Ludwig never liked children for two reasons;

A) They were messy.

B) if he was to have any, they were his resposbility.

The German had a lot of responsibility, so much so he drowned in it. Work, money, cars, Feliciano... All things he, for the most part, had to look after.

A child would need constant attention. Sure, there was no doubt in his mind his Italian would play with it and sing to it... But there would be times where it would need to be bathed, and changed, and fed... There no was no doubt in his mind the Italian would start crying after he couldn't do something.

And Ludwig would be at work. He'd have to right all the wrongs whrn he got home. Then he'd have to comfort Feli in the awkward way he always did.

The German didn't want that. He had work and forms and papers and meetings and business trips... A baby would ruin that.

Ludwig liked his space. He could think, he could plan, he could do his responsibilities... The German thought he would die with out it.

He loved Feli; he would crawl to the ends of the Earth for him. However, that did not mean allowing Feliciano to play 'mutti and vati' with a real baby.

The German looked around his work office. He smiled at the order of it... Just as he prefered.

Book were on shelves, along with certificates and trophies. They made Ludwig proud; he had earned them.

On the desk was his computer, excel open along with many other tabs.

Ludwig felt slightly nervous as he looked at the internet tab. He knew it was hiding the page for engagement rings.

Ludwig wanted to be with Feli, and he did want to make him happy... but, ever since that night, his thoughts had been on the most obvious thing.

He would be unified with the Italian.

He thought terrified him. He would have to care for Feli legally. The Italian would be his husband, have his last name.

If he did anything wrong, then that would be it. Feliciano would cry about needing to be caring.

He had been through the 'religious experiance' once already... and he didn't want another.

He did try to have respect for Feli's faith, and he would never try to stray the Italian from it.

But he couldn't understand hkw anybody could think there was a man on a cloud, controlling everyone.

For the most part, Ludwig controlled his own life; and nobody could tell him other wise. He hated the fact he had to take Feli to church every Sunday.

He never went in; instead, he would go to the post office, and then to the book shop. Then, two hours later, and Feli was finished, he would table on about the choir and one day he'll learn to drive so he could join them.

They'd go shopping, and Feli would sit in the trolley. Somehow, they'd got away with that so far, although once the Italian had gone crazy because of there was no fresh tomatoes, and he didn't want the tinned.

And that was another thing; the village was half-an-hour away in a car... And they didn't sell baby furniture.

What would happen if the baby ran out of nappies, or food? Feli couldn't walk two hours to the town! And even if he did somehow get there, he couldn't speak German.

The German groaned, and leaned back on his chair. He was avoiding it all. He knew he was, and he felt bad. And Feli's words haunted him.

'I only asked to start a family with you.'

Ludwig knew Feli didn't ask for much. Nothing, really. There would be times the Italian would find funny book, or movie, or CD, and the German would buy them.

And he had hurt the little Italian. He hadn't thought about it properly; how big he was compared to the Italian, and how scary he could seem to him.

Feli was soft, and small, and innocent, and graceful... Not somebody he should shout out. It scared him, how vicious he could be to the Italian. He did not mean to scare his lover, but he was just like that.

Sighing, Ludwig saved his work, and switched the computer off.

He had a lot too think about; too much. And all there was before he had to see the Italian again was a two hour drive.

But, one thing was certain. He was not putting his work and alone time at risk in order to have a child with Feli. He was not being a father.


Human souls were valuable... But they took a lot of work. Soever went missing, others weasel out of their contracts, and then there is no payment.

Souls were messy, and then, all it took to seal the deal was a kiss. No, kisses were boring.

Not when things older than man require a much more... thorough... deal seal.

Alastair laughed, and he looked at the German. Oh, if only he knew he plans for his little Italian... And his son.

That annoyed him. He didn't want to share Feliciano. The Italian was meant to be his. He had no intention in allowing the German to be in the the picture long.

The demon walked to where Ludwig was sitting, and he peered at the screen. "Oh... engagement rings?" He tutted. "Silly boy... But, I think I'll have some fun with you..." He chuckled, and clicked his fingers.

Feli appeared, his stomach inflated.
"My dear..." He whispered, smiling darkly, "I'll see you as mine one day... I hope you're ready for that," He explained.

The Feli looked at him, and tilted his head. Alastair moved to grab him, and let his hand to through him.

"You know," He said, looking at Ludwig, "I think making deals for souls can help... I mean, loop holes can work to my advantage..." He grinned, and swithced back to Feli.

The demon looked at him, "You'll see me one day..." He grinned, and he snapped his fingers again, "And, you'll know that the child will die with out me." He sighed. "I am being kind, you know?" He glanced at them both.

"I could just seperate you from each other... But I'm giving you ten years or so..." He chuckled again.

"I'll show you, Ludwig, why I need your precious Feli."