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Some people mentioned in their reviews that they either haven't seen much of Stargate or any at all, so I've added a short summary of each of the main characters of Stargate. I'm assuming since this is posted under Voyager, that you're are familiar with the Voyager characters.

~Stargate Characters~

Dr. Daniel Jackson - The scientist and multiple PhD who opened the 'gate -- and my personal favorite. He was laughed out of academia and taken in by the military to consult on a secret project. He figured out the mystery of the 'gate and went through on a mission. He stayed on Abydos and was married to Sha'uri, a year later, he was forced to return to Earth and Sha'uri was taken as a host to the Goa'uld. (The Goa'uld are a parasitic race -- Big bad guys)

Col. Jonathan 'Jack' O'Neill - A colonel in the air force, he was asked to go on a suicide mission to Abydos, for the first mission. He agreed because he was depressed after his son had accidentally killed himself with his gun. The trip to Abydos healed him, though -- mostly because of Daniel and a boy he befriended named Skarra -- and when the show started, he returned as a sarcastic but easy going character.

Captain Samantha 'Sam' Carter - Like Daniel, Sam's a genius, and like Jack, she's in the airforce. She also has a PhD, in astrophysics, and was also partly responsible for opening the 'gate. She was the one who found a way to power it.

Teal'c - An alien -- a Jaffa -- who was first prime to Apophis, SG-1's greatest enemy and the man who stole Daniel's wife to become his queen. He betrayed his God (Apophis) in order to help Jack, Daniel, Sam and a room full of refugees escape. He left his family behind on Chulak to join with the Tau'ri (earth humans) and help in the fight against the Goa'uld.

Martouf/Lantash - Martouf is a human host, and Lantash is the Goa'uld inhabiting him. He isn't really a Goa'uld however, because he shares the body of his host, with his host, unlike the Goa'uld, who take full control. It's this difference that makes them Tok'ra.

General George Hammond - The leader of the SGC (StarGate Command) He has a soft spot for SG-1 (Jack, Daniel, Sam and Teal'c) and let's them get away with more than they probably should. He always does what he thinks is right, and if anyone gives him trouble he just picks up his red phone and talks to his good friend the president.

General Jacob Carter/Selmak - Sam's father. He was dying of cancer so Sam offered him the chance of becoming Tok'ra and prolonging his life. He agreed and Selmak became his simbiote. Now he lives off-world with the Tok'ra and goes on infiltration missions, sometimes involving SG-1.