Chapter 21

"Painful Goodbyes"

*tear* last chapter. But don't worry, the sequel will be out soon!! It's going to be called "Abandoned". It will be much longer than the first book! And don't worry, there will be a third :-D (three part series) I am so sad. I don't want to let this story go!! Don't worry, the sequel is really good. It will take place, when they are 18, two years after this story :-D Hope ya like it. Oh, and I have a new D/Hr fic all planned out for when the series is done :-D hehe

Hermione smiled lazily at Draco, when suddenly a fleeting figure burst into the room.
"Mother?" Draco gasped, pulling the sheets on his bed to cover himself.
"Get up NOW!" she screamed.
"Why?" he asked angrily, sitting up.
"Your FATHER is home! Get up!" she screeched and Draco tumbled from the bed and pulled on some shorts. Hermione stood up quickly and grabbed the first gown she saw, the silver, Victorian style dress.
"What are we supposed to do?" she half-yelled towards Narcissa.
"Oh my God! He's down the hall!" she whispered hurriedly.
Hermione squeaked and turned on her heel. Draco grabbed her roughly and shoved her into his closet and shut the door, just as his bedroom door opened.

"Hello Draco." said Lucious Malfoy, half civilly.
"Father." Draco replied, bowing his head.
"Now that I've dealt with the bastards at the ministry, you should be sent back to Hogwarts." Lucious said coldly.
Draco nodded. "They didn't give you any problems, I hope." Draco said untruthfully.
"Actually that mudblood-loving fool, Arthur Weasly, had to step in on my case and blow it all out of proportion." he grunted.
Draco simply nodded.

Hermione peered through the shutters of Draco's closet, watching the seen intently. Draco was so different around his father. His usual relaxed stance was replaced with a straightened figure, hands clenching convulsively.

"You did get rid of that mudblood sex-toy of yours, didn't you?" Lucious asked angrily, growing paler than before.

Draco didn't answer right away, his silver eyes darting to the floorboards. Hermione pushed against the closet door, when suddenly the door flung open and she fell to the floor on her knees. Draco spun around with a look of horror on his face.

"What the hell! What is that-that Mudblood, doing here?" Lucious shouted, stomping his foot on the floor.

Before Draco could explain, Lucious had stepped forward and grabbed Hermione by the shoulders.
"Get out of my house!" he screamed, shaking her violently.
"Father!" Draco screamed, grabbing his father by the neck and pulling him backwards.
"Don't disrespect me like that!" Lucious screamed, his face straining as he took a blow at Draco's face.
Hermione stood frozen as she watched Draco pivot on his ankle, a sickening crack echoing in the room. He collapsed onto the ground, making a loud thump as he landed. Lucious went for Hermione, pushing her roughly against the wall. Hermione felt her neck snap back and her skull hit the wall. Draco struggled to stand up and limp over to Hermione where he grabbed her in an embrace as if to shield her from another blow. Hermione squeezed her eyes shut as she felt Lucious' fist hit Draco in the back. Hermione pushed Draco away from herself.
"Don't." she croaked, bracing herself. She felt a cold hand connect with her side, sending her flying into the wall. She watching as Draco stood on his bad ankle, hobbling over to his father, where his gave his mother a pleading look. Lucious curled his fingers around Draco's throat and began to squeeze.
"Lucious! Stop!" Narcissa exclaimed. Lucious released his grip, dropping Draco to the floor.
Narcissa looked somewhat relieved after this, but not when Lucious pressed himself against her and slapped her pale cheek. Draco ran from behind and slammed into his father, sending him headfirst into a chair. The chair broke with a sickening crack. Lucious made a throaty sound as he grabbed a splintered piece of wood and brought it down on Draco's shoulder, causing Hermione to squeal in fear.
Lucious turned to Hermione and grabbed her by the throat.
"Listen to me, mudblood," he growled, "You will die for this." he squeezed her throat and Hermione could feel the world growing strangely far away. Suddenly she was brought back to harsh reality as Draco grabbed his father by the hair and pulled him backwards.
"You bastard." Draco yelled, punching his father in the stomach. Lucious gave a menacing look before kicking Draco in the ankle and flinging Hermione over his shoulder. Lucious threw Hermione across the room, her tiny body making a sickly crack against the wall. Draco stared into horror at the blood soaking into Hermione's hair. He managed to stand, but stopped in horror as Lucious drew a long, slender knife from his pocket. He raised it and brought it down, just as Draco slithered away, the knife causing the floor to splinter and break apart.
Lucious moaned and raised the knife again, this time coming into contact with Draco's thigh. Draco yelled in anguish, watching blood soak his boxers. Lucious raised the knife again, holding it over Draco's throat. For the first time, Hermione saw Draco looking afraid. Without thinking Hermione had stood up, blood still poring from wounds, and pounced onto Lucious' back, hitting him roughly. Lucious tumbled backwards, giving Draco time to grab the knife from his hand.
He slammed his father to the ground, holding the knife that had been turned to him, to his father's throat. Lucious made a breathy noise.
"You wouldn't dare. You-you coward." Lucious laughed, narrowing his eyes.
Draco gulped. "I want to see you die. I want to watch you writhe in pain," he croaked, sliding the blade against neck, just barely. Lucious' expression grew pained, but he still cackled.
"Everything I did for you. You ungrateful little bastard."
"Did for me?" Draco laughed, looking half-amused. "You mean beat me?"
Lucious pursed his lips, and then kicked upwards, sending Draco flying off of him. He grabbed the knife from the stunned Draco and lunged at Narcissa, pinning her to the wall.
He ran the blade down Narcissa's cheeks, causing crimson to mix with her salty tears. "Do you want to watch your mother die?" Lucious purred, running the blade down Narcissa's chest, cutting her robe. Draco watched in horror as red soaked into the gold robe. Narcissa took a look at the blood and promptly fainted in Lucious' arms, growing limp. "I could kill her right now." Lucious threatened, holding the knife to Narcissa's white neck. Draco grabbed his father's wrist and pulled backwards, aiming the knife towards the wall.
"Not her." Draco whispered hoarsely. Lucious' eyes settled on Hermione, who was cowered against the back wall, drifting in and out of consciousness. He lunged at her, holding her struggling body down. "Do you want to see your mudblood girlfriend be blasted apart?" Lucious threatened again, running his knife through Hermione's hair, watching as large chunks felt to the floor. Draco stood frozen. "You do?" he asked, taking the knife and pressed it into her upper arms, watching blood pore into the silver fabric of her dress. Hermione let out a strangled cry, watching Draco swoop and wrestle his father, once again getting possession of the knife.
Draco raised the knife and tried to lower it. The scene looked all too familiar to Hermione. She watched as his reddened face grew pale, and beads of sweat collected on his hairline. He squeezed his eyes shut and a single tear fell onto his father.
"Is the little coward, crying?" Lucious laughed. Draco growled and threw the knife across the room, watching it stab into the tapestry across the wall. Draco got off of his father, after tying him down.
He grabbed Hermione under the armpits and pulled her to her feet. He kissed her gently on the lips. "Come on," he whispered hurriedly "Let's get to the nearest doctor."
Hermione led Draco out to the veranda of his bedroom and began to climb over the wall. Draco began to follow her, when suddenly he was jerked backwards. Hermione climbed upwards and peered over the wall. Lucious Malfoy had his son by the upper arms and was pulling him backwards.
"Draco!" she sobbed.
"Get Mudblood, or I'll kill you too!" Lucious Malfoy yelled.
"He won't kill me. He needs me." Draco mouthed.
"Why?" Hermione mouthed back, but before Draco could answer, Lucious Malfoy had slapped a hand over his mouth.
"Go!" Draco screamed.
"I can't." she sobbed loudly, trying to climb over the wall.
"GO!" Draco urged.
"Goodbye Draco." she whispered in a rasp, before releasing her fingers and dropping to the grass ten feet below.
"Goodbye Draco!" she called loudly, choking her tears and she turned and ran out of the Malfoy's property. She ran out to the stables and grabbed the silver Pegasus they had flown in on and mounted it, kicking off quickly. As they rose above the manor, she felt tears flood down her face. She stared for a second, before motioning the Pegasus in the opposite direction.
"Goodbye Draco."


Crap, I'm going to cry. That was hard to write. But I promise that this isn't the end!! We have TWO sequels coming. The first chapter of the sequel will be posted sometime tomorrow under this same name and it will be called "Abandoned (Sequel to Fascination)". It will be a happy ending, because D/HR are meant to be together. You like?