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The comfort of Tony's lab was just the perfect environment the engineer needed to be in right now. He had told the team that he trusted them. He straight out, threw everything that happened in the past couple weeks out the window, and said it was no big problem.

sitting in his favorite office chair in front of his messy desk, Tony rubbed his temple and thought. It hurts to know that the few people you've taken a liking to, don't trust you enough to have their back. But then again, they all did seem pretty sincere when they said their apologies, and acted like a bunch of dramatic teenage girls. Even Natasha.

Tony looked up at the ceiling and stretched. God, maybe he did trust them, he was so confused.

Actually, he was very confused. His mind felt fuzzy. He hated not being able to think, it makes him feel useless.

He pushed himself out of his chair, and was about to ask Jarvis to run some body scans, because he wasn't feeling to good.

But before he could say a word, a rush of exhaustion washed over him, blurring his vision, and when it cleared, he was lying on his back clutching the side of the desk. Pain erupted from his chest and he grunted loudly, as he let go of the desk causing him to hit his head on the cement.

No, definitely not good.

Steve was in the kitchen flipping pancakes, while Clint made fun of his 'kiss the cook' apron. Bruce, Natasha and Thor waited for there breakfast patiently, as they discussed the events of the night before.

"Hammer was one of Tony's big business rivals before he was booted off to prison for assisting a psychotic criminal. The man was an idiot anyway, couldn't sell something that worked to save his life." Natasha explained, after going in detail about being Tony's undercover assistant.

"Who forced him to reveal something that would get him sent to jail?" Bruce asked, interested in this Hammer character. The man he had the unfortunate pleasure of meeting last night didn't seem like someone Tony would have a problem overlooking. But this Hammer sure had the confidence to be an equal competition. It alarmed him when he was awoken to find out someone had broken into Stark Tower, so he obviously prepared for the worst considering what intelligence was needed to fulfill such an attack. To be honest he was a bit disappointed, Hammer ended up being a joke.

Natasha was about to open her mouth to answer but Clint hopped in over the counter, and grabbed the woman agent's shoulders.

"Why, Mrs. Natalie Rushman of course!" Clint exclaimed, emphasizing the false name in a poorly done Russian accent.

Natasha's observant eyes glanced at the empty cans over flowing the trash can.

"Clint, I think you've had to much Red Bull." She concluded, making Bruce snicker.

Clint howled with laughter like it was the funniest thing he's ever heard, and then hopped right back to pestering Steve and his cooking.

"Is it true, Lady Natasha, that you laid your wrath upon this... Hammer, and caused his imprisonment?" Thor said proud, finding the story intriguing.

"I may have gave him a little persuasion to talk. But I can't take full credit, most of the fury towards him was from Pepper." She replied, and everyone froze.

The pancake Steve was balancing on his spatula dropped back into the pan, but it was ignored.

"Did anyone call Pepper about what happened?" Steve asked cautiously, already knowing the answer.

"Crap. I got it." Clint jumped over the dining table to get to the phone, allowing Bruce to move his coffee just in time.

As Clint held up the sleek, black, Stark phone, He heard a voice asking who he would like to contact. So holding it up to his ear, he begin to say Pepper's name, but Jarvis's voice blasted through the speaker, making his ears ring.

Holding the phone far away from his face, he asked the AI what he had said.

"Mr. Barton, if you will, it is very urgent that you restart up my system." Jarvis said, almost sounding worried.

"Uh, sure, but I'm not any tech geek, I don't know what I could do," Clint said, but Jarvis quickly cut him off.

"There is a emergency restart button under the control pad next to the elevator. Please do hurry."

Clint quickly walked over, flipping the control pad up to reveal a bright red button. Barton was starting to get a bit creeped out my Stark's AI, not only does it show emotions, but now its bossing him around.

The minute he pushed the button, Jarvis's voice blasted through the ceiling, and by the sound of it, Clint was now one hundred percent sure that the AI was worried.

" Doctor. Banner, Mr. Obinson, Captain Rogers, and Agents Romanoff and Barton, I am in urgent need of your assistance."

Bruce stood up, as everyone else did, and said, "Whats wrong Jarvis?"

"Sir, has demanded no help, but I was once overridden by Mrs. Potts that If he were in a critical condition, I would be ordered to alert someone."

Getting the message, Bruce quickly hurried down to Stark's lab.

When the group arrived they were alarmed to see Tony lying in a medical chair, with no reactor in his chest. Nobody except maybe Bruce understood the function of the blue arc reactor. But they damn well knew it had to be in his chest for him to stay alive.

They all rushed to his side and noticed how pale he was, and his breathing was uneven.

"Tony, what the hell are you doing!" Bruce yelled, looking at the mixture of surgery supplies and tools lying on a table next to him.

"I'm fine, could you please just hand me those tweezers right there?" Tony said quickly gasping for air.

"You are absolutely not fine", Natasha said, watching sweat roll down Tony's strained face," Whats wrong with you?"

"Completely okay, now if someone will please hand me the god damn tweezers," Tony growled, his expression trying to hide the pain that was obviously increasing.

"Stark!" Rogers yelled.

Before Tony could make another attempt to convince them that he was okay, Bruce put a gentle hand on his shoulder, and looked him in the eyes.

"Tony let me help you. You can trust us, let us prove it to you." Bruce said calmly.

Tony's big brown eyes stared thoughtfully for a moment, and then he laid his head back down and closed his eye lids.

"If you must know, I'm on the edge of going into cardiac arrest." Tony said, his voice hitched at the end of his sentence.

"Well how do we make that not happen? Doctor Banner?" Clint asked, everyone looked over to Bruce.

Bruce put his gasses on, grabbing the tweezers from the table, and looked into Tony's chest. "Uh, well, I'm not a genius on electromagnetic technology like this, but I believe I would just have to move the copper wire out of the," Bruce winced as he stuck the tweezers in to point at the clogged wire, because he was looking at the inside of Stark's chest. It was a creepy thought, and it made him sick to look at all the technology inside a living body.

"plasmatic discharge. This wire must have gotten tangled up, and now its clogging the magnetic pull from your heart, causing the shrapnel to slowly get closer." Bruce continued, looking.

"So then I can just take this wire and," "reconnect it with baseplate and electromagnet." Bruce and Tony finished at the same time, causing them to look at each other and smile.

Natasha stepped forward, noticing the beeping noises coming from the machines connected to Stark were getting faster and louder.

"If you nerds are done flirting, could you please get on with not letting Stark die?" She said, standing by the tools waiting to hand the doctor his supplies.

"Okay, while I move this wire, Clint, go over to Tony's desk and open the top left drawer. Thats where he keeps his spare arc reactors. Captain, please watch that monitor right there, and make sure the little dot doesn't go past the line." Both men sprang into action, Steve embarrassed that he had to be explained what the little graphics on the screen were.

As Natasha handed him his tweezers, he ever so carefully plucked the wire and removed it from its tangled position. After that took ten minutes, Bruce noticed how fast Tony's chest was rising. He was running out of time.

Bruce looked at how long it would take to reconnect the wire, and then to start back up, and didn't know if the magnetic pull would last that long.

"Banner, the little dot you were talking about is close to the line." Steve said, worried.

"Okay hold on." Bruce finally got the the wire connected into the baseplate, but the time for the energy to start running through it was slow.

Bruce turned around, his eyes wide. "I have an idea. Thor. Is there anyway you can summon lightning in here?" Bruce asked a bewildered Thor. Tony opened his eyes and lifted his head to look at Bruce with confusion on what he was thinking.

"I can with Mjolnir without damaging the household, yes, but what then friend Banner?"

"Thor, I'm going to need you to use the electricity in your lightning to startup Tony's reactor." Banner said confidently.

"What?!" Tony yelled siting up, only to fall back down in a gasp of pain.

Bruce walked back over to Tony to look at him. "Listen, it will just be a little shock, if we put the right amount it could work."

"Your suggested a guy who crushed a basketball because he didn't know he was holding it so hard, to make the correct portion of lightning to be sent into my chest?" Tony asked, looking horrified.

Before Bruce could reassure Tony anymore, his friend's eyes begin to roll to the back of his head, indicating he was losing consciousness.

Bruce turned to Thor and nodded his head. "You got this." Thor nodded in return, and summoned the god's hammer.

Thunder was heard from outside, and as Thor pointed Mjolnir up to the sky, a bolt of lightning was sent through every window aimed into the hammer, causing the glass to shatter.

Once the lightning was gone, Thor quickly came over next to Bruce holding Mjolnir fizzing with electricity.

"Okay Thor, Now this is very important. I need you send the tiniest, smallest, amount of energy into Tony's chest. Be extremely careful, his life depends on it."

Thor breathed deeply and then muttered,"You can trust me friend Stark."

A tiny bolt of light sparked in Tony's chest, lighting up the electromagnet.

"Doctor Banner, the dot is no longer near the line." Rogers said, not caring that he sounded like the oldest, most out of date man ever.

Clint quickly handed over the arc reactor, and Bruce plugged it in, watching relieved as it faded to a bright blue.

Everyone sat in the living room, the t.v. played softly, but no one was watching it.

"I swear to god, If you guys embarrass me one more time by saving my life, I am retiring, giving the Iron Man suit to goodwill, and moving to Canada."

Everyone laughed, and smiled at Tony.

"Your welcome." Bruce snorted, without looking up from his paper.

"Thankyou..." Tony murmured softly, and everyone looked at him partially shocked at the sincerity in his voice.

"You know thats not the first time I had to do that." Tony said, changing the subject.

"What do you mean?" Clint asked.

"Well, I had to switch my cave arc for an updated one a while back, but its the same procedure. I had to have poor Pepper do it then though, cause, really, she's the only one I would have trusted to do that for me." Tony explained.

"Honestly then Tony? We really have earned your trust, huh?" Steve asked happily.

"Uh yeah! How many fucking times do you want to save my life before you believe me?"

While everyone howled, Tony's face all of a sudden fell pale.

"Tony? What's wrong?" Bruce said alarmed.

"Did anyone call Pepper before Hammer's attack got in the news?" Tony said looking forward.

Before anyone could answer the terrifying question, a loud scream was heard from the front entrance of Stark Tower.


The End.

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