"Penny. Penny. Penny." As the soft (but yet persisted taps) continue on the door Penny finds herself wondering how long she could withhold from moving off the couch. Most people would after a minute of knocking and receiving no reply would walk away assuming that nobody was in. Not Sheldon, must certainly not. He, she had no doubt would remain there for hours tapping the same rhythm; having heard her enter from across the hall earlier in the evening (and not heard the door re-open). Penny looks at the dvd which thanks Leonard now displayed the actual time and not the flashing of twelve, to see that Sheldon had been at it for three minutes now. That was long enough.

Setting the plastic bowl brought at the dollar saver store half full of popcorn (extra butter added) and mutting the sound on Gil Grissom she stands and approaches the door. She times it perfectly and opens the exact moment he is to tap again, causing the genius a brief moment of confusion when no sound came.

"Good evening Penny." She only glares at him.

"What do you want?" Sheldon starts to run his finger against the frame of the door, a sure-tell sign he wanted to ask of a favor. No, Sheldon didn't ask for favors he demanded them.

"I was wondering if you could drive me to the store. Leonard is at his parents house right now because of his mother's knee sh-"

"Sheldon?" Penny interrupts.


"I know that Leonard is gone and I also know why. Get to the point please." He stands there for a moment fighting the urge to keep telling the store (likely with annoying commentary) but is able to mum.

"Well I need to go to the store."


"Yes now."

"No." It's his turn to glare and huff much like a child would.

"I'm out of shampoo, how can I shower without any shampoo? Mmmm?" She couldn't help to find the fact that he of all people in the universe would ever run out of well anything. She always figured that underneath of his bed were boxes filled with supplies to last ten years after an atomic attack, or some other disaster, which included several bottles of shampoo.

"Just skip washing your hair. It'll be fine."

"Not wash my hair? Not wash my hair? Ha." Penny knew better than to ask why of him.

"Fine than use Leonard's, I'm sure he won't mind."

"Oh a fine solution, just one problem." He's using his chiding voice, which every time made her want to hit him, hard.

"And that is?"

"If you have noticed, which I do doubt you have, my hair is fine and requires a gentle formal of shampoo while Leonard uses a more traditional type. If I used his it would cause possible permanent damage to my hair follicles." She doubted that.


"No? No what?" His IQ was how high?

"No I will not drive you to the store. It's late, my show is on, I'm tired, and I don't want to."

"But my hair..."


"It's late and forty-one degrees outside."

"Wait until the morning."

"I already explained I can't!"

"Yes you can. Now Sheldon please go the hell away." Penny steps back and closes the door, locking it and heads back to the couch. Before she is even sitting his tapping and the calling of her name starts again, this time she would not give in, this time she successfully block him out. If he pulled a damn muscle in his arm that would be his fault and his fault alone. Picking up the remote she unmutes the sound and turns the volume up until it almost blocked out Sheldon and returns to the popcorn.