Hey guys I wanted to give a little holiday fanfic. Enjoy!

Disclaimer: I don't own the turtles

It was wondrous day in the sewers. Why you may ask. Well this is because our favorite turtles are celebrating Thanksgiving. Now lets go see what they are up to.

Everyone in their own way was doing something to prepare the holiday meal. Mikey was mixing the ingredients for his dressing, Don was making the sides for the dinner which were mashed potatoes, greens and mac and cheese, Raph finishing stuffing the turkey and putting in the oven and surprisingly Leo is making pumpkin pie for dessert.

"Wow Mikey that dressing is looking pretty good." said Don while just finishing his cooking. "Thanks Donnie I gotta say I love the food you made. Man do I love Thanksgiving!" said Mikey. Raph rolls his eyes after putting the turkey in oven, "We know Mikey but what make this Thanksgiving even better is if Leo doesn't burn the pies." "Oh haha Raph I can very well make a pies with burning them." Leo said incredulously. This is how Thanksgiving cooking goes in the turtle house.

Later on while the food was cooking the turtles were the big Thanksgiving Football game. It was The New York Jets against the Seattle Seahawks. "Man this is going to be a good game today!" Said Raph excitedly. "Yeah I can't wait for New York cream another city" Said Mikey. Leo nodded his head in agreement. Don just rolls his eyes and says, "I really don't get this whole football game on Thanksgiving thing. In fact I don't get football at all." "You're just mad because lost that bet we had 2 weeks ago when the Jets played Chicago." teased Raph. "You know what I'm not going to say anything because if I do it will come out as one of the worst things you'll" and with that Donnie left the room huffingly. All of the turtles shuddered at the thought of what their genius broth could've said.

After the game the turtles sat in the living enjoying Thanksgiving dinner. "You guys wanna know what I'm thankful" asked Mikey. "What?" "I'm thankful for having a great family" Leo agreed, "I have to agree with Mikey on that one." "Same here" said Donnie. "Yeah I guess so" Said Raph. And with that they turned to each other and said, "Happy Thanksgiving!"

I hope you guys enjoyed this story. Still look out for my other story and have a Happy Thanksgiving! :)