This story could actually be applied to many other section but I wrote it for a light side Imperial Agent. This story was partly written because well the idea was stuck in my head but also for an awesome friend Lord Exar Kun who writes the awsomest war scenes and who I sometimes suspect is an AI in disguise seriously he updates like a printing machine!


Broken is what you are when you have nothing to live for.

Broken is when you drop like dead not walking but crawling to your bed because you're so Kriffin tired that you don't even bother to change out of your bloodied clothes drenched so deep in blood that when you wake up the next day your undershirt smells as if it were permanently infused with metal.

Broken is when you close your eyes and you see men that you have killed cry for mercy and call you murderer from their graves.

Broken is a state of being that must be fixed by optimists and simply thrown out by pessimists.

Broken is when there's little difference between your lies and truths that sometimes even you can't tell the difference.

Broken is when you fear your friends more then you fear your foe, for friends will use the trust to further break you.

Broken is when you've turned sides so many times sometimes you wonder why they trust you or whether you are truly different from your regular serial killer.

Broken is when you fear to get stone drunk because you fear that you might simply lose it and hurt someone or worse end yourself because stars end you know you want to.

Broken is when you are so deep in bodies that you know that you can never crawl back and even if you do they'll know you're different.

Broken is when an ordinary man asks you for directions and you wonder if he was sent to kill you.

Broken is when a woman drapes her hand around you because she's falling for you and your instincts scream in warning, that she's getting ready to slit your throat wide open.

Broken is when you breeze through your therapist and she stamps the obviously sane and not traumatized stamp and you wonder where in the blazes she got her degree from.

Broken is when you are willing to steal and lie and to cheat and die for all those seemingly noble values which now sound strange and empty even to your own ears.

Broken is when you live every breath of the day wondering what it is that is still keeping you moving when you wouldn't have minded ending it eons ago.

Broken is when you have been used and played by both sides like a harpsichord so much so that you have had to change your strings about twenty times, just to fit in.

Broken is what you feel when you are all alone having completed an objective but heavily wounded and wondering with your last breath whether they'll think your worth saving this time around.

Broken is what you are when you wake up screaming and when they ask you whether you are fine you brush it off when deep inside your bleeding because if they only knew what you have seen they would have forced you into early retirement, meaning sending someone to kill you because they know you know too much.

Broken is when you feel you are so empty that you are sure that if you simply tore your chest open there would be no heart because you've turned it to ice long ago and when they interrogated you with fire it simply melted.

Broken is when you fear a Jedi as equally as you do a Sith because you've seen what one can do and now your simply never going to trust the other.

Broken is when you have been in so much pain that you are simply numb. When you have been tortured oh so many times that you begin to wonder why your captors lack creativity.

Broken is what you are when you've have lived the life of an Imperial Agent.