Holiday Dreams - Birthday Surprises

By Neo Queen Serenity Chiba

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Rating: PG 13

Genre: Romance

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Previously on Holiday Dreams .

"Good afternoon, Mr and Mrs Cain, now what seems to be the trouble?" said a doctor with purple hair all the way to her waist, and the hairstyle looked like cat's ears. (AN: yes, it's Catsy) "Good afternoon Catsy. Um. lately, I have been getting sick mainly in the morning, do you know what it really means?" said Serena.

"Well Serena, this won't take very long, we take a few tests and about 3 minutes later, we'll see the results." said Catsy.

3 minutes later.

"Well Catsy, do you know what is really wrong with me? Said Serena.


Catsy smiled. "Nothing is wrong with you, but I would like to congratulate you and Mr Cain"

"Congradulate us? What do you mean?" said Darien.

"You're Pregnant, Mrs Cain!" said Catsy. Serena and Darien were so stunned.

"I don't know, if it's either a girl or boy yet, it's too soon to tell, but I want you to take these prescriptions ok? And I also want you to book another appointment in the next 3 months and we'll have an ultra scan then ok" said Catsy.

"Thank you very much Catsy. We are actually really surprise that Serena is having a baby," said Darien.

"Well, that's ok, remember to see me in the next 3 months" said Catsy. Serena and Darien nodded and left.

"Shall we tell our mum and dad?" said Serena who was really happy.

"We'll tell mum and dad later ok?" said Darien who was also very happy and hugged Serena.

"I love you Darien," said Serena

"I love you too, now let's go home" said Darien.

"Oh I just forgot, I suppose to meet the girls and boys at the Moonlight Café, you coming?" said Serena.

"Sure, why not and we'll tell them our little surprise which is from your stomach" said Darien as he placed his hand over Serena's stomach while he was driving.

"Ok then, I bet they'll be surprise and stunned more than us" giggled Serena as she also placed her hand over Darien's large hand on her stomach.

Around 3.45, Serena and Darien found their friends sitting outside at a table chatting away. "Hi guys," said Serena, cheerfully.

"Serena, how have you been? I heard you been sick in the mornings, are you alright?" said Mina.

"Yeah, min, I'm alright, just a bit. what should I say? Pregnant!" smiled Serena, as she sat on Darien's lap.

"You're what!" said her friends including the boys who were really stunned.

"See I told you they were going to be surprise more than us," said Serena to Darien.

"Serena, are you pregnant?" said Amy.

"Yes I am Ames, and I'm happy too, if you are wondering about schooling, the teachers will email me to let me know what to do when I'm not around school, so everything's fine" said Serena.

"Wow, congradulations Darien! I'll bet you make a fine father!" wink Artemis.

"Shut up bro, you better not tell mum and dad and that's including you Andy! Serena and I are going to tell them ourselves" grinned Darien as he raised an eyebrow.

"Hey everyone, this causes a celebration. Tonight we'll go to a club near the beach call 'Meteor Club' (AN: I made that up) at 7.00 and we'll celebrate Serena and Darien's up coming child!" said Ken. Everyone cheered and wouldn't believe that soon Serena was going to have a baby.

Everyone arrived at the Meteor Garden at 7.00 and celebrate. Although they were over 18, the group did not drink any alcohol. They held the party outside on the balcony where they saw a beach with waves coming back and forth. It wasn't quite a windy night but Serena wore a business coat which was brown that went to her knees to cover up from the cold also protect the unborn child. At the time of 8.30, everyone left and went home to sleep early due to uni. Serena was alright to go to school and she was pretty use to the morning sickness that happen lately.

The next couple of weeks, Serena got stomach was sticking out as she got bigger and rounder, obviously she was glowing too. (AN: not glowing, glowing where you see light, but she has changed, anyway back to the story) She was getting changes and also started to mature a bit day by day, she was still beautiful and still had the beauty within her. Her friends would help her and she even told her mum and dad including Candice and William. She can still remember what happen that made her laugh.

They were all having dinner, all nicely chatting away. It was obvious that Serena's stomach was sticking out abit even through the jeans and the white t - shirt didn't help. They all finished their dinner and Serena and Darien knew it was time. "Mum, Dad, Irene and Ken, we have some good news for you" said Darien.

"Serena's pregnant" said Darien and smiled and wrapped himself around Serena. Serena and Darien's parents were shock in a moment, which made Serena and Darien remember those faces in a lifetime, but then they were jumping for joy. "Oh, I'm so happy Serena! How many weeks are you pregnant? Is it a girl or boy? When is it due?" said Irene. Serena just sweat dropped. "Mom, I'm nearly a month pregnant, I don't know its it's a girl or boy, but we will be seeing the doctor for an ultra scan, and the baby is due in June" smiled Serena.

"Well done Darien, I'm sure you'll make a good father," said William.

"Thanks dad" smiled Darien.

"Well I'm getting a bit tired now. I think we should go home don't you think Darien?" questioned Serena as she yawn.

"Yeah alright then, since I'm tired too. Alright mum, dad, Irene and Ken, I'll see you later" shouted Darien as he took Serena and drove off.

"I'm glad they having a family now" said Candice.

"Don't you think Irene, Ken" continued Candice.

"Yes, I'm glad too" said Irene.

The next two months, Serena went to visit Catsy in the hospital. It was on Darien's birthday and it would be a surprise for him. "Hello Catsy" said Serena

"Hello Serena, now how have you've been" said Catsy. (AN: ok a Catsy and Serena conversation ok)

"Well the morning sicknesses has stopped, I've been changing, I'm getting bigger and rounder, and I have been taking my tablets and pills."

"That's good to hear, now do you want to start the ultra scan?"

"Yes, please start"

"Alright, I'll get the equipment, while I do that, I need you to lie on the bed over there and we'll start."

3 minutes later Catsy came back with the equipment and got it setup.

"Now this gel could be a bit cold ok" as Catsy putted al little bit of gel over the stomach, she then use the scanner to roll over the gel. "Ok there's the hands. legs. and look there's the heart, can you hear the baby's heartbeat?"

"Yes, I can . hey little one, I'm your mummy" Catsy smiled at the look of Serena.

"The baby is a she, Serena"

"A she?"

"Yes, now do you want me to take a photo of her and you'll give this to your husband"

"Yes, please Catsy, its his birthday and I want to surprise him"

"Alright then"

"Thanks Catsy"

"No problem, now this photo won't take very long. Do you need any more of those prescriptions?"

"Yes please, thanks"

"There you go, Serena, and the photo is on the envelope, say happy birthday to Darien for me"

"I will, bye"


Serena got her medicine and went outside the hospital. She hopped into her car (AN: Yes, the Mercedes Benz. You'll think I'll forget it? Never!) and drove off. For Darien, he came back from the studio for a meeting and found out Serena was visiting the doctor and said happy birthday on the note he found. Then Serena arrived home. "Hey honey, how are you?" said Serena and gave him a kiss on the lips. "I'm fine, how was the ultra scan?" said Darien as he kissed her back and wrapped his arms around her waist. "Better than ever, but I rather tell you later ok?" answered Serena.

"Why don't you get changed Darien and we'll go somewhere ok?" said Serena.

"Alright then" said Darien. He got back in his green jacket, black t - shirt and grey pants. Then they left. Now Serena was driving her car to Darien parents place. "Darien, I'm going to put a blindfold on you ok?"

"Alright" As Serena putted the blindfold over Darien, she started driving. 10 minutes later, they arrived at Darien's parents, Serena carefully told Darien what to do if there was stairs and all of them, then they arrived in the ballroom. As Serena unleashed the blindfold, all Darien could see was black in the room until.

Lights turn on.

"Surprise!!" said all of his friends and family. Darien was so stunned and turned around to face Serena.

"You did this all for me Sere," said Darien as she nodded. Then he came over to Serena, kissed her and hugged her. "I also have some news about the baby everyone, but let's get the party going!" said Serena. As Darien's songs were on, the people had a great time. "Ok everyone, where's the birthday boy? Put your hand up!" said Andrew. As he saw a hand up he asked him to come over to cut the cake. Of course it was his favourite chocolate mudcake. Everyone sang the birthday song and did cheers for him; he blew out the candles and made a wish. "What did you wish for dear?" said Candice

"I wish that, Serena would have a fine baby and hope it would be a girl," said Darien. Serena giggled and said "Well Darien, I think your wish has come true your highness"


"Mm.hmm, everyone, I'd just had an ultra scan this afternoon, the baby is in perfect health and it's a she" smiled Serena

"God Serena, you make me happier than ever the whole man in the world could take" said Darien as he kissed her and hugged her again. "I know, I even got the photos here too, everyone can look at them" said Serena.

"Ok" said everyone. Darien cutted the cake and everyone had a piece or 2, Serena and Darien shared a piece, cause Serena couldn't eat a lot of chocolate otherwise she'll get sick. Then it was Darien's turn to look at the pictures. "Wow, Serena, I can't believe this, is it really a girl?" said Darien. Serena nodded and smiled. He hugged her again and was very please his wish had come true. The party ended and everyone left. Serena and Darien drove off to their apartment. "Did you have a good time Darien?" said Serena.

"Yes, I'd sure did," said Darien. Serena walked to the balcony and looked over the city looked at the lights dancing around the city. "I love you Serena" said Darien as he cupped her cheek and went behind her and put an arm around her waist and his hand over her stomach. "I love you too Darien, you'll never know how happy I am" said Serena. "I know, I know" chuckled Darien. The couple went to sleep after they took a shower and got ready for the next day.

The next 6 months, Serena was still beautiful, she got bigger and rounder everyday, now it looked like her baby was almost due, the baby was due in June 30th Serena's birthday. They had another ultra scan with the baby and it was perfectly healthy. The baby started kicking during Serena's sleep 2 months ago, lucky Darien had his hand over Serena's stomach, she notice the kick because it hurt. For Darien, he felt it and he was excited. Many progresses was happening. Darien was doing many tours around Tokyo again, Serena was talking classes for pregnancy and also her school studies were going great. New Year's Day, Christmas Day passed by and they received a lot of present for the baby. Then the last month arrived. While Darien was doing his last tour on the last placed that started at 12.00 then he will have to go back to the studio that day before Serena gives birth, Serena was in hospital due to her contractions. It was her birthday and her friends visited Serena and stayed to chat with her, until the contractions started again. "Guys, I. think. I'm. going in. labor," said Serena painfully as she saw her water broke. Amy gasped and ran to her side since she knows a lot about been a doctor. "Raye, call Darien to come here quickly, Mina get the doctor here quickly. Lita and I plus Luna will stay here with Serena to get her coach," said Amy. All the others left. "Now Serena, you know the procedures when this happens," said Amy. Serena nodded. Then the doctors and nurses rushed in to help Serena. "Serena, Darien's coming ok," said Raye. Serena nodded and Amy went in with Serena.

Darien came in minutes later and asked the girls that were outside where was Serena. To his response he heard her scream. He asked the nurse if he could see his wife due to she was giving birth. She nodded and let him in. "Serena!" said Darien, running to her side. "Darien!" said Serena. She was red and exhausted. "Ok Serena, we almost there just 3 more pushes and you're there," said Catsy.

"Ok, 1. 2. 3. push" said Amy. Serena pushed but came back down to land on the pillow. "Ok, again Serena! Ready? 1. 2. 3. push!" said Amy. Serena grabbed Darien's hand on a very tight grip. For Darien he was getting excited and also sore due to his hand, he thought he would never able to hold the microphone again! "Ok, I can see her head," said Catsy. Darien smiled. "Ok, Serena, one more push and you're done. Ready? 1. 2. 3. push!" said Amy. Serena went down as far as she could and pushed then she heard a cry. "Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Cain, you have a baby girl!" said Catsy. She took the baby to be washed and came back in a baby pink towel. Sure, she was an angel, she had pink hair, and blue eyes and also has Darien's nose. "Have you thought of a name for your girl?" said Catsy as she handed the baby to Serena. "How about Serenity, we'll call her Rini as her nickname" said Darien and smiled. Serena nodded. Everyone left the room except Amy. All of the girls and their partners came in and looked at the angel infant.

"Oh, she so cute and beautiful just like the mother. What's her name?" said Mina. Serena blushed and fell into a deep sleep. "Her name is Serenity but we'll call her Rini as her nickname" said Darien, as he was holding Rini and look at Serena who was sleeping. The nurse took Rini away form Darien and said the baby will be in the nursing room with all the other babies. They all nodded and followed the nurse to see Rini in the nursing room except Darien. To Darien, he was so happy. 'My baby in my own flesh and blood' thought Darien and sat next to Serena who was sleeping peacefully. "I love you Serena" said Darien and kiss her forehead. He then left to the studio to continue his recording for the new album 'Control Folley'. Everyone in the studio wished the best for him when he left and now he was a father and a very happy father of course.

As days passed by, Serena was able to go home after a week. Rini wasn't a baby that cries a lot, she was peaceful, serene and beautiful. She'd only cried if she was hungry or need a diaper change. Serena and Darien still continued school and did their jobs. Their parents: Irene and Ken and Candice and William always loved their grand daughter and cared for her every time when Serena and Darien needed to be a part for a moment.

Couple of months passed by. Serena had her hands full, as the company now was running by her. Darien continued his singing career and Rini started walking, talking, crawling and got her 1st tooth. Serena and Darien plus all of their friends graduated in Tokyo International University. Everyone was happy. Darien asked if Serena wanted another child but Serena refused for another one with a death glared, Darien chuckled and said he was kidding.

Christmas Day almost came and Rini was getting excited. The way she could get excited was clapping and laughter. Everyone thought it was very cute and also said to Serena and Darien, they have the most adorable, beautiful baby. Serena blushed and Darien said that it was all from Serena's beauty due to she is the most beautiful wife I ever will have eternity. Serena blushed even more. Rini got her 2nd tooth and was growing too. Everyone thought that Rini will become just like Serena.

As Christmas Day passed, New Year's Day passed and now it was June 30th, Serena and Rini's birthday. Serena was turning 20 and Rini was turning 1. Darien secretly planned a surprise party over at his parent's place in the ballroom. As Serena came back from work, she saw Rini in the playpen in the corner and Darien was typing up his new song he wrote and updating his website at the same time since they have 2 computers one for her for business and one for Darien for his career and everything that was for him which were important. Serena came in place her coat on the coat hanger, her suitcase and her purse on the table that was on her right hand side and her car keys on the key rack. She walked over to Darien and kissed him on the cheek and went to the kitchen.

"Hey Sere, how was work?" said Darien as he turned his chair around and face Serena in the kitchen then walked over to her and kissed her on the cheek. "Exhausting Dare I don't think I can stand it anymore. Argghhhh." said Serena and Darien chuckled. "Why don't I take you some where tonight since it's your birthday' said Darien.

"Alright, I'll get Rini dress ok" said Serena and smiled. Serena walked over to Rini from her playpen.

"Come on Rini, I'm going to get you dress because Daddy is taking us somewhere" said Serena, while she was picking her up.

"Mummy, Daddy" said Rini and clapped her hands and laughed. Serena giggled. 10 minutes later Rini was dressed in a t - shirt with a bunny on the front and a skirt that went to her knees. As for Serena, she was dressed in a white peasant shirt and blue flare jeans with a blue clip belt. (AN: Remember what she wore when she bumped into Darien at the airport?? And Serena lose all the pregnancy weight, which she gained months ago and now she is in her original size) The family left the apartment and decided to use Serena's car. They both help put Rini on the baby seat and buckled her up. Then Darien said "Serena I need you to put this on over your head and do not touch unless I tell you to ok? And for Rini, I'll give you mummy's sunglasses ok?" Rini giggled as Darien putted Serena's glasses over Rini's eyes, which were in a purple shade. Then Darien started the engine; pushed the button for the rooftop to go over their heads and drove off. They arrived at Darien's parent's home minutes later and turned off the car. Darien got out of the car, unbuckled Rini and picked her up and went over to Serena's side. He opened the door for her and helped her out. Darien told her where to be careful and lead her to the ballroom. As Darien told her to untie the blindfold, Darien turned on the lights and "SURPRISE!" said the group. All of her friends, Darien's friends and their parents were here. Rini was stunned at first but started laughing as for Serena; she turned around and look at Darien with love in her eyes.

"You did this all for me didn't you?" ask Serena. Darien nodded. Then Serena hugged Darien as Rini was trying to get a hold of her mum for a hug too, but she couldn't so she started crying. Serena and Darien broke the hug and look at Rini and laughed.

"Oh poor Rini, here come to mummy" said Serena, as she extended her arms to Rini. Darien passed the crying infant over to Serena to make her calm down. About 5 minutes later from the nursery, Rini was asleep and Serena came down stairs. "Thanks guys, now let's get the party going!" said Serena. Everyone cheered and gave Serena their presents. One of the maids told Serena that Rini was awake but wasn't crying just sitting there and playing around. Serena laughed and said she'll pick her up. 2 minutes later, Serena came downstairs with Rini walking beside her slowly taking her time with the stairs. As they arrived at the bottom of the stairs, Rini saw Darien and shouted for him. Darien turned around and bent down as he saw his child running to him.

"Hey baby, had a good sleep?" said Darien. Rini only nodded. "Why don't we see your presents now eh?" said Serena. Rini only smiled and nodded. As Darien and Serena took Rini's little hand each and walked over where all of Rini's presents were. Everyone gathered around the family. As Serena and Darien helped Rini open her presents. Rini was over joy for what she had received. She got a stuffed bunny from Mina, a couple of books from Amy and Greg, Andrew gave her a bunny backpack which was so cute and also in pink, Raye gave her good luck charms, Chad gave her a bed set which was in a single: it was purple with yellow crescent moons and bunnies around it, Luna and Artemis gave her an outfit which was a gown that had golden circles around her chest followed by a row of beads and it flew out, it also had shoulder caps with a bit of material sticking out, it was pretty much similar to Serena's dress she wore in Mt Serene last time with Darien. Rini smiled and said Thank you and hugged Luna. Luna smiled and said that at the age of 1 and a half or 2 she can fit it. As for Serena and Darien they gave her a photo frame with bunnies and roses as a frame with a picture of the family and herself in it, Irene and Ken gave her a sliver bracelet, a gold heart locket necklace, a tiara with diamonds around the big, red ruby gem in the middle of the tiara.

For Serena and Darien was surprised and decided to put that in a safe place and she could use it for special occasions, and for Candice and William, they gave her a pair of bunny slippers. Rini was so happy, and then it was time for the birthday cake. Everyone sang happy birthday as the lights were turned off and the cake with candles lit were on the way in front for Rini and Serena. Everyone cheered and Serena and Rini blew out the candles and made a wish. Serena and Rini cutted the cake, it had pink icing and inside was chocolate, it had a red rose on each corner and Rini said she wanted a red rose. Serena chuckled and cutted a piece for Rini and putted a rose on top of her piece. As everyone got a piece, Serena and Darien shared one and Serena help Rini feed her cake. By the time at 10.30pm, Rini was asleep and everyone was leaving. Serena said thanks to everyone who came and by the time everyone left, they said goodbye to Candice and William and drove off with their presents in the trunk.

"Did you have a great night Serena?" said Darien.

"Yes Darien, I did, I've wouldn't be more happier than ever!" said Serena. Darien tangled his fingers on Serena's finger and kissed her hand. As for Rini, she slept peacefully all the way home. As for Serena, she was still running the company after her graduation last year and found out again that she had to go to another conference with all the other companies to sponsor them. She decided that she wanted Darien and Rini to come too, since Darien was taking a break and Rini wanted to have more time as a family. So the next 4 days, they had everything packed up and Serena's jets was ready. The limo picked then and took them to the airport. They check in, went through all custom and immigration and went to the tunnel that led to Serena's jet. As again, Rini was stunned, this was first time in a plane.

"Mummy, are you sure this is your jet?" said Rini unsure if it is or not. Serena and Darien chuckled. "You know what darling? You were just like me when I was little and I had the same answer to the same question" "And what is the answer?" said Rini. "Of course it is, otherwise, how would mummy own your grandma and grandpa's company eh?" smiled Serena. "I love you mummy" hugged Rini. "What about me?" said Darien, giving then the puppy eyes.

"Oh we love you too, daddy" said Serena and Rini and went for a hug. As the plane was about to take off, Rini was placed between Serena and Darien on one of the sofas on the side of the plane next to the windows.

"Welcome aboard, and hope you will enjoy your flight to Paris. Please fasten your seatbelts, as we are about to take off. Thank you" said the pilot. As the plane took off, they were in the air. Rini was already asleep on Serena's lap and Darien was just tangling his fingers on Serena's fingers kissing each fingertip. "I love you so much Serena" said Darien. "I love you too Darien" smiled Serena and gave him a kiss on the lips. "Let's say, I put Rini in her room, and we'll go to our bedroom and do a little seduction eh? What do you say about that?" said seductively Serena. "Alright then, I'll meet you in the room then" said Darien and got up. As for Serena, she picked up Rini and carried her to her own room and playpen was in and closed the door and went to Darien and her room. Obviously, Darien was already on the bed asleep in his boxes. So Serena went in the closet took out a nightgown, got changed and went to bed. As soon as she went to bed, Darien went on top of her and kissed her with all his might.

They arrived in Paris around the night but the conference was on the next night. They hopped off, cleared through the customs and immigration and searched for a word 'Cain'. They found it and went to the limo. They went in the limo and found a baby seat too and put Rini on the seat, buckled her up by the help of the parents and they were off. They arrived at the hotel and check in and went to the very top floor, found their room 1 minute later then they went to sleep, Serena and Darien in one and Rini in the cot.

By the morning had arrived, they did their daily routines and got dressed and went downstairs to have breakfast. After that, they went for a tour around Paris and took photos, they came back in the afternoon and decided to go for a swim. Darien was in his boardies, Rini was in a pink and sliver one-piece swimsuit and Serena was in a white bikini wrapped in a white swim wrap. They went for a swim in a while and sun baked then went upstairs to get changed for the conference. Rini was in the gown that Luna and Artemis gave her, Serena was in the wedding gown but no veil and Darien was in a lavender and white tuxedo. (AN: it's the outfit of King Endymion but no sword) As they arrived at the conference, everyone around them was stunned the way they dressed because they match as a family. As for everyone that Serena knew asked if Rini was her daughter, she said yes and introduced Rini to everyone. Obviously, Rini was scared around the people and was shy too but she managed to greet people and that was it. As the conference went well, they had another 2 more nights and it would finish. As the family enjoyed the rest of the conference, they flew home and enjoyed their life.


Oh thank god I have finished this chapter. Sorry about the delayed guys I have homework and assignment just crashing into me. Well this is the last chapter of this fanfic hope you guys enjoyed it more than I did. I started to cry at the end (sniff, sniff) well I better get going. Please R + R. Ok see ya.

15th October 2002 - first typed out

30th November 2003 - second revised

By Neo Queen Serenity Chiba