Sparkling time will be written In this. So that it is clear.
Bumblebee talking in his beeps will by Bold.
And this will be though the bond.
That was all.
Disclaimer: transformers aren't mine.

Nanoklik: 0,4 seconds.
Klik: 1,2 minute (so 180 astroseconds)
Breem: 4 minutes (so 600 astroseconds)
Joor: 1 cybertron day
Orn: 13 Joors, so 13 days, I will be calling this a cybertron week.
Quartex: 4 orns, cybertron version of a month.
Solar cycle: 1 cybertron year (about 40 quartrex, which is in turn 2080 joors)
Vorn: 83 solarcycles

Extra note: Megatron and Optimus are in matter of fact brothers in this story.

Breakdown arrived back from the energon search with a smirk on his face. He walked straight towards the med bay and walked in "Hello knock-out I am- … what happened to lord Megatron?" breakdown stared at the almost completely broken decepticon leader on the table. "From what I heard, he got caught in an explosion from a spacebridge." Breakdown turned towards the voice, knock-out stood there looking at some datapad "Starscream should be here within a breem." Breakdown nodded and moved to help knock-out with a plan of operation for their leader.

Starscream walked in a little later "aaah, breakdown, I see you have finally arrived." Breakdown turned towards the seeker "Hello Starscream." Starscream walked towards the two medics "So, what was your reason for ignoring my order to come here straight?"

"Well, Starscream. On the way here Knock-Out and I got a signal from an energondeposed. I went to check it out. I found one autobot there and we fought, he and his pet were looking at some kind of old structure with some golden orb pictured on it." Starscream nodded and contacted Soundwave to look up any information on the matter.

When it turned out to by a cybertronium relic Starscream ordered both Knock-out and breakdown to go retrieve it.

They returned shortly after but they had failed.

Bumblebee stood by a few controls as Starscream chewed the two out. Suddenly Starscream turned towards Bumblebee "Maybe you should go do something useful for ones. Instead of staying on the ship." Bumblebee kept his cool and emotions in check as he answered "I have my orders from Megatron to stay on the ship Starscream." Starscream rolled his eyes "In case you haven't noticed you brat, lord Megatron isn't in the position to give any more orders. Go make yourself useful" knock-out was ready to say something when Bumblebee spoke again without emotion "Whatever you say 'lord' Starscream" he sad sarcastic as he left the room and went to the groundbridge. Knock-Out turned to Starscream "You sure that was a smart move? The kid is smart you know…" Starscream glared at the red car and growled out a 'get to work'.


A black femme walked though the woods, slowly walking away from her blown up ship "Damn you Arcee, I will get you for this… and your little pet too" she growled to herself. She jumped when she heard an other voice.

"You seem to be having a bad day"

The femme looked around before she looked up, in one of the trees sat a yellow bot. The femme was about to attack until she noticed the decepticon mark, she held her guns aimed at the intruder however.

"Geez, no need for that." The mech jumped down from the tree and walked up to the black spider con. The femme looked the mech over. He really was just a youngling, but he seemed to be sure of himself. his blue optics gave nothing away and the rest of his lower half of his faceplates were covered by some kind of mask.

"Walk with me?" the yellow mech asked, he didn't wait for an answer and started to walk. The femme considered shooting him but followed instead, curiosity winning it over.

The two walked in silence as the mech seemed to lead the two towards somewhere, where was not clear to the femme.

"So, what did you want?" the femme decided that she would just get straight to the point. The mech however just kept walking. "Well?" no answer "Are you going to say something?!" still no reaction. The femme pulled out her guns again and took aim at the yellow con "Tell me! What did you want from me!?" the mech turned around but didn't activate any weapons "I already told you Black Airachnid. No need for the weapons." The femme stared at the mech "How did you know my name?" the mech grinned behind his mask as he spoke "I know a lot more dear hunter, the question is. What do you want to know?"

The two stood in silence as Black Airachnid answered "I want to know why you came to me." The mech shrugged "That is an easy one, I am here to over you a job." The black femme stared at the mech "and why would I be interested in that?" the mech continued walking "It would give you the change to go after that blue autobot femme, the one named Arcee, again." the black femme put her weapons away and started to follow the yellow mech again "I am listening…"

Unknown to her the mech smiled to himself. It really was to easy to get others to follow him.


The autobots sat around as they received another autobot signal. They went towards it.

Ones they got there they found an old shuttle but it was empty and Vehicons were already all over the place. A fight broke out and the earth autobots meet Wheeljack, who was a very old friend of Bulkhead, and they meet Smokescreen who was very pleased to be working under Optimus Prime now.

The autobots sat together in their base; letting the two newly arrived meet their earth allies and to tell them what had happened lately.

"So, after we stopped the Cons from getting the relic nothing new happened, except for the fact we got you guys' signal and we helped you guys out." Bulkhead finished the tale and waited for the other two autobots to react. "Man bulkhead, I missed out on a lot here." Wheeljack grinned as he tossed one of his grenades up and caught it again.

"So, smokescreen. Aren't you a bit young to have joined to autobot case yet?" smokescreen glared at the femme and grinned proudly "I may be young, but I am an adult, 1014 Vorns. To be more correct." Wheeljack rolled his optics and replied "Hardly out of younglinghood." Smokescreen glared but it really looked like he was half sulking.

The others laughed and smokescreen soon joined them in a grin. That was until the computer sounded a decepticon alarm.


Knock-out stood by the groundbridge and sighed "You sure about this bumblebee?" bumblebee rolled his optics and beeped his answer "For the fourth time, yes I am sure. I am going starecrazy if I can't go out and burn some rubber." Knock-out sighed and nodded and Soundwave, Soundwave opened the groundbridge up and gave a look at bumblebee before replaying an old message " 'Remember the rules, no risks. Anything goes wrong you get back to the ship' " bumblebee nodded at the TIC "I know what Megatron said Wave, relax." With the the two decepticon cars walked though the groundbridge.

Ones the two stood on the earth ground each turned into their car form, "Well kid, let's see how fast you have gotten." Knock-out speed off with the yellow car close behind him.


Four autobots moved over the cliffs, looking for the decepticon signal "Are we sure it came from here?" smokescreen turned towards the two other mechs and the femme. Said femme looked up "Yes smokescreen, we are sure." She looked down at the scanner and started moving again.

They walked for a while when Cliffjumper suddenly stopped "Check this out…" the other three turned and looked down the Cliffside, all shocked at what they saw.

In the canyon two cars were racing, one red and one yellow. They took turns around some kind of made up track and left one other in the dust. Loud growls of powerful motors where heard over the cliffs.

The red one stopped and spoke to the yellow one "I guess you got faster after all, how about this. To the big rock over there, we make an U-turn around it and back here is the finish." The other car growled his motor in acceptation and the two stood ready. On some unheard mark the two sped away. The red one was up front soon but the yellow one was close behind. While the red one had the greater starter speed it seemed like the yellow one was better at speeding up to even higher speeds. Ones the two got by the rock the red one stepped on the break so he could make the turn, the yellow one made a double donut before speeding away with the same speed as he entered with, leaving behind black marks from his tires in the ground.

The yellow one was the first one to finish. Ones he got over the line he changed back to rootform and revealed none other then the yellow decepticon with blue optics.

The autobots on the cliff stared in surprise and smokescreen didn't understand why but his spark seemed to pull in the yellow mechs direction.

The red car stopped close by and changed back into none other the Knock-Out "What the PIT do you think you are doing!" the yellow mech looked at the red mech and looked down at the ground "You know the rules! No Rootform outside the ship." Knock-out gave a small glare at the yellow mech. Said mech changed back in his vehicle form, the red mech changed back to "Come, let's get going."

And the two sped of.

Wheeljack was the first to speak "What did we just witness?" arcee seemed to think before answering "Whatever it was we need to talk to optimus about it." the blue femme started to walk away, wheeljack walking next to her as the two thought. Cliffjumper was about to follow when he noticed a curtain mech still staring at the disappearing cars "Come on smokescreen, you can daydream further later, now we need to get back to base." Cliffjumper grinned as smokescreen started to deny it. and both wheeljack and arcee couldn't help but smile when smokescreen turned red after wheeljack made a remark about 'young love'.


The four arrived back at base laughing, well three were laughing and one was looking very red and was partly sulking. He moved towards his own room in the base as the other started to explain to Optimus what they had seen.

Miko seemed confused by the way they all reacted to smokescreen having a 'crush' on the yellow mech. And after some explanation they understood that the transformers gender was just a matter of appearing, nothing else. Sadly this also meant that the caretakers where forced to explain the process of bonding the the three curious teens, which ratchet and wheeljack found hilarious.

Ones all the kidding around was over they put some serious thought into the completely secretive thing around the yellow mech.

"Well, with the way Knock-out reacted to the kid going back to root form. I am guessing he isn't allowed much outside to begin with." Wheeljack sat this matter of fact like when they where all discussing it. They had dragged smokescreen out of his room again so they could discus what they knew together. Arcee looked at wheeljack "But why wouldn't he be allowed outside?" the humans looked at one other while jack spoke for them "Maybe they are scared he would betray them and go to the autobot side?" bulkhead nodded "That could be possible".

"But then why would they be so worried for the kid leaving their side?" Cliffjumper shot back as they thought it over, they were missing something, something important. Ratchet turned to the prime "Do you have any idea optimus?" optimus sighed "I never fully understood the reasoning from my brother. Though I have the feeling he wouldn't just do all this for no bigger reason or plan." The autobots sat in silence.

"Maybe they were planning on making him a spy…" all the bots turned to miko as she spoke "I mean, he has his blue eyes… optics… whatever you guys call it. maybe they were planning on ones he was ready to send him to the autobot troops to get more inside information!" they all looked at the human and at one other. It was possible.

"As possible that idea may sound, I have the idea that my brother has some other reason behind this whole ordeal." ratchet spoke fort them all "But what?" optimus sighed "I do not know my friend."


"What were you thinking going out of vehicle mood! We are lucky we weren't seen or attacked!" knock-out was glaring at the younger mech as bumblebee looked down at his servos.

Breakdown watched as the knock-out scolded bumblebee. Breakdown shoke his head as he thought back to a long time again, back when the kid hadn't been bigger then his servo. He knew he was never supposed to discover the little secret. But he had walked in on it… well, more like it had fallen on him

Breakdown walked down the halls of the Nemesis. He had spoken to the head medic on the ship, Knock-out, and he had told him to go to the med bay and then they would talk about the possibility of him joining the medical team on the Nemesis. Even with breakdown being an old wrecker he had always been interested in being a medic.

As he walked down the halls he wondered how it was possible that the red mech was the head medic on the ship, Megatron's personal head medic in fact. It seemed weird to the older mech.

There was something else strange to the old wrecker, he had the feeling he was being watched, not just the cameras are keeping en optic on you watch, but the feeling as if someone was watching his every move. Breakdown stopped and looked around, no mech in sight. But the feeling was still there. Breakdown decided to go to the med bay. Maybe ones we was there the feeling would disappear.

He had been wrong. Breakdown sat in the med bay but the feeling bad become worse. He was starting to hear noises as if something was moving in the walls around him. Breakdown jumped around, almost expecting to see something but there was still no one. He heard another crack and looked up, for the first time he noticed the vents in the ceiling. Was something watching him from the vents? Now that he thought about it, he had seen a lot of vents in the hallways of the Nemesis.

Breakdown opened one of the vents on the wall where the noise came from but saw nothing inside. After he finished looking he closed it up again, he must be getting paranoid after all.

The next few things happened so quick breakdown wasn't sure how it all happened. something in the ceiling seemed to snap and the ventilation system broke open and something fell from it. in a reflex breakdown caught it. a lot of dust fell from the now broken vent and rained down all over the med bay. Breakdown looked down into his servos and froze at what he saw.

On his servo sat a tiny sparkling, it was sneezing and rubbing his head as two curious blue optics stared up at him.

Breakdown was so shocked and surprised that he wasn't sure what he had to do about the situation he had been placed into. The sparkling seemed to have no problem with the older mech and started to study him.

On that moment the med bay door opened and the red medic stepped in.

The medic took one look around the room and focused on the sparkling in the servos of the large wrecker. "I swear knock-out, I have no idea where it came from, it just fell from the vents…" knock-out however had already turned around and he had locked the door into the med bay as he walked straight to the wrecker. The sparkling heard the new arrival and beeped happily at the red mech "Knock!" knock-out took the sparkling over and walked towards the tap in the corner of the med bay.

Knock-out filled up the small tank under it as the sparkling draw pictures on the red mech with the dust. Knock-out placed the small sparkling in the water and started to clean it "Well, make yourself useful and clean the room of dust." Breakdown noticed the order and started to clean it, throwing looks at the yellow sparkling that the red medic was cleaning.

The medic spoke to the small sparkling "what were you doing up there bee? How many times have we told you to not go up there?" the sparkling chirped before answering "Wave said vents used to spio… nas..e… Bee wanted to see everything so bee went in vent!" the red medic said a few things under his breathe which sounded a lot like 'have to put some sense in that mech'. the yellow sparkling giggled at the red mech and petted knock-out on the arm "okay, then why did you ignore the order to stay in the room? you are supposed to recharge." The little mechling let out a happy chirp as the medic rubbed him over the head "I was bored, so I went to go explore." The medic sighed and rubbed the small mechling again "Curious little glitch."

Later on breakdown had learned that the yellow mechling was in matter of fact the son of lord Megatron. And as he had seen the youngling he was allowed to join the medical course, under watch from the head medic himself. Breakdown also learned that Starscream hadn't know about the sparkling and that Megatron preferred to keep the small youngling hidden.

Breakdown shook his head as knock-out threatened to lock the youngling into his room. he doubted anything on this ship could keep that youngling stuck.

He had after all been able to get everywhere he wanted by the time he was 60 vorns without anyone knowing. Even Soundwave hadn't known where the sparkling was half the time, giving them all a lot of spark-attacks.