"The Voting has now closed. The Sentence has been set. What is it? Let's find out:

One vote Slain...

One vote Salvation..." Huntress opens the last envelope.

"Two votes Selection. Judgement is Selection!"

"She's going to choose who dies?" Johnny asks.

"I will scan every person for their sin power. This is no rigged matter. This will truly show who has done the most wrong in this world. Everyone's gauge will be ranked between 1-10, or 11 if the sins are off the chart. First, Johnny." Huntress looks over Johnny, and uses a glare to seer through his eyes. She smiles.

"Johnny is a boy who has done many wrong deeds. However, most times, he means well, he can't seem to bloom it properly. It's this family that has made him this way! With sisters who use him like their own pet, a father that neglects him, and a mother who is always busy, he cannot understand what it means to be a modeled citizen. He should attempt at times, but there is only so little you can do alone.
Johnny Test's Sin Power is: Level 3!" Huntress ranks.

"Only three?" Johnny gives out a sigh of relief.

"Next is Mr. Test." Huntress glares at Johnny's Dad next. She flinches.

"Mr. Test is a man who has a family, but doesn't care. His hobbies are far too superior compared to his own loving family, who do so much for him, not even acknowledging it!" Huntress yells.

"That's a lie!" Mr. Test barks back.

"Overruled!" Huntress quiets him and she continues. "He doesn't take time out of his life of hobbies and baking meatloaf to care and give attention to his son and daughters! On top of it all, while Mrs. Test works her ass off, Mr. Test works on activities that contribute nothing to the house. You know, like getting a job?!" Huntress screams. "Mr. Test does not deserve to be married to a man like Mr. Test!
Mr. Test's Sin Power is: Level 6!" Huntress ranks.

Mr. Test gasps. "I would never do something like that!" He yells.

"I've had enough of your lies, bastard. Look." Huntress pushes a button and a big screen appears. A five-minute tribute to Mr. Test doing nothing but ignoring his children appears.

"How... how did you get that?" Johnny's Dad asks.

"If you were to trust like you should have, you would know that I see everything. I have the power of a god, and I use it with justice!" Huntress exclaims. She calms down and moves on to Johnny's Mother. She once again glares at her, and gets a feeling of high satisfaction.

"Mrs. Test is the most innocent one here. With her working all the time and not being able to spend time with her family, she simply can't keep the control of her psychotic family and their antics. She tries her hardest to keep her family afloat with bills and responsibilities. It is a big shame to see her work so hard without any help, night and day, day and night. This poor woman needs a time to relax and finally let go of her built up stress made by her family.
Mrs. Test's Sin Power is: Level 1!"

"Level 1? I... can't believe it..." Mrs. Test smiles.

"Let it go, you don't have to worry anymore." Huntress gives a hug to Mrs. Test.

"Next we have The Twins. Mary will be first." Huntress gives the eye to Mary and Susan. Mary seems like a tiny jolt, but when she gets to Susan, her eyes turn bright red and she screams in pain. Everyone gasps at her pain. She gets back up, rubs her eyes, and evaluates Mary.

"Mary Test is merely... misguided. Mary doesn't wish to go down the path of making inventions to cause people hurt. She was just... forced. However, we will get to that soon. I can tell if Mary got the chance to make great things happen, she can be the greatest scientist of this time! If only she wasn't so seductive to peer pressure.
Mary Test's Sin Power is: Level 4!" Huntress grades Mary.

"Now is the time to talk about the match that started this uncontrollable fire: Susan Test!" Huntress growls. "Yes, Susan is the one who does the most villainous deeds! She is the one who puts down Johnny Test with her 'Girls are smart and boys are stupid' attitude! She is the one that is the Puppeteer for Mary! She controls what happens in the experiments and only cares about herself instead of using her experiments to help her community! She purposefully uses Johnny so that she can make sure the test is proper, by using a real human being! She uses illegal science, even though she knows it is wrong. She doesn't care about the consequences of others and only for herself! This girl is the reason this entire family has collapsed, and you have fucked up for so many years without being caught. I bring you now the true Susan Test!
Susan Test's Sin Power is: Level 9!"

"No... no, don't kill me! I'll change!" Susan screams as Huntress releases the restraints on everyone else but her.

"That's what they all say." Huntress growls. "Such a high rank deserves a very slow and painful death. Let us see what her death shall be..." Huntress changes the screen to multiple decisions. She pushes a button, and the list scrolls through. It lands on Chainsaw Dismemberment.

"Chainsaw Dismemberment, yes! A perfect decision for her!" Huntress pulls out dual chainsaws, one in each hand. Susan is placed on a square table, tied up.

"No, please, god no!" Susan pleads.

"Yes, scream... scream!" Huntress goes for her left leg, spraying blood all over the place as the leg gets detached from the body. Huntress maniacally laughs as Susan screams in agony and tears flow down her eyes. She then goes from body part to body part, one by one, shredding them to pieces and all the while Susan scream. Her family stares in horror as finally all of her parts are off.

"Time for my favorite part, the head!" Huntress laughs again.

"No, stop! Someone help me, please!" Susan wails as blood spews from each limb. Huntress takes the chainsaw to her neck and tears it off with her last scream coming to an end, head flying into the crowd of people and into Bling Bling Boy's hands.

"Oh god, Susan no!" Bling Bling Boy screeches.

"Judgement Day is over, and Susan Test has been released of her sins. She now lays in hell, regretting her decisions. Let this be a lesson to everyone here in Porkbelly, for I will return in 100 years for the next Judgement Day! Pray the next Generation learned from your mistakes." And with that, Huntress opens her wings, pushes the tower into the ground, and vanishes into thin air.

Huntress returns to her lair, where a portal is open, revealing what happens next. "Let us see the aftermath..."


"This has taught me a valuable lesson, Hugh. I made a mistake marring you. I'm getting a divorce, and I'm bringing the kids with me." Mrs. Test packs her bags.

"No, wait! Don't leave me!" Mr. Test pleads.

"Huntress was right. All these years you have contributed nothing to this family. It's time for this family to change, and we can't do so with you around. Perhaps Susan might have changed, but it's too late for that. I have to look into the future and remove the bad roots to this family tree." Mrs. Test packs up Johnny's and Mary's suitcase. "Every experiment that our daughters have done except Dukey will be forgotten."

"I can keep my voice?" Dukey asks.

"Yes, as long as no one sees you do so except us." Mrs. Test nods.

"See you in Court, Hugh." Lila walks out the door with the children.

"I can't let her keep the children. I... I didn't know what I had 'till it was gone." Hugh, without saying another word, sits down on the curb and just... thinks.

In Court...

"And so, Lila Test will keep the children. You two are now officially divorced." The Judge declares.

"Oh, thank goodness." Lila lets out a sigh of relief.

"No..." Hugh is speechless.

"Come on kids, we're leaving Porkbelly. We'll move somewhere better, and start over." Mrs. Test heads out to the car, followed by Johnny, Mary, and Dukey.

"Please, don't go! I need you!" Mr. Test pleads.

"You should have thought of that before you disregarded everything a family means." Lila pushes back Hugh, and drives away, leaving Mr. Test in the rain.

"Years pass and the Test Family find a new home. Mary creates an amend and promises not to do the things she has done in the past. Instead, she uses economy friendly science and helps out in every way she can to make her new town as great as it can be. Johnny then starting taking Therapy to coupe with what he had to deal with in the past. Though this program, Johnny has become more outgoing, and makes more friends than simply has talking dog. Lila asks for help when she fells overworked, and Johnny along with Mary gladly help her in need." Huntress says.

"However, the Test Family is not the only one to change. Bling Bling Boy's mother discovered that after Judgement Day, Bling Bling Boy concentrated on trying to revive Susan with only a head, which obviously was a failure, but he continued trying until his mother discovered what he was doing and confiscated all of his technology permanently. Dark Vegan finally became homesick and decided to go home to Vegandon... only to be burned and murdered at the stake for High Treason. A new leader has been selected who made the planet a much better place, who also discovered that bread can be baked into bread, and toast was a high treat on Vegandon." Huntress stops to laugh her ass off. "Oh, that gets me laughing to this day! That is the most ironic and funniest thing I have ever heard!" Huntress finally stops and continues. "The other criminals were found and locked away in the newly made Porkbelly State Prison."

"And with that, everything changed for the world of Johnny Test. Only for the better."