"Abandoned (Sequel to Fascination)"

Chapter 1


Note: Hi to everyone! If you haven't read "Fascination" you won't know what the hell is going on, so I suggest you do. And to all who have read Fascination, I LOVE YOU!! I'm hyper.

Some points to go over: 1) Hermione returned to Hogwarts at the end of "Fascination". Draco did not return that year, and Hermione presumed he was dead and though still quite in love with him, decided to move on. She began drinking, and after a big mistake (yes everyone makes them) she slept with Harry and got pregnant…

They are now 19 (as opposed to 16 in Fascination)


Hermione hummed softly to the tune of "Rock-a-bye Baby" to the sleeping form in her arms. The little girl in her arms, just two years old, was sleeping peacefully, her thick black waves in two pigtails. Hermione kissed her forehead softly.
"I love you, Rianne (pronounced Ree-Anne)."
Rianne had been born shortly at the beginning of her 7th year, the father being none other than Harry Potter. Harry and Hermione had married as soon as they were out of school, and when speculated as to why, Hermione would simply reply, "Because it was expected." Of course it was expected! Everyone suspected them of being lovers since 4th year. Yet they were never really lovers, were they? Don't you have to be in love, to be a lover?
A hand grabbed her by the shoulder and spun her around in her seating, causing her to squeak.
"Morning Hermione." the masculine voice of Harry Potter purred.
"Morning." Hermione managed a smile as she kissed the tip of his nose.
"How's my little girl?" Harry laughed, taking the sleeping form of Rianne into his arms and kissing her forehead. Rianne moaned and opened her arms.
"Daddy?" she groaned as she stretched out her arms.
"Good morning sweetheart." Harry said, running a finger along her freckles.
"Morning daddy." she smiled sweetly and hugged him around the neck, intertwining her thick fingers in his black hair.
"Well, I have to leave for the ministry, dear." Harry said quickly, setting Rianne onto the gray couch.
"Bye." Hermione whispered, nodding.

Hermione flopped onto the couch next to Rianne and stared at her intently.
"God, you are going to be a heartbreaker when you get older." Hermione teased, pulling at one of Rianne's thick pigtails.
"Stop it mommy. I want food." Rianne pouted, getting onto her knees.
Hermione scooped up Rianne and shoved her under one arm. "Alright, kid, let's go."
Rianne giggled. "I want food."
"I know, I know. Now what'll be?" Hermione rolled her eyes jokingly.
"Cookies!" screamed Rianne, sitting down on the counter.
"You can't have cookies for breakfast!"
"No, sweetie."
"No. Here, have some bacon." Hermione handed Rianne a thick strip of pork and sat her down in her chair.
"Mommy?" Rianne asked, swallowing a chunk of bacon.
"How did you and daddy fall in love?" Hermione winced at the word 'love'.
"Well, honey, mommy fell in love with a man, but that man died, so mommy was very sad, but mommy's dear friend Harry was in love with her and asked her to marry him, so she did." Hermione explained.

"What about the other boy? Do you love him?" Hermione smiled softly.

"Yes, baby, I do." Rianne nodded and seemed to know that the conversation had ended. Hermione looked down at her watch. "Oh dear, we better hurry, I need to drop you off at daycare. Hermione ran into Rianne's room and grabbed a pair of pink robes to put on over her yellow jumper.
As soon as Rianne was dressed, Hermione piled her into the magical ministry car that Harry got from the ministry.

So this is story of my life (Hermione's POV)

The rain splashed against the windshield of the car as I drove manically. Life just wasn't the same as it used to be. Draco. God, yes, I still love him, how could I not? He was the person that I changed my life for. And where is he now? Is he dead? Hurt? A death eater? I shook that thought out of my head. He would never be a death eater. Draco had never returned to Hogwarts in our 7th year, I'd heard rumors that he'd transferred to Durmstrang. It wouldn't surprise me if he did; his father had always been fond of it. You're probably wondering why I married Harry if I don't love him. It was mostly for Rianne in fact. I wanted her to have a family. And at least we're happy. Harry provides for me everything I could ever need, and he's never hurt me. I just wish I could…be in love.


Hermione pulled into the parking lot of "Magical Me Daycare" and unstrapped Rianne from her car seat, leading her into the large purple and yellow building.
"Hi Susan." Hermione smiled at the woman at the front desk. "Remember she's not allowed to have milk, ok? She's lactose intolerant."
"Don't worry Ms. Granger! Rianne is here 3 days a week, and we do fine every time." Susan assured her, taking Rianne's hand and leading her back into the play area.
"Bye bye mommy!" Rianne called.
Hermione smiled at her little daughter as she left the day-care, over-worn thoughts about Draco's whereabouts heavy on her mind. Hermione pulled her car into the parking lot of a nearby bar, where she quickly got a table.
"Fire Whiskey, please." she ordered urgently to the blonde waitress at her table. The waitress gave her a thin-lipped grin.
"Coming right up m'am."

Draco rested his chin in his hand, raising a cigarette to his lips. He inhaled deeply, then let out a breath, smoke billowing in his face. From across the bar he saw a pretty woman enter, medium height with an a-line skirt that made her legs appear to go on forever. She wore black heels and a tight, but conservative button-up shirt. Her light brown hair was tucked neatly behind her ears, and long black lashes framed chocolate eyes. A pair of thick-framed black glasses sat atop her head, and freckles dotted her cheeks, giving her a slightly innocent look. This woman reminded him faintly of someone he once knew. Someone he once loved. She sat down at a table near the door and ordered with a cute, blonde waitress.
Draco sighed. He'd lifted his glass of whiskey to his lips and drank deeply. He'd become accustomed to drinking at 10am. He placed the glass onto the table with a large knock and stood to leave.

Hermione turned her head as she drank from her whiskey. A man a few tables away was leaving. His hair was a bright blonde, hanging in his eyes, and he was tall and well built. He had sharp, aristocratic features, and eyes that sparked silver. That's when she saw it. A faint scar on his hand, an etching of a snake, the Slytherin snake.
"Draco." she said in a faint whisper, her breath catching in her chest. The man's head spun around and stared at her intently.
"Who are you?" he growled, knowing full well whom it was.
"Draco Malfoy." she whispered again, her voice cracking.
"You're me?" he joked, his voice raising quite a few decibels.
"No, idiot. I'm Hermione," she said softly, reaching out to touch his shoulder.
Draco flinched away. He shoved a hand into his pocket and pulled out several crumpled articles. Hermione opened them up. The first one read:

Harry Potter, renowned ministry official, wed his long-time flame, Hermione Granger (18) shortly after graduating from Hogwarts. Harry continues his good works while living in London with his wife.

It had a large color photo of Hermione, dressed in a slinky black dress, her hand clasped in Harry's.
"You look happy." Draco said, starting to walk from the bar.
"I'm not," she admitted, opening up the second article.

"I'm the happiest I've ever been," gushes Hermione Granger Potter, young bride of Harry Potter. "He's an awesome man, truly admirable. "She seems so content," commented close friend, Ginny Weasly. Another good friend, Ron Weasly, adds that he is "proud of them. They are a perfect couple." Well it seems that Harry Potter, has found love at last.

Hermione frowned. "Draco- it was for the press. God, everyone expects me to be perfect house-wife, perfect mother-"
"Mother?" Draco asked slowly.
"Yes. Rianne, she's a little over two years old."
"So-so, you got pregnant not too long after I left?" he speculated.
Hermione nodded. "It was all a drunken mistake, Draco. In my daze, I thought it was…you." she half-whispered.
Draco was silent for a few moments. "Can we still be friends?"
Hermione nodded. "Yes, of course. I haven't forgotten about you."
"Come to flat." he stated bluntly. "I've got a nice little one, by myself, no father."
"But-" Hermione began to protest.
"Just for a drink." he looked at her pleadingly, and Hermione relented.
"Ok. We have a lot to catch up on anyway." he grasped her shoulder and apparated them quickly.
When Hermione opened her eyes, she was standing in the doorway of a rather large flat. It was scantily furnished, a piece table and a chair here and there.
"It's-uh-nice." she lied, trying to smile.
"It's a hell-hole, I know, but when you dishonor your father for someone you thought loved you, you get disqualified from the Malfoy money, ok?"
Hermione grimaced. "I did love you!"
"Did? But you've moved on know, I suppose." Draco said resentfully.
Hermione gritted her teeth. "I don't even sleep at night, because of YOU. Because you ABANDONED me!" she yelled, slammed her fist onto the table.
"I didn't abandon you, Granger," he whispered dangerously.
"Oh, so we're on last name basis again, are we?" she said menacingly.
"I'm sorry," he growled. "Let's start over."
Hermione relaxed and nodded. "I missed you." she blushed and pulled him into a tight hug. As she released, both instinctively leaned in to kiss, but as their lips brushed, Hermione pushed away.
"God, I'm sorry. I wasn't thinking." she apologized.
"It's my fault too," he said. "I wanted to."
"I'm MARRIED!" she emphasized.
"To a man you aren't in love with." Draco added, causing Hermione to go limp and begin sobbing uncontrollably.
"All I wanted to have was a family, to be in love!" she half-screamed.
"I know." Draco stuttered.
"I HATE myself for marrying Harry. I hate you for not being there to marry." she cried, huddling on the floor like a little girl.
Draco had never been very good at comforting people, so he stood in a stupor, staring at the very upset Hermione.
"Ugh. God." she moaned, getting to her feet and tucking her hair behind her ears.
"It's been nice seeing you again." she sniffed, rubbing excess mascara from under her eyes.
Draco nodded. "I'll apparate with you to the bar." he offered, extending his arm to Hermione.
She grasped it, and when she next opened her eyes, she was standing in the parking lot of the bar, near to her car.
"You want to come see the house? Real quick?" Hermione asked, holding the car door open.
"Can't we just apparate?" Draco suggested.
"And how am I supposed to get my car back?" Hermione said pointedly. Draco just nodded and got into the car. A good ten minutes later, Hermione pulled into the driveway of a large, modern-styled house, the color of gray. Hermione showed Draco to the front door.
"It's not that nice, Rianne, she gets into things." Hermione explained.
Draco nodded, when suddenly Hermione gasped loudly. "Oh my God!" she screeched, glancing out the window.

"What?" speculated Draco.
"Harry…he's home. He'll get upset if he knows you're here." she said, pushing him into the hallway coat closet.

Draco watched from the closet as Harry entered, looking tired.
"Hey babe. I'm home." Harry grinned, pulling his wife into a deep, passionate kiss. Draco noticed, with envy, that Hermione had kissed him back, with an equal depth. Harry's hands fell to Hermione's waist, sliding underneath her skirt.
Hermione grabbed his wrists and pulled his hands out. "Not right now." she whispered in fear.
"Why not? Rianne's at day-care, isn't she?" Harry's eyes widened.
"Yes. I'm just tired of pleasuring you whenever YOU feel like it, Harry. Maybe I don't want to have sex all the time," she groaned angrily, clicking her heel on the ground.
Instead of the understanding expression Draco expected, Harry's face grew red and he clenched his teeth. "Hermione," he growled, "You are MY wife and you will do what I want, WHEN I want."
Hermione frowned. "Harry, you've changed from the man I married."
"I've been stressed, ok? And with this lack of sex, I'm beginning to think you're having an affair. Love can make you go crazy, Hermione, remember that."
Hermione looked offended, but nodded submissively, when Harry pushed her against the wall, kissing and sucking at her neck roughly. Hermione arched her neck and let out a half-hearted moan, clutching at his chest.

Draco felt his blood run hot as he watched Harry touched Hermione. Getting dirt all over HIS Hermione. He had to use all his strength to not burst out of the closet.
"Let's continue this in the bedroom." Hermione suggested, giving Draco a nod towards the unlocked door. Draco nodded and frowned, preparing to slip out.
As Harry led Hermione away, she snapped away. "I've got to get Rianne." she quipped, before quickly dashing down the hallway and out the front door.


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