By Riley Malfoy

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A sharp clang of metal on metal rang as Hermione dropped her fork. "Was Draco Malfoy looking at me?" she thought as she caught Draco's cynical eyes fixated on her.
"Hermione?" said Ron loudly, tapping her on the shoulder.
"What?" snapped Hermione, whipping her head around to meet Ron's gaze.
His intense blue eyes lingered on for a second concernedly. "What's the matter? You keep going off into these weird daydreams!"
Hermione shook her head. "It's nothing. It's just that Terry and I got into a fight."
Harry, who had been observing the conversation nodded. "What about?"
"Oh he's just annoyed with me because our boundary lines are different. Nothing big." she shoved the last piece of her lamb into her mouth and stood up. "I'm going to head upstairs to work on homework."
"I thought you finished on break!" speculated Ron, eyeing her confusedly.
"I want to check it over, alright?" she said defensively.
"Just wondering Hermione, don't go all Oprah on us!" said Harry laughing.
"What?" inquired Ron.
Harry raised his eyebrows. "It's a muggle American thing. Forget it." Harry chuckled. "See you Hermione."
Hermione smiled and began to walk out of the great hall. She quickened her pace upon leaving the hall, finally arriving at the portrait hole.
"Feather Roll." she said softly.
"What's the rush?" asked the Pink Lady, narrowing her eyes at Hermione.
"Oh, nothing." shrugged Hermione as she climbed in the hole and immediately dashed to the dormitory. Hermione groaned and flopped onto her bed.
"Why is my life so dang complicated?" she said loudly, not bothering to keep her voice down in case others were resting. Life certainly had been complicated this past year. It was 6th year and everything was like a roller coaster. First, in the beginning of the year Terry Boot, a Ravenclaw who was in her year has asked her out. She had dated only once before, but with one look into his chocolate brown eyes, she accepted. She really did enjoy his company; he was kind, considerate, witty, and most of all sensitive. As she grew closer to Terry, she noticed herself growing further away from her childhood pals, Ron and Harry. Ron was a stubborn and ever, and still would not let her live down her yearlong relationship with Viktor Krum. Harry, was still his sweet self, but was much too focused on Quidditch to give her silly problems a second thought. So, Terry became her sole confidant. Lately though, she and Terry had been fighting. Terry was much more experienced than her and was eager to go further physically. Hermione, was meek about it, but was much too proud to admit it, so she simply shrugged it off with "I'm not ready". Terry would normally just frown and get over it…but lately he had gotten extremely frustrated. With his growing frustration, Hermione had become impatient and aggravated, eaten up by her doubts about Terry.

Hermione tucked a brown curl behind her ear as she grabbed her potion book "Perfect Potion Skills, level 6" and began to edit her potions essay on the Icklesnitch Herb and it's effects in the Water Expanding potion. She sighed. The only sound in the entire dormitory was the sound of her quill scratching on the parchment. She looked down at her shiny prefect badge and smiled. At least she had *some* dignity left. With that thought she decided to take a quick bath in the Prefect's bathroom. Tucking the essay between pages 456 and 457 of her book, and shoving the book under her bed, she grabbed her towel and bath items and preceded to head out of the Gryffindor House.

Her shoes clicked on the floor as she briskly walked to the bathroom, knocking over a first year in her confused daze. "Sorry!" she called, still walking, her eyebrows furrowed.
"Lemon Sweets!" she quipped and entered the prefects bathroom.
"Mmm…" she murmured as she filled the pool-sized bathtub with sensuous smelling blue bubbles. She sat for a second on the large white bench in one corner of the bathroom, just listening to the relaxing *pop* of the bubbles. She pulled off her robes and hung them on a nearby hook Most people would carelessly throw theirs on the floor, but not Hermione Granger. Terry always teased her by saying that instead of throwing off her clothes during a passionate moment, she'd take a minute to neatly fold them. Mind you, the word passionate was always followed by a raised eyebrow or wink from Terry. She pulled off her white blouse and gray skirt and neatly placed them on the bench with her socks and shoes. Next to her clothes she placed her undergarments. This was Hermione Granger, perfectly planned out. Hermione always followed the same routine. On Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, she took a normal shower in the house bath. On Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday, she took a luxurious bath in the Prefect's bathroom. There is no need to elaborate on her other habits, but I assure you she even had a schedule for what days she used different scented bubbles. Yes, Hermione Granger was perfectly planned out. Hermione padded over to the bathtub and slipped in, slightly wincing at the heat of it. She leaned her head back and rested it on the edge, staring at the intricate designs on the ceiling. Suddenly the click of a lock registered in her mind and a figure sauntered into the bathroom.
"Terry!" she gasped, sinking her body under the bubbles.
"Hey Mione'" he grinned, trying to get a glimpse of her through the gaps in the bubbles.
"What on earth are you doing in here? And how did you know I was here?" she remarked heatedly.
Terry raised his left eyebrow. "Hermione, you have had the same schedule since I've known you!" he glanced at his watch. "Yup. 7:30. You always get in the bath at 7:25 when you use the Prefect's bathroom."
Hermione narrowed her eyes at him. "You never answered my first question."
"Ah, yes." chuckled Terry. "Quite the funny store actually…" he wrung his hands together and bit his lip nervously.
"And that would be….?" demanded Hermione.
"Fine! I wanted to catch a look at you, ok?" he remarked, his cheeks hinting a slight red.
"Terry.." she said, looking as if she could have killed an innocent puppy. "Out!"
Terry frowned. "Fine. But I'll see you sooner or later." he winked and grinned broadly before exiting.
"Terry! I'm going to kill him! I really am!" Hermione thought as she washed her hair. She scrubbed her body down quickly and stepped out of the shower, grabbing a fluffy white towel and wrapping it around herself. She dried off and slipped into the silky blue robe Terry had given her for her birthday. He had hoped to see her in it, and though she quite liked it, she was sure her wouldn't have the pleasure of seeing her in it. It was silky, but was trimmed with a soft fleece. She tied the satin bow around her waist.
"I hope no one sees me in this!" she thought, noticing that the neckline plunged to just above her belly-button and allowed anyone to catch a small glimpse of just a bit more than she wanted people to see. She normally wore her night-wear underneath the robe, but in sheer unluckiness she had forgotten them tonight. She wasn't too worried, because no one roamed the halls during the evening. She towel dried her curls as much as possible, letting them drape around her face and neck. She gathered her neatly folded garments, wrapped them in her towel as usual and left the bathroom.

Her bare feet slapping gently on the castle floor were the only sounds she could hear as she made her trek back to the common room. Suddenly, the sounds of her feet were accompanied by the clicking of shoes. As she rounded the corner she was face to face with none other than the infamous Draco Malfoy. Draco stopped in shock for a second, but quickly resumed his pessimistic smirk. His piercing silver eyes scanned her while Hermione stood for a second, shocked by his sudden appearance. Draco was obviously busy staring at her in the robe, as it left little to the imagination.
"So, the little muggle has finally *grown* up." he sneered.
Hermione rolled her eyes. "Get a life pervert. And go screw yourself."
"Oh that won't be necessary," he leered "because unlike *some* people, I can find a partner easily."
Hermione groaned. "Give it up and stop hitting on me ferret boy!"
Draco pat his heart, making a motion like she had hurt his feelings. "Me? Hit on a dirty mud blood? I don't think so. I wouldn't sink so low even if I was the only wizard left on earth!"
Hermione cocked her head and glared at Malfoy.
"Though," Malfoy continued. "I don't deny, those are some dangerous curves.." he paused. "for a *mudblood*"
Hermione scowled. "Screw off!"
"Oh, I will." he said mockingly, lightly brushing into her as he passed. Just the feeling of his arm of hers sent a shiver of my spine.
"What the hell?" she thought. "What am I playing at? Ok, Hermione, you are just a little weirded out right now. No need to panic. Breathe, breath. Alright, so Draco Malfoy is a wee bit sexy…so…that doesn't change the fact that he's a complete a total asshole. Ok, I'm all collected."
Hermione finished her little "self-talk" and resumed walking to the common room. She hurried to the dormitory, ignoring the few whistles from the boys seeing her in the short robe. She changed into her nightgown and flopped onto her bed. "Boys are so complicated!"

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