Pepper tapped her fingers on the bar impatiently, drumming in time with the ear splitting Black Sabbath music Tony had blaring in his lab. Pepper sighed observing him quietly as he worked with a blowtorch over a set of medal, deep in thought. She had been sitting there for 10 minutes and Tony hadn't even looked up yet. Finally she gave up. "Tony." Tony's head shot up in shock. She tried not to laugh at his appearance. Tony had a black smudge across his forehead, his hair was sticking up in all directions, and his shirt was on backwards. Not to mention the adorable expression of a kid caught on the cookie jar plastered on his face. "Pep? What's up is something wrong?"

Pepper saw his shoulders tense as he pushed himself away from the cluttered lab table and pulling off his mask and gloves, sitting his blowtorch carefully on the table. Concern was written all over his face as he stared her down. "Nothing's wrong Tony. I MISS you." She sighed dropping her head. It was true, even if it wasn't the only hadn't spared a moment for Pepper in nearly 4 months, ever since the Battle of New York, Tony decided he wanted to have the Avengers live in Stark Tower-Now Avengers Tower- and basically had to sell his soul to make it happen. Pepper remembered eavesdropping on THAT conversation.

"Come on Fury, trapping the Avengers in that helicairraer is bullshit."

"Oh and living with you is better Stark?"

"Damn Straight. Better for ALL of them."

"How do you figure Mr. Stark?"

"Are you serious? I was there for like ten minutes yesterday and I could see it."

"Enlighten me Stark."

"I don't have time for playing Fury, I'm busy."

"So speed this up."

"Steve-Gets to this 21st century, so instead of letting him know where he's living you trapping him in a big floating medal cage.2nd Bruce-He's totally uncomfortable. People on YOUR ship keep shooting him those looks and its stressing him out, which is just a bad idea.3rd Clint- the guys got enough guilt on his shoulders already without your crew basically spitting on his shoes and barley concealing threats. Then last but not least, Natasha. The spiders hanging around Clint like a second shadow, with some new found creepy dagger. You just wait, the next crew member to threaten or insult Clint is gonna be found with a dagger threw the eye socket.

"I see your point, but the council isn't going to like this. Especially with all the damage the Avengers did to the helicarrier. I doubt much could change their minds."

"Not to mention the fact they want the Avengers under their thumbs."

"Stark you destroyed a multi-million dollar ship.

"I'll fix it, redesign and all. For free, That enough of a bail?"

"FREE? Stark that's over 4 million dollars' worth of work MINIMUIM."

"Yeah, I know. Will it convince them?"

"Maybe Stark. We all know how much a hour of your time is worth."

"I'll donate 2 million to cleaning up the city."

"Shit Stark, are you serious?"


"Why the sudden concern for your fellow teammates?"

"Well 1 I really don't want to have to fix it again when one of the Avengers destroy it totally from pure irritation, 2 I truly am trying this whole playing with others bit, and 3 they're my team. If we are gonna be one we better damn well start acting like it."

"Who the hell are you and where is Tony Stark?"

"I'm Tony at 3 a.m. without coffee, get use to him cause if I'm gonna be doing all this work, you'll be seeing him a lot more often."

"Isn't this kind of breaking your whole "Textbook narcissism" thing you have going, sacrificing your money and hours for strangers?"

"You tell the team I did anything, you'll have two patches. Won't look nearly as cool then."

"That sounds a little more like Stark."

"Can it Fury. Think they'll go for it?"

"Assuming the Avengers want to? Hell yeah they can't really say no."

"I know."

"I could get use to this non- sarcastic Tony."

"Shut up Fury, he's only been here for ten seconds. Make it happen and get back to me. I have plans to start making."

Pepper wasn't sure who she had wanted to shoot more that day- Fury or Tony. Tony had redesigned each floor for a different team member in the last four months, and finally he finished so the Avengers could move in, and Tony could get to work on his promises. She was actually dreading that because Tony already was going days without sleeping, and she had to drag him to the table to eat now a days, he would be even worse with the helliccareer because he promised to have it done.

Tony walked over to her concerned putting his arms around her waste and pulling her chins up so they're eyes met. "I'm sorry Pep. I've been horrible lately, I don't know why you even put up with me sometimes. I love you." She was kind of caught off guard there. "I-I love you too Tony."

Tony smiled a smile that could outshine the sun. "Well I don't know how, but thank God for that." Pepper smiled a little confused at his response. "you alright Tony?" Pepper took a moment to take him in. He already had bags under his eyes and she could see the exusghtion written all over his face, no matter how well he hid it. He blinked and smiled wider. "Course Pep, When is the team getting here?"

Shaking her head Pepper sighed. "They're uh….here. Like just got here." His eyes got wide and he frowned in irritation. "Damn, lost track of time. Oh well lets go show them to their rooms Pep." She kissed him on the cheek and winked heading towards the elevator. Sorry baby you gotta show them the ropes I gotta business meeting."

Tony growled and chased her into the elevator giving her a fierce hug as they rode higher towards the main area. "Be safe." He whispered in her ear. Pepper nodded. "I can introduce myself, then I have to go. Okay?" Tony nodded straightening up as he saw they were nearing the main level, but snaking his hand down to wrap around hers.

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