When Enyo had first met Honos, she was pregnant with Enyalius. Honos was at that time, a child. He would grow to become a god that she respected and in some cases, admired.

Honos towered over most other men, excluding Ares, and was the one of the first deities to be born of Rome. He had a mane of thick red-brown hair that was always caught in a state of disarray and eyes that were as blue as the Aegean. It frequently made him the one most of the women on Olympus were interested in, regardless of whether or not those women were married.

He was incredibly chivalrous and even as a child, that was apparent to Enyo. Whenever he saw her or any other woman he would treat them kindly and gave them a new kind of respect that no other men had given them before.

It was new and even the ever-so-cold Diana admired him for it. Later, it became custom for men of worth to treat women with that same respect.

The circumstances of their first meeting was...well, cute.

Enyo was sitting on a patch of grass beside a river and Honos had appeared from behind a small waterfall.

"Who are you?" she asked and Honos grinned at her.

He spoke in the tongue of the latins, the tribe from which Rome would take its language.

"I am Honos," he said and she smiled before responding in the same tongue.

"You are one of the new deities." she assumed and he nodded enthusiastically.

"And you are Bellona!" he cried happily and she felt her features shift ever so slightly to suit the name.

She brought a hand to her face to feel the differences, but dropped it soon after. She would be one of the newest to take on a Roman aspect.

"Yes," she affirmed and the boy-god seemed overjoyed at meeting another.

"I haven't met a goddess before," he said, "How am I supposed to act around you?"

"Hopefully with respect." she remarked off-handedly, "Though it would not be surprising if that did not turn out to be so."

Honos frowned at her words before smiling broadly yet again, "Why wouldn't I treat you with respect, Bellona? The fawns always say that to be treated with respect you must first act in kind."

Bellona's brows rose slightly, how she hoped this boy would keep that value close to heart as so few had.

She tapped the grass beside her and welcomed the boy to her side.

"Tell me, Honos, how were you created?"

It had taken her longer than she would've wished to get the young deity to tell her (nearly a decade, in fact), but he eventually did.

He had told her of how he had little memory of how he came to be, other than when he had been taken in by the fawns and raised among them. He had grown fond of those fawns and their beloved nymphs.

As he grew older, Honos chose to live by Bellona's side, but never as close as she knew he wanted.

The deity, at this point fully matured, had developed a fancy for her that if she were honest, only endeared him more to her. Mars never desired her like that, even when they were young.

He never stepped out of line towards her, and though she wished he would, Bellona knew it could never be.

She refused to stoop to her husband's level, even after he went missing.

Honos aided her in her search for her brother, even when she reverted back to her greek form as Roma fell.

Enyalius adored Honos, and Honos in return cared for Enyalius like Ares never had. Her son followed his chosen father into anything he faced and Enyo would follow.

Even Eris, the goddess of strife, followed Honos into battle.

The last time she had seen Honos, he was posing as a mortal to fight in some war. (It occurred to Enyo that she should know which war, but alas, war is war, does the name of it really matter?)

Enyo awoke to the sound of a crash coming from downstairs. Followed by that crash was a heavy crack and the house shuddered for a moment before Edward appeared at the foot of the bed.

He looked sheepish for a moment, but only briefly, before picking her up from the bed and jumping out the window.

"How about we go for a run?" he asked as they touched the ground.

Enyo, still within her host, nodded and he flung her onto his back before taking off.

It was a breathe of fresh air to her senses, yet not anywhere as thrilling as her choice hobbies. No, she would have much rather he take her hunting, but we all know that is not going to happen.

They came to a stop in Edward's beloved meadow and he set her down as if she were a piece of glass. Which, if you could guess, she most definitely wasn't.

They were quiet for a long time, both content to sit and just be among the wildflowers in bloom.

Edward tapped his fingers against the ground mindlessly. From what she could gather, it was another piano piece in the work.

Enyo watched the sky above, keeping track of her half-brother's chariot flying high above the sky. Oh, how Apollo and Artemis must cackle at her boredom…

Another crack in the distance sounded and Edward was to his feet in a heartbeat. To protect her, no doubt.

Enyo sat up and faked startlement. "What was that?" she asked and Edward angled his head towards her.

"We had a guest arrive this morning. A nomad who is a friend of Carlisle and Jasper." Edward said and Enyo nodded.

"He's not a vegetarian, so I thought to get you out as he entered." Edward elaborated and Enyo nodded once more.

"They're coming closer." she stated and he nodded.

"What is his name?" she asked as a man stepped out from the shadows of the treeline.

In a heartbeat he had Edward in a choke hold and had a bright smile on his face.

"Hello, Little Lady, I don't believe we have been introduced." he said and Enyo bit back a smile.

The nomad noogied Edward's head as if he were his older (and far more fun) brother. "C'mon, Eddy, Introduce me to this lovely mate of yours."

"Bella," Edward groaned, "This is Garrett."

Honos chuckled under his breath at the name he had taken almost three centuries ago.

He was only mildly surprised that Enyo's search had led her to Jasper, Honos had suspected the man as being Ares since he had first run into the vampire and Alice in Boston during the sixties.

Enyo's host was a pretty thing, but certainly not above average. No, her real draw was her scent, he noticed. It was sweet like honey, yet inviting enough to make his senses tingle. Honos traveled his gaze to her eyes and winked. She smiled at him.

"Garrett, do you mind?" Edward complained and Honos picked him up and tossed him into a tree across the meadow.

He appeared next to Enyo not a moment later and kissed her cheek as he whispered in her mind.

It is good to see you again, my Lady.

Her host blushed and Honos withdrew as Edward growled at him.

"Come now, Eddy. You don't think I would try and steal your girl, now do ya?" Honos teased as he latched his arm with Enyo's and pulled her gently along.

Edward growled under his breath but said nothing as they walked back to the house. After a few moments Honos swooped Enyo up into his arms and took off, leaving Edward in the dust. Enyo bit back her laughter at Honos as he sang Yankee Doodle as he ran.

They beat Edward back, but not by much as he appeared just a second or two later.

Honos deposited her carefully back onto the ground and followed her in after opening the door for her to enter.

The family were sitting together in the living room spread out evenly among the chairs and sofa.

Enyo made her way over to the open loveseat. Honos beat her to it and scooped her up into his lap in the center. Edward was at her side in a heartbeat, ripping her from Honos' arms. Honos let her go but pouted like a child having lost the object of his desire.

"So, Garrett? What brings you here?" Carlisle asked, Esme smiling kindly at their guest.

"I was in the area and felt like visiting friends." he said but shook his head at the couple. His eyes met her's for a moment before glancing back.

"Keeping a human, Carlisle? I didn't know you where that masochistic." he said teasingly and some among them flinched. Clearly recalling the Volturi threat.

"It would seem so," Rosalie glared at Enyo, but she just shrugged off the vampire's glares. Rosalie wasn't even a blip on her godly radar.

Edward clutched her tighter, and she was sure he'd leave bruises on this fragile body. And as soon as he spotted them… you guessed it, even less touching.

Fuck faith, Enyo suddenly decided. Fuck Ares. Fuck Edward. All she wanted was someone willing to touch her and she knew by the way that Honos was sitting that he still wanted her.

Careful to not spark one of the seer bitch's visions, she left her final decision of her actions in the air. Though she decided that she would let her host stick to Eddie's side while she… had fun.

Jasper narrowed his eyes at her, feeling her spark in lust, no doubt. Fuck him. He had been fucking Alice and father knows who else for father knew how long.

Edward lifted her up, "I think it's time to take Bella home."

"But Charlie won't be home-" Alice said and Edward shook his head toward Honos.

"I think it'd be safer if she went home." he said dragging her out.

Honos smiled at her and she at him as they went outside.

"Be gentle breaking his cherry, Bella! It's a gift not meant to be taken lightly!" he yelled to her and she burst into giggles as Edward strapped her into his car with a frown.

They could hear Emmett cackling from inside as they made their way to her 'home'.


Edward dropped her off and told her he would stay with his family tonight.

She feigned sadness and when he left she smiled softly to herself. Hopefully Honos would come to her.

She stripped off the heinous clothed forced upon her by Alice and the stringy underwear that she couldn't bare.

Fucking Alice and her froo-froo shit.

She drew a bath, pouring in her favorite lemon scented bubble bath. She sighed as she sank into the warm waters.

For a brief moment, her form flickered to that of a combination of her godly form and her mortal.

Pale skin, hazelnut curls, feathers only on her smaller wings. This had been the form she used to attract mortal men to conceive demigods with. Of course, they were birthed as Athena's, as they were born of her domain.

Her latest demigod child had gone onto sire five children, who had gone onto to sire their own. One of the descendents was Charlie.

He had opened his home to her, and for that she was grateful. He was a good man, an honorable one. Luckily, his godly blood was so thin, that he attracted no beasts.

The real Bella passed on three years prior, when she was fifteen in a car accident. She had been with her mother; Renee, who had miraculously survived, but lay in a coma.


Charlie was away this week, police conference a few states away. She was alone and it was peaceful.

She rose from the now cold water and toweled off as she made her way into her room.

Almost immediately, she was shoved back against the door and caged against it.

Above her, Honos smiled. He leaned into her ear and spoke softly.

"I missed you, my Lady."

She dropped the towel, revealing herself to him and he let out a low growl.

"I wish you would not toy with me so," he let out.

"Who said I was going to leave you 'hanging'?" she smiled and he pulled her face up to his.

"Ares?" he asked and she whispered against his lips her response.

"I'm done with him." she said and he kissed her.


Honos had her up and in the bed in less than a second. He threw off his coat and he felt her rip his shirt apart with her claws.

Their lips met again and felt his desire skyrocket.

He knew it in his bones that this, this act they were committing was not in his best interest, but he had wanted her for so long. He'd be damned if he refused when he got the chance. Maybe, just maybe, she'd grow to love him as much as he did her.

He was a fool, and he knew it.

He kissed down the center of her body, teasing her nipples softly, receiving sweet moans in return. He made his way lower still, to her heated sex.

He nipped at her thighs, pulling blood to the surface, but not breaking the skin.

Enyo moaned beneath him and he began to taste her. He licked circles around her clitoris and he felt her hips reach out to draw him closer.

Honos let out a growl and stripped out of his jeans and boots in a single moment. Her predatory gaze followed his movements and she flipped them so that she could roll her hips on top of his already hard enough cock.

She kissed him deep and pulled back to beckon him at his ear.

"Fuck me, Honos."

He flipped them yet again and held his dick against her entrance before slowly sinking in. They both groaned in unison.

He thrust into like a piston and she rose to meet him thrust by thrust. He was only mildly surprised that she could keep up with his vampire form.

"Harder!" she commanded and he chuckled to himself before speeding up.

Within moments, they both reached their undoings and orgasmed in one another's arms.

He rolled over to take her in his arms and she sighed against his chest.

"I hope that's not all…" she pouted and he laughed, pulling her in for another round.


Jasper walked up to his study with a level of reserve that left him uneasy.

Alice had gone off to god knows where, prattling on about shopping. He had smiled and left her to her own devices.

Garrett had left hours ago to hunt, but Jasper knew he would go looking for Enyo. She seemed to know him, or at least lust after him if her emotions were clear.

He stared out the window as he heard footsteps approach the house.

It was daybreak now and Garrett popped out of the shadows of the trees reeking of sex. The scent of the woman clung to him, and it was familiar.

The arm of his chair broke from underneath his grip.

He wanted to kill the stupid fucker, but he wouldn't. Garrett has always been a friend to him, ever since they met several decades ago.

The woman smelled of lemons, berries, and creme. Similar to Bella's as well as Enyo's. A perfect combination of them both.

Jasper bit back a growl. She was his, damnit!

No. She really wasn't.

Enyo may have been his wife, but Bella belonged to Edward, and apparently this new form of her's belonged to Garrett.

He had no reason to be jealous of Edward, he knew it in his bones. Edward was too much of a prude to touch her romantically, but Garrett wasn't.

As evidenced by his scent.

But regardless, he jumped out the window and met Garrett outside.

"Feel like a run?" Jasper asked and Garrett agreed.

"Sounds like fun," he said and they took off into the forest.

They ran for miles, and eventually stopped closer to Seattle than Forks.

They were in a clearing, one that Jasper had frequented in the past when he wanted to get some aggression out.

"How do you know Bella?" he asked Garrett.

Garrett grinned, "I don't know Bella."

"Then you know Enyo." Jasper stated and Garrett nodded.

"We go way back." he said and Jasper growled.

"What's the matter with you?" Garrett asked, "You have a wife!"

"Yes, Enyo."

"Aren't you forgetting something, Ares?" Garrett growled, starting to circle Jasper in his ager.

"What about that fool of a seer you claim is your mate? Huh?"

Jasper paused at Garrett's words and shook his head, "She's the one that claims that is true."

"What I want to know," Jasper drawled, "Is who you are, Garrett."

Garrett threw his head back and laughed, "I'm surprised you haven't guessed!"

"Think Jasper," he said teasingly, "Who did Enyo go to when you hurt her so? She wouldn't purposefully burden Enyalius, so who, then, would she go to?"

Jasper grunted as memories flashed before him. They depicted a man that had closely worked with Mars, though was far more loyal to Enyo.

The man, the god, was as tall as he, with auburn hair that reached his shoulder and steely blue eyes that offered only justice. He remembered him as a fair man, an honorable man, that attracted women from all over Olympus, but turned them all down.

"I'm saving my heart for someone special," the man had said to him.

Jasper growled at the memory. "Honos!"

Garrett, Honos, laughed at him. "What are you going to do, Jasper? You have a mate! One who'll never let you go."

"No woman has ever kept me caged. Unlike you." Jasper growled but Honos only laughed again.

"Do you forget your love goddess?" he laughed.

Swiftly, he changed tones, "No one else did. Not Enyo, not Enyalius, and not any of your other children."

Jasper tackled the other vampire but was kicked off. They charged at each other, with Honos teasing him all the way. Reminding him of his mistakes. Mistakes he'd never atone for.

A bright flash of light in the forest stopped them.

"Help!" A woman's voice called and they recognized it immediately.

The both of them met her at the edge of the clearing where she had fallen to her knees, clutching her stomach.

Honos reached her first and picked her up, checking her for damage. She wore a loose gown , that draped over her small form.

"Enyo," they breathed as she clawed at her stomach.

She screamed and coughed and ichor dripped from her mouth. Honos took her to the center of the clearing where she ripped off the gown. They both kneeled beside her as she revealed a rounded stomach that was growing by the second.

She pulled Honos to her by the collar of his coat.

"Get Apollo!" she screamed and he disappeared in a flash of light to only appear with a blonde man a second later.

She arched her back in pain and Jasper felt too shocked to do anything. The imprint of a foot pressed up against her womb and she let out another scream of pain.

The blonde quickly kneeled between her legs and pulled out a glowing golden scalpel. He made a neat cut, slicing her open. She screamed in pain and Honos clutched her hand, draping his other over her heated forehead.

Apollo reached inside the cut for several moments, making a few more incisions across her abdomen. The blade cut through the surface of her womb that seemed to be as hard as a vampire's skin.

Enyo screamed and Jasper tried to take her pain as much as he could and give off calm waves. It appeared to work and Apollo pulled out a small infant from her womb.

It brought flashes of memory to his mind, but he knew it was not his own. Rather, it was Honos projecting.

Enyo lay on a bed of gold silk, her head thrown back in pain. Apollo was at her feet, and he looked down at his hands to see himself clutching one of her's.

His body felt like a youth's, so Jasper quickly came to the realization that Honos had yet to fully mature at this point.

He looked around the room and could not find his own form.

Where was Ares? He, they, should be here. Jasper was again haunted by the question of why he would do this to one he had so clearly loved at one time.

And to do this to his soon to be born son! No wonder Enyalius harbored no love for him.

Honos held onto her hand, trying to lend her what strength he could. Jasper felt his rising anger and intense loyalty. The anger was no doubt for Ares.

Enyo threw back her head in pain and tears rolled down her face. He knew the tears weren't from the pain; she had been wounded far worse in the past.

Apollo looked up from the bottom of the bed, "Push!" he commanded as the doors flew open to reveal Hera in all her glory.

She glared at Apollo as she made her way to her daughter, "I'll take over here," she said.

She smiled kindly at Enyo, "One should always be present for the birth of their grandchildren."

"Push, daughter!"

Enyo let out a stream of curse directed at Ares as she nearly crushed Honos' hand.

A few death threats pointed at the men present and not present later, and a baby's cry was heard cutting through the air.

Hera wrapped the babe in cloth before holding it up to give to Enyo.

"Meet your son, daughter." she said and more tears, this time of joy, flowed down Enyo's flushed cheeks.

She held the babe in her arms and beamed at Honos before looking back at the infant.

"Hello, son." she said softly to her first born.

"Hello, Enyalius."

Jasper blinked back to his current reality and he felt Honos glare as Enyo's blood continued to permeate the air, taunting his beast.

Enyo clutched the new babe to her chest with a small smile on her face. It was a little girl.

Honos' little girl, growled a voice in his head and he held back a wave of pain at the thought.

It wasn't right to deny them this moment. He could feel Honos' love for her and it ran deep indeed.

She loved him as well, though her love for her new babe seemed to run slightly deeper. Neither of them would blame her for that. They both knew that was just her, and that would never change.

Jasper could never have wished for something else.

Enyalius loved his mother dearly, and Peter cared for her as well.

She inspired unending loyalty to all but him, apparently. Which still escaped him, and he wanted more than anything to find out.

"Do you want me to call Enyalius, sister?" Apollo asked and she looked to Jasper for the answer. She clearly wouldn't force him to meet his angry son.

Jasper looked at Honos briefly before nodding, "I'll go for a hunt." he said before taking off into the surrounding forest.


Enyo leaned against Honos as she held her daughter in her arms for the first time.

A vampire goddess. Part Roman, part Greek. She'd never be accepted by the main body of either, but Enyo would make sure she never wanted for anything. She looked up at Honos as Apollo flashed away and knew that he'd do the same.

He smiled at her in such a way that she felt warm inside. Enyo looked down at her small daughter and saw a button nose and when she finally opened them, volcanic doe eyes that dominated her small face.

The babe smiled at her and Enyo shifted to her godly aspect, only to feel like she was being stabbed in the stomach. She gasped as she felt Ares' child kicking at her insides, as if the babe within wanted out more than ever.

Apollo reappeared with Enyalius at his side and her eldest son immediately kneeled beside her tired form. Apollo pulled out a small bowl of ambrosia and a large bottle of nectar. Honos took their newborn in his arms so she could heal herself and Enyalius' eyes followed the bundle.

"Mother," he started as she drank greedily at the bottle.

"I go away for one measly year and you gift birth to another child?"

Enyo smiled at her son and spoke softly, "Well, to be fair, she was only conceived several hours ago."

He looked up at Honos and smiled at his father figure before looking at the infant in his arms.

Her words seemed to just register with him and a look of shock came over his face, "A girl?"

Enyo smiled at her son and Honos offered his daughter to him to hold. Enyalius took the godly babe in his arms and smiled down at her.

He looked up at his mother and Honos, "What is her name?" he asked and they looked at one another before Honos spoke softly to Enyo.

They spoke back and forth before she decided on a name, "Verida."

He nodded, looking back at the sleepy baby, "Hello, Verida."

Honos looked down at Enyo before quickly pulling off his coat and covering her in his scent. She smiled at him and he grinned in return, before hefting her up into his arms.

"We need to get you cleaned up and in bed." he said and she nodded, her lethargy catching up with her. Apollo gave her son a bag filled with medical supplies and enough ambrosia and nectar to last them all a month.

With that, her family flashed into her bedroom at Charlie's.

She was glad she'd left Bella for Edward's entertainment as soon as she caught his scent in the air of her room.

Verida crinkled her nose at the sweet smell and Honos laughed to himself. When she looked at him curiously her explained.

"At least I'm not the only one who doesn't like Princess." she laughed lightly at his words, still sore, even after her shift.

Honos took her into the bathroom, stripping himself and her and stepping into the shower.

"All I want is a bath." she pouted.

"Just need to rinse off the fleshy bits, my Lady." she smiled at his words and leaned against him for support as he washed her clean of the ichor and grime.

She sighed as he gently massaged her tight muscles and soon found herself swaying on her feet.

She collapsed against him and he dried her off before throwing on her a robe and taking her to her bedroom where she fell into bed thankfully.

"Where are Enyalius and Verida?" she asked sleepily.

"Downstairs. I believe Enyalius is reliving his days changing Peter's diapers." he chuckled but she was already fast asleep.


Enyalius held his little sister with care as he summoned a crib into the kitchen nook, but placed it off to the side away from the windows.

Walking over to the bag of supplies, he pulled out a baby's bottle and filled it with a combination of nectar and formula.

Lifting her out of the crib, he made his way into the living room and sat down in the recliner. She opened her eyes and he smiled at her. She grinned at him in return.

Already, she had begun to grow, her limbs lengthening a few centimeters. Not even an hour after her birth, and she was growing.

She was the first godly child he had ever been around, but he had heard tales of how fast they grew.

From what he remembered, his childhood had felt like years, even though in truth it had only been a week at the most. For some deities, it was even faster. Such was the case with Apollo and Artemis, and how Artemis was able to deliver her own brother into this world.

Verida had a natural glow about her, and Enyalius could tell he'd be fending off many suitors when she matured. But heaven help the god that crossed Honos. His father, Honos, was a kind man, but fiercely protective of his people.

It was part of why everyone loved the god, Enyalius was sure.

Though, one must wonder how his domain fairs, with the new development. Chivalry, honor, and military justice. Not domains to be taken lightly.

For this development, his domain over honor would be called into question, at least by himself.

Honos never did anything against his domains, at least never before.

Most gods who did went insane. Enyalius doubted that would happen however. Honos wasn't the type who would do so often.

Enyalius rocked Verida in his arms as he fed her and the infant goddess seemed to hum against the bottle's nipple.

When she was finished, she was quick to notify him as she began to cry. Enyalius tried with all his might to comfort the babe, but she only quieted down when Honos appeared next to them.

Honos smiled at Enyalius and took his daughter in his arms and rocked her softly. He hummed a song under his tongue and Verida giggled, as if recognizing the song.

"Yankee Doodle, really?" Enyalius teased his father and both father and daughter glared at the petulant immortal. As if to say, "Yes, really."

Honos rocked Verida back and forth till her eyes closed and light snores could be heard from her.

Enyalius smiled at the pain, remembering his children.

Peter had been among the most recent, and the only that had survived to this day.

Oh, how he missed his son. Perhaps, he would visit him over the next few days, though the nosy brat was probably already on his way here.