running up to her soft mounds. Ruby squirmed to the oddly satisfying touch. The hands on her breasts lightly ran over the centre nubs over and over again, getting her small light pink nipples to harden. She was having a lot of fun simply watching the younger girl's pleasurable reactions.

"N-Nora…" She moaned breathlessly. The girl on top let Ruby's hands free, immediately running up her exposed stomach and beneath her rather tight shirt, the erect nipples of her own making obvious bumps underneath the fabric.

The smooth hills of the older girl were desirable, even though smaller than her sister's, something about them made them feel generous. Ruby concluded this was due to her wide hips, thick thighs and ample ass too. She had the whole package for someone who liked their girl fit and busty. As for Ruby and Yang, Yang might've gotten the breasts, but Ruby definitely got the booty. A trade-off Ruby was honestly okay with.

Her travelling arms forced Nora's shirt up until it just got in the way. Nora threw it off without a care. Her large bust bounced with its new found freedom. Ruby's hands sank into the delightful bust while Nora's kneaded into Ruby's smaller pair. "Mm!" Ruby squeaked as Nora's hands began to play rougher, squeezing down and teasing her sensitive nipples. "E-Eh, mmm!"

"I've always heard smaller breasts are more sensitive. Judging by your reaction, maybe it's true." Nora giggled, finding too much joy in her expressions and squeals. Ruby tried fighting back herself, pinching Nora's erect peaks, and whilst Nora let out a loud moan, her expression was controlled with ease. "Ooh~ That feels good~!" Of course, Nora wouldn't be so easily defeated with such a basic tactic. "Mooore~"

Like a cat, she was rather demanding, unlike a cat, this girl seemed to be in heat 24/7. She also quickly got bored of the same old thing and left Ruby's petite breasts and ran back down to her stomach. Ruby's hips shook gently as her hands approached the waistline of her panties. The younger girl tried to focus on pinching and gently tugging on Nora's breasts, but her mind kept going back to what Nora was up to.

"Hee-hee~" Nora winked as her fingers slipped beneath the girl's panties. "I promise to buy you a new pair later!" She giggled before a horrible ripping noise drilled into the scythe-wielder's ears. Two pieces of what was once a single item of panties were in Nora's tightly gripped hands. More of her shredded panties rested beneath her and between her legs. However, the remnants didn't matter now that her glistening pussy was visible. Nora was almost drooling as her hands neared the sensitive valley. Ruby inhaled, holding as much air as her lungs could manage before Nora's fingers danced over her pelvis and inner thighs, getting closer and closer with every cavorting movement.

Ruby instinctively spread her legs, anticipating Nora's pleasurable fingers. Just as her fingers brushed against her wet lips, Nora pressed her breasts against Ruby's smaller size, her mouth puckering and connecting to Ruby's. "Mm! Mmm…" Ruby's surprise turned into joy, her hands rolling past to grasp her bare back.

Jaune's eyes wandered around the room and quickly landed upon Weiss Schnee, his first crush at Beacon. He'd been with her once, although it was under strange circumstances. These circumstances were still odd, but better than before.

He approached her as Ruby suddenly got busy with Nora. Weiss stared up at him, her light blue shining. "Hey, Snow Angel."

Weiss rolled her eyes. "Enough with the nicknames, Jaune." Unamused, her hands on her hips, she gaze into his eyes and smiled softly. "I'd prefer you to say my name from time to time." She cocked an eyebrow as her smile grew.

"U-Uh, absolutely. Yeah, I can do that… Weiss." He grinned, stepping closer to her. "I was just wondering if you'd like to…"

"She'd love to fuck you." Suddenly a busty blonde butted into their conversation, her hips bumping against Weiss' with a loud chuckle. Jaune hadn't even finished his question, but he'd received an answer, despite it not being from Weiss herself.

Weiss' cheeks burned red in an instant. "H-Hey! I wouldn't have worded it like that!"

"You would've meant it like that." Yang shrugged, her eyes staring into Weiss' teasingly. Bringing her arm around the heiress, Yang put her weight on her shoulders, causing her thin legs to quiver. "Now, get to it." She grinned, continuing to push Weiss onto her knees.

"Fine, you don't need to push me around." Weiss sighed, dropping down to the carpet, her thighs together and her hands sitting in her lap, looking up at the blonde boy.

Yang knelt down beside her. "Okay, you've convinced me! I'll join in too!" Her hands were already pulling at the button of Jaune's pants. Weiss and Jaune exchanged looks over Yang's silly act before Weiss attempted to help what Yang was already failing at.

"You'd think for someone who's been around so many times, you'd have gotten good at this by now." Weiss remarked. Her small fingers were better at pulling the button through, loosening the waist of his jeans.

Yang scoffed and responded quickly. "Normally I just show up and everyone's hurriedly getting their pants off already. Perks of being beautiful." She threw a blonde lock over her shoulder.


"Don't be jealous." Yang winked, pulling Jaune's fly right down. His boxer briefs showed the outline of his already erecting cock, the head tucked towards his left leg. Weiss' eyes ran over the shape of his shaft, covered only by a thin layer. Yang was a little more proactive than just staring, her hands gripping his jeans at both sides and tugging down, bunching up at his ankles in a single second. The lust in her eyes was more than terrifying. "Hurry up." She nudged Weiss who was still ogling over the outline of his cock, now almost fully erect.

"E-Eh?! Oh… Yeah." Weiss mumbled, trying desperately to calm her fluttering heart. Even she didn't realise why she was getting so worked up about this, but she had a suspicion it was due to her past experience with him, being one of the most joyous experiences she's had with a man. Her fingers squeezed between the waistline of his briefs, her eyes never moved from the shape of his cock.

Taking her time pulling it downwards, Yang was getting impatient, but let Weiss have this moment. In the meantime, Yang threw off her top and was fidgeting with the clasp of her bright yellow bra. Jaune was having his own dilemma of who to focus on, the busty blonde who was revealing her large tits, or the embarrassed heiress undressing him.

His briefs were pulled down to have his cock spring from its cage, bringing her to jump with its sudden movement. Her light blue eyes shimmered as she stared at it.

Yang dropped her bra behind her, shaking her chest to feel its new found freedom. Weiss lightly pressed her index finger against his tip, looking up at him. She felt the drop of precum drip down her small finger as it throbbed to her simple touch. He stared back at her, holding his breath. "Oh would you two hurry up and fuck. Seriously, this orgy will take until the new year at this rate." Yang exaggerated a sigh, throwing her arms out, her bouncing breasts only making the sight more enjoyable.

The two looked at her, then back at one another and slowly nodded. Jaune dropped to his knees, pulling Weiss closer by the chin into a kiss, deepening it almost instantly while he got into a better position. He pushed his knees under her legs, his weight knocking her onto her back, pulling Jaune down to keep the kiss connected.

Laying on her back, Weiss broke the kiss off for a second. "Are you sure you don't want Yang?" Her voice was meeker than normal, out of Yang's earshot.

Jaune's hands pushed her combat skirt up, her milky thighs exposed. He mentally complimented her smooth skin, seeming so delicate. His lips neared her ear. "You're not below Yang, Weiss."

Her ears turned a light red at the tips, her arms pulling on his shirt to bring him closer. His head moved back to kiss her while his hands moved her panties to the side, choosing to not mention the dampness of them. Shuffling his knees forward, his cock disappeared beneath the overhang of her combat skirt between her thighs.

Mid-kiss, the two opened their eyes slightly as his tip brushed against her warm valley. Without the need for anymore words, Jaune had been given her consent.

Thrusting his cock between her sensitive walls, she moved her thighs a little wider apart, misjudging how large he'd feel once inside. "Mm!" She moaned into his mouth, tightly gripping the collar of his shirt. He was pushing slowly, making every inch feel like a metre. By halfway, she was sure that'd be all, but he continued to reach deeper. Even having had sex with him before, everything just felt amplified. He felt larger, spreading her walls further apart; he felt longer, hitting deeper than she'd remembered; he felt… Gentler.

The light in her half closed eyes glinted as she watched his doting expression. Meanwhile, her hands dropped from his shirt and fell to the carpet, her fingers and nails creating a sharp grip for a fragment of support.

His pelvis pressed against hers, his entire length inside of her, being embraced by her tight walls. "Nnngh!" Weiss threw her head back against the floor, her flowing, free hair barely helping to shield the blow. The instant she moved out of the kiss, she was moaning and clawing at the carpet.

Her small mouth was drawing in as much air as her lungs could take, hitching as Jaune began to pull out. The movement of his cock rolled her eyes to the back of her head, her lower lip shuddering with the pleasure with her mouth slightly agape.

With one swift movement, Jaune thrust back in. Pleasure rippled through her walls as a moan erupted from her throat with no warning. "Aah! Fuck!"

Yang grinned, her last piece of clothing dropped onto the pile. Now she was completely naked, yet the girl physically feeling incredible was still wearing everything other than her hairpin. Stretching, her large bust and enviable thighs spread out. "Mmmm, gah!" Yang groaned, her body feeling more relaxed and free. The blonde watched her teammate digging at the carpet, drooling as her head rolled left to right, right to left. They both knew Jaune wasn't exceptionally large, but Weiss was really feeling the pleasure of fucking someone with a warm atmosphere.

She found herself staring down at the heiress, feeling a wetness between her thighs as she watched the expression of pure satisfaction and overwhelming desires. She wanted to feel that, but she was fine waiting a little longer. Maybe she didn't need it with Jaune either, there were many other friends here who could help her achieve that.

Her right hand found its way down to her crotch, softly rubbing small circles over the most sensitive part of her lower, drenched pussy. Even if she didn't achieve that overwhelming satisfaction state, just feeling mind-numbing pleasure would be good enough, and Weiss Schnee could certainly help with that.

Falling to her knees, she had one on either side of the heiress' head. She lowered her pussy right above Weiss' mouth and nose. The scent of her cunt filled Weiss' nose, it was rather pleasant in an erotic, lustful sense. Only a couple seconds passed before Weiss had her tongue making a dish of the sweet nectar dripping from her pussy.

"Mm, ah shit…" Yang moaned, grabbing Jaune's head and forcing his lips to hers. Weiss cried curse words into the privates of Yang, Jaune's cock stirring her world. "W-Weiss!" She groaned, her hands leaving Jaune's face, now deep in the kiss with him, and gripping Weiss' small tits. Sensitive as hell, she twitched and shuddered to the tough love Yang was giving.

Jaune let his tongue glide along hers, trading saliva and panting like a desperate dog. Yang was just letting him have his fun with her skilled tongue. However, right now, Yang would consider Weiss to have the best tongue between the three of them. Delving deep into the blonde, she licked every inch of Yang's walls, as far as she could reach. Making small patterns and writing letters with her tongue, while finding the specific spots that caused Yang to moan and grip her petite tits tighter. The small mounds were turning red, Yang being a little reckless with how rough she was with them.

"A-Ah! W-W-Weiss. K-Keep going." Weiss on the other hand, couldn't make a moan. Anything she tried to say or cry out was muffled greatly. It didn't matter though, Jaune could tell she was feeling on top of the world by how hard her pussy was clamping down on his length.

Pyrrha watched as her favourite boy at Beacon moved towards the heiress of the famous Schnee Dust Company. After a little bit of awkward conversing that Jaune was so very good at, Yang joined in, being overly blunt as always. The star fighter continued to watch on as Yang began to discard clothes and Jaune became enraptured by the two beauties.

That's when she felt two arms gently wrap around her own arm. Looking to the culprit, it was the only other girl who had not run off with someone else, Blake Belladonna. She carried a meek, friendly smile, pulling the redhead close. "Would you like my company?" She asked softly.

Pyrrha smiled back, the lights in her eyes flickering back on. "I would love your companionship." She giggled, her eyes solely focused on the Faunus. Pulling the girl closer, their lips glanced passed one another's. "You know… We've never done anything together before."

Their eyes kept contact as they slowly walked together in arms, nearing the back wall of the dorm room. "I've had my urges." Blake whispered, trying to keep the redness in her cheeks hidden.

"Oh really? Well that's good to hear. Especially because I have too. In fact, I almost suggested it the other day." Pyrrha wasn't skilled enough to hide the deep red, or she just didn't bother to try and hide it. "But, it's us together now. Shall we have some fun?"

Blake didn't respond with words. Taking a step forward, she tilted her head to the right and pushed her lips up against the lips of the fighting champion. Pyrrha accepted her advance in a heartbeat, pushing right back. The first thought that ran through both of their minds was 'sweet'. It was really sweet. They both kissed again, then again, taking small pecks on the lips until they got over the initial reserved nature the two carried with them.

Pyrrha took the lead without much warning, her lips connecting and sticking to Blake's. Her tongue slowly guided itself between the lips of the Faunus, passionately meeting the cat's tongue. Feeling her hands grab at her hips, Blake unwillingly let out a small squeak, feeling her body getting hotter.

Without breaking their locked lips, Pyrrha pushed Blake against the wall, right beside the window frame. Blake let herself get pressed up on the wall, shivering in delight as Pyrrha's hands charged up her exposed stomach and gently wrap around her two sizable mounds. She squeezed softly, as if examining the breasts for the first time.

It must not have been enough for her. Pyrrha unbuttoned the vest, throwing it down either arm. While it fell to the floor, the redhead was already working on the next article of clothing. Blake mewed as the white shirt she once donned now joined the vest in a crumpled pile beneath them.

Pyrrha seemed intent on releasing Blake's breasts, hastily working on the clasp of the rather plain black bra. Her green eyes seemed to spark as she stared into the amber. She felt the support of her bra disappear, Pyrrha successfully discarding the item. Her ample bust bounced with its new-found freedom. The delicate pink peaks caught Pyrrha's attention, lifting a hand to softly caress the sensitive nub.

Pressing one hand against her shoulder, keeping her steady against the wall, her eyes reconnected with Blake's. The hand fondling the left breast of the Faunus was slow, teasing the nub that was beginning to harden. Her body shivered, running right down her spine. Squeezing the erecting nipple between her index and middle fingers, she watched Blake hold back a breath.

Keeping their eyes locked, Pyrrha lowered her head to Blake's right breast, lightly licking in circles around her delicate nipple. "Mm…" Blake's eyes shut, inhaling a sharp breath while Pyrrha's grip on her opposite nipple tightened. "Don't keep me waiting too much longer." She purred, her nails digging into the wall behind her.

Pyrrha's tongue lapped over the erect bud before gently letting her teeth tease it further. "Oh? You want to speed things up?" The dirty smile on Pyrrha's face seemed to imply she had no qualms about getting right into it.

"Look over there." Blake tilted her head towards the group consisting of Jaune, Yang and Weiss. Pyrrha cheeks flushed red as she witnessed Jaune thrusting inside the short heiress. "They've already started, we don't want to fall behind." The Faunus winked, pulling Pyrrha's head from her breasts to meet her lips.

As they collided again, Pyrrha fumbled with the white shorts of Blake's. Sliding them downwards, they got caught on her knees. Wriggling her legs, she freed the shorts, dropping to her ankles. Pyrrha let her hands wander, gripping the Faunus' generous backside. If Ruby and Yang were opposites in bust and ass, so were Weiss and Blake.

Now, only in her panties, Blake decided to start slipping Pyrrha's clothes off bit by bit. Exposing her stomach and bra, Pyrrha giggled, feeling the amber eyes on her toned body. "I can't have you all dressed up when I'm down to my last line of defence." Blake joked, taking the next step to removing her current lover's bra.

"That's fair." Pyrrha pinched the ass in her hands, leaving a kiss on her bare shoulder. However, while Pyrrha lost her bra, she continued to remove the last piece of clothing the Faunus had left. Before Blake could reach down to start removing Pyrrha's mini-skirt, Pyrrha had dropped to her knees. Hands gripping her inner thighs, she spread them apart to reveal the glistening pink valley between her legs. Blake softly stroked Pyrrha's hair, nudging her head a little closer.

The redhead glanced up, showing a small smile, before pushing her lips to the wetness. Kissing the surrounding area first, watching her ever so slight twitches. Letting her tongue press against the sensitive nub sending bolts of electricity through the Faunus' body. "Ah…" Blake attempted to keep the moan to herself, but couldn't help let it slip out. "Pyr…"

Nora's hands moved away from the delicate region and moved to her shorts, dipping her thumb beneath the elastic waistline, she slowly pulled them over her sizable ass. If anyone was watching from behind, they got a wonderful sight of the material pulling back to reveal the generous, pale cheeks, her tight asshole and the wetness of her aroused pussy. Ruby, however, had her eyes shut tight beneath the busty girl from JNPR. She was so focused on the kiss, tongue pressing between her lips and all.

Feisty tongues battled it out for dominance within Ruby's cheeks, Nora playing while Ruby felt the fierce fight as something far more important than it actually was. Pulling back, saliva trailed between Ruby's lips and Nora's tongue, sticking out and wagging back and forth.

Ruby mewled as Nora moved her thighs to rest beneath Ruby's, forcing her legs up and spread. She stared into her eyes as her fingers returned to the pelvis. Now that Nora was also completely naked, she was ready to give Ruby a mind-numbing experience. Pyrrha could never not climax quickly when Nora was two fingers deep. She was excited to see how the little rose would handle her.

Nora leant over Ruby again, but this time kissing everywhere but her soft lips. Her cheeks, chin, jawline, forehead, nose, anywhere. This served as a slight distraction from the fingers gently making their way to spread Ruby's tight walls apart. Two fingers spread her lower lips apart as her longest digit ran small circles around the sensitive entrance.

Shivering to the touch, Ruby tried to kiss back, but Nora's movements matched with Ruby's sudden dizzy head couldn't keep up. Nora's middle finger pushed past her tight entrance and ran deeper into the young girl, her body reacting with rolling shoulders and a gasp to match.

"No… Ra!" Ruby piped, loosely kissing Nora's passing cheek, desperate to give something back. The orange-haired girl let her finger flick upwards as she slowly began to retract. Every move she made caused a differing reaction from the petite girl.

Nora pulled her finger back right to the entrance to the point where Ruby almost felt scared of disappointment. "Like I'd do that." Nora beamed, suddenly pushing her finger back in, much faster than the first time.

"Mm-Kya!" Ruby moaned, her hands grasping at the duvet beneath. Nora's finger slowly picked up the pace, giving Ruby short shudders of pleasure after every thrust. She rolled her head back, breathing weakly. The hammer-wielder placed kisses up and down Ruby's face and neck, sometimes along her trembling shoulders, the locations lacking any significant pattern.

Her tongue made small circles over her collarbone while preparing a second finger to widen the constricting entrance of Ruby. Silver eyes blurred temporarily as her legs spread to make more room. "You know, aura really is something wonderful!" Nora gushed, her teeth skittering along the slightly visible curvature of her bone. "I've heard people who lack aura get loose after a while. Heh, sucks for them, right?" She grinned at the idea of Ruby's forever tight pussy.

The second finger finally pressed past the gate, now rubbing against her sensitive inner walls, finding all the right spots to pleasure with her impressive touch. Ruby was already feeling the effects of her fingers and Nora hadn't even begun in terms of speed and roughness.

She bent her two spelunking fingers, wrapped tightly by the younger girl's wet pussy, droplets of her pleasure running along her wrist and dripping into the duvet. Her speed gradually increasing, Ruby cried out for more, her vision briefly fading once again.

"Ah… Ah… Ah…" Yang was panting, sweat beginning to form on her neck and back, the problems with having her very own mane. Slapping and pinching the soft, sensitive breasts between the two blondes, Yang was doing whatever she could to distract herself from climaxing immediately. She wanted to hold out just a little longer and maybe orgasm together with Weiss. If the heiress' moans and quivering body was anything to go by, she'd be ejaculating soon.

The busty blonde rolled her head back, moaning towards the ceiling. Jaune moved his hands from the hips of the petite girl to the bust of the blonde, squeezing the large mounds as he kissed around them. The warmth emanating from them felt soothing on palms and out stretched fingers. He didn't mind the sweat beneath them, in fact, he sort of liked it.

Yang's legs were shaking, Weiss' toes were curled and Jaune's breathing was irregular. All of them were feeling the passionate pleasure they were each giving. The tight entrance he continuously pounded was edging him closer to climax, sending intense sparks of satisfaction throughout his body.

Between low pants, his hands groping Yang's ample bust tighter, he groaned. "I-I might cum soon..."

Weiss, buried beneath the body of Yang, mumbled barely intelligible words. "N-naw! No-Not until I… I cu-cum!" Her desperate plea for Jaune to last longer sent shivers up Yang's body as she spoke right into her wet lips. Weiss was getting a full taste of Yang, her lips and tongue barely stopping to pull in air as she continued to take in more of her precious nectar. It was so sweet and intoxicating. It reminded her of Ruby's, although she would consider Ruby's to be even sweeter and far more addictive, but she might be a little bias.

A mixture of her own saliva and the thick fluids of Yang poured down her chin, running over her neck and to the floor, thanks to Mr Gravity. She couldn't help but feel messy, but if she knew Yang, Yang would compliment her on it later.

She kept dragging her fingers and nails along the dorm room floor. "H-Harder!" She demanded, shouting loudly. Yang could feel her mad desires vibrating through her body. Giving her best grin, Yang began tugging upwards on the petite tits belonging to the heiress. She knew she was talking to Jaune, but that didn't mean Yang couldn't play around.

Jaune took her words and set his mind on pleasing her. His hips picked up the pace, slamming into her tight cunt harder. Each thrust was now sending ripples of her skin across her thighs. She swore he was getting even deeper this way. However, now she had a new demand. "F-F-Faster! Please! F-Faster, Jaune!" The blonde boy was doing his best to please her, so his hips sped up, but soon enough, he'd be climaxing.

Creating patterns and extracting unique moans, Pyrrha's tongue lapped over the Faunus' sensitive walls repeatedly. The renowned fighter felt Blake's overflowing juices topple her bottom lip and rush down her chin. Any chance Pyrrha got, she stole a glance of Blake's face; red cheeks and tightly shut eyes, small droplets of saliva making their grand escape, and not to mention the heavy breaths that barrelled out in between mewls from unadulterated ecstasy. The whole image made Pyrrha burn below, but the opportunities to see came few and far between with Blake's forceful and constant grip of her hair, giving Pyrrha no choice but to lick faster, harder and deeper.

Pyrrha was fighting her maddening inner desires to speed things up a lot. To hurry along and give Blake an unforgettable climax, yet, she also wanted this to last. Eventually, she settled on the idea of a middle-ground between the two. A slender finger softly traced the shape of her drenched valley, the Faunus' entire body shivering. Taking a few seconds to slowly wriggle the end of her finger in place, Blake muttered, "H-Hurry up..."

Wasting no more time, the finger stopped teasing her entrance and pushed past. Blake jumped to her tiptoes for a second before falling back down on the soles of her feet. Her back violently pushed against the wall behind and grasped Pyrrha's hair harder than ever before; and this was just the first finger.

Her tongue teased the swollen clitoris, carefully noting every slight moan and twitch the Faunus made. For a stoic, she could certain become loud when she wanted to – or had no choice in the matter.

The pale back moved off the wall, yet her lower half stayed firmly pressed as Pyrrha's fingering and licking didn't show any sign of stopping soon. Locks of deep black hair fell over her eyes as her hands pushed into the back of the once neat red hair. Pyrrha had no choice but to let Blake have her pleasure-induced dominance. Her tongue and finger speeding up just so she could hear the cat moan some more.

"Mm… Mmh! Ah… Y-Ye-eah." She was desperately trying to keep her voice down as the pleasure rushed through her entire body. Her upper body was hunched over, her hands locking Pyrrha's head in place, while her legs vibrated until they began to numb.

It wasn't until Pyrrha added a second digit that Blake's body began to rock, shuddering non-stop. She spread her legs a little wider, gasping as the filling sensation pulsed again and again. Her mind was becoming pointless, only a few things in her head. 'Don't moan too loudly'; 'Stop drooling'; and 'Fuck, fuck, fuck~!'

Her fingers sank into Pyrrha's hair, tangling themselves to strengthen the idea that Pyrrha was not allowed to leave until Blake had successfully climaxed. It was getting closer, rapidly.

"Don't stop… Don't… You dare!" Blake murmured, biting into her lip and sucking the multiplying saliva back into her mouth. The thought to stop never crossed the fighting celebrity's mind.

Shuddering; shaking; vibrating; tensing; gasping desperately for air, all describe how Blake's body was reacting to the orgasm seconds away. It only took Pyrrha a few more thrusts, massaging the deeper walls that Blake loved so very much, to release her overwhelming orgasm.

She couldn't feel any of her limbs, just the consistent pounding of satisfaction and Pyrrha's fingers still treating her to a good time while she rides out her climax. "Shi…t…" Blake croaked out, gradually easing up on the harsh grip she had on Pyrrha's head.

Eagerly, the redhead removed her fingers, watching Blake's shoulders tense then drop, and began sucking off the sweet juices unique to the normally stoic Faunus. Her back hitting the wall once more, Blake sighed out in sexual relief. "T-Thanks." She smiled sweetly. A small smile, but that was enough for Pyrrha to feel her spirits lift up tenfold.

Kissing her inner thigh, she smiled back. "Anytime." Standing to her feet, Blake wrapped her arms around her waist and let their lips meet again. Tasting herself wasn't an issue, she'd be lying if she claimed to dislike it. Pyrrha let her tongue go back to work, plunging into Blake's mouth as Blake's hands were discovered to be sliding Pyrrha's skirt down along with her crimson red panties, small strings of excitement connecting them to her sweet spot.

Pyrrha giggled, turning it into a gasp when Blake gently sketched the outline of her sensitive valley with two fingers. The redhead slowly found herself moving closer to the wall Blake had been pressed up against moments ago; Blake seemed to like the idea of making use of the walls. Unlike how Blake had been pushed up with her back against the wall, Pyrrha had her hands on the wall, her stomach and bust about to press into it. The Faunus had her hands still toying with her excited sex while her lips nipped at her skin, focusing around the neck. Taking small kisses wherever she could, Pyrrha softly scratched at the wall for support of the tender pleasure. "…Mmm…"

"Nora… Nora!" Ruby continued to moan, Nora's fingers pulling more and more erotic noises from the petite girl. Her fingers flexed their skill and Ruby was now experiencing it first-hand.

Even if she was physically beginning to feel weaker from the downpour of pleasure, Ruby's body still desired to squirm and wriggle, as if to cope with the overflowing satisfaction and yearning for more. Shoulders rolling back and her neck craning, shifting right to left constantly, Ruby gasped and exhaled, craving a deeper breath to let it all out.

The bustier of the two hadn't let up in the slightest, quite the opposite. Ruby was moaning and calling out her name while Nora's fingers sped up, hammering the tight cunt. The redhead couldn't feel her legs anymore, but she currently had no need for them anyway. All she desired was more of Nora and her lovely fingers.

"Hmmm?" Nora cooed, feeling two hands brush over her generous ass, the touch familiar to her. The new arrival was silent, simply keeping his hands groping the favourable rear sticking out, enticing the man. "You wanna join?" She let the question linger as her mouth stopped licking Ruby's smooth skin, yet her fingers never ceased movement.

"Sure." Ren wasn't a man of many words to begin with, but even Nora was expecting more of an answer. He'd been sitting on the side lines for a while now, not reaching out to any of the girls until this moment.

Nora took her free hand, the one not thrusting into the young pussy below her, and spread her lower lips, telling him right where she wanted him. Ren stepped closer, the tip of his erection brushing against her warm, inviting valley.

"Oooh~! So hard already, hm?" She could already feel him pressing against her. It was really no surprise. Who wouldn't get an erection from watching all these fit and nude girls cry out in pleasure?

Holding her curvy hips, Ren positioned his cock before slowly thrusting inside. His head was taken with ease, her pussy craving more immediately. After spending countless times with Nora, Ren had a fair idea of what to expect from her pussy, but in the end of the day, Nora was always filled with surprises.

Her lips gripped his shaft, squeezing down his entire length as his pelvis hit her ample ass. Nora was purring, her breath hot and heavy over Ruby's saliva drenched skin. "Reeeen!" She giggled whilst moaning, resulting in some odd combination that spouted out from her watering mouth.

Ren pulled back and slammed his hips back to hers suddenly, setting the rhythm and mood in a single movement. Nora yelped as her walls pushed apart faster than before. She gave a heated grin, Ruby barely managing to see it in her hazy vision. No doubt, she was overly excited about this turn out. However, Ren's arrival wasn't an issue for Ruby's satisfaction, Nora was still dutifully working on giving the petite girl a powerful orgasm.

"Mm, mm, mm! Ohmm!" Nora let out a strangely erotic moan after each thrust, her body rippling with Ren pounding her pussy. Ruby unwillingly cried out similar moans, Nora's fingers moving at a much more unpredictable pace than Ren's cock. Her tight pussy was seemingly attempting to choke Nora's fingers, her body subconsciously bucking towards the source of the pleasure.

Ruby seemed to be trying to form words as her foggy silver eyes stared up at the orange-haired menace holding above her. Her lips quivered, slowly spreading to whisper something. Voice rather meek, only Nora could make out the words she let slip. "More… More! Nora…" She spoke breathlessly. "I need more…"

Nora couldn't help but smile. "Of course, mnn! I'll gi-give you as mu-uch as you want!" The words couldn't come out any clearer with Ren's unrelenting pounding behind her. His above average length hit deeper in this position, putting pressure on the perfect spots. Her wetness was beginning to drip down, decorating the carpet, her rear hanging just off the bed.

Keeping to her word, Nora's fingering became harder. Although this was more to do with Ren's harder thrusting too. Her fingers felt more rigid, pressing harder in certain spots and just hitting the slightest bit deeper. Her legs spread a little wider, accepting Nora's harder movements entirely. This is what she wanted, after all.

"Oooh! Fuuuu-uuuck!" Yang swore, her yelling definitely being heard throughout the corridors. Her thighs quivered as she fell forward, unable to keep herself upright any longer. Jaune's hands were forced to leave her breasts as she collapsed onto Weiss' hot body. Weiss kept licking and lapping up Yang's sweet fluids while the busty blonde's head landed on the heiress' thigh. Her eyes watched the speed and roughness of Jaune's pounding, she was beginning to get jealous of how good Weiss must be feeling, but that didn't matter much longer, her climax was seconds away.

Weiss was expecting something soon too. She could feel Yang's pussy vibrating with extreme pleasure. This only encouraged Weiss to lick faster and deeper. Soon enough, she was showered in Yang's ejaculatory fluids, splattering into her mouth, but also all around her mouth, down her chin and over her hair.

Yang's entire body was shaking and undergoing strong spasms. "Aaa-h, ahh… Oh, shii… Shit." Yang panted, drooling onto the pale thigh of Weiss. Weiss was witnessing Yang's orgasm from behind, seeing her ass shake and bounce. She had to say, Ruby's quivering ass was cuter, but again, she had a bias.

Gulping down the surge of Yang's nectar, Weiss freed her mouth to be able to shout moans again, now without Yang's pussy to muffle her. The distraction of Yang made Weiss not realise how close she was to climaxing too. Her legs had been twitching and kicking this entire time. Banging against the floor and squeezing Jaune's hips, she hadn't noticed. It all came to her at once, a rush like no other.

"J-Jaune…! I'm going… C-Cum! Ah-h~!" Despite it not being a coherent sentence, Jaune got the point, especially when Weiss' cunt hugged his cock so tightly. Her petite body would've arched and rolled about, no doubt, but with Yang on top of her, she could only shudder beneath the weight.

The boy received the brunt of her orgasm, peppering his crotch with her cum. Jaune didn't stop thrusting, wanting her to fully complete her orgasm and for him to reach his own. However, Yang had a different idea.

"Stop, Jaune." Jaune stopped. Weiss was far too dazed and out of it to focus. The blonde put her hands to Jaune's stomach and pushed, he got the idea and pulled out of Weiss. The absence of his cock was immediately noticed by the heiress, moaning in the form of a complaint.

Yang then shuffled slightly and wrapped her lips around his cock, tasting her sister's girlfriend in an instant. "O-oooh…" Jaune sighed happily, feeling a different kind of warmth. Yang let her lips travel down his shaft, running over every bump and vein that stuck out slightly. Her tongue embraced his head before massaging the underside of his cock. Her eyes looked up at him for a moment, seeing his blissful expression before looking straight and focusing.

The Schnee wriggled out from beneath her teammate and sat up, still trying to come back to reality from her sex-induced high. Sitting beside Yang, she leant in and licked his balls and base. Opening her mouth, she took his balls inside, lightly sucking and licking. This was something she'd never done before, and something Jaune had not properly experienced. It was new; it was arousing.

Jaune knew he would cum soon, especially with two attractive, talented girls running their mouths over his cock. Yang let her tongue massage every inch of his shaft, focusing on the tip of his cock while Weiss gently licked and kissed his balls.

"I'm… Going to cum soon…" He groaned. The two girls already knew this, with how violent his cock was throbbing, it would only be a couple more seconds. Deciding to finish it up with a bang, Yang took in a deep breath and pushed her lips right to his base, his entire pulsating cock in her mouth, hitting the back of her throat. She kept it in her mouth for a couple seconds, feeling the heat increasing and his sporadic pulsing of his cock at her throat.

With her fingers on Weiss' shoulder, she counted down. Three. Two. One. As she pulled back, he began ejaculating. Thick ropes of hot semen splattered over Yang's face, one long line over her forehead and making a bridge over her left eye to her cheek. A second string hit her on the lips, hanging off down her chin.

Weiss wasn't left out. A wad of his seed hit her directly on the nose in less than a second after Yang's new make-up was applied. It dribbled down to her lips and chin. Another two shots hit her on the left side of her forehead, nearing her ear.

Jaune went back and forth between the two girls, each getting their fair share of his semen. The warmth on their faces was exciting, Yang absolutely loving the feeling of getting messy while Weiss was more reserved about her enjoyment.

"Ah…" He exhaled in utter joy and relief. "Thanks, girls." Grinning, he crouched down to drag them into a group hug, but attempting to avoid smearing his own cum on his face.

Blake let Pyrrha get a taste of what she was in for. Softly pressing her fingers at her tight entrance, they gradually pushed in, forcing her legs to inch further apart. "Oooh…" Pyrrha howled into her gritted teeth, a small line of saliva escaping down her chin. As for Blake's lips, they kept leaving small markings on her nape and back. Simply enjoying the journey down her back, Blake hummed quietly, just to herself.

"M-More…" Pyrrha muttered, almost like a demand. Blake kept her fingers pushing as deep as she could before pivoting them to press upwards, right against where she guessed one of Pyrrha's weak points would be. Judging by the sudden quivering thighs and hitched breathing, she was absolutely correct.

Pyrrha's excitement began running down Blake's fingers and hand, before slowing down at her wrist. Every slight movement from Blake caused moans and flinches from the esteemed fighter. "Blake… More… Please more!" She begged, pushing her ass out in a pointless attempt to get further attention. Blake was trying to let Pyrrha get the most out of their time together, wanting her to remember this for a long time.

Letting her kisses slow to a total stop, Blake wanted to completely focus on pleasuring the girl. Using her fingers carefully to find the exact reaction she wanted from the redhead, desiring to hear her own name being called, and that's exactly what she got. "Ah, Blake! F-Fu… Mm, Blake! I'm… Sh… Ah!" Watching her large, toned thighs bouncing in a mixture of excitement and overwhelming pleasure, Blake felt herself getting aroused once again.

Her pussy was tightening around the two intruding fingers, her body pushing against Blake, leaving the wall completely. Her hands stretched over her shoulders, gripping the Faunus' black locks for support, her back creating a satisfying arch.

"More, more, more!" She cried out, her voice cracking higher every repeat. "I'm so… Damn… Clo-" Her throat was on fire with each scratching pant forcing its way from her swelling desires. Legs locking up, Pyrrha gasped as her stomach did the same. Her body was clamping up, unable to deal with Blake's perfectly placed and timed fingers. She almost felt as though she was going to cry from her confused body, her vision fading and blurring.

"I'm." A short inhale broke up her words. One lone tear finally fell, running down her cheek as her entire body shivered. Blake felt the walls of Pyrrha's pussy embrace her fingers tightly. "Cumming!" Pyrrha screamed through the scorching of her throat. However, Blake didn't need that announcement. From the uncontrollable quivering to the rush of her sweet nectar, squirting out against the wall in front of her, her orgasm was in full swing.

"Blake!" She spat, her lower lip shaking while her hips jerked forward. Pulling on Blake's hair, her entire body felt the pleasure of climaxing, strongly at that. "F-Fuck!" Her lungs emptied with that one last curse, her hands suddenly letting go of Blake and falling forward, barely managing to catch herself before hitting the carpet.

Blake smiled, her fingers pulling out of her pleased pussy, licking up her works reward. "Anytime." Blake winked.

Slowly getting up on her own two feet, she faced the Faunus with a dopey smile, laughing softly. "Of course." Following that was a giggle shared by the two.

"Mm, ah! O-Ohh, N-N… Nora!" The rougher fingering had brought out unique moans from the petite girl befitting the unique motions brought upon by Ren's thrusting. Rough and quick may be a decent way to describe it, but at the same time, Ren looked extremely easy-going about it, yet each thrust barely gave Nora enough time to muster up an adequate moan to match the amount of pleasure shocking her core.

Ruby's fingers curled and stretched in the duvet, her chest rising and lowering without rest. Nora's hand was working wonders, Ruby couldn't think straight. All she could see was a blur of orange and peach.

Her muscles forced her body to move even if her mind had no intention behind it. She felt a pressure building below her waist, one she was familiar with at this point. "Noor… Ah… Ah…" Her cheeks were red while the rest of her face was flushed of colour.

Nora could no longer hear Ruby over the sound of her heartbeat and the moans she was generating. She was pushing up against Ren's cock, her body demanding more to reach her ever so desired climax. Melting into his pounding hips, her mind was attempting to capture this moment forever.

"Ren!" She shouted, her fingers feeling the orgasm of Ruby commencing. "Ah… More! D-Deeper! Fuck!" Cursing between hefty breaths, her teeth clenched. Her pussy wrapped tighter around Ren's thick erection, his own orgasm moments away.

Ruby's hips bucked and wriggled violently, her orgasm taking control of her petite body. Sweat had begun to bead over her forehead and around her breasts while her sweet nectar began flooding onto the duvet. Her hips shook erratically, she felt her pussy contracting at random as more and more of her fluids squirted forcefully. Her mews went unheard beneath the hammer-wielder.

Nora would've loved to see how much the girl had ejaculated, feeling her nectar pooling into her palm, but her vision was blurrier than Ruby's. It was mostly dark as Nora felt her meaty thighs jiggle, her hips quaking as streams of her warm juices ran down her thighs and lightly sprayed Ruby's lower half. Her moaning had twisted into long strings of high pitched noises seeping through clenched teeth.

Without any warning, Nora gasped as hot ropes of semen poured into her sensitive, climaxing pussy. Her toes curled as the warmth spread throughout her core. Her mind felt blank, ascending to a high. She could feel every throb and twitch of his cock inside of her. Dizzy and satisfied, her head dropped onto Ruby's chest, only hearing panting and Ruby's hammering heartbeat. For a petite chest, Nora found them to be rather nice pillows.

Ren stepped back, letting his cum flow out, slowly dripping down. He gently patted her ass before moving to the side. Nora giggled, feeling the electricity flickering on, powering her brain again. With wobbly movements, she pushed herself back onto her arms and knees before crawling over the tired girl. She pulled herself upright with the help of the wall. Now only on her knees, her filled pussy hovered above Ruby's mouth.

Nora was about to give an order, but Ruby was already on the job, her tongue delving in deep to scoop out the warm seed. It slowly ran down her tongue, nearing the back of her throat as she swallowed it all. "Ah…" She inhaled, going in for seconds. The orange-haired girl scratched the wall as Ruby's tongue tried to run deeper, desperate for the cum farther away. In the end, she had to stick with what she got. She couldn't complain, it was tasty nonetheless.

"Ruby~." Nora giggled again. Her pussy slowly swaying above her face. "Let's do this again some time!" She gleefully chimed, moving off the girl and immediately searching for the next partner. She was an animal, always on the lookout for food and sexual encounters. Ruby couldn't deny that she loved that about her, it was hot at its core.

The exhausted team leader lifted her head up, everyone seemed just about done with their current partners, but who said the fun would end there?

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