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Cultures Collide

By Demonic Angel

Chapter 1 - The Past

London, December 1984

"But I thought we meant something to each other!" she cried.

Lying to her he said "You were nothing to me except a good time." The words cut him as he continued, " You are nothing but an easy little mud-blood."

The girl continued "But how am I suppose to take care of..."

"Don't remind me again of this! I expect you will no doubt do the right thing." He interrupted her as he stared her in the eyes clinching his fists tighter and tighter to keep his true feelings from showing. Why did this have to happen? he thought.

Not known to them, two of their friends were just around the corner and heard the whole conversation.

"But I lo..."

"Its Over!" He turned and walked away. He could no longer hold in his pain and still be able to look into those eyes. As he continued to walk he opened his hands and saw the blood starting to seep out from where his nails broke the skin.

"Are you ready for your ceremony?" an older woman asked while noticing her son's hands. "You had better whip up one of your potions to take care of that before we go"

"Yes mother"

"Don't you worry about that mistake, she's a mud-blood and they have ways of taking care of accidents".

Listening to his mothers words his heart broke even more as he replied "Yes, ma'am."

As they walked away he though If only I didn't have to go through this. Of all the ways to prove family loyalty.

At the same time the green eyed girl ran in the opposite direction and smack into James and Remus. "Lily, what's wrong?" Remus asked

"Not here."

"Ok, lets go"James suggestedbefore they apparated to his home.

As the three relaxed in the kitchen over some tea, Lily told her two friends exactly what happened. As James and Lily continued talking Remus went to see who was at the door. "Padfoot, if your going to run aroundlike thatthen you need to put your keys on your chain."

"Yeah, yeah. I know. Just forgot again" At that point Sirius heard Lily crying and asked what was wrong. Remus started filling him in on what happened when Sirius yelled "I'LL KILL THAT SON OF A BITCH!"

Lily heard Sirius' voice and as she yelled "NO!" Sirius once againchanged and before they could stop him, he was gone.

He finallyfound Severus' scent and followed it to an old abandoned warehouse. As he crept through the building he suddenly froze and thought Oh Shit, of all the things to come across. As he hid behind some boxes he watched as a young cloaked man kneeled before Voldemort to be branded.Thedogcould see everything going on except for the cloaked fatherly figure behind the victim holding him in place by the back of his neck. As the young man held back his screams. Sirius ran back to James' house convincing everyone that they were all better off without their ex-friend. After a long discussion the three guys all agreed to help Lily any and every way that they could. That night Lily went back to her parent's home and grabbed all her belongings that were left behind. With her parents gone, Petunia, was more than happy to see her freak of a sister go as well. In the meantime the boys were clearing out the spare room to make it into Lily's room, after-all she was just like their sister and how could you turn out family.

As time went on Lily took care of the house muggle style, James became the DADA instructor at Hogwarts, Sirius became an agent for the ministry, and Remus decided to do some traveling. Finally one rainy night 7 months after she moved in with her friends Dumbledore interrupted James' class. "Lily is upstairs with Pomphrey...It's time"

Knowing Sirius was on assignment and Remus was still traveling, James dismissed class to be with his friend. As James arrived outside the infirmary Pomphrey jumped out yelling 'IT'S A BOY!"

Most of the teachers were thrilled to hear the news that mom and son were just fine. The only teacher unaware of what happened that day was meeting with his unwanted master.

"Lily dear, we need a name to put as the father" explained Pomphrey.

"No, he doesn't want his accident"

"Lily, we have been friends half our lives. You are the only sister I have. Please let me give your child my name. It will give him a family." Lily hugged James and her son became Harry Potter.

Northern Wisconsin May 1985

The elders were harassing Danielle again on the reservation about her special gifts. One cloudy evening she couldn't take it any more and decided to be with her friends in the pack. While in her wolf form she couldn't find anyone she was looking for but, all of a sudden she heard a strange howling. Danielle knew her friend's calls and this one was definitely different. As she searched the woods she came across the mysterious male but unfortunately he was caught in a trap. The male seemed to be unconscious from the pain, at this time Dannie became herself again and freed the wolf then once again transformed. Dannie licked his wound to clean it, rested, and waited for the male to wake up but then she fell asleep. After a few hours the strange wolf woke up and licked her nose to say "thank you". Dannie jumped up startled then realized the strange wolf wasn't going to hurt her. Suddenly daybreak started and Dannie's new friend ran off as fast as he could.

Shespent the whole next day thinking of her new friend and where he would be. By nightfall she still couldn't stop wondering about him or worrying about his condition. That nightonce again transformed and went out looking for the wolf. After about an hour she heard the slightly familiar howl.They hadfound one another. They spent the rest of the night together as she showed him her forest. As time went by they wound up in a secluded cave and then consummated their new relationship.

The next morning Dannie heard a man's screams of pain, she lifted her head to look around to see if it was the man who left the trap she released her mate from. To her terror these sounds were actually coming fromthe male next to herbut she knew thatshape shifting doesn't hurt. In terror she sprinted from the cave, transformed into her human form and looked at the early morning sky.

"Oh Shit! Why didn't I see sooner?" She cried as she noticed the full moon fade away into the horizon. "He can't know who or what I am, nobody would understand."

Three months later it was the full moon again. Dannie was sitting on the edge of the forest crying. Although she missed her friends she had not transformed since that dreadful morning out of fear. As she listened to the night she faintly heard the once familiar now lonely howl, she rubbed her belly and said "Everything will work out somehow."

Northern Wisconsin Summer 2000

Fourteen years old Gabrielle was once again walking through the forest alone. Bria to her mom andfamily, was shunned and feared by most of the reservation for many reasons. The two most common reasons were that she inherited the shape shifting ability from her mother, secondly according to her eye and skin coloring her father was a 'white-man' causing Bria to be called "half-breed" by the other kids. This cut her to the core, her only escape from this was to go and run with her forest friends. This scared her mother at times. Not only because of the hunters out there but also because of her age and the male wolves. Although Bria had never met her father, due to her abilities her mother was very open to her about how she was conceived.

As Bria ran through the woods she came upon her special place by the lake. This was where she escaped to when things got hard, it was so special not even her mother knew about it. It was here that she had learned that she had other special talents. She once tried to talk to her mother about her gifts but her mom hushed her up immediately and told her how females with these powers were killed.

As Bria sat 'playing' with the water, an owl came up to her. At first she was afraid because owls were suppose to be evil, then she though Well in a way I'm considered evil too so she stayed. The owl slowly approached her when she noticed there was a letter attached to its leg.

Dear Miss Lightpaws,

You have cordially been invited to attend Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. We will have one of our professors meet you at the St Paul Airport on August 15th to escort you to get your supplies and introduce you to the school.

Due to our inability to locate you sooner we are arranging for you to have tutors so that you will be able to be with the rest of your 4th year classmates.

Yours truly, Professor Dumbledore - Headmaster

Bria quickly ran home as fast as possible to talk to her mother. After resting a few minutes to catch her breath she quietly and calmly showed her the letter. At first Dannie was stunned but, knowing there was proof of what her daughter truly was, she felt that it was best that she does attend this Hogwarts Academy but, only on one condition. Her mother also comes along to see this school for herself.

Dumbledore agreed to her mother's request understanding where they come from and her needing to be able to put her fears of her daughters safety to rest

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