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My Only Exception

Sebastian kept in an eye roll as he executed a perfect step-touch for the third time in the routine. The dance moves for Uptown Girl, if they could be called that, were plebian at best. Honestly, what had he expected from an all boys a cappella show choir that was founded in the early 1900s? Apparently too much if this display of questionable talent was anything to go on. Honestly, it made him wonder about their last lead singer, Blaise or whatever his name was. Was he as good as the Warblers kept saying he was, or were they comparing him to their talents?

Speaking of, hello cute little dreamboat; it took a moment as the boy in the doorway wasn't in the traditional Dalton uniform like his yearbook picture, but he recognized him. Pulling Blaine into the line-up of blazer clad boys, he watched as the old Warbler jumped into the choreography almost seamlessly. And that answered that question, he really was that good. Later, sitting across from each other in the refectory, Sebastian tried to figure this boy out.

"So why did you leave Dalton? Get tired of all the preppies, or is it that you broke too many hearts to stay?"

"No, it wasn't like that." Blaine replied, eyes wide and innocent.

"Then what?"

"Let's just say that I miss Dalton every day, but my heart is at McKinley." Sebastian sat back with a thoughtful look. Casually noticing the clock above the mantle across from him, he realized he would be late if he didn't leave soon.

"Well, I have to go, Lacrosse practice, but maybe we could meet up again? I could really use some more of your insight Blaine, you know, Warbler to Warbler."

"Yeah, sure." Sebastian smirked. Hook line and sinker.

Smythe men were refined, aggressive, and always got what they wanted. Sebastian was quickly re-evaluating what he wanted from Blaine Anderson. He was pretty, but far too innocent for his tastes. It wasn't so much that he had no idea what was outside of Ohio, it was fun showing the world to someone and showing off was his favorite pastime. What was turning him off was that Blaine was rather bland. There's nothing wrong with romance and a house in the country with a white picket fence and all that, but where was the fun and passion supposed to come in? It was time to see if the guy was seriously as boring as he seemed.

"You're out there."

"And your whole bashful schoolboy thing, super hot." Sebastian responded with a flirty smirk.

"Listen, Sebastian I have a boyfriend."

"Doesn't bother me if it doesn't bother you."

"No I mean I really care about him and I just don't want to mess my thing up with him, he's really great." Not, I don't like you, but I don't want to mess up my relationship. Wonder what that says about the relationship in question.

"Who's really great?" The breathy voice cut across his next comment. Sebastian gritted his teeth, trying to bite back the unpleasant words he wanted to sling at the interloper when he looked up and into the face of an angel.

"You are! You're really great! Um, Sebastian, this is Kurt, my boyfriend!" Well, that was interesting, and rather disappointing. He'd hoped to get this new pretty boy's number.

"Pleasure." The pretty boy replied with a brittle smile and flat tone.

"So what are you guys doing this Friday night?" He had to see this beautiful boy again.

"Well, we practice for the play and then we do a rigorous skin sloughing routine over the phone with each other." Kurt responded with a suggestive smirk. Sebastian was caught off guard for a second before he rallied and replied.

"As sexy as that sounds, why don't I get you guys a couple of fake IDs and we can head on over to Scandles in West Lima." Maybe he could get Kurt away from Blaine long enough to make a play for him.

"Sc-scandles, that's a gay bar." The aside was wholly unnecessary as evidenced by the raised eyebrow Kurt threw his boyfriend. Well, curiouser and curiouser. These two were just full of surprises. Well, Kurt was anyway.

"Thank you for the invitation, Sebastian, but it's just not our scene." Blaine replied with a tight smile.

"Let's do it." Oh what Sebastian could do with an open comment like that.

"What?" Blaine shot them both a startled look, but Sebastian's eyes were on Kurt. The pale boy was staring back, his pretty eyes peeking out from the fringe of his lashes coquettishly.

"Yeah I mean we have so many firsts to cross off our list. It'll be fun." Sebastian could hardly contain his smirk. Those bedroom eyes were lethal. Yes, he was done with preppy, now on to the sex kitten.

"Yeah, it'll be fun." Lots and lots of fun if that flirty smirk were anything to go by.

"O-okay." Perfect.

The only thing more depressing than not getting to impress or dance with the guy he wanted, was having to watch Blaine step-touch off beat as said target talked to some bear cub at the bar; time to pull out the big guns. The second he got closer to Blaine, his little boyfriend was between them shaking his sexy ass and shoulders purposefully. Did he know how to get what he wanted or what? The problem, every time he tried to get close he was brushed off by the overprotective boy.

"Why don't you try dancing with me, precious?" Oh hell no, Sebastian thought as some thug came up and started trying to drag Kurt over to his dark little corner.

"He's taken, actually." Sebastian shot back before the pale boy could fire off his own scathing comment. He slid between beefcake and Kurt with a sly wink and a poisonous smile.

"Oh? By both of you? Kinky." With that the burly biker slid back into the crowd to find a new target.

"Sebastian! I can't believe that you just said that." Kurt's cheeks were flaming.

"What? It got him to go away didn't it?"

"Yes but now he thinks that I'm dating both of you!"

"No, he thinks you're fucking both of us. Which if you weren't so attached to this goofball you could be with at least one of us." With a wink, Sebastian spun around to dance behind him, leaving Blaine open to the bar.

"You-you're insufferable and shameless." Kurt shot back with a curl of his oh so tempting lips. Sebastian shrugged and pulled Kurt back into his body.

"No use in trying to slut shame me now, honey, that's a point of pride."


"Has anyone ever told you that you're sexy?" He cut the paler boy off, suddenly tired of the circular conversation.

"Wh-what?" He looked shocked; maybe his boyfriend wasn't good with compliments. He could see Blaine being a little self involved that way.

"You, Kurt Hummel, are sexy and I think you'd make some guy an excellent boyfriend."

"Good thing I'm dating some guy then, isn't it?" He shot back with a smug smirk.

"No, what you're dating is a hobbit with a gel fetish. You need to upgrade." He replied with a smirk, rolling his hips into Kurt's backside.

"Let me guess, you count yourself as an upgrade?" He asked with a raised eyebrow, a skeptical look on his flawless face as he wiggled away.

"Of course I am." Here Kurt stopped dancing and turned to look at him. His pretty face was screwed up in anger, his eyes laced with pain.

"You are nothing but a manipulative slut who just wants a quick fuck in the bathroom. I'm not interested in being a notch on your belt or whatever you keep track on. I want romance and commitment and manners; none of which you have displayed a capacity for. So just quit while you're ahead because Blaine may look sweet and innocent but he can fight and I bet you've never gotten your hands dirty."

Sebastian was shocked, not just at the words themselves, but that Kurt thought that about him. He may not be the nicest guy around, or even the most committed, but he'd also not ever met anyone worth putting the effort into.

"First off, you have no idea what I want, as I haven't told you yet, and secondly, I don't keep track, I don't have to. Third, I could take Blaine no issue." Here, Sebastian sidled up to Kurt, his hot breath whispering across his ear.

"You're worth more than one time in some seedy bathroom. I think you're worth more than this whole town combined. If you want someone who's willing to prove that to you, give me a call. If not, stick with the hobbit here." He pointed to Blaine who in Kurt's absence had started dancing with yet another guy. Sebastian relished his shocked face for a moment before he headed over to the bar. After grabbing a bottle of water, he strolled out into the cool night.

It was almost an hour later that Sebastian watched the two boys exit. Blaine had obviously had more than the beer he'd given him earlier, but Kurt still looked sober. Good, one of them needed to be. Apparently Blaine was an affectionate drunk. As Kurt pushed him into the back of the van they'd driven there, he noticed Kurt over balance. He moved forward to help, but stopped when he heard Blaine speak.

"C'mon, let's just do it. I want you so bad, Kurt." Wow, he so did not need to be here for this. Sebastian was about to turn around and head to his car, but Kurt's response stopped him in his tracks.

"Blaine, stop it! No, just-"

"What? What's wrong?"

"What's wrong is I don't want to do this when you're drunk and you've spent the entire night dancing with other guys!"

"Kurt, you know I love you, I would never cheat on you or anything. I mean c'mon, Kurt, you said you wanted to be adventurous." As Blaine reached for him again, Kurt pulled away fully and took a step back.

"No, Blaine. This is not happening here or tonight at all."

"Why? C'mon Kurt, I'll make you feel so good." He slurred, stumbling out of the back of the van and slumping onto Kurt. The pale boy almost fell with the added weight.

"No, okay, we are not having sex in the back seat of a van in a gay bar parking lot with you drunk!" Kurt yelled in Blaine's shocked face. The shorter boy turned away with his face screwed up in anger, arms crossed over his chest.

"Fine! I'm sorry for trying to be spontaneous and fun!" He snarled as he stomped away from the car lot.

"Blaine! Where are you going?"

"I think I'm just gonna walk home." He bit out over his shoulder.

"Blaine!" Kurt screamed after him, but the other boy was already gone. He sighed deeply and ran his hand over his immaculate hair in frustration. Sebastian took that as his cue to come out of hiding.

"Yeah, he's such a charmer, that one."

"Shut up Sebastian." Kurt replied wearily.

"I'm sorry, for what it's worth." Sebastian replied quietly.

"Sure." Kurt snorted. "This was probably part of the plan. Get boy drunk enough to leave so you have the opportunity to seduce his boyfriend."

"I had hoped coming here would loosen you two up a bit, but I couldn't have known this would happen."

"Okay fine, I believe you." He sighed again.

"You don't sound like you believe me."

"I do, it's just alcohol has always been a bad thing around me, so I suppose this is just par for the course." Kurt replied dryly.

"Well, I think you handled this well. You stood your ground and that counts for something you know."

"Yeah, well, it doesn't feel like I came out any better in this situation so forgive me for not taking your praise very well." Something in his tone made Sebastian wary so his response was colored with worry.

"Look, just, don't do anything stupid okay? If he's worthy of you, he'll wait."

"And if he won't?" Kurt raised an eyebrow at him. Damn he wished he could pull off that look half as well.

"Then he doesn't deserve you."

"And you do, I'm guessing?" Kurt asked with a skeptical look.

"Nope, nobody deserves you Kurt. You're the only spectacular thing in this loserville. But, if there were one person in this hick town that knew that and appreciated you for it, it would be me. Just-don't give in until you're ready for it okay?" Sebastian cursed himself for faltering, but it needed to be said.

"Bad experience?" He inquired curiously.

"Nope, all of mine were great, but I've heard horror stories. If you give in to keep him around, he'll leave anyway."

"Noted." Flat tone, but the eyes were thoughtful, good.

"Call me."

"Don't have your number." Kurt replied.

"Yes you do, it's in your phone." He threw Kurt's phone into his waiting palm and with a wink, Sebastian was gone.

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