Chapter One: Welcome Aboard

When the war of the beast brings about the worlds end. The goddess descends from the sky,wings of light and dark spread afar. She guides us to bliss her gift everlasting. This is the world we come from. It's the world of Loveless…

It is said that even the World holds secrets. Secrets that are buried within itself, where there is no longer a distinction between the World and what it hides, but when all is the World... peaceful and silent. Giving away nothing but the echo of promises and lost dreams. But sometimes a secret needs to be let out... Sometimes, it is said The Goddess blesses those who push forward against the tides of fate, and live a life filled with joy

Deep in the city of Rica one of the main cities of the Brelum district,There was known to be chaos,this chaos was caused by humans that lived there. Rica a city that lived on the wealth of others and ruled by King Umbrus.

Deep in the city,in a Tavern not to far off where commotion was erupting from it was the Eve for the hunt. As the the men of the Tavern erupted with joy one man stayed settled as he sat at the bar his hands wrapped around a glass."You don't seem to be around from here boy"spoke the bartender as he glanced at the man simply sitting there."I'm not"he replied as his foot rested on the edge of the next stool as his body was leaned forward slightly. The chatter among the tavern guest spoke about a monster that terrorized the city."So tell of this monster"the man would question the bartender in a event to get the info he needed.

"King Umbrus ordered the assassination of it a few weeks ago,it brings about flames of hell they speak,everywhere it steps it burns,every breathe it take ashes rise,it's said to be like a flaming Behemoth,I sometimes feel sorry for the men that come risking their lives and dying to stop a beast for mere gold"replied the bartender"Name is Articus". The man brung the glass to his lips as her would take a sip from it as a relief sigh left his lips."My name is Eclipse,and i came to slay this beast for you"Eclipse would claim as he closed his eyes as Articus stopped washing the glasses as that statement made him stammer back."No one is even able to touch that monster what makes you any different,then these man here that will die come tomorrow"

Eclipse would raise up as he placed a gold coin on the table as he smiled"You will see just make sure you have a drink for me when i return"he said as he risen up from his seat. He would of turn his body as he would've left the tavern ducking under a chair that was thrown. He pushed open the tavern doors making his exit,As his feet touched the dirt road outside the tavern as he held onto the string to his bag he was carrying,his red eyes scanning the area."So this is Rica in daylight….such a shame it's being driven into the ground"he would say to himself as he looked up towards the castle at the north. He would close his eyes as he yawned placing a hand in front of his mouth as he needed to find a place to stay first off.

The scream of a woman echoed through Eclipse ear's as he would stop in his tracks. His eye's opening to what was behind him. He saw a young woman about his age being robbed placing a hand in his pocket. He would continue to walk off but he was bumped into by the thief as he was walking away. His left foot would of stuck out tripping the poor man which in following made him meet his right foot on the man's back."It's not cool robbing people"Eclipse will say as he reached down grabbing the bag and tossing it back to the woman."Thank you so much let Goddess Etro bless you"The woman said as she bowed to him."Yeah no problem...but can you please stand up straight kinda causing a scene"He will note as people was staring at them from all directions. She will raise up as she blushed slightly"I'm sorry just no one ever help anyone in these parts after..Umbrus took the throne"She will whisper. Eclipse was not liking this one bit,his eyes would look at the woman she was beautiful and he traveled a lot but this woman had beauty like no other.

"I see..but what is yo.."before he could finish his sentence screams begun to feel his ears as the people that were just going about their lives begun to run pass them."What's going on?"he would of thought as something was making even his own body crawl."It's here the monster is here run"scream a man as the screams of the people echoed through the city Eclipse red eyes watching as each person showed that fear...that fear of death."I'm sorry you must go,get to the shelter hopefully we meet again"Eclipse said to the woman who he was speaking with."Bt what about you.."she asked but he didn't reply but went off the opposite direction of the people."Here i thought i'll have time to relax what about it coming in the morning"He thought as he was running forward towards where the ashes rose towards the sky.

The sound of footsteps running through the streets and the sound of gunfire was echoing through Eclipse head. The pain in his head was throbbing it was as something was making him feel ill all of a sudden as he place a hand on his head. His feet not stopping as the smell of burning flesh filled the air he wasn't to far now. Flames erupted building after building as the streets were spotted with burnt bodies. His anger was increasing with each step he took as he felt a sharp pain in his chest as if he saw something like this before unknown to what was wrong with him at that moment as images begun to flicker in his head."What's wrong with me all of a sudden?"he would ask himself as he turned the corner to face what any normal man will run from.

Behemoth's was known to be a creation from the goddess to show her power and divine grace as protectors of this realm. But this one wasn't a mere Behemoth it was bigger taller than any human could compare to but this one before Eclipse was nothing of the goddess creation. It's body was erupted with flames as its eyes glared around as the rampaging beast was burning anything it stepped on or even was near. All the bodies of the hunters that was hired was piling up at the beast feet as more hunters ran in but the ending was all the same,Eclipse will watch this as he balled up his fist as his body shook"How could anything just kill people like this.."he will mutter under his breath.

The hunters surrounded the beast as they tried and tried to strike it down but was crushed under the beast stomp. Flames erupting from the ground as the area was set ablaze it was as if hell had awakened in the world to torture the people of this city. The flames spread afar as if to burn everything down and not give it any hope to stop. Eclipse eyes would open as he spots a little girl who was on course with the flames. His eyes widen he couldn't let that girl get hurt as he would push his body and force it to move out of its state."I have to save her"he will scream in his head. The flame trailing right behind her as the battle cry and moans of pain echoed. His legs was stiff it was as if they couldn't move as he continued trying to run towards the girl. The flame was inches from her as suddenly it was wiped out by the sound of a melody but not any kind of melody but that of a violin as the flames dissipated vanishing from sight. This allow Eclipse to grab the little girl up who held onto him as he leaped in midair."Wonder where that came from?"he would say as he looked at the beast rage on behind him.

At the same time at the castle"Your Majesty the witches have summoned the beast and doing according to plan"Said a knight as he was kneeled down."Great the more suffering i cause the more happy he is,and the closer we are to his revival"Spoke Umbrus as his head rested on his fist as his eyes was looking out the window as he sat upon his throne."But Majesty are you sure just letting people die in your city is actually..helping them,why not send help?"the knight will imply his personal thought on the matter, Umbrus eyes would slowly move to the knight before his body simply vanish as he would appear behind the knight his back to him as he begun to walk off. As he walked the knights head begun to slide off as blood squirted from his neck as his head was rolling on the floor."Those who question me all will have the same fate"he will say as he exit his throne room.

His footsteps would be pacing through the halls as he came to where the witches were keeping the spell in place. Crossing his arms"Report"he would order,"The beast is rampaging through the western district and killing off the hunters you hired to defeat it,each soul is being guided to the Eternal core of the beast for all that it kills"one of the servants of the king will say."There just sacrificial pawns for something greater"He would reply bluntly. He would rest a hand on the tip of the handle of his sword at his side as he watched the witches. The witches was in a circle as a ord floated between them it was a control orb or summoning orb used with dark magic.

Back on the streets of Rica the body count was increasing as the beast was stomping through the hunters. Eclipse landed at a nearby shelter placing the little girl in one of them"Take care it won't be long"He said to the people inside the shelter as he smiled and begun to turn to head back."Boy come back alive and i'll have a cold one waiting for you"Spoke Articus. Eclipse simply smiled as he pushed off the ground and headed back to the location of the beast rampage. Eclipse red hair will blow with the wind as he was making his way back to the front lines,he had to end this quickly.

"Come on man,we got a bounty on the line"Yelled a man as he was ordering the other hunters around. Eclipse eyes caught sight of him as he couldn't let him keep sending in people that will only die. Landing on a nearby roof he will scream"Stop sending in people",His voice echoed as it caught attention of few of the hunters."Transcendence"the hunter will speak as he pointed towards eclipse making Transcendence turn his head his violin in hand. Eclipse turned his head towards the beast"Your people are dying don't you see that?"he screamed. Transcendence rose his hand signalling for them to stop."Friend you stop my man who are hungry,and have families to feed from claiming the head of this beast may i ask why?"Transcendance will provoke a answer from Eclipse. Eclipse eyes would continue to look at the beast as his eyes would not leave it as it slammed it's body into buildings setting them ablaze."The more people you send it the more they will die..if they have families why die….don't you think there sacrifice will be in vain?"Eclipse says as he lower the bag that was on his back. As Transcendence look among his man he would keep his hand raise as to signal them to hold off for now.

Reaching into the bag Eclipse would pull out a sheath blade the sheath itself was black with a red dragon pressed around it. Closing his eyes as the blade would be drawn as his eyes would be more serious than before. Moving his foot inch by inch he would push off of the roof his sword in hand as he was going to fight the beast alone. As he was in midair is free hand opened up as his hand begun to be coated with a red like aura as he would swing his hand downward,this in turn release a blast of pure chi from his hand. The beast attention was on the hunters as this was happening it's steps was coming closer and closer to the group of hunters."Hold your ground men!"ordered Transcendence. The hunters had their weapons ready but right then the blast released from Eclipse would push the beast away from the ground."Thank god it made it in time"Eclipse would say.

He would land promptly as he held his blade which was still sheathed at that time. The beast had its attention on Eclipse now as he stood there. Unsheathing his blade and tossing the sheath aside he would ready his blade as both hands gripped the handle and was raised in front of him. The beast begun to grow a horn on the top of it's head as it charged towards Eclipse who in turn charged towards it. With a single leap and a war cry from the heavens and the swing of his blade,The horn and blade will make a collision cracking the ground below them. The beast roared as it with one powerful pysh of it's head would be enough to push Eclipse back and into a nearby wall making his body collide and burst through the wall. Chunks of rocks landing on top of him as the beast roared loudly that the hunters covered their ears.

"Where did this monster come from?"Transcendence will question as he will walk forward placing a hand on one of the hunters."Take everyone and get to the shelters your service here not needed anymore"he will say as he would sigh as he rubbed the back of his head. digging into his pocket as he pulled out a cigarette putting the end in his mouth. As he light the tip by using the flame nearby created by the beast. Inhaling and then exhaling as smoke left the mouth of the man "What a pain"he would say as he had his Violin in hand as he begun to play the tune was weird but Transcendence had a special kind of Chi. His chi was able to infuse with instruments and channeling through the tunes created. As the beast was about to make its way to Transcendence next its eyes locked onto his.

The beast foot begun to swipe at the ground as it was preparing to charge as it would in few seconds be dashing towards Transcendence, Who in turn begun to play a melody as the beast was charging him. The beast mind begun to doze as its eyes begun to get heavy as the speed of the beast as each step made the ground rumble as he was slowing down. As this happened there was a sudden explosion as Eclipse blew the rocks on top of him off as he held his head."Ok i must admit that kinda hurt"he will say as his eyes will open to that Transcendence and the beast."That song…"he would think it was similar to the one heard when that little girl was in trouble"he must of been the one to save her.."he said as he rose up dusting himself off. Meanwhile the beast was slowing down as its eyes was slowing drifting off as it was the melody power. The Behemoth opened its mouth a orb of flames would be facing Transcendence as it was preparing to release a blast from five meters away from Transcendence. Eclipse will jump up as he would have his sword ready once more"i don't think so son of a bitch"Screamed Eclipsed as he with a sudden boost in speed dashed downwards as his sword will now drag onto the ground bringing the very ground behind him up. The sword would collide with the beast stomach as red aura erupted from Eclipse body. Transcendence would be taken back for a second at the power of this single man.

He would begin to bring another melody as he shook his head"How did i even get involved with this"he would think as the melody he played had more force behind it. This hit the beast allowing Eclipse to fully lift the beast off the ground and into the air. Eclipse will jump upwards pass the beast as he would be above him his arm shown as his long coat was ripped earlier and his arm shown as it begun to be engulfed in a dark red aura. As the beast eyes laid eyes on Eclipse above it released the stored blast at the same time Eclipse was diving downwards. Him and the blast was going to collide the blast was nothing but fire as at the last moment he will twirl his body. This maneuver will make the blast miss by a single inch between the two entities."Nice try but this ends now"He yells as his fist would land on the chest of the beast"Ahhhh!"he would scream as he used his power to push the beast downwards at high speeds crashing into the ground as from the collision cloud erupted and covered the area.

Transcendence was just stunned at the power of Eclipse"That dude can't be human:he said as his mouth was gaped open and the cigarette fell from his mouth. Standing from the dust Eclipse will land his shirt completely gone as he looked down at the beast at his feet as he looked down."You Idiot!"Screamed a female voice as a fist collided with Eclipse cheek sending him to the ground skidding until he came to a stop on his back. There stood Rose or Rosetta as she had her fist balled up as at this time the flames had ceased."You couldn't wait for me! you're more than a idiot then i thought"She screamed even more. Transcendence twitched slightly as he looked at this."Umm what just happened"...

Eclipse body will be limp as he was knocked out cold as Rose will turn to Transcendence"And you are? she would ask. "Transcendence.."he will say a little scared of this woman. "Well can you grab that idiot for me,,,"She asked as she would walk off. Transcendence will walk over to Eclipse picking him up by wrapping his arm around his neck as he would begun to walk behind Rose."Some woman you got there Friend"He will speak to Eclipse who was still unconscious. It didn't take them long to reach the hotel they were staying in Transcendence would place Eclipse on the bed and his belongings beside the bed,

Rosetta would sigh as she looked through the files she was going through"He always go make a mess of things now we won't be able to tell if that thing was natural or summoned with dark magic"she would say."Excuse me.."Transcendence will say politely,Rose will look up from her papers and look at him"I take it you're confused correct?"she will ask him. She will motion for him to take a seat as she was going to have to explain to him a few things she takes it, Transcendence will take a seat as Rosetta begun to explain"Eclipse and I work for a you can say hunter league of society we are hired to take up jobs like these all the time,We are both veterans of the war and both have stigmas within our bodies making us more so Super Soldiers then anything else,Were stronger,faster, and our power is on a whole new level then people could imagine,i believe you heard of the Xtermanal Gene project or the X-Gene for short"She will pause for a second to allow for it to sink in to the man head.

Transcendence will place his hand on his chin as he listened to her speak."Yes it's a failed project that was banished almost two hundred years ago on the birth of Brelum,cause the project made humans more demons than soldiers. They lost their human senses and only cared for bloodshed they were monsters"He would say as he explained to Rose all he knew."Correct the experiment was listed as a failure and harmful to human population but that didn't stop my father from continuing on with the project,getting five hundred volunteers to take the stigmas and the Gene but out of five hundred only six survived,Me and Eclipse are two we have no idea of the others"She will explain grabbing the handle of her cup to sip her tea.

"So you and Eclipse are two of the six survivors of the X-Gene,but i thought they destroyed all the research and papers for such experiments?"Transcendence will question,Rosetta will press a button on the table as a hologram will show a map with three different color dots."My father knew that the old king will try to close down his research so he made three different laboratories each across the land of Brelum,the first one was here in this very city" she said as her legs would be crossed and she removed a strand of her blonde hair from her face."So here we are..we don't like these stigmas in our bodies,so were trying to find a way to remove them"She will say as she looked at the hologram.

"What..there is a lab here that had the X-gene testing!"Transcendence will say as his eyes showed the shock of what this info was doing to him."I did say that didn't i or are you just slow as my husband to be?"She will say closing her eyes. Transcendence face showed how confused he was,she opened her eyes as she sighs"Eclipse is my husband to be"she said simply to unconfuse the poor man, Transcendence will sit back as he would think for a second as he closed his eyes thinking to himself and processing the information he was just eyes will open as her blue eyes would look towards him and sighs"I don't think you have the brainpower to think things through like that"she said softly.

Transcendence opened his eyes"Hey! what's that suppose to mean?"he asked. She will simply take a sip of her tea as she will place the cup on the table.'You have a unique power i haven't seen,so why not join us,it will probably be in your best benefit then i won't have to kill you"She said so kindly and sweet as she sip at her tea. He will twitch as he would think"She is scary…." as he would nod there was no fucking way he was going to deny her. With a smile she will giggle softly"Welcome aboard"She will respond to him as she would cross her legs as she thought"This is just the beginning"