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"There's plenty of room for two people in the shower..." Courtney said.

"I'm commin' princess!" Duncan said and ran into the bathroom.

Courtney was holding a towel above her chest while she turned the knobs to the perfect temperature, when Duncan wrapped his muscular arms around her waist. Courtney giggled and smiled. She wiggled around until she turned a 90 degree angle, facing him. Courtney dropped the towel to the floor and it landed with a "plop". She snaked her hands around his neck and ran her fingers though his hair. Duncan moaned from the sensation. "Does the princess not want that shower?" He asked.

"I do, but that doesn't mean we can't have fun." She smirked. She walked into the shower, swaying her hips sexily. The shoer head spewed hot, steamy water onto her perfect mocha hair and caramel skin. Duncan was watching her, leaning agianst the frame of the door. "Well aren't you coming?" Courtney said. Duncan stripped of his boxers and went in the shower. Courtney grabbed Duncan suddenly and crash her hungry lips into his. Duncan put his large hands on her waist and backed her up to the wall.

The kiss last for what seemed like an hour. When the two caught their breaths, Courtney scratched lightly at Duncan's pecs and abs. Duncan reached behind her and grebbed her shampoo. He squirted some in his palm and started rubbing it in her hair. Courtney groaned. She wrapped her arms around Duncan in a hug. When he finished massaging her scalp, he spun her around as if dancing and dipped her under the flow of water. Courtney laughed and when she was brought up, they shared a passionate kiss. Courtney grabbed Duncan's already erect member and started rubbing her hands up and down it.

"Oh princess..." Duncan moaned. Once again, he backed her up against the wall. Courtney's womanhood was dripping wet already, and she was getting impatient and ansty. "Nahahah!" Duncan breathed in her ear. "You have to wait. I'm the boss right now." Duncan lifted Courtney, and she sqealed, putting her on the bench. He gazed at her budding flower, rubing his hands up and down her curvacious body. He brought one hand down to he clit and started rubbing it. He reached up to her breasts and started tweaking her right nipple.

Courtney's moans were out of control. Duncan took two fingers to start of with, and pumped them in and out of Courtney's vagina. Then he stuck three fingers in. "Oh! Duncan! Don't stop!" Courtney screamed and moaned. Courtney was grinding her hips againsts Duncan's fingers wildly. Duncan started tweaking her left nipple, because he knew how much attention they craved. Duncan pulled out of Courtney and licked her delicious juices off of his fingers.

Courtney grabbed Duncan and slammed their lips together with such force, it left bruises on their lips. Duncan and Courtney were fighting for dominence in the kiss, when Courtney stood up and pushed Duncan in the wall, instead of vice versa. "My turn to be boss, bad boy." Courtney jumped and snuck her legs around his upper body. Courtney put her womanhood right above his member and started teasing him.

"God Courtney! Just do it already!" Duncan said out of frusteration. Courtney obliged and postitioned herself right over Duncan's erection. She slammed down as hard as she could and went slowly back up. The pattern repeated and Courtney sped up. Courtney was gasping and maoning in rhythm with Duncan. Duncan laid Courtney on the floor, the now cold water acted as a lubricant. DUncan pumped into Courtney as fast and hard as he could.

"Duncan! OH! THATS THE SPOT!" Courtney screamed. Duncan kept hitting her g-spot until she orgasmed. Courtney shuddered. Although exhausted, Courtney flipped them over to release Duncan, because he had already pleasured her. Courtney spooned Duncan and slowly went up and down, gradually getting faster. Courtney played with his pierced nipples and kissed and made hickeys all over his shoulders, pecs, and neck. She continued riding him and kissing him.

"Court, I'm going to cum!" Duncan said. Courtney shook her head, saying she didnt care if he was going to cum in her. Duncan moaned loudly and shuddered. He sighed and Courtney collasped on him, his member still in her. Duncan engulfed her in a hug. Their rapid breathing calmed down, and Courtney threw a bottle to shut off the shower and water flow.

"Best shower I ever had." Courtney said giggling. She slowly stood up and hissed in pain. "Damn! I forgot how much it hurts afterward after sex with you Dunky..." She offered her hand to help him, but being the tough guy he was, he swatted it away and did it himself. Courtney rolled her eyes and snatched two towels. One for her and one for her prince. They shuffled out of the bathroom and Courtney sat on the bed. Duncan, even if he did have a loose towel around his waist crawled over courtney and kissed her deeply.

"I forgot how great it was havign sex with you was too, princess." Courtney grinned into the kiss. Both being oblivious to what was going on, they didnt hear the voices outside.

Outside the door

Gwen and Scott were outside of Courtney's door. They were there to apologize. Scott for whatever he did and Gwen for getting mad. She understood her friend was just being herself and she knew that now. "Court?" Gwen asked. Gwen and Scott heard giggling and moaning from inside the room. "Courtney, babe, we came to say sorry." Scott said. The giggling continued and so did the maoning. Gwen grabbed the doorknob and turn. It was unlocked.

"Thats wierd. Courtney's door is always locked." Gwen open the door slightly and the laughing and noises got louder. The two popped their heads in the door and saw Courtney straddling a man with bright green hair and ice blue eyes, the two of them kissing and laughing. His hands were rubbing her sides and pulling at her tightly wrapped towel. Scott opened the door and the two walked in the room. Clothes were strewn around the room, the bed was a mess, the bathroom had steam wafting from it, the room was a mess. Gwen saw a black tshirt and held it up. "Duncan" she whispered.

"DUDE! GET OFF MY GIRL!" yelled Scott. Both Courtney and Duncan jumped in suprise. Courtney smiled weakly and Duncan glared at Scott. "Courtney, what are you doing with this douche!?" Scott asked.

"Uh..." Courtney was stumped. Duncan stood up, thank god the towel was still on, and advanced towards Scott. "Did you just call me a douche?" he asked angrily.

"Yeah! First you like her, then you cheat on her, and now your screwing her! Come on man!" Scott replied. Gwen passed by the two boys arguing. Courtney sat at the edge of the bed with her head down. Gwen sat next to her and hugged her. "It's ok Court. There is no reason to be ashamed." Courtney laughed and sighed. "Gwen, I'm not ashamed. It's just We're best friends and now I'm back together with the one guy I've ever loved, I was thinking how to keep this" Courtney waved her hands around, "working. I dont want you taking him again." Now it was Gwen's turn to laugh. "Don't worry. The entire time we dated, he wouldn't keep his mouth shut about you! And besides, I don't like him anymore. He's all yours." The girls hugged and continued to watch Duncan and Scott quarel. When Courtney had enough, she walked up to Duncan and Kissed him right im front of Scott. Scott stood there in shock.

"I know you're shocked, but did you really think i liked you? Sorry Scott, but bye." She shoved Scott out of the room and politley asked Gwen if they could have privicy, and she left giggling. Courtney shut the door, making sure it was locked. "Now what were we doing when we were so rudley interupted?"

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