"Kimberly Crawford please report to the main office, Kim Crawford please come to the main office, thank you." The secretary, Joan said over the intercom.

I looked at my best friend and secret crush, Jack Brewer, as he gave me the what-did-you-do look. I shrugged my shoulders, getting up to walk down the hall. It's the day of graduation, what did I do wrong?

As I sat and waited in the office, I got out my phone and smiled before I unlocked it. My lock screen was a picture of my mom, dad, baby sister, and I before we went on a vacation to Hawaii two weeks ago. I typed in my lock code and smiled even harder at my home screen. This time, it was a picture of Jack and I giving Kayleigh, my little sister, a big kiss of both cheeks.

I'm not trying to be cocky or anything, but my family is picture perfect. My father, Adam Crawford, is the mayor of Los Angeles, so we're rich. But, he's a giant ass hole that doesn't respect anyone because he's 'above' everyone.

My mother, Paola Crawford, is the perfect part of my family. She was born and raised in Spain but she studied abroad for college and met my dad at Harvard. She's a stay at home mom but she does most of the work in our family. She was the one who put in all of the effort for Dad's campaign, while being pregnant. After my dad got the position, my mom just started to take care of Brie. She's probably one of the palest Spaniards you will ever meet but, she has light brown hair and big brown eyes full of warmth and kindness, she says they look just like mine.

Then there's my sister, Gabriella Maria Crawford, she's the most adorable kid in the world. She's a year old and she has my mom's brown eyes and curly brown hair. She's ultra-chubby but in the cutest way. And then to complete our perfect family, we have two black labs, Charlie and Daisy. They're puppies and we had just got them right before the campaign started and they're totally adorable.

And then there's me, Kimberly Anne Crawford. I'm seventeen years old. I have blonde hair and big brown eyes. I hated being called by my full name and Kimmy, unless you're my mother. I'm a 3rd degree black belt. I can secretly dance, sing, and act. My favorite subject is French. My least favorite is AP Calculus. I'm the captain, of the cheer squad, soccer team, gymnastics team, and softball team. I have been a straight A student all my life and I'm practically the golden girl of Seaford.

My best friend, he's the exact opposite. Jack has this bad boy rep. His dad was murdered in front of him when he was eight and his mom became an alcoholic shortly after that. So, he's had to defend himself since then. He's eighteen now and better than ever. He was a fifth degree black belt and is the captain of any team you could imagine; football, basketball, baseball, and swimming. He also has a 4.0 GPA. Perfect, right? The only thing is that my dad hates him. My mother on the other hand loves him! She says that he's perfect for me and she always says, "I'm counting the days until you all realize that you love each other." But we don't, he couldn't love me even if I did love him. My father thinks he's nothing but trouble and he forbid me from seeing him anymore in 9th grade. It's reasonable, I guess. Jack is the leader of a gang the Creed. It's not even like he wanted a gang, it was passed down to him as soon as he hit sixteen. His father was the head of the gang and not paying a rival three hundred dollars was enough to get him murdered. Due to his activities, everyone respected him. He's good to me and he's a least three times the man that my father could even dream of being.

Mrs. Joan, the principle's wife and secretary, came and called me back to the Principal's Office. I've never been here before because that'd mean I would have had to do something bad. Principal Hagen turned around with a very somber look on his face.

"Hello Kimber- I mean Kim. The reason I called you up here is because I have some very bad news." He said. I nodded for him to continue, before he says the six words that would change my life forever. "Your mother was in a terrible accident, she's passed away."

I felt all of the life in my drain from my body in one second. It felt like everything was frozen in time. I got up and ran out of the office quickly, only to be met by a rock solid body, Jack.

"Hey, hey Kim what's wrong?" I heard my best friend say, as he grabbed me.

"She's gone Jack." I collapsed in his arms, feeling a little bit of confront wash over me. I felt a kiss on the top of my head and a long line of soothing sayings. I push him off of me, wipe the tears flowing, force myself to stop crying, and take off running down the hallway and towards my car.

"KIM, KIMMY" I hear Jack yelling before I hear footsteps approaching. I hopped in my Mercedes-Benz when Jack got in right after. I got my key to start the car when he snatched the keys out of my hand. "I am not letting you drive anywhere." I looked up into his eye, and I completely broke.

"Jack," I said. I guess he got the message because in less than 3 seconds, he had me safe and in his arms. Sob after sob rang through my body. It was the first time, in a long time, that I cried myself to sleep.

*Time Skip*

I woke up in my car; not on the driver's side though, and we were moving. I turned on my other side and saw a happily humming and tapping Jack on the steering wheel. I smiled before all of the day's memories rushed back in. "Jack where are we going?" I asked, plainly.

"To pick Gabriella up, it's three and someone has to get her." He said, without looking my way. "I'm sorry about Paola." I looked at him, confused. "Your phone wouldn't stop going off with, 'Sorry for your loss' messages." He said, putting his hand over mine.

"I miss her so much, Jack. What am I gonna do? I'm supposed to be leaving soon and she's not going to be there. What's gonna happen with Brie? She can't stay with that monster, Jack. She can't! She'll be dead before we even get to New York." Jack and I got accepted into NYU and were moving up there next week.

"It'll be fine. If your mom had a will, she will probably give you the custody of Brie. You know the only reason they didn't divorce is so she wouldn't make Adam look bad." You see, if you weren't related to politics, my dad treated you like crap. He even beat my own mother; she is forever trying to keep us safe, he doesn't even go for me anymore.

Jack was probably right about everything. I mean, he lost the person he was closest to when he was eight! He's been through what I'm going through right now! He understands, and that's really all I need right now.

When we arrived at Tutor Time, the nursery school that Brie goes to every Thursday and Friday, at least four teachers enveloped me in a group hug, saying they were sorry about my mom. I pushed through them to get to Gaby; I needed for her to be okay too. She's lost the person she depends on most as well. When I got to my little sister, I picked her up, got her bags and jetted. I settled in the back seat with her when Jack asked if we wanted to go to his place for a while, until everything blows over and I agreed.

That's another great thing about Jack; he has his own place. When he turned eighteen a couple months ago, he bought an apartment for himself. When I'd say over, he'd take the couch, and I the bed.

We got to my house and there were already dozens of news cameras outside. "I'll be right back," I said, jumping out of the car.

I pulled two suitcases out of the top of my closet. Jack and I agreed that the day after graduation, we'd run away to New York together. I ran to Brie's room and stuffed almost all of her clothes into my bag. Then, I went to my parent's room. I grabbed my mother's jewelry case and a sweatshirt that she loved to wear before running downstairs.

I put my hand out to open the door when a bottle came flying towards my head! I screamed loudly. "It's all your fucking fault. If you weren't screwing that horny little gangster she'd still be alive." My father slurred. He poured alcohol all over the foyer before lighting a match. "It's your fault she's dead, now you will burn with her." He came to my face and smashed a bottle over my head before he threw the match behind him. I grabbed my mother's things as I started to lose consciousness. I saw familiar shoes before I blacked out.