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hinata is poor after being disowned by her family. sasuke is kind of a loner, maybe bumps into her shopping or helps her w groceries; in any case somehow meets up w her again by chance. this is after he's been brought home from his itachi days. but sets his sights on her and starts w little things like buying her expensive cooking ingredients (saffon?) and teas. maybe the first time he meets he pays for her groceries. they slowly fall in love BLAH BLAH BLAh im not a writer so i cant do this :c

For the fourth time this week he saw her in front of the bakery with her face to the glass and her hands clutching a worn-out wallet.

He didn't know her name, per se, but every day he'd notice more of the little things about her. Clean hair, for starters, that was always the first thing he noticed. Same two shirts and two identical pants she rotated over the course of the four days already, looks like she only owned one pair of shoes and the one tattered forehead protector. Sometimes she would smell like a hospital, other times she would give off a subtle scent of flowers; Sasuke wasn't proud that he noticed, not when he barely knew the girl.

Bright Hyuuga eyes would catch his attention, lastly, just as always, because she always noticed when he passed by and would look at him look at her for exactly two seconds before bowing respectfully.

"You work at the night clinic with Sakura, don't you?" Today he finally gave in to curiosity and asked.

The girl stared at him wide-eyed as if he'd just announced he was engaged to the Hokage. "Y- Yes! How did you know?"

"I was there when Naruto was in for stitches two days ago." The boy had knocked himself silly with a bottle of sake, trying to prove something or another. It was hilarious how easily Naruto got drunk, the medical staff didn't seem to think it too funny when they had to mop up vomit and glass shards off the reception floor.

"Oh." She breathed, unknowingly her eyes sent the cinnamon rolls in the shop front a longing glance. "Thank you for always taking care of Hokage sama."

"It's nothing." One would call it hanging out rather than taking care of, he was the Hokage's advisor, which was another name for paid friend. He had more money than he needed and too much time to kill. "Buying bread today as well, I see." Ah, there it is, the guilty eversion of the eyes. She wasn't buying bread for her family at all, was she? "Would you recommend something for me to get? I'm really bored with the multigrain loaf, and I don't know what else to try."

The Hyuuga whose name he was trying hard to fish out pointed a bright smile to the glass, foggy from her sticking her nose so close to it. "The Cinnamon swirl is fantastic! You really need to try it with some nice green tea, or- or maybe some dark coffee?" her uncertainty was refreshing, any other girl would have assumed a leading role and ordered him a triple-shot espresso no sugar skim milk with hazelnut and foam.

Or whatever it is girls ordered for their coffee these days.

"I'm not a fan of sweets." He decided flatly, "What's good for lunch?"

Maybe there was a slight tint of red in her face?

Probably the cold.

"Well… They make good curry bread, although bread for lunch isn't very healthy…" Her voice had dropped in volume the longer she spoke, and by the time she was finished her lips were moving without a single syllable passing through her windpipe. "Um, well. Curry bread. Yes."

It was hard to keep a straight face to something like that, it's been so long since he'd spoken to someone who wasn't all over him –or scared witless- that it was astonishing to find someone who spoke to him like a person. "Are you sure? It sounded like you had more to say back there."

Yup, it was a blush. "No, I'm sorry! I'm in no place to be giving you dietary advice!"

"What about you, eating bread every day for lunch."

Her smile froze, it hit her then that he'd known she stood here every day, that he was trying to figure out why. "A- Actually… I can't afford these breads anymore, I just… I get the cheap ones from the corner market down the street."


"Why…?" No one's asked her that before, even when she'd left home for two weeks now. Usually her friends would wear that sympathetic look and wish her luck. "I can't depend on my father anymore, so…"

"He cast you off?"

She forced a smile, he only wished he knew her name to scold her with it because nobody should work so hard to please others. "Well, he didn't exactly cast me off. We kind of… Argued. And I decided I want to try to be on my own for a while, it's just hard to manage living alone when the pay is so low…"

"The war messed up a bunch of careers, I'm sure." With a shift in weight and perspective, he turned and called to her over his shoulder. "So how many cinnamon rolls you want?"

"Eh? N- No please, I'll afford them on pay day!"

"Don't get me wrong, this isn't for free." He shot her a smirk at the doorway of the bakery, knowingly breaking down her resolve with every waft of warm-vanilla that escaped. "I'm dropping by the corner store in a bit and I can't carry everything alone, guess who's gonna help me?"

The girl beamed, relieved. "Thank you!"

Strange, no one's ever looked as pleased to be used by him before.

What a weird girl.

"By the way, what's your name?" He asked casually, "They write it on the cup, you know, it's the new fad or something."

"You can just tell them Hinata, they know my order! Thank you for your generosity!" She bowed again, nearly knocking her head on the swinging door.

"Wait for me." The bell jingled pleasantly, alarming him to the glass barrier that now stood between him and Hyuuga Hinata, and the fact that he will probably subject himself to many an embarrassment if he wanted Naruto to tell him more about her.

In the meantime, the first priority is to figure out whether she can cook or not, and if so, how to convince her to make him a hot meal because by god he'd had it with soba bread and noisy lunch partners.


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