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Chapter One.

Blue eyes blinked open blearily as sunlight prodded their owner awake and his head pounded like someone had taken a hammer to it. Dear Merlin why was it that getting Harry drunk meant he'd had to get drunk as well and wake up with a hangover. He looked over at the sleeping brunette curled against him and smirked. It was worth the hangover; he'd be collecting a pot of galleons for having won the bet not to mention Harry wasn't half-bad a lay. He shifted and shoved Harry off the bed maliciously so he could have his sheets to himself.

Harry awoke when his hip was introduced to the floor painfully. His head throbbed, his arse throbbed and it felt like something had crawled into his mouth and died. He only remembered flashes of the night before but he did remember that he hadn't gone to bed alone. He rose so that he could look at his bed partner. "Oi, keep those long limbs under control. You pushed me out of bed." Harry's voice was scratchy and it felt a bit awkward even talking to Ron now after what they had done.

"That was the point." Ron gave the brunette an irritable look, "You don't belong here anymore Potter. Go back down to the dungeons with the rest of the snakes." It stuck in Ron's craw badly that, when they'd all been resorted for this repeat of seventh year, Harry had been put into Slytherin. Here was someone he'd considered a friend for nearly eight years and all the time he'd been a snake in disguise. An Ice Prince of one too since he constantly turned down people asking for dates or even just a one-off. They were eighteen, weren't they suppose to be nothing but hormones and sex drive?

Green eyes widened in confusion. Harry couldn't really take in what Ron, what his best friend was telling him. "What are you on about? You're still not on about the House thing are you?" He knew Ron had been upset when he was resorted into Slytherin even though he couldn't understand it. After the war and everything that had happened, House belonging and rivalry seemed so petty and unimportant. People were people and Harry was tired of being categorized. "What are you saying Ron?" A lump that had nothing to do with his hangover started to form in his stomach.

"What I have to spell it out for you?" The redhead didn't bother to ever lift up to address Harry. "You're not one of us anymore. The only reason I got you drunk and fucked you is because Dean and Seamus started a betting pool on who could get the 'Savior' in their bed. I fucked you so I won and there's no reason for you to stick around." He rolled over and presented Harry with his back, "You know where the door is."

Harry's throat closed up and it felt as if he'd been kicked in the gut. This was Ron Weasley, his best friend in the world saying these things. A bet...Seamus and Dean...People he'd lived with for six years and known for almost eight. How could they do this? Harry was still Harry, he hadn't changed, he still considered himself their friend. It hurt. Feeling very naked Harry quickly gathered his clothes, jumping into his trousers without bothering with underwear or socks, he just wanted to get out of there as quickly as possible. Harry waited by the door for a moment, hoping that Ron would turn around and tell him that it was only a bad joke, that they were still best friends and that last night never had happened. Ron didn't move though and
Harry got out of the room as quickly as he could without tripping over his own feet. Luckily it was still very early and he hoped to make it back to his room where he could lick his wounds in private without anyone witnessing his walk of shame.

Draco Malfoy was having a good morning; well he was having a good school year so far actually. His father had somehow managed to come out of the debacle of being branded a Death Eater smelling like a rose so Draco's own status was restored in society, he was studying under his godfather with the promise of an apprenticeship, and with the Dark Lord's demise all the 'new' marks had faded so he was no longer branded. The only fly in his personal ointment was, as always, Harry Potter. When all the eighteen year old students returned to complete their seventh year after the missed year there had been a re-sorting and though most were returned to their original houses some had been put into another. Potter had been shuffled into Slytherin which meant Draco couldn't make Potter's life difficult anymore, though verbal potshots weren't disallowed thank mercies.

That was just a minor annoyance though as Potter seemed more than happy to avoid all of Slytherin house. He did his work in the common room next to the huge window that turned Black Lake into Slytherin's personal aquarium, ate his meals at the far end of the table, spent most of his time in the library, and slept with the bed curtains spelled closed and impervious. So Draco really didn't have to deal with the bloody Boy-Who-Lived as a rule.

Right now though he was returning from a night of gathering potion ingredients with his godfather and was looking forward to sleeping for half of the Sunday. He rounded a corner and stopped short, a pale brow rising as he spotted Potter rounding the opposite corner. "Well this is a surprise. Out for a night time stroll Potter?"

Of course. Of course luck couldn't smile on him even once and let him get back to his room and his bed without anyone seeing him. And of course it had to be Malfoy of all people. Harry knew how he looked with his hair in even more disarray than usual, his shirt barely buttoned and with his socks and shoes in his hands. "I could ask you the same Malfoy." Harry didn't meet the blonds' eyes. He just wanted to get away from him, get to bed, pull the blankets over his head and sleep the day away so he wouldn't have to think about what had happened.

Well that was odd. Potter was not the type to avoid his gaze during verbal sparring, quite the contrary. The bottle green eyes usually glared with the force of a killing curse. "Oh nothing quite so interesting as you apparently got up to. Your hair is even more of a disgrace than usual and your clothes," his disdainful sniff was eloquent, "So who was the lucky girl that got into the wizarding world's intrepid hero's pants?"

He couldn't do this, Harry's stomach churned and he was about to be sick. "Not now Malfoy...Just not now." He pushed his way past the smirking blond and rushed towards the bathroom before he made even a bigger fool of himself and threw up on Malfoy's patented leather shoes.

Both Draco's eyebrows rose up and he watched Harry flee. Now that was interesting and very out of character. He pursed his lips as he recognized the peculiar gait to Potter's near run. It was almost a limp and a limp coupled with the rumpled appearance meant that Potter had been with another man and had been the one on the bottom. From the brunette's reaction he didn't think the morning after had gone well and he found himself curious. What could get Harry Potter to act so beaten when the Dark Lord himself hadn't been able to cow him?

He'd have to watch Potter more closely and see if he could figure anything out.


"I can't believe you really pulled it off." Dean glanced over at the Slytherin table where Harry sat on his own eating breakfast quietly. "Congratulations mate; you really have balls of brass." He leaned over to shake Ron's hand. "I'm never fond of parting with money but in this instance it's really worth it...So tell us, how was the savior of the wizarding world in the sack?"

Ron grinned, gripping Dean's hand. "He's not half bad but I've had better."

A few seats down the table Neville twitched in disgust. He'd love to knock Ron's smirk right off his freckled face and remind Ron about everything Harry had done for him but he couldn't risk the others defending the bastard. He had to live with them for the next several months and he didn't need to be put into the hospital.

Over at the Slytherin table Draco watched the Weasel crowing and bragging though he couldn't quite hear him. His gaze fell on Potter again and he noticed how the brunet was hunching tighter into himself the louder the Weasel got. Never let it be said that a Malfoy can't add two and two and come up with the proper number. He rolled his eyes and took a sip of his morning cocoa. It figured that the little red haired idiot would be the one Potter let into his pants.

It sucked. Harry stared into his oatmeal, having lost his appetite completely. He'd kind of hoped that Ron had been lying, that only he felt that Harry had no place with his old friends any longer but the way his friends...His former friends acted, patting Ron's back and shaking his hand proved that it wasn't so. They really had bet on who could fuck him first, well wasn't that just bloody brilliant? Harry couldn't wait for the school year to be over, he would leave...Maybe go to France or America, somewhere where no one knew who he was.

Up at the head table Severus Snape, looking particularly bitchy today, eyed Ronald Weasley with thinly veiled disdain. He'd heard about that foul bet from a group of fourth years who'd been discussing putting their savings in the pot during potions class and it quite honestly turned his stomach. He was not in any way a noble or chivalrous sort of man but by Merlin this went against even his own loose code. Betraying a friend for money, it was disgusting.

"Sappy?" Tiny hands pulled on pitch black robes. "Sappy up!"

"Sorry, sorry." Remus Lupin came and swept his son up in his arms. "As soon as I take my eyes from him he finds his way to you. I apologize." Remus took his seat at the table with Teddy on his lap. Coming back to Hogwarts as DADA professor was a good thing. He couldn't stay at the cottage after Dora's passing and living at Grimmauld was out of the question even though Harry had given him permission. He saw and felt Sirius in every room there. Coming back to Hogwarts felt right. "What's going on? You seem in a particularly sourly mood today."

Severus looked over at the werewolf and the currently green haired and pouting toddler in Lupin's arms that was peering at him in fascination. He didn't know why but Teddy Lupin was positively enamored of him when all others turned tail and fled before his infamous deadpan stare. He wasn't entirely certain how to deal with the child, especially not now that he was utterly unable to truly hold a grudge against Teddy's father. Remus Lupin had found him, bleeding to death and poisoned in the Shrieking Shack and had set aside any dislike to stop the bloodflow and get him to St. Mungos before he was too far gone. It was difficult for him to be hostile to Lupin now. The man had never deliberately taken any action against him, he'd simply done nothing to stop James and Sirius, and he'd saved his life. Free of the trappings of his life at two madmens' beck and calls he found it nigh impossible to hold on to his old grudges.

He took a sip of his coffee and flicked a glance at Potter, then to Weasley, and then back to Lupin, pondering how best to answer. If he told Lupin the truth they might well be cleaning up bits of student from the hallway as he knew the werewolf considered Harry as much his cub as the toddler in Lupin's lap. "I was recalling some blatant stupidity that will likely have far reaching consequences. It's a distasteful thought."

"Stupidity is always distasteful, and there's always consequences." Remus answered softly, still feeling the need to apologize for how he had acted, or rather not acted back in school but he knew that Severus would not appreciate it. He turned his eyes on his squirming son and tried to get a bib on him before he gave him his breakfast. Teddy was not liking the idea and held out his arms towards Snape pleadingly. "Go Sappy...Pwease!"

Snape eyed the child warily, once again at a complete loss of what to do as the toddler squirmed and kicked and wriggled in his father's arms, preventing Lupin from eating. A brow twitched and he felt certain he'd regret it but he found himself opening his mouth and saying, "If you think it will settle him down so that you may actually eat, I suppose I could be amiable enough to his presence on my lap until you are finished with your meal."

Remus raised an eyebrow but handed his son over quickly before Snape changed his mind. The chance to eat a meal in relative peace was too tempting to give up. "Thank you, I'll eat quickly."

Teddy cooed happily and stretched his chubby, little body so that he could plant a wet kiss on the tip of Snape's long, crooked nose before settling down in Snape's arms being perfectly still and good.

Back at the Slytherin table Draco simply couldn't contain the amused snort at the sight of his dour godfather rubbing baby spit from the end of his unfortunate nose before proceeding to stare at and be stared at by young Teddy Lupin. He had to admit, his little cousin was an astonishingly cute brat. His attention was brought back to the Gryffindor table when the Weaselette whacked her brother over the head with a platter of bacon before storming out in a fury.

Ron rubbed the top of his head and frowned at Ginny's exit. Bloody hell what was that about. He knew she still carried a bit of a torch for Harry but you'd think knowing that Harry would rather take it than give it would put that flame out so what reason did she have to hit him so hard? He shook his head and went back to eating, wondering absently where Hermione was before brushing that question off. She'd probably slept in after another one of her massive study sessions.

"So it's true then. I must admit I didn't really believe it." Pansy leaned close to Draco and crossed her legs elegantly, liking the way the silk stockings felt against her skin. She might have been forced to don the school uniform for an extra year but she would not give up on her underwear or shoes. The killer heels she wore at the moment were clear proof of that. She watched Harry finish his breakfast in record time and hurry out of the Great Hall. "Bloody Weasel, I never liked him."

"Mmm," Draco nodded, "a rather small fish always playing at being bigger than what he is. It appears that he'll be making things unpleasant for Potter." The blond couldn't quite stifle the tiny stirring of pity on Potter's behalf but it was almost insignificant in the grand scheme of his emotions. He looked over at the girl who'd been his partner in crime for longer than either could remember. "Speaking of unpleasant, are the idiots still bothering you about your suggestion to hand Potter over last year?"

"It's nothing." Pansy picked up her teacup and took a sip. "The day I let idiots like them get to me is the day you can wrap me in yellow and call me a Hufflepuff." Potter himself had forgiven her for what she'd said in a moment of weakness and fear but the cronies who'd abandoned the boy wonder hadn't and they let her know it every chance they got. She didn't care though; at least that was what she told herself. She was meant for bigger and better things and school wouldn't last forever. "What can you expect from someone who literally fucks his best friend over for money?"

"Not much that's certainly true. If he or the others pull anything nasty though, my lethal friend, let me know so I can join the fun in teaching them a lesson in what real friends do." He snorted, "Gryffindors like to style themselves as the loyalist house after Hufflepuff but look at them. Making bets about the one who saved their hides," he tsked, "give me the snake pit any day over the lion's den."

"You won't hear any arguments from me." Pansy tapped the edge of her teacup with perfect, crimson colored nails. "Speaking of lions though, that one has filled out rather nicely don't you think?" She nodded towards the head table where the new transfiguration professor ate his breakfast. "Wouldn't have believed it if I didn't see it with my own eyes."

Draco looked up at where Percy Weasley sat talking with Professor Sprout and nodded, "Certainly not what I expected no. I rather thought he'd remain gangly but he did indeed fill out." Draco studied the newest professor, taking in the broader than expected frame and the face that no longer was obscured by a pair of old glasses. "The sixth and seventh years are already making seduction noises. It's rather funny."

"It will certainly make the school year amusing. I look forward to seeing these seduction attempts." She scrunched up her little nose. "He's become fit but seducing him, becoming one of the red army...Certainly nothing for me." Pansy gave an exaggerated shudder. "I like my men a little less...Freckly."

Draco gave her a teasing look, "Less freckly and with a green thumb perhaps?"

"Perhaps, I admit to nothing." Pansy gave a slow, wicked smile and looked across the hall at the tall, dark haired young man sitting a bit away from the rest of his Dormmates. "It's another lion who has certainly grown into his roar, that much I can say."

"Ah but is he as loyal as the rest of his housemates or does he hold himself to a higher standard is the question my dear Pansy. Only the best for you, no second rate pretenders."

"Aren't you sweet?" She poked the Slytherin prince in his ribs. "I don't know about his character yet but you know me Dray, I will have plenty of fun finding out. Now be a good boy and eat up, we don't want to be late for class."

"Perish the thought milady." He smirked and resumed nibbling on his toast, his mind going back to Potter curiously.

To Be Continued…