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Chapter 1: A Dark Hero

Link Harker let out a yawn as he sat up. His alleyway was dark, dawn only just beginning to illuminate the opening on the far side of the alley his cardboard hut resided in. Between the dumpsters and the brick buildings that lined it on either side, it appeared to be no different than any other alley in Jump City. It was this defining feature that had made Link choose this place as his home; it was inconspicuous. And in a city who's criminal underworld nearly rivaled Gotham's before Batman had arrived, inconspicuous was a very good thing.

The city hadn't always been that way. Before, when the Titans made their home in the large T-shaped house on the island in the bay, the city had been peaceful. It was practically a utopia, a golden era for Jump. That is, until the heroes grew up. Eventually, when the city was all but at peace, they moved on with their lives, some even joining the Justice League. When word had spread, crime bosses, and criminal overlords made their way to the city, and it descended into chaos.

As Link rolled out from the small square home he had made for himself, using cardboard boxes in the back corner of the alley, he paused to take a look at himself. His ragged black hair hung down in front of his dark eyes, which made his skin seemed pale by comparison, even though his skin tone was somewhere between white and Native American, depending on the light. His black leather jacket with a charcoal grey cloth hood was unzipped to reveal his black tee-shirt. Black skate shoes stuck out from the bottom of his jeans. The sixteen year old looked ragged, but there wasn't much he could do about it. Flipping up his hood and zipping up the jacket, he jogged out of the alley and down the street.


He been jogging for about an hour when he finally stopped. He looked around as he caught his breath. He was a better part of town (more or less), somewhere around the center of town. To his right was a park. It was a block of grass and trees with a playground on his right side, a fountain in the center, and a bus stop on the left side. Since the park was only about a block, he could see the cars on the far side.

To his left was a small shopping center. There was a circle of concrete with a large clock tower in its middle, surrounded on all sides (except for the one facing Link) by shops arrayed like houses in a cul-de-sac. He turned towards there and bought breakfast from a bakery before crossing the street and entering the park. He walked over to one of the benches that surrounded the fountain. Searching underneath, he pulled out an envelope. He opened it up and pulled out a small slip of paper with typed words.

"Franky's Diner: 3000$ -King"

That was that was writen. With a sigh, Link turned and headed down the street. Working so far away from home ment that he had a long walk, but it probably saved his life more than once. Angry people tended to look in the wrong places for him when they came for revenge. Nevertheless, he felt a twinge of fear as he turned the corner and approached the small cafe with the large red sign displaying in cursive, "Franky's". With a sigh, Link opened the door, walked in, and moved towards the counter.

The diner was small, looking like the stereotypical diner you might see in an old movie, with the round booths lining the walls, and metal tables and chairs dotting the floor. Across the far wall, a long counter stretched before curving around a set of double doors.

The woman working the counter looked up as he approached. "Is there anything I can get you, Hon?" She asked.

"I'm here to see Franky," Link replied evenly.

The woman shook her head. "Sorry, Franky isn't here right now, try again later."

Link shrugged and sighed like he was disappointed, before giving the woman a sad smile. "I see. Well, I'm sure King will understand when I tell him Franky wasn't here to give me the money he owes."

At the mention of the name, the woman went pale and her eyes widened. "K-King?" She whispered. When the boy nodded, she licked her lips and gave him a nervous smile. "You know what? I think I just heard him come in! Come on back and we'll get this all sorted out!" With that, she led him around the counter and through the double doors into the back. Walking through the kitchen, they arrived at a small wooden door with the word "Franky" engraved on it in golden letters. The woman opened the door and peeked her head in. "Boss? You have a visitor. He says- he says he's with King!"

"Let him in," said a voice on the other side. It might have appeared brave if it hadn't quivered there at the end. Entering the room, Link found himself in a rather plain room, with only a few pictures, cabinets, and a large wooden desk in the center being the decorations. On the other side of the desk, in a large wooden chair, sat a rather portly man in a white shirt with the restaurant's logo on the front and shorts. He was bald, though he made up for it with his thick white mustache. His blue eyes stared nonchalantly at some paper in his head, barely giving the boy a passing glance, though his shaking hands belied his true fear. Link stood there in silence, waiting. Finally, when the man could no longer take it, Franky set down his paper and spoke. "So what can I do for you, boy?"

Without a word, the boy placed the slip of paper he had retrieved from the envelope on the desk. After the man had picked it up, Link spoke. "King isn't happy that you've been missing payments. He's a patient man, but even he has his limits. He wants all the money you owe him, today."

"Ah, I see," said the man. "Well, here's the thing. Darby offered me a better deal and I think I want to take it. Nothing personal or anything, it's just business."

Link nodded in understanding. "Well that makes sense. But you see, I really couldn't care less. You can work that out with King. I'm only here for the 3 grand you owe. Now pay up, or I break you." The fact that he was completely calm and showed no outward signs of any emotion save boredom only made his words all the more terrifying. He heard the door open behind him but he didn't turn around. From the sound of their footsteps, the pair of men that walked in must have been large.

"That's your problem, I'm afraid," said Franky as he suddenly found his confidence. "Now get him out of here, and make sure to teach him not to come back!"

Link gave another sigh as the pair approached. Suddenly, he whipped around and punch the crotch of the first with his right hand, taking a look at them at the same time. Franky must have had a thing for stereotypes, first with the restaurant and now with the goons. They looked like any other big scary muscle-heads you'd see in movies; tall, big, bald, and in suits.

As the man doubled over, Link took his free left hand and brought it to the back of the man's head shoved it downwards, into his rising knee. Caught between the two forces, the man's nose gave a sickening crunch and he was lifted into the air before landing down on the ground, unconscious.

Without missing a beat, Link jumped towards the wooden desk, using it to push off of and into the air. The other goon, who had momentarily stopped to gape at his comrade, turned just in time to get roundhouse kicked in the face. He flew backwards and slammed into the wall before crumpling to the floor.

With his enemy safely dispatched, Link turned to look back at Franky, whom now cowered behind his desk. "Now, I'm a nice guy, so if you give me the money without anymore trouble, I'll forget this ever happened. And Darby? Seriously? You thought he even stands and snowball's chance in Hell against King? Please. The guy's just a brat with a big mouth. It's like a house cat going up against a saber-tooth tiger."

"H-H-Here," yelled Franky in fear. "Just take the money and leave me alone!" With that, the old man tossed a bag, which the boy caught with ease. He opened it and did a quick count. Satisfied, he turned and walked out the door.


Link had been waiting for a half hour, not that he cared. Knight always took his time, and on one was dumb enough to try and cross King's right-hand man. He glanced up at the clock that stood in the shopping center he had arrived at earlier. He was in front of one of the shops he had seen, and had spent his time wandering around until the man came.

"Sorry I'm late," said a voice behind him. Link managed to stop from jumping in surprise as he turned around. In front of him was a tall man in a tailored suit, like a lawyer. His eyes were covered by a pair of black sunglasses and his short blonde hair was spiked. "I'm afraid I had other business to take care of. Darby won't be much of a problem anymore though." The smile on the man's face sent a small shiver down Link's spine.

"Here, now can I get payed?" Said Link as he handed Knight the bag he had retrieved from Franky. Knight reached in the bag and handed Link a wad of cash. Link raised an eyebrow. "You're not going to count it?" He asked.

"Kid, you're one of the best enforcers we have, and you aren't even a meta!" Replied Knight with a chuckle. "I trust you not to make mistakes like that."

Link only shrugged. "All right then, I'm going now." With that, Link began to walk away. He didn't get far, however, when he felt a sudden flare of pain in his chest and head, simultaneously. He doubled over, leaning against a nearby window for support as he gasped for breath.

"Still getting those attacks, huh?" Asked Knight sympathetically from behind him. "That's your only problem. Get over those and you'd be perfect. They seem to be getting more frequent though," he mused. "If you have one of those on an assignment, you're toast. Too bad you're not a meta with healing powers, eh?" He chuckled as he walked towards the street. Just as he reached the curb, a black car pulled up and he got inside before it drove away.

Link looked up at his reflection in the window as the pain began to fade. He stared into his own dark eyes as he caught his breath. There was one problem, though.

At that moment, his eyes weren't dark. They were a silvery-blue, and his black hair was turning white. He watched as a strange aura of silvery-blue energy seeped from his hands, flowing over them like water. Closing his eyes, and clenching his fists, he concentrated hard. When he opened his eyes again, they were dark, as was his hair, and his hands no longer seeped energy.

"I'm not a meta, huh? If only you knew..."


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