Note: I actually got really sad going through the (friggin long) upload process of this for the last time but here it is. As I mentioned this is an M chapter and the if you'd like to skip it just know the most prudent information you're getting in it is (SPOILER)...they get engaged. Shocker I know. Thanks for reading guys, I'm planning to continue this universe so stay tuned for that. I really hope you guys enjoyed and for those of you who convinced me to write this in the first place (you know who you are) thanks for forcing me into this, it was a fun ride.

Stars never cross. Not often, anyway. Science would one day prove that they can combine, merge toward each other, their gravities pull them together, until they are touching, joined, and one entirely. Whole galaxies follow suit…

The New Year's party was a fair bit duller than Elsa had wanted or anticipated. The Christmas Eve party (which also had doubled as her birthday ball) had been far more lively but perhaps it was because she had been convinced into entering a drinking game with Kristoff. Despite Hans' unwavering support, she, unsurprisingly, lost to the man who was twice her size. But it made the rest of the night far more enjoyable.

This was a party filled with diplomats and old courtiers. All were familiar faces of course, missing one in the form of the Duke of Weselton, who had been dragged onto his ship and sent back to his own king to face punishment, all the while cursing the "uncivilized Viking barbarians" of Arendelle.

Anna and Kristoff were busy on the dance floor—well Anna was busy while Kristoff was struggling to keep up with the steps, all the while she giggled at him. Elsa, for her part, had taken to the balcony beneath the moon and the stars and over the glassy fjord.

One hour until midnight.

"I thought I might find you out here," came Hans' voice.

Elsa smiled as she felt him come up behind her, flush to her back, and wrap his arms around her stomach, resting his chin on her shoulder. Not long after Elsa ended the freeze, Elsa and Hans tried their hand a second time at officially revealing their courtship. It worked better this time around and most of the kingdom adored Hans.

"The party was dull," Elsa said bluntly. Hans hummed in her ear and kissed her cheek. "Have you come to tell me more about the stars or finally make good on that promise to sail away forever?"

He laughed

"I have come to whisk you away, but unfortunately not as far as Rome," Hans said, "But…we could have some fun with it."

She felt him pull away immediately and she turned to see him slinking away with a grin.

"It's hide and seek," he winked and vanished into the crowd.

For God's sake…she groaned. She was in a relationship with a man-child.

Despite this, she followed him into the crowd where she was immediately bombarded with well-wishers, diplomats with an agenda, staffers offering her food, and all manner of other things. Across the room she caught sight of Hans laughing as he exited the room. She politely, but pointedly followed, shooing off other members of the crowd.

She shuffled out of the room and down the hall to a familiar path. She knew where he'd be, where he always went when they played these games. The library was not far but it was enough of a distance away that the din of the party couldn't find them.

She opened the door and shut it behind her. In front of the fireplace she found Hans, looking at the fire he'd just lit. He looked up and smiled, stood and crossed the room to kiss her.

"Found you," she whispered against his lips. He smiled and pulled back. "Was there anything in particular you wanted or were simply as maddeningly bored as I was."

He smiled brighter but something tugged at the edges of his mouth and he went a bit pale.

"I was actually…I wanted to talk to you," he said. His smile was gone now and him seemed to be fidgeting and she felt herself frown. "There were…Words…I was going to say words…"

"What's wrong?" she asked.

"Nothing!" he said quickly. "I just…I had plan and suddenly I'm forgetting everything I was going to say and I look like and idiot and I—"

"Hans," she cut off his ramble and he took a breath.

He opened his mouth and closed it. He looked pensive, then suddenly seemed to resolve on a thought because he face grew determined, he reached in his back pocket and was suddenly….on a single knee. In his hand a modest diamond ring.

Elsa felt herself gasp despite herself and turned bright red. She knew this was coming, they'd talked so often about their future children, about their lives in ten years or twenty. But now it was happening before her eyes. Hans was asking to become her husband, to be first and last face she saw everyday until the day they died. He wanted her as his wife.

"I love you," he said, "I know I say it too much and it's lost meaning but I do. I wholly and deeply love you with my entire heart. And I…" he paused, searching for words before shrugging, "I want to be the one you call husband. Will you, Elsa, Queen of Arendelle, marry me?"

She was curious what great and momentous speech he'd prepared and forgotten. But still, she saw every word in his eyes dripping with sincerity, almost like a plea for her to say yes. Did he truly doubt she would? She considered teasing him a bit but the pure terror etched all over him gave her pause.

So instead she got on her knees to sit eye level in front of him. And she kissed him. While her lips were still working over his, she blindly took her hands and placed them between them. Feeling his hand, she took the ring, fumbling slightly, she placed it on her left hand.

Once it was securely in place, she moved her hands to grasp his jaw and she felt him smile when the metal of the band touched his check. His hands went quickly to her hips and dipped her back, holding tightly so she wouldn't fall. She felt her back rest against the ground.

Her hands travelled from his face while her mouth opened up to him to glide down his chest where she, quite quickly and nonchalantly, pushed his jacket from his shoulders. And it was then that he paused.

They'd been in this position before. Though it was not often, due to the difficultly in getting out of this hole of desire once down too far. But now…the feelings hadn't changed, she wanted him just as much as she did before, but now with the ring on her finger it felt safer, more secure than before. The consequences were less severe.

And in this moment she loved him more than she ever had before, and she wanted to show him. She wanted him to feel it, to know she would only ever be his and he would only ever be hers. And those green eyes were looking at her again, more nervous than before. So Elsa took a breath, never breaking eye contact, she arched her back to give her hands room as she reached underneath her and unhooked the bodice in the back. She shimmied it off, leaving the corset. With shaking hands she took his and placed them on the hooks over her chest.

She watched him swallow. He'd slept with women before, she didn't expect him to balk so obviously now. But she took it as a compliment. Subtly, she nodded and he began pulling strings. To comfort him, she pulled his face to hers and locked their mouths together before her own hands went for the buttons on his vest and then shirt.

She got his clothes off first. It was not surprising considering the amount of work it took to get the corset on, let along get it off. She stared at the familiar sight of his bare chest before she sat up, both to give him access to the strings on the back and to bring her mouth to his shoulder where she began to nip lightly with her teeth.

He shuddered under the caresses of her mouth and she nearly pulled away, uneducated in this field she was afraid of doing something wrong but he nuzzled his head to hers, kissing her cheek. She rested her head on his shoulder and lazily kissed his neck while he pulled at the strings.

"Why do women wear all these damn clothes?" he said.

"It's you men who want us wearing them," she said.

"Certainly not me."

With a pop, she knew she was free. He hesitated to pull it off completely and reveal her bare chest. Elsa took a breath and did it for him, tossing the garment aside. She looked into his eyes as his own dropped down to survey the newly exposed skin. She blushed under his wide eyes and the way he licked his lips as he brought his gaze back to hers.

She reached out and took his hand and placed it over her breast. She let her own hand linger over top his on her chest for a minute to make sure he wouldn't pull away and when she released him his hand stayed put over her right side. She moved closer to him, pushing her chest into his hand and he took the hint and squeezed lightly.

The sensation was new but not unwanted. He watched her reaction and continued his movement, adding more pressure, the more comfortable she was. She started gasping and kissed him again, his free hand coming to her hair.

"Trust me," he whispered to her lips as he pulled away and removed his hand from her breast. And she nearly gasped when his mouth went to her left one, biting lightly as she'd done to him. His mouth moved over the flesh, but stayed away from the one spot she wanted him to get to. She puffed her chest towards him unconsciously and he actually chuckled. Nonetheless, his mouth went over the rose colored flesh in the center and a sound in her throat very close to a moan, ensued.

"The other one," she gasped and turned even redder at what she said. But he chuckled even more and obeyed, bringing his mouth over to the other side.

They continued like this for a while. Hans had gotten his boots and socks off, Elsa's dress came off leaving only her underskirt. Elsa had laid back onto the ground where Hans hovered over her, running his mouth all over her abdomen, nipping in places and making her giggle where the flesh was ticklish.

After a while Hans brought his face back to her own and looked at her. Her hands moved down his stomach to sit over his pants line.

"There are parts of you I want to see too," she said. He nodded slowly and she unfastened them.

Hans pulled and kicked the pants away, leaving only his undergarments now and she did her best to keep her eyes away from the very obvious bulge under the fabric. Instead she kissed him again and his arms snaked under her and lifted. She hitched her legs onto his hips as he carried her across the room. Then she felt soft fabric beneath her bare back. He'd moved them to the couch by the fire.

Elsa shimmied out of her underskirt so they matched in only undergarments. And it became a game…who was losing their last bit of clothes first? That's when Hans smiled again.

"I bet," he said, taking her wrists and pinning them above her head, "I can make you beg me to take these off," he nodded to her underwear.

He swallowed her response with his mouth and the hand that wasn't holding her wrists started moving back over her breasts. At first Elsa gladly basked in the pleasure. But she was quickly beginning to understand how this would be a challenge. Especially when she felt his hips move against hers for the first time and she gasped louder than ever before. All the while, Hans sniggered in her ear. He let his free hand trail down her stomach and hovered just on the waistline.

He moved his hips against hers a second time and she actually whimpered. His hand then moved to sit just inside of her thigh, stroking the skin lightly and lazily while he smirked at her, waiting to hear that one word that was on the tip of her tongue. He ground against her a third time.

"Please," she gasped out before she could stop herself. When she was more learned in all of this she planned on getting back at him. For now, she'd settle for the feeling of his hands slipping beneath the fabric of her undergarments and sliding them down.

He released her wrists and her hands went immediately to his chest, raking her nails across, leaving a trail of red marks in their wake. She was naked in front of him now and she watched him watching her. Something about seeing his eyes trail her body, knowing that he was looking at her completely bare, was incredibly erotic.

His hands massaged at her hips while he trailed her body with more kisses, his tongue burned her like nothing ever had before.

"Do you still trust me?" he said and she could only nod, for fear of making an embarrassing noise if she opened her mouth.

He looked serious again, and nervous. One of the hands on her hips, slid slowly down lower, and lower, and lower until…he hovered there, in that place between her legs. He didn't touch her yet.

"We have to take care of you first," he said.

What did that mean? She knew the science and the formula and the pattern that came to these acts. She knew the way it was supposed to go, but she also knew there were things that deviated from the normal course of actions. And she'd let Hans lead. So she nodded.

"Trust me, it will make what comes later easier," Hans said.

Then his hand touched her and moved lightly over the flesh out there. And the effect was immediate as her hips moved on their own, against his fingers. And he smiled before her eyes closed and her mouth opened in a silent gasp.

The sensation was intoxicating and like nothing she'd ever felt before. And it was building and building as more butterflies released down there and filled her abdomen. The longer it went on, the more the feelings came in waves. And she continued to buck into his hand, her hips moving on their own. She wanted his fingers to go…inside.

And that made her blush too. She hoped that was where he was taking it, that he would see her hints all over her face in the movement of her pelvis. And he obliged.

At first it was a very awkward feeling, having his fingers inside, but as soon as he started moving them she felt herself shaking. She didn't know what scared her more: the way he instinctively knew what she wanted or the way her body instinctively knew what felt good.

He continued moving in and out with his fingers and then soon he was going side-to-side, awkward as it was she knew from reading that this served a purpose and she simply rode it out, moving in tandem with his hand until…until…until…

It was a real, proper moan now, loader than she expected. Hans pulled her against him and held her shaking body tightly to his own while her fingernails dug deep into his back leaving crescent dents. It was an explosion somewhere inside her, not far from where Hans' fingers continued to move. It radiated and pulsed and crashed over her like a wave.

She knew what just happened to her had many names, orgasm, climax, finishing, coming, but the one that came most readily to her mind was…bliss.

Her forehead was pressed to Hans' as she felt her body begin to relax. She was panting for breath, unsure what brought that on considering she hadn't moved.

"Are you ready?" he said shakily. She could only nod. His hands went to his underwear but she stopped him, silently pushing away his hands. She slipped her fingers beneath the band and slid them down herself.

Her eyes widened, much like his had upon seeing her breasts, when he was finally laid bare before her. She suddenly felt very nervous and was hesitant to ask if he would fit…He sensed her nerves and kissed her eyes.

They'd been through hell, they'd been locked away, beaten and bruised, pierced, and bled together. This threshold could not be so scary as all that. And yet they were both shaking.

"I've heard this is…uncomfortable for women at first," Hans said, "I'll try not to—I won't—"

She placed the hand holding her engagement ring over his lips. He took and breath and dipped her back on the couch again. His hand went somewhere between them, grabbing himself to angle properly. She clutched the couch in preparation as she first simply pressed himself against her. She gripped his arm and he, ever so slightly, pushed in halfway.

She hissed and squirmed. It was indeed…uncomfortable. Well, perhaps new was a better term. And it hurt, a fair bit, she knew it would hurt more the farther in he went. She bit her lip and nodded for him to move forward. Sensing her discomfort, he leaned forward to distract her with a kiss as he slowly moved even farther in and stayed put.

She wriggled around more, trying to find a way in which it didn't hurt, or didn't feel strange. She moved to different angles, all the while Hans stayed put, waiting for her to lead him on. She twisted and moved and adjusted and then—

Oh god.

What she was feeling must have played across her face because he grabbed her tight, and said, "Can I start moving?" She nodded quickly and he obeyed.

He slowly moved in and out. It was still strange and there was pain but it was lessening the more they went on. He went on slowly as she continued to move around, keeping him hitting that same spot. But very soon it wasn't enough, she needed more, she needed…deeper.

"Please," she whispered once again, too embarrassed to voice what she actually wanted. He understood though and sped up with labored grunts and a sheen of sweat over his skin.

He moved hard and she moved against him, and from the sounds he was no making, she assumed what she was doing was satisfactory. There were plenty of things she was saying in her head she'd be mortified to know she said aloud. She felt herself building again, and it was much faster than before. She was gasping and panting and moaning and making all sorts of foreign noises.

Perhaps it was the way she was craving the singeing heat radiating between them, perhaps it was the sound their bodies made, slamming together, the friction between their entwined body parts but this time she exploded with even more sensation than before. And she cried out louder. Hans was still moving inside her while she struggled to control the shaking and the spasms and the contraction of her muscles and limbs. Very quickly he let out a low groan as he held his last thrust and she knew it had happened to him too. Particularly when she could feel him filling her.

This time she held him as he came, pressing her body against him and feeling his heart beating away behind his chest and the way their slick bodies slid against each other. They were breathing in time with each other.

"I love you," he whispered. And she kissed him yet again.

They laid there together under blankets, ignoring the party going on outside. Elsa couldn't help but think it was incredibly sexy how they'd done this with half the kingdom not far down the hallway.

They giggled and talked and held each other close under the blankets while the fire slowly died. There had been blood and Hans' fluid was leaking out between her legs, they'd have to clean that up before Kai or Gerda found it.

She looked about the library, the first time she'd kissed him had been just behind the bookshelf over there. When they decided to begin their relationship had been on this couch, and now here they were. She laughed at the idea: perhaps they should get married here. All the while the stars stood guard outside the window.

"Where you afraid at all," he said, "Of your magic…doing anything…unfortunate?"

"I thought about that a long time ago" Elsa said, "I wasn't even thinking about it now…"

"Good, don't."

He kissed her hair and they held tight to each other as the clock struck twelve. It was a new year, the cycle continued and time reset. All things were new and now she was a fiancée. The winter was over, she was with Anna once again and they were happy, she had someone she loved and who loved her to keep her warm the rest of her life. She wished her parents could see how far she'd come, all she'd been through to get here now. Everything was as it should be.

"Happy New Year," Hans murmured into her hair, kissing her softly.

And she delighted in how incredibly warm everything seemed to be.