Sooo… my first transformers fic.

Please be nice and for everyone who wants to know.

This will be a TFP fanfic, but a little different from the original timeline in it, so don't be surprised when things don't follow the normal line.

Well, I hope you all enjoy.

Also I noticed that the times values change with almost every generation, so I made up my own, I will try to keep it simple.

Nanoklik: 0,4 seconds.

Klik: 1,2 minute (so 180 astroseconds)

Breem: 4 minutes (so 600 astroseconds)

Joor: 1 cybertron day

Orn: 13 Joors, so 13 days, I will be calling this a cybertron week.

Quartex: 4 orns, cybertron version of a month, though I will not be using this a lot manly because it is one of the most stupid names to write (in my opinion)

Solar cycle: 1 cybertron year (about 40 quartrex, which is in turn 2080 joors)

And lastly Vorn: 83 solarcycles

These times aren't 100% true!

Just a warning, this is just to make it easier for me. And yes I did the math for it!

Aside from that, I am not sure how old a transformer can get, so I am going to assume they can get VERY old and will pretty much life forever until they are offlined, I know it isn't true, but I just want to make sure I don't kill one off by age an accident.

Next, sparklings.

A sparkling needs to be carried by the carrier (or a other mech with enough space for the sparkling) for at least 5 Vorns.

Ones that happened they will have grown there own protoform and start armour (again probably not true, but live with me here!)

The transformer will stay a sparkling for the first 100 vorns of its life, they will go though the baby and toddler state.

Next up, younglings.

Age time, 100 vorns to 1000 vorns.

The first 600 vorns it will be like a child grow from years 3 till about 13. and the last 400 vorns will be like from 13 to 18.

After that it is an adult.

Again, nothing is true and I just made it up.

Aside from this not, enjoy the story. it wouldn't leave me so I didn't really have much of a choice left.

Megatron walked down one of the many halls in the Nemesis, deep in thought. The war was raising over Cybertron and a lot of mechs had fallen, both on his own side as on prime's side. The war was going on for far longer then either side had thought, but neither would step down now, not when it had been going for all this time and when so many offers had been made.

Crazy enough, this wasn't what Megatron was thinking about, no his thoughts were a lot closer in the past.


The Nemesis had stopped in one of the few neutral cities of Cybertron, the neutrals tried to stay out of the war as much as possible, so they treated the decepticons and the autobots the same way. Sad thing was was that the cities were very poor, making the live for the bots in the cities harder and difficult. So whenever the Nemesis parked by one of the cities it was a big change. The decepticons, much like any mech in the world, grow lonely in the time of war and the neutrals made sure to use this in there advantage. So they let themselves be 'hired' as 'entertainers' in trade of parts, energon and pretty much everything they needed. The neutrals so no shame in doing this, they did just what they needed to do to survive.

Megatron just like any other mech was faced with the same problems and made sure that whenever the stopped in a neutral city he had one 'entertainer' like most other mechs on his ship, though the mech or femme that would be hired by him would only his, Megatron was not a mech that liked to share, even berth partners.

So it saw a big surprise when Megatron's dancer, what the neutrals were also called, stepped aboard the Nemesis outside of his normal scheme. Megatron didn't show his surprise however and smirked "Well, I didn't expect to see you back so soon Nightsky, couldn't stay away?" the mech looked un-amused as he spoke, "Not at all lord. I am here simply because I have been having some problems with my spark, which means that I will be leaving to let it checked over, which in turn means that I will not make our normal appointment." Nightsky said with greatest ease, as if he was talking to any of his friends and saying that he had something else to do. Megatron didn't look amused "You have a virus?" The dark blue mech looked offended "For your information, I did not have any problems with my spark before. It only started after our… meetings… as you like to call them" Megatron rolled his optics before speaking, "Soundwave, take our guest to the med-bay and let him be checked over by knock out."

Knock-out, being the new medic on this ship, should be able to find out what was wrong and if it would be a problem for himself.

Soundwave walked towards the other mech and started to lead him away towards the med-bay. The walk was short and the two were soon in the med-bay as the young red medic was asking questions, "So? when did the trouble start again?" the medic was looking though some scanners, wondering which one he should use. The dark blue mech answered, "It started after me third meeting with Megatron." Knock-out nodded "Well, let's take a look with what could be wrong, lay on the berth." It wasn't really a request, it sounded a lot like an order to the neutral but he lay down either way.

Knock-out took a scan though the armour and checked the reading, he stared at it for a while in disbelieve before scanning again, getting the same answer, "Could you open your sparkchamber for me? And soundwave, could you get lord Megatron?" soundwave stared before turning to get his lord. Nightsky looked confused but opened his sparkchamber, knowing that if there was one decepticon he could trust, then was it a medic, nightsky just hoped he could trust this one. Knock-out pulled out another scanner and slowly scanned the spark a few times, "Okay you can close it again." nightsky close his sparkchamber and waited for the news.

Meanwhile knock-out stared at the results, all read the same code. But that was impossible, the allspark was gone, hidden away, it was impossible to get a carrier sparked. But there it was, the one code everyone know but the one they expected to not see for a long time, at least until the war was over.

After a few kliks soundwave returned with Megatron, the decepticon leader turned towards knock-out, "I hope you have a good reason for this knock-out" knock-out grinned and said "believe me, I have" he handed one of the scanners over to Megatron. The mech just stared at the reading, "Is this really correct?" knock-out nodded, "I did the test a lot of times, every time the same code." There hang a silence in the room. "So… what does the scan read?" nightsky asked, unsure what was going on. Knock-out turned and grinned "Well, you have been sparked, congrats." Nightsky stared before looking at his chestplates, where his sparkchamber was hiding.

The next sentence came as a shock to all in the room "so how will you remove it?" nightsky's voice was all business. Knock-out stared, "… what?" the laying mech stared at knock-out, "Well, obviously I am not keeping it, you think I have time or even the supplies for it? there is a reason why I blocked my carrier-code." Knock-out stared and turned back to the scan, "That is why the sparkling gives trouble, your spark is reacting to it as if it is an unwanted guest, your spark is trying to push it away from itself." Nightsky nodded, "so it is just an matter of time before it is gone? Good. Problem solved." Nightsky went to stand up but this time everyone was surprised by another mech.

"You will not leave just yet." Knock-out and nightsky turned to stare at Megatron, while soundwave made sure the door was closed and walked to stand by nightsky to keep him from running off. Megatron turned towards knock-out, "What will happen to the sparkling if this keeps going?" knock-out sighed, "It will offline. A sparkling, especially one in that state, needs the warmth and attention from a spark. Without it the sparkling can't survive."

Megatron thought, why did he care? So what another sparkling offlined, so many had before. Maybe it was because it was his own. Megatron wasn't sure how he knew it was his sparkling, but I couldn't help but think back to when he was lying alone on his berth, and he had been about to go into stasis when he had felt something in his spark, he had shrugged it off as some dream like state. But when the small tug had returned he had been curious, he had send a small push of recognition to the tugger and had been surprised with what he got back, adoration. The following nightcycles he had send recognition to the tug and had gotten a reply every time.

Now the decepticon lord understood that it had been the sparkling, who had been searching for attention from his carrier but hadn't gotten any, so the sparkling had searched someone else, and had found Megatron himself. his other creator.

"Is there a way to keep the sparkling from offlining?" knock-out thought before nodding, "yes there is, if the sparkling was placed over to another carrier it could survive. But the carrier should be related to the sparkling itself, and become the spark is to young we can't be sure who the other creator is-" Megatron interrupted the medic "Don't worry about that, the sparkling is mine alright." Knock-out nodded and turned back to the screen "But you are no carrier so you couldn't carry the sparkling- … wait… " knock-out looked over a few scans and thought. "It may be possible, sparklings are very small, not much bigger then the palm of our servos when it has to leave the spark. Your, my lord, sparkchamber is a lot bigger then the sparkchamber of Nightsky, even when he is a carrier. And thanks to that differents, it could be possible for you to carrier the sparkling."

Megatron nodded, "How will we transport the sparkling?" knock-out looked unsure, "Are you sure you want this? When a sparkling is placed next to your own spark it will drain you a lot quicker from your energy, not only that but you will only be able to drink low-grade because any other could fray the sparkling from to much energy." Megatron just nodded. Knock-out signed, "In that case, soundwave please hold nightsky still I will be needing to place the sparkling over."


That had been six vorns ago, after the sparkling had been born had knock-out checked him over. Turns out that because the first Orn of being pushed away by the spark hadn't left to many marks, two only really. One had been his voicebox, the poor thing hadn't gotten a complete one. Knock-out however said that in time he would be able to repair it, but that he preferred not to put a sparkling under surgery, and Megatron had agreed. The other thing had been the mechlings optics, unlike normal optics the sparkling's were like light giving rings. The sparkling however had better sight then most mechs on the ship, after a few test, which had really been holding up objects and seeing if the sparkling saw them, knock-out concluded that the sparkling could zoom in and out with his optics.

Megatron let a smile cross his face, they should have put the sparkling in a youghcenter, but Megatron couldn't. He was selfish and he knew it.

The mech slowly opened the door to his quarters and looked up. on his berth a small form was lying, fast asleep. Megatron slowly walked over to the small mech and pulled him to his chestplates, just where his spark lie. The little sparkling turned towards the warmth of the spark and stayed asleep.

Knock-out hadn't been kidding when he had said that the sparkling wouldn't be bigger then his servo. The small sparkling was bright yellow, which had come to a surprise to both Megatron and knock-out, normally the sparkling gets the color from its carier, but seeing the fact that the sparkling had been carried by two different ones it had probably just chosen a random color on its own. The sparkling optics had been bright blue, something that happened because the neutral-coding, and the autobot-coding for that matter, were dominant over decepticon-coding. The sparklings armour however looked more like that of Megatron.

But Megatron didn't mind any of the sparklings looks, when he watched his small charge recharge in his arms he couldn't help but will pride, he felt more proud about this matter then any of the fights he had won.

Megatron pulled the sparkling closer as he lied down, he send a wave of adoration to the sparkling and got a wave of love back, Megatron smiled and whispered "Good night sweet-sparks, goodnight my little Bumblebee."