Title: Moving Company
Author: Lady Lance
Pairing: Harry/Blaise, Harry Draco (eventually)
Raiting: PG for some mild violence, kissing
Summary: When Harry becomes a Slytherin, everything changes
Disclaimers: J.K Rowling owns the characters and the world, I don't have permission to do this and I'm not making any money off this to boot.
Feedback: Yes please, nothing makes a day brighter then feedback.
Author Note: Thanks to Nyn for betaing and for Sarah for her support.

1. Moving People

It was the evening of September first at Hogwarts, the traditional night of the Sorting. What made this night different, however, was the group of approximately two dozen returning students milling behind the first years, waiting to get Sorted into a new House

The letters they had received had been vague at best. Aside from the traditional list of supplies and a mention that now only fourth years and older were permitted to go to Hogsmeade due to the threat from You-Know-Who, there had been a scant paragraph mentioning that, although highly unorthodox, several students would benefit from a new environment and by embracing the qualities of another House. On the whole it wasn't reassuring or all that clear and had lead to a great deal of protesting by those who were no longer right for their previous House. One of the most vocal complainers had been, to no ones surprise, Ron.

Only a few minutes into the trip to Hogwarts, Harry decided that getting Howlers were infinitely more enjoyable then listening to Ron's protests. First he complained about how no one respected the Hufflepuffs, and how it would be impossible for him to become Head Boy: there hadn't been one from Hufflepuff for the last twenty years. Then he complained that he was too stupid for Ravenclaw, and how all Slytherins were great gits with a drafty dungeon to sleep and how he'd likely end up murdered in his sleep if he was forced to join them. He also insisted that Gryffindor was in his blood: every single Weasley for the past three generations had all been in Gryffindor and to be in any other house violated all tradition and was just inherently wrong, and that Dumbledore must have made an error: neither Fred, George or Ginny had to be re-Sorted so why him? After an hour and half of the non-stop whining, Hermione had finally hit him with a silencing spell, so that she and Harry wouldn't go to the banquet with a throbbing headache.

Hermione herself wasn't any more pleased to be resorted, if for no other reason then she saw no reason for it: the Hat wasn't supposed to make mistakes, and being in Gryffindor had taught her to loosen up, and it certainly didn't diminish her school work: she was easily the smartest girl in her year. Although she didn't understand the reasons behind the move, she didn't want to dwell on it either. Instead she focused on the fact that she'd be one of the few involved in something that had never happened at Hogwarts before and had already made plans to check on the self-updating Hogwarts: A History after dinner to see if her name was mentioned.

Harry looked decidedly indifferent about the whole affair. He refused to talk about it with anyone, simply saying that Dumbledore must have his reasons, and that no, he didn't have a first choice for a House to be in if he couldn't be a Gryffindor. Instead for a few minutes he watched the frightened first years huddle in small groups, looking nervously between the head table, the lone stool and the loud clatter of the returning students speculating on just why they were losing Housemates that night. He also kept an eye on the twenty or so students that were changing houses: at least a dozen of them were fourth years and above. Many looked indignant or angry (particularly one cross Goyle), some like Ron were confused and hurt, the rest trying to looking like they didn't care about where they ended up, he even had time to swap a few vicious glares with Malfoy, who was smiling, quite smug about the fact that he wasn't going anywhere.

An antagonizing slow ten minutes later, the Hat started to warble a few notes, and the chatter died down. Deciding to go with a flare for the dramatic as befitting such an auspicious occasion, the candles dimmed themselves and a spotlight focused on the hat.

In the times of yore
There were wizards four
Who did decree that I decide where you shall be.

But times are rough with Wizards Dark
Some think my judgment might have been off the mark
And so there are those who are where they shouldn't be.

Where to place you is the task at hand,
Which one of the Founding Wizards shall guide your way?
Here are my choices for where you'll stay.

Option one of four is the house of Gryffindor
The brave and courageous Godric did adore.

Are you loyal? Are you true?
Then mayhap Hufflepuff is the house for you.

A house known for being a sly as its mascot the snake,
For those who have or seek power, Slytherin will serve you great.

Finally, for those quick of mind and ready wit,
Ravenclaw is where you'll best fit.

So without further delay,
Slip me on your head and I'll send you on the way!

The student's applauded politely while comments on the decided lack of quality about the song this year circulated. Those close to the chair could hear it muttering about lack of proper preparation time.

Professor McGonagall paid the commotion no heed, and with a steady voice called out,
"Batchelor, Angela!" beginning the sorting of the first years. Disinterestedly, those waiting to be resorted watched as she became a Hufflepuff, although there was some cheering as "Fillmore, David" became a Gryffindor, before Ron remembered that he was no longer one, which prompted him to sulk. Just as abruptly he stopped when Harry remarked that it made Ron seem like Malfoy.

Finally, "Wasserman, Silvia" became a Ravenclaw, marking the end of the new first years. As McGonagall switched scrolls, Dumbledore stood up.

"I know that never in the history of the school have people been re-Sorted, but times are rough and it is my duty to see all of you be placed where you can most excel. While I understand that many of you are angry at this uprooting, please have faith that this is for the best." He nodded and the Re-Sorting began.

The minutes passed slowly as they helplessly watched Cho get resorted into Gryffindor, and Goyle into Hufflepuff, which amused everyone, or at least everyone that wasn't in Slytherin.

"Granger, Hermione!" She swallowed and walked forward, sitting on the stool as the now not-quite so oversized hat was placed upon on her head.

"Hello againlet's see. I still see that Gryffindor do or die attitude, and you've relaxed a bit about the rule bendingbut there is also no denying your intelligence. You've done what was needed to get Potter to where he is; now it's time to focus on you. Therefore, it's RAVENCLAW!"

No one looked the least bit surprised by the announcement, although several Gryffindors mourned the loss of the points she normally brought by her knowledge.

"Potter, Harry!"

Everyone turned and watched as he took his place on the stool.

"Gryffindor has served you well, Mr. Potter, but it is time to embrace that which you would try to deny. Plus, having some of these people as your friends could save your life one day."

Harry closed his eyes, sighing as the hat screamed out, "SLYTHERIN!"

A few glasses could be heard crashing to the floor, but otherwise for almost a minute silence filled the great hall until Harry's ex-House started to protest the Hat's decision, while others like Draco and Snape stared at Harry with cool expressions, finding it disconcerting to see an equally cool looking Harry appearing to not be surprised by this verdict. Ron's jaw had dropped to the floor, and no amount of effort made it possible for him to shut it again. Gone were coherent words of protest, in there place were outraged noises and vague and slightly obscene hand gestures. Hermione shook her head in disbelief, sending Harry sympathetic looks and smiles that were supposed to reassure him that everything was going to be all right. Professor McGonagall looked decidedly worse than the rest; she'd had dropped the scroll in the surprise. Picking it back up, she saw that Dumbledore apparently seemed quite pleased with the verdict.

Desperately trying to keep his cool demeanor and neutral expression as he headed to the Slytherin table, Harry had to take several deep breaths and remind himself that this was being done for a reason and that it would work out for the best and that he was decidedly not evil, even with his abilities to speak Parseltongue and his connection to Voldemort.
When he finally got there, he sat to Draco's left, the only empty seat. Several of his new Housemates looked at him uneasily, not sure of what to make of this development, while the Sorting continued. Harry looked up only when he heard,

"Weasley, Ronald!"

The last of the famed trio sat upon the stool.

"You have shown the kind of braveness that Godric himself would have been impressed with, and your skills at Wizard Chess show your intelligence. However, above all else, you have shown Mr. Potter such loyalty that you truly belong in HUFFLEPUFF!"

Ron moaned and slid off the chair, casting Harry a desperate glance as he took a place at his new table.

Dumbledore stood again, and while looking at the Slytherins through the corner of his eye, he spoke: "It will take time to adjust to the changes in your House, but I have faith that you will treat all new members with the same respect you gave the old.

Now, we eat!"

* * *
When Harry stayed silent through the rest of the meal, Draco was fine.

When Harry stayed silent on the walk back to the Slytherin tower, Draco got irritated.

When Harry remained silent in the common room while they waited for Snape to give a beginning-of-term speech, Draco lost it.

"Come on, Potter, you can't stay silent forever."

"If you called me by my first name I might actually talk."

Draco startled. "You mean the reason you weren't talking to me is because I called you Potter?"

Harry nodded. "I'm in your House now, whether or not we like it. The least you can do is call me Harry."

"You can't expect me to call you Harry just because you want me to."

"But you will." Harry smiled. "Because you love goading me, and it'll drive you nuts if I don't respond. It's what set you off a few seconds ago, was it not?"

Draco scowled. "Stupid git."

Harry didn't respond, but Snape, whom had entered seconds ago did. "Mr. Malfoy! Like it or not, Mr. Potter is one of us now, and you'll treat him with the respect due him."

Malfoy made a face, Snape pretended to ignore it.

"So the term starts with a surprise, let us pray that it is the least pleasant one we may face in the year to come. As days become darker with an increase in activity from the Death Eaters, it is more important then ever that we remain close. The path we walk is a dangerous one, with an uncertain future. Now is not a time to become divided because you have issues with one another."

Harry muttered something under his breath; Snape scowled at him, but pressed on. "I feel though, that this year we may yet reclaim the House cup, the Quidditch cup as well. Try-outs will be held this weekend, I trust that all who have the skill will try out, including you, Mr. Potter."

"But I'm the Seeker!" Draco protested.

"For right now, you are. Don't worry. To make things fair, everyone will be required to try out again, including those that remain from last year's team."

Harry's mind boggled at the thought of Snape being fair, oblivious to the glares Draco was sending his way. Most of the remaining Slytherin team was unconcerned, knowing they had no direct competition to knock them out of their position.

"To our first years, I trust you will behave in a manner that does the House proud. I will not take the loss of points lightly!"

Harry's eyes lit up at that, and smiled, slightly pleased about something.

Snape looked confused, but pressed on.

"I do trust that if you do things that blatantly break the rules that you will use your best discretion in not getting caught. I rather despise listening to McGonagall harp on me for your misbehaviors, and I promise that I've got an endless list of things you can do for me in detention if I have to suffer."

"Now, because of the extra Sorting tonight it is quite late, and I bid you all a goodnight." With a nod, Snape left, and Draco stood up. "First years, follow me. Blaise, show PotHarry where our dorm is at."

Blaise nodded and motioned for Harry to follow him. "Since there are fewer of us, we have more room." He lead Harry up a winding stair case to a room roughly the same size as his old dorm, noting that there was an extra side table by each bed. Blaise pointed out the bed across from the doorway. "That one is yours."

Harry nodded, thanking him, although it was rather obvious with the new scarves and ties that were lying on the pillow. The two boys started sorting through their things, putting their belongings away. Every now and then he stopped to take a good look at Blaise. He was tall for his age, and very slight. His brown, slightly wild curly hair stopped just beneath his shoulders, although during the day he seemed to wear it clipped back, perhaps to keep it out of the way when doing things like potions work. His face was narrow, and his eyelashes were unusually long and curled for a male. No wonder there was the ever long-standing bet in Gryffindor about his true gender.

"If you don't mind me asking, Harry?"

"Yes, Blaise?"

"You didn't seem too surprised tonight, at the Sorting. I thought you despised us."

"Well, not all of you. You've never given me reason to dislike you."

"But you don't like Slytherins."

"I admit you aren't my favorite group of people in the world. If you were me, you wouldn't be too fond of this House either."

A few more minutes passed in silence.

"You didn't answer my first question."

"You mean why I wasn't surprised?"

Blaise nodded.

"It's simple. The first time I was Sorted, the Hat wanted to place me here. I told it no, and it placed me in Gryffindor. This time around, it said I had no choice, so here I am. Thank you."

"For what?"

"Not looking like you wanted to kill me when I joined the table tonight."

Blaise turned around from where he was shelving texts. "Our Housemates can be fools. You aren't going anywhere, no matter how much they scowl. You may not be pureblood, but you are, or at least will be an undeniably powerful wizard. You will be a valuable addition to Slytherin. The others will see that in time. If you have any problems with them, you can deal with them as you see fit. Professor Snape will not interfere unless he absolutely has to." He smiled. "In fact, I would encourage you to deal with it. A few well-placed hexes will earn you respect, as well as letting them see your strength."

Harry nodded. "I'll keep it in mind."

Draco strode into the room just then, followed by Crabbe. "Keep what in mind?"

"Just some useful advice. Goodnight Blaise, Draco, Crabbe." He'd tried to address him as Vincent during dinner, but had been told that he preferred Crabbe. Harry shrugged, and complied.

Harry closed the curtain and soon was fast asleep.