Happenstance by Layton Colt

On an away mission --gone wrong as usual-- Torres is kidnapped and taken through a 'strange ring.' Janeway and Paris follow through to attempt a rescue.

Notes: My first real crossover! I'm not counting 'The Unwanted' because that was only a semi-crossover. Okay, this starts out just like a very strange episode of Voyager, but then it gets stranger when our beloved SG-1 get involved. Now, to get the seasons correct, for Stargate it is second season sometime after the episode 'The Tok'ra' and for Voyager it is the end of the third season after 'Displaced.' (Before Tom and B'Elanna were a couple -- in other words when they were still at the fun stage of fighting and flirting) Familiarity with both Stargate and Voyager is advised -- but if you've only seen one of the shows you should still be able to figure it out.

Boy, I've got lots of notes for this story -- okay, I don't know how much the Voyager crew besides the above mentioned (Torres, Janeway and Paris) will be in this story. Would anyone be terribly upset if they didn't show up until the end? Because I could try writing Voyager's search for the missing crew but I think it would be superfluous.

And to Teri . . . I've done it! I've really done it . . . I actually got struck by inspiration right after reading your review -- so thanks!

Lieutenant Tom Paris stared at his tricorder in irritation. Voyager's sensors had picked up an unfamiliar and very powerful energy source but they hadn't been able to get a lock on its position yet. He'd flown down to the planet on the shuttle 'Cochran' along with his Captain, Kathryn Janeway and Lieutenant Torres. Whatever the energy source was, it had blocked their transporters from working correctly.

Janeway and Torres were off in the other direction, but he was sure the energy source was this way. They had teased him -- reminding him that they were the scientists but he knew how to read a tricorder. And he knew what he was reading.

He pushed out of the dense forest and entered a clearing. It was a barren space, dirt and stones littered the desolate area. And then something caught his attention.

Tom allowed the tricorder to fall limply to his side and then began towards it. "Wow," he muttered as he walked in front of the huge monument and stared upwards. It was a large ring -- made of a slick black stone. There were seven lights dispersed across it. Tom lifted his tricorder again and did a quick check. The strange ring was definitely the source of the energy signature.

He quickly tapped his combadge. "Hey, Torres," he said trying to keep the 'I told you so' out of his tone. "Guess what I found?"

His answer was a growl of frustration.

"Good job, Lieutenant," Janeway answered for B'Elanna. "We'll be right over. Janeway out."

Tom placed his tricorder back on his belt and walked around the circle. He couldn't see what function it could possibly have. As he looked around, he came upon another structure. This one was much smaller -- and in Tom's opinion was shaped like a mushroom -- there was an orange stone in its center and it was surrounded by buttons with star constellations on it.

Tom froze. Wait a minute -- constellations? Tom looked back at the pictures. He recognized them, they were constellations, and they were from Earth -- he was sure. But what the hell were they doing across the galaxy?


Tom turned around to see Janeway and B'Elanna enter the clearing.

"What is it *that*?" B'Elanna asked.

The two women walked over and stood beside him. "This is the energy source?" Janeway asked as she double checked the readings on her tricorder.

"I was hoping you could tell me," Tom said sweetly. "You are the engineer, after all. I'm just a clueless pilot, remember?"

B'Elanna shot Tom a look of vague irritation before turning to the other enigma she was faced with. "Maybe it's some kind of religious thing," she suggested.

Tom took a deep breath and hoped that when he told them what he'd found, that they wouldn't believe he was crazy. "Maybe," he said. "But you see this?" Tom motioned to the 'mushroom.' "These are constellations -- from Earth"

B'Elanna furrowed her brow. "What?"

"Constellations," Tom repeated slowly. "From Earth."

"How is that possible?" Janeway asked.

Tom shrugged. Grateful they hadn't immediately dismissed his observations. "I'm not sure," he admitted. "I mean, we have no idea who made this. It could have been constructed by some alien race that actually went to Earth sometime in our history."

"That could be--" Janeway began, she was cut off, however, as the ground beneath them began to shake.

Tom's eyes shot to the ring -- they widened when he saw that it had begun to spin. The seven lights began to light up, one by one.

"What's going on?" Torres asked angrily.

None of them had an answer. All they could do was watch in fascination as the last light shone orange and a great wave of blue matter rushed towards them and pulled back into itself to create the illusion of a calm sea of standing water.

Before the three Starfleet officers even had a chance to come to terms with what had happened figures began to appear through the ring. They were wearing clunky metal suits that echoed with every step. Their armor came complete with helmets that hid their faces from view and showed only a monster. Then another figure came out, this one without a helmet.

He looked human, and the Voyagers were surprised. He was a white man, bald with cold eyes and a permanent sneer. He turned in the direction of the three flabbergasted explorers and his eyes lit up with an alien glow.

"Hello," Janeway said weakly. "We're from--"

The man lifted his hand, and a device resting on his palm began to glow. It let out a burst of energy and three the three backwards, effectively cutting Janeway off.

Paris groaned as he connected with the ground and tried to reach his phaser. Strong hands grabbed at him, however, and forced him to his knees.

Some kind of elongated weapon was pressed at his back and he held out his hands in surrender. He risked a glance sideways and saw that both Janeway and Torres had been forced into a similar position.

The man who they assumed was the leader stepped forward, and when he spoke, the away team realized he was not human. Despite his looks. His voice echoed with a dual quality that was unnatural. "You will bow to your god, Heru-ur," the man hissed. "And do not speak to me as though you are my equal."

Tom bit his tongue. Fighting the urge to make a remark that was likely only to further enrage the man. The man -- Heru-ur -- reached out and painfully grabbed Tom's chin. He forced the young man's head up and studied him carefully.

Heru-ur turned to one of the masked men beside him. "He would make a good host," he said. His eyes flickered away from Tom and fell on B'Elanna and smiled. A smile that was more frightening than even his sneer. "But I need only a woman on this occasion."

He motioned to B'Elanna and two of the guards grabbed her and pulled her to her feet. Heru-ur walked up to her. "What are you?" he asked using that same aberrant voice.

B'Elanna glared at the man. "What the hell are you?" she demanded.

The man laughed. "She has spirit. I've never seen a creature so exotic as you. You shall make a perfect host for my queen."

"The hell she will!" Tom shouted -- unable to remain passive any longer. "Get your filthy hands off of her!"

Heru-ur raised his hand as he turned narrowed eyes in the pilot's direction. Another energy blast shot forth, knocking the young man to the ground. He motioned to one of the guards and she shot Janeway with a blast of blue energy -- sending her falling to the ground in pain.

Tom tried to pull himself up but the pain in his head caused him to collapse again. He could see B'Elanna fighting against the men holding her, both of whom were twice her size. One of the guards was pressing buttons on that mushroom thing. He slammed his hand down on the orange stone and the ring activated again.

Tom stared at the buttons. Memorizing the order and position of each one. The last thing he saw before losing the battle with consciousness was B'Elanna getting pulled into the strange blue matter, and it disappearing right after she'd made it through.

to be continued . . .

Don't worry, SG-1 will be showing up in the next part. This is just a prologue of sorts. I hope you liked it!