A slender woman with very long black hair and dressed in silver appears in a puff of smoke. She has her back turned, showing her dragon wings. She turns around and her bright red eyes glow.

"Judgement Day... every universe has it's time when it comes to an end for some souls. I have no name. Names are nothing but labels, which I abhor. People call me by a simple nickname. They call me: The Huntress. I travel to a universe and observe the people of that world. I then do the dirty deed of deciding whether they shall be...



or Selected.

If these reviewers find all of them unworthy, there will be a merciless bloodbath and there shall be no survivors or way of escape.

If these reviewers find all of them worthy, they will be spared and these people will live in peace.

If these reviewers find them flawed, then there will be a murder of the most sinned character. The others shall be set free, and they will have to live on with their lives without that character.

Join me now, for we shall be observing... Johnny Test." Huntress opens a portal and she steps into the Johnny Test world, blending in with the crowd. She walks up to the Test's house and rings the door.

"I got it!" The mother opens the door.

"Good evening. I am your new neighbor and I just came over to have a little talk." Huntress greets.

"Why yes, come right in." The mother opens the door and she walks in.

"Oh, we have a guest?" The father walks into the living room.

"That's right, Hugh. This is..." She pauses for a moment. "...what is your name?"

"I don't have one. Please call me whatever you wish." Huntress answers. The mother and father look at each other and give awkward looks.

"Well, she kind of looks like a Vanessa to me, Lila." Hugh adds.

"I get that a lot." Huntress smirks.

"Very well then. This is Vanessa." Lila says, still feeling a little awkward.

"Oh, do we have a guest, Dad?" Two girls with red hair walk downstairs.

"Yes, this is Vanessa." Hugh introduces.

"Good Afternoon." Huntress shakes their hands.

"I'm Susan and this is Mary." They introduce themselves back.

Huntress notices their lab coats. "I can see you two are scientists. Inventors to be precise, am I correct?"

"How did you know that?" Mary asks.

"I noticed the lab coats." Huntress rolls her eyes.

"Ha ha! Look out! Here I come!" A boy with flame hair and his dog zoom past on hover-boards.

"Johnny! Susan! Mary!" Hugh yells.

"We'll fix it, Dad!" Mary replies.

"Johnny, give that back!" Susan chases down her brother.

"No need." Huntress grabs the hover-board as he speeds by, making the board come to a complete stop and Johnny flies off of it. "You must be more conscientious about your creations of mechanization." Mary and Susan give Huntress a strange look. She sighs. "Keep your inventions away from this boy." Huntress simplifies her sentence.

"Johnny! How many times have we told you about taking Susan and Mary's inventions without permission?" Lila scolds Johnny.

"About a million bajillion times." Johnny says.

"It seems this child is a juvenile delinquent." Huntress concludes.

"Who's the lady?" Johnny asks.

"Johnny! Be nice to Vanessa. She is our new neighbor... ever since the other ones left." Hugh says.

"What? How was I supposed to know that the Robotic T-Rex didn't like them?" Johnny replies.

"Like I said before. You must be Johnny Test: The Juvenile Delinquent." Huntress repeats.

"Hey, I'm no... whatever you said." Johnny responds. Huntress simply just gives another eye roll.

Suddenly, one off the walls break down.

"Johnny Test! I am here to destroy you..." A nerd in a green mechanical suit appears with a deepened voice. "...are you going to eat that toast?" The nerd opens his helmet and his voice returns to normal.

"...no?" Hugh says, giving a strange look. The nerd picks up the toast and starts eating it like it is the greatest food he has ever had.

"Oh yes, Dark Vegan. I knew it was you right away." Huntress frowns.

"Oh, are you someone new?" Dark Vegan asks.

"Yes... but I know you. You're the irresponsible leader who left his planet six years ago for a 'rare delicacy' that is ironically on your own home planet." Huntress summarizes Dark Vegan in a simple sentence.

"What? What do you mean?" Dark Vegan asks, confused.

"Toast is made from bread. Bread is made from wheat. Wheat is made from the ground, and since it's not made from an animal, vegans can eat toast! There is wheat on your planet, your race just wasn't smart enough to make into bread and thus toast." Huntress explains.

"Oooooh, burn!" Johnny laughs.

"You're still in trouble, Johnny. You trashed the living room!" Lila explains.

"You stole our invention for the millionth time, Johnny!" Susan and Mary raise their voice.

"Hey, can't we just get along?" Johnny's talking dog appears and tries to break it up.

"Did that dog just talk?" Hugh asks.

"You're all imagining me right now." Dukey tries to hide up.

"Bullshit." Huntress says. The rest continue arguing. "I've seen enough!" Huntress uses air force which pushes them into the walls. "All of your times have come. Prepare for Judgment Day!"

The whole family, along with Dark Vegan go unconscious. When they wake, they are very high in the sky, unable to move on top of a giant stone tower.

"Looks like you have awakened. Where you are standing is what I call the Verdict Tower. Now that I have observed you, it is time for the viewers to decide your fate. Will you all be killed, all be saved, or will the most sinful character die? It is all up to them now. Everyone in this city can see you from here, and this is a broadcast across all televisions in Porkbelly!

"I can't believe it could end like this..." Mary bows her head in shame. They all hear people from below yelling.

"Kill them, kill them all!" Mr. Mittens yells.

"Spare them!" The General hollers.

"Select them! Let that Johnny Test die, but save my precious Susan!" Bling-Bling shouts.

"So, what shall it be?



or Selection?

It's all up to you. Put your answer in the review box and we shall see their fate."