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Chapter 5

Loud footsteps could be heard around the halls of the Nemesis. Megatron was thinking of a plan to get is Third in Command back on the ship and out of the clutches of the Autobots. So far, he hadn't thought of a plan. Or rather, he hadn't thought of one that would work. And on an unrelated note, he needed someone to show the newbie around the ship and to his work post. Come to think of it, he hadn't even asked him what he was experienced in. With the plan long forgotten, he made his way towards the rec. room. He spotted Snowstorm talking to some Vehicons.

"- I got into the pod and the next thing I know, I'm on this green and blue planet." Snowstorm said.

The Vehicons and Snowstorm took notice of their leader.

"Vehicons, you are dismissed." Megatron announced. With that being said, the Vehicons rushed out of the room, fearing that they may have upset their leader. Megatron turned his attention to the royal blue and white mech.

"Snowstorm, what was your occupation back on Cybertron?" Megatron asked.

"Well, I worked in the castle. I helped in the infirmary as a doctor's assistant. They also only let me work on the royal family." Megatron was visibly shocked at the response. It was amazing how someone so young like him could work in such a difficult field and in the castle, as well!

"Well, it seems you were close to the royal family." Megatron stated.

"I was, but I was even closer to the princeā€¦" Snowstorm trailed off.

"We shall move on to the med bay." Megatron declared.

"O-Of course, Lord Megatron."

The walk to the med bay was silent. The only noise that could be heard was the sound of their pedes hitting the floor.

Once they got to the med bay, they saw Knockout working on some random vehicon. We'll name him Gr3g. Knockout catch sight of Megatron and Snowstorm, or rather, Snowstorm.

"Oh! Hello my liege and um-"


"Right, what brings you here, lord Megatron?" Knockout asked.

"Snowstorm shall work along-side you and Breakdown. I trust that you will show him the necessities and requirements."

"You can count on me, Lord Megatron."

"Let us hope you keep this promise, Knockout."

Without further ado, Megatron left to attend other situations. Or in other words, beat Starscream to a pulp.

The room was then engulfed in an awkward silence.

"So, you're Knockout? You're vain, sadistic medic?" Snowstorm asked surprise or not so surprised.

"Indeed, I am. And can I be the first to say what a beautiful finish you have. Of course, not as beautiful as mine, though."

"Well, THIS takes vanity to a whole new level." Snowstorm muttered.

Luckily for Snowstorm, his sentence wasn't audible enough for Knockout to hear.

"Snowstorm, you must meet my partner Breakdown. You two might have something in common."

Coincidently, Breakdown entered the med bay, carrying some datapads.

"K.O., Megatron wanted use to read over and fill out these-

Breakdown caught sight of Snowstorm.

"Oh, what's he doing here?" Breakdown asked.

"From hence forth, he will be working along-side us. It's the best thing that has happened all day. Isn't he a hot piece of aft?" asked Knockout, groping Snowstorm's aft.

Breakdown suddenly dropped the datapads on the floor, shattering them. "K.O., I think me and the rookie should get to know each other. Breakdown said the last five words with a venomous tone.

"Alright, I have to report something to Starscream, any-how." Before Knockout left he winked at Snowstorm.

"I'll be back, beautiful." Knockout declared seductively. It sent shivers down Snowstorm's back.

"Alright Snowstorm! I've been trying to gain Knockout's attention for stellar cycles. I won't let some newbie screw up my chances with him!

"Look Breakdown, I don't even know Knockout, let alone like him!"

"Well you better not, because if you so much as blink an optic at him, I will make your lifespan the pits."

Gotta love Jealousy.

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