Season 1.

Edited by the tres charmante Polly Lynn.

Beckett staggers convincingly, giggling, her heart sinking as she minces through the dark alley.

They need to get inside the warehouse, but the burly, sour-faced guard between them and the door is not looking promising. Castle's brilliant idea - act drunk - is not cutting it. She makes a mental note never to listen to him again. Ever. About anything.

"He's not buying it, Castle," she murmurs into his chest. Great. An idiot civilian tagging along, Ryan and Esposito held by mobsters, no backup, and she chose today of all days to start taking Castle's suggestions.

Time for plan B. The plan that includes her gun.

The guard's walking their way. She has a split second. She slides her hand inside her coat, unbuttons her holster -

- suddenly Castle grabs her wrist. Yanks. She's too surprised to do anything but stare at him. What is he -


His hand is on her face, he's staring at her intently, and she knows. She knows exactly what he's going to do.

There's a moment, a brief second in which it almost seems like he's silently asking permission, and then his mouth is on hers.

It's hot and fast and too much. He's so good at this. His mouth is thorough, deliberate, like he's done this before - like he's imagined kissing her before - and that thought breaks something inside her, her whole body crackling like a live wire. His tongue slips into her mouth easily, teasing, and -

Kate jerks back, breathing hard, searching his face - Castle, what the hell - but this is new, this look on his face. Shocked. Like he can't believe what he just did.

She should be angry. She should be furious. She should -

She grabs his shoulders, yanks him closer and kisses him hard.

If the first kiss was shock, this one's pure fire. She buries her hands in his silky hair, nipping at his bottom lip, tugging at it, running her tongue over it. Castle pulls her tighter, sucking on her tongue, and she gasps. Oh. Oh. She's pressed up against him, clutching at him, and she can feel exactly how he's reacting to this and it's too much, too fast.

There's a soft chuckle and she snaps back into reality. Icy air on her skin. Dark alley. Guard.

Kate pulls her mouth away, turns and knocks the guard down with one swift kick.

She stands there, staring, trying to ignore Castle stumbling behind her. He lets out a breath. "That was amazing."

Her heart is racing. No, no no no.

He catches her eye and immediately backpedals. "The - way you knocked him out like that. Yeah."

She turns away because she needs to stop looking at his mouth. Now.

"Let's go."

The plan works; they get in, catch the murderer and his cohorts - a set of brash thugs who've been terrorizing patrons of a swanky restaurant - rescue Ryan and Esposito, and everything works the way it should.

Beckett spends the rest of the evening doing her job, processing the arrest, filing the paperwork, taking statements, and not looking Castle in the eye. And he seems to get it - he stays quiet for once. When Esposito makes a crack about an attractive female witness, Castle doesn't even respond.

It's weird. It's not right.

But what happened in that alley was fake. She's steadfast on that point. It wasn't real.

They work through most of the night; it's almost four in the morning by the time Montgomery tells them to go home and take the day off.

Kate sleeps. Dreams about the kisses that weren't real. Castle's face. Castle's hands. His clothes hitting the floor. Satin sheets. Writhing. She wakes up sweaty and flushed.

He calls once that afternoon. She doesn't pick up.

When he knocks on her door that night, she knows what's going to happen.

Kate pauses, hand halfway to the deadbolt.

She hates him. This is a terrible idea.

She opens the door.

Castle's standing there, hair mussed. He hasn't shaved. And the expression on his face stops her. It's unsure.

This is a terrible i-

She opens her mouth, but then he's kissing her and whatever she was going to say gets lost.

prompt: season 1 – like in Kockdown, Castle and Beckett have to kiss as a ruse to fool a guard, but this is back when she "hated" him