Title: My Favorite Slash
Author: Mlle Elizabeth
Archive: Please ask.
Fandom: Harry Potter
Pairing: Assorted
Rating: R
Category: Song Parody
Series/Sequel: Completed, although I see lots of potential for more song parodies with this musical.
Spoilers: Mentions lots of stuff that turns up in a slashy fanfic.
Warnings: Silly and a little scary. Likely to offend almost everyone, as these lyrics contain all manner of perversions and pairings. Could be distressing to Sound of Music fans.
Disclaimer: Characters and places belong to JKR. Situations appreciatively borrowed from numerous fanfic writers. "My Favorite Things": music written by Richard Rogers, original lyrics written by Oscar Hammerstein II (I pray they will both forgive me), copyright owned by: BMG (1998). None of this is mine, I just introduced them all to each other.
Feedback: Please! And please be gentle -- it is my first time! *blush*
Summary: HP Slashfic lyrics to the tune of "My Favorite Things" from the Sound of Music.
Thanks to: Heather and Mary for Betas and to all of the fanfic authors for ideas and inspiration!

My Favorite Slash

Angst-filled frustrated-teenager love stories,
Jealousy, envy and Snape's such a whore, he
Makes such good "potions" - they can't get enough,
Especially when he decides to play rough!

Neville in leather and Percy in handcuffs,
Walks in the woods that reveal lots of hot stuff!
Incest and twincest and Weasleys galore -
It's always good to include a few more!

Gryffindor girls do find each other thrilling,
Ginny is frisky; Hermione's willing.
Draco's got big plans for Harry tonight
And they don't include getting into a fight!

When Ron's pining after Harry, and he's feeling sad,
We'll just fix him up with his brothers or Snape
And then he won't feel so bad!


Cho looks for more than just fast moving snitches.
She's always after the cutest of witches.
Who knows what goes on in Ravenclaw's rooms?
They've found some interesting uses for brooms.

And all those Slytherin boys probably cross-dress.
Nobody buys that pure-blood macho BS.
Goyle's got pink undies and Crabbe wears a bra.
Draco just wants to forget what he saw.

Then there's those Hufflepuffs - hardworking? Sure!
No one believes that they're really that pure.
Justin Finch-Fletchly's the belle of the ball.
The boys all love him, he's dated them all!

When the moon's dark and and the mood's right,
It's time for romance.
Remus and Sirius head for the shack
And there they give love a chance!

ELM: Now, about that Lonely Goatherd song ...