This is a not to be taken seriously Omake/Side Story for Lawra's Night Shift. Please read that first or you might be lost here. Though, such knowledge isn't too important as this is mostly crackish comedy.

Sun and Moon

Chapter 2

By Bree R.

"Greetings!" A willowy dark haired woman, shouted over enthusiastically to Ukyo Kuonji who was busy preparing some food for the coming evening rush.

"Er-Hello Miss. Can I…" Ukyo began only to be cut off.

"I was hoping you could inform me of where to locate one Princ...Oh excuse me." The dusky skinned woman said. Uncomfortably adjusting her midnight blue blouse and obsidian crescent moon necklace before awkwardly reaching into her pockets. Taking a visible breath she loudly asked, "One Ranma Saotome who is currently residing at a Tendo Dojo in Tokyo, Nerima, Japan, Earth. Dimensional coordinates 0 by 0143-"

"The Tendo Dojo?" The chef asked off put by the long winded explanation.

"Indeed! Have you heard of it?" The woman asked large smile present on her face nearly stumbling forward in her exuberance fall stopped only by rapidly sticking her arms out to stop her fall.

"And what do you want Ranma for?" The chef asked warily eyes rapidly evaluating the woman before her. Midnight blue and black seemed to be the woman's favored colors as her entire outfit seemed centered around it. To her side was a strangely sized bag, a crescent moon prominent upon it, matching exactly the symbol on her obsidian necklace. Her dusky coloration, and the western look of her face also spoke of someone foreign, though Ukyo found it impossible to place the race. Why was it always exotic beautiful women who came after her Ranchan?

"Luna!" A melodious voice called from outside her restaurant. "A friendly set of foals gave me the directions! Lets go!"

"Ah. Thank you for your time fair merchant! Farewell!" The midnight haired woman shouted back grabbing a silver coin out of her bag. To Ukyo's surprise the coin floated over to her a blue aura encompassing it before it landed lightly on her counter the aura suddenly dissipating. She only stopped staring at the coin now resting on her counter when she heard the bell over her door and the woman exiting her shop.

"Hey wait!" Ukyo exclaimed running towards the front door of her shop, only to come to a sudden halt when she saw a winged unicorn with majestically flowing rainbow colored hair walking off confidently with the midnight black haired woman who had entered her shop stumbling at her side. "Konatsu!" Ukyo shouted summoning her personal kunoichi.

"Yes Ukyo-sama!" The male kunoichi replied jumping down from the ceiling where he had been resting seemingly impossibly behind a fluorescent light fixture.

Totally used to her friends peculiarities Ukyo only nodded. "Follow after those two and see what they want with Ranma." She intoned seriously.

"No need Ukyo-sama. It's just game night." Konatsu quickly responded after taking in the retreating pony and human that Ukuo had been pointing at. Ukyo taken aback by his casual response simply nodded going back to doing the prep work for the dinner rush, idly putting the silver coin into her register.

"Wait! What's game night?!" Ukyo suddenly exclaimed, but the arrival of her customers for her usual dinner rush would prevent her from investigating further.


"And how is it sister that you managed to gleam directions to Ranma's domicile before myself?" Luna added nearly stumbling as she again almost fell, hand going to her sisters side to steady herself. Oblivious to the staring of the residents of Tokyo they were passing on either side of them as they walked towards their destination.

"It was bizarre." Celestia admitted. "The human foals seemed to take great interest in me, and were more than happy to answer any questions I might have."

"Strange." Luna murmured trying to think of reasons why the Earthlings around them would be so interested in their natural forms. She came to a stop though when she realized she no longer heard her sister walking next to her. Slowly turning around still not used to balancing on two long spindly legs she saw that her sister was again staring at the bright star that was just beginning to set below the horizon. "Again 'Tia?" Luna queried exasperated drawing Celestia out of her mesmerization.

"What was that Luna?" Celestia inquired cocking her head slightly upwards and to the side still finding it strange to address a temporarily taller younger sister, even if the form she was wearing was only a magical glamour.

"Thou are staring at their Sun again." Luna mocked.

"Please Luna I'm simply worried about Twilight being able to manage my sun and your moon." Celestia replied a bit too dismissively.

"Do not try to lie to me sister. You are not good at it." Luna deadpanned before bending down and smugly saying right into her elder sisters face, "You are jealous."

"And what do I have to be jealous of?" Celestia screeched out, mane and tail swinging irritatedly. "Their Star has ugly spots, erupts uncontrollably at times, in fact there was no fewer than three minor eruptions in just the past thirty minutes! It has no magical reigns whatsoever, is most unnaturally in the center of their solar system, it's not a very flattering color, has no-"

"And it is many, many times larger than yours." Luna drawled softly cutting off her elder sisters angry rant.

"What did you say?" Celestia questioned angrily tail and mane briefly igniting into an angry red flame.

Looking upwards into the rapidly darkening sky Luna lifted her hand into the sky, two fingers twitching uncontrollably as she tried to point at the Moon that was hanging full near the horizon in the darkening sky. "I do believe however, that the former seat of Queen Serenity's government, is near the same size as mine." Luna boasted casually.

Celestia only favored her with an intense glare that rapidly made Luna break into a sweat. "Honestly Luna." Celestia sputtered gathering what remained of her dignity as she heavily trudged off. "You say the most patently ridiculous things." Celestia proclaimed purposefully turning away from her sister, her shod hooves now making noticeable steaming dents in the pavement as she stormed off.

"I apologize." Luna said honestly. "Please, do not leave me behind sister! I do not yet fully understand this means of locomotion!" She shouted trying to follow after her sister arms windmilling to her sides as she tried to prevent herself from stumbling onto the ground.

Nabiki reclined lazily as she idly munched on some fresh cookies and pastries that her sister and her sister's fiance had been making all evening. While it was somewhat odd, for Ranma to enter the kitchen she couldn't help but enjoy the fruits of his labors on the few occasions he did. Of course almost everyone made more appetizing food then her younger sister who was hanging out with some of her friends tonight. After finishing another cookie she reached for one on a different tray, these sprinkled with a rainbow glitter from yet another cookie sheet.

"Nabiki. Those aren't for you." Ranma remarked angrily grabbing the cookie Nabiki had just been about to munch on and putting it back down on with its brethren.

"Hey!" Nabiki screamed taken aback. "If you didn't want me to have any maybe you shouldn't have put them right in front of me."

"Trust me, you'd thank me. Those aren't exactly the most appetizing thing for human taste buds. A bit too much fiber." Ranma warned briefly lost in thought. "Just keep eating the butter cookies if you want to pig out. But leave those alone." Ranma commanded seriously an unusually stern look crossing her face.

"Ranma! You've got to get the sukiyaki!" Kasumi called from the kitchen. With that Ranma rapidly ran off back towards the kitchen. Nabiki blinked for a second and then reached forward and grabbed the cookie Ranma had taken out of her hands. Smiling to herself she quickly took a bite before coughing and spitting the cookie back out.

"What the hell?" Nabiki asked herself. That had been the weirdest textured cookie she had ever tasted. And when one grew up around her little sister that was saying something. What were Kasumi and Ranma making anyway? Before she could consider that further the front doorbell chimed.

"Nabiki-chan that should be the first of our guests. Could you let them in please?" Kasumi called out from the kitchen. Shrugging to herself Nabiki got up and walked into the hallway, past the kitchen, and to the front door. While she wouldn't normally be this helpful she couldn't help but be curious as to what weird sort of guests Ranma would be inviting over, as usually his particular brand of guests were not the type to politely knock. Especially ones who enjoyed eating such disgusting cookies she thought to herself briefly sticking her tounge out of her mouth and coughing into her hand to try to get the taste out.

As the door swung open she caught sight of pretty much what she expected. A tall feminine figure, probably some new whack job. "Salutations! We are here for the festivities!" The tall gaijin woman with dark skin proclaimed loudly and exuberantly in unaccented Japanese stumbling forward suddenly before a bright yellow glow seemed to enveloped her holding her upright.

"Celestia I did not require your assistance!" the woman shrilled angrily turning around and looking into the air as the golden glow around her slowly dissipated.

Nabiki blinked as what looked like a large miniature horse softly landed behind the foreign woman, wings folding up against its chest. "I see you were right about this being the front door sister." The pony stated evenly rainbow colored hair moving in an ethereal breeze. "Good evening." The alicorn greeted politely nodding her head in greetings.

Blinking repeatedly Nabiki finally came out of her brief moment of disbelief at yet another mythological species making an appearance at her home. "So you're Ranma and Kasumi's guests then?" Nabiki asked trying to slip back into her calm facade, though only partially succeeding.

"Yes, they should be expecting us." The white alicorn offered. "May we come in?"

"Of course. Oh please take off your shoes." Nabiki added rotely used to warning that when foreigners visited, before looking down to the woman and ponies feet and blinking. The alicorn seemed to have on four golden stylized coverings over her hooves each embedded with gems, and the woman's slightly heeled shoes were a very reflective silver, with similar gem accents. "Are those real gold and silver…" Nabiki began suddenly very interested in her two guests before a red and gold blur entered the hallway and slammed into the dark haired woman.

"Luna!" Ranma exclaimed now in her female form, wrapping the taller woman in a deep hug. The woman seemed to halfheartedly struggle for a second before awkwardly wrapping her arms around the shorter redhead giving her a tight hug a happy smile spreading across her face, nuzzling into Ranma's shoulder in a vaguely inhuman fashion.

Letting the dark haired woman go Ranma smiled, and quickly fell to her knees. "Celestia!" Ranma bellowed good naturedly her smile if anything growing wider as she deeply hugged the rainbow hued alicorn around the neck, Celestia without restraint began happily nuzzling into Ranma's shoulder. After a few more moments Ranma slowly released the hug. "I'm sorry about changing spots. I would've come and met you if you just told me when you were going to port in." Ranma clucked hands around the alicorns neck and the woman's shoulders as she led them into the house.

"Well we tried to teleport directly here, but Tia's spellwork was not the best." Luna taunted.

"If I recall correctly, someone bumped into me while I was casting the spell...While simply trying to stand upright." Celestia sniped back.

"At least I attempted to blend into their society as requested!"

"It is not proper to hide one's true form Luna. I always feel like I'm lying when I take on a-"

"Don't you mean that you didn't want to embarrass yourself? Since when you asked Princess Twilight for tips on how to walk bipedally and attempted to practice you kept stumbling into the walls. Which caused her to struggle to contain her mirth?" Luna recalled.

"And you are doing so much better little sister!" Celestia shouted seething.

Ranma simply sweated standing in between the two suddenly feuding sisters. "I made some of my special hay biscuits." Ranma quickly interjected instantly drawing their complete attention heads instantly swinging in her direction. "I might not remember the old recipe exactly, but I think Kasumi and I got it pretty much spot on." Ranma interjected happily noticing that the two sisters attention eyes were now squarely on her, and she began to sweat slightly at their gazes.

"VERILY?" Luna asked tears of joy in her eyes.

"They were always our favorite. It's been too long!" Celestia replied suddenly galloping off her nose flaring attempting to find the pastries in question.

"Leave some for me 'Tia!" Luna shouted at the retreating alicorns back lurching forward in her best attempt to run after her hands grasping along the walls as she followed.

Smiling after the two she let out a happy sigh before remembering that Nabiki was still in the doorway. Turning her head she noticed that she was being stared at. "You okay Nabiki?"

"Hay biscuits? You let me eat hay?" Nabiki demanded.

"I told you they weren't for you." Ranma noted defensively. "Besides, it's not just hay. That'd be boring. You've got to have the proper balance of hay and other wheats, barley, oats, a dash of salt, and then just a hint of apple essence to spice it up a bit. What? What's with the stare?" Ranma asked curiously.

"Why-how do you know...Really Princesses, unicorns and...nevermind. Just shut up Saotome." Nabiki finally decided, weirded out by what she had already seen this evening. Walking off past the kitchen she saw the dark haired woman and the alicorn sitting in the middle of her family's living room. To their sides were the hay biscuits floating in mid air roughly half floating with a golden aura the others a midnight blue before one by one they were rapidly consumed. Both guests moaning pleasurably with each bite eyes glistening with happy tears.

Unobtrusively sitting on the floor in the corner of the room she decided to wait for the two seemingly rich and royal guests to stop gorging themselves on the disgusting cookies. Her thoughts turning to the gold and silver footwear the two had so casually discarded and left sitting outside the dojo doors. Obviously she could get something out of these two, one being a different species or not.

Nabiki had no idea how she had been so out maneuvered by these two. She had hoped to talk to the two self-ascribed Princesses about a money making endeavour and like good marks they had agreed to listen to her proposal while Kasumi and Ranma continuously brought more and more food out to the living room. Both Princesses had seemed quite excited to have a "vacation cottage" nearby, something she said she could easily provide with only a small finders fee. When the alicorn had opened her saddlebags and shown what appeared to be dozens of gold coins and a few comically immense gemstones Nabiki had become even more excited about just how much she could take these two for.

That hope had ended when the two had asked to view her books on previous investments. She had been hesitant, but it was a pretty normal request, so she had relented in handing over her records of her own modest personal investments. When Luna had pulled an abacus out of her bag and found a few minor errors she had been skeptical but upon running the numbers again she realized the foreign Princess was correct.

It almost made her jump when she felt a hard hoof on her leg lifting her head out of her books she saw that the alicorn was looking at her with a concerned expression. "Don't feel bad. Luna's helped to spearhead the financial institutions of our nation for some time. And you're still quite young."

"Indeed! For a filly that was impressive work!" Luna grinned before her expression turned serious. "Though the lack of consideration of charity or community involvement in your investment strategies was most disconcerting. But I'm sure you'll grow out of that with the proper influences and after learning what is truly important."

Seeing the two sisters looking at her seriously she couldn't help but ask, "And what is that?"

"Friendship of course." Celestia said without a moments hesitation. Seeing Nabiki begin to balk at that she became more serious. "Wanting prosperity and security for yourself, your family, or even your own nation should of course be one of your first concerns. But once you have that it is only through your friends and relationships is where you'll find the true value of those accomplishments reflected."

Seeing Nabiki's clearly skeptical look Luna put a shaky hand on her leg, "Celestia may be a bit overly enthusiastic about such things but do not disregard her advice. Having others close to you is one of the things that keep you from falling into darkness. Has not Eu-Ranma, your experiences, and your own scholarship shown you this?"

Nabiki could barely keep herself from breaking out into laughter. "Ranma's not the smartest..." Seeing that the two were giving her very cross looks at the start of her jab at the resident martial artist she stopped herself and fidgeted nervously before regaining her cool at the intensity of their looks of disapproval. "I mean no." She finally decided to say neutrally.

"The magic of friendship is not part of your schooling?" Celestia questioned scandalized, a serious frown crossing her features.

Luna only sighed. "Tia, they are only Earthlings one cannot expect…"

"That is no excuse! I will talk to Princess Serenity about this!" Celestia vowed seriously grabbing another cookie with her telekinesis and chewing on it with a scandalized expression on her face.

Nabiki only blinked bewildered a part of her very happy to hear the doorbell again. "Excuse me I better get that!" She exclaimed standing up and slowly walking into the hallway to go answer the door, but barely managed to jump out of the way as a rapidly stampeding redhead who was making her way to excitedly answer the door.

Blinking in shock at the uncharacteristically excited redhead she slowly plopped back down to the floor between the other two guests. Hearing a few girls from the direction of the door loudly and enthusiastically greeting one another also was not something she was prepared for. "Very weird." Nabiki muttered to herself.

"Really?" The white furred alicorn across the room questioned still idly chewing on one of the many varieties of cookies now placed throughout the room. "I find it all so very nostalgic." She mused closing her eyes a happy smile spreading across her face. The magic she was holding the cookie she was munching on disappearing along with her concentration.

A bright blue aura springing up around it before it fell to the floor and pulling it lazily towards the dusky skinned woman before the alicorn re-opened her eyes. "Luna. That. Is mine." She proclaimed seriously the light in the room getting brighter momentarily and the alicorns mane and tail for the blink of an eye igniting into the flame, the temperature of the room was also beginning to soar.

"I was only trying to prevent it from falling to the ground Sister." Luna responded panickedly.

"Oh! Thank you then." The alicorn said before returning to happily munching on her rescued pastry. Luna only breathed out a sigh of relief as the light levels in the room returned to normal and the temperature began to slowly drop.

Nabiki cursed herself for her curiosity. Insanely powerful people always came to visit and here she was sitting between two magic using sorceresses, one not even human with no buffer of powerful martial artists to protect her? What WAS she thinking? Standing up slowly still looking at the alicorn cautiously she bowed her head politely. "Excuse me I'm going to go check on-my sister in the kitchen. See if she needs any help." She said carefully before quickly making her way into the hallway. Keeping the two magic users in her line of sight she backed out of the doorway and bounced into something soft but unyielding.

For the second time in less than two minutes Nabiki found herself tripping yet again, but this time was saved by a pair of hands catching her under her arms. "Hey you ok?" A slightly deep but still totally feminine voice said from above her. Nabiki grumbling freed herself from the arms holding her up and turned around to look her rescuer in the face. And looked up, and then up some more to the almost six foot tall woman standing behind her.

"You-you're tall." Nabiki said dumbly causing the brown haired girl to look away embarrassed, and the bow wearing blonde and redhead accompanying her to give her a nearly matching set of dirty looks. Noticing that Ranma was still fixing her with a glare, and hoping for her protection against the possibly dangerous sorceresses in the other room she rapidly backpedaled. "Um...I'm sorry. Thanks for catching me." Nabiki finished lamely feeling very off base by the days oddities.

Ranma nor the giantess didn't respond and Ranma simply pushed the embarrassed girl further into the room while the blonde looked her over and walked away with a disgusted huff. While Nabiki followed after lamely still curious as to what exactly was going on. Walking in she saw the two new girls eagerly embrace the two sorceresses in happy hugs not even blinking at the fact that they were casually embracing a mythological creature.

"Is Princess Mer-Ami still not coming to our roleplaying session?" Said mythological creature casually asked still munching on one of the many disgusting cookies Ranma had prepared apparently specifically for their consumption.

"She said she found more rare supplements and that it changed EVERYTHING she had already modelled." The blonde said plopping down onto the ground next to the alicorn. A contemplative look crossed over her face as she grabbed a nearby cookie, "Well you know what they say all…"

"So Ranma, where's the kitchen. I could help you and Kasumi make something." The giantess asked interrupting the blonde who briefly shot her a dirty glare before an excited smile crossed her face as she bit into the cookie she had grabbed.

"You don't have to do that Makoto. Kasumi and I got it all ready." Ranma said rolling her eyes.

"But I-."

"Sit. Ranma said emphatically lightly pushing the tall girl till she sat down like her blonde friend.

"Minako! Makoto! So nice to see you!" Kasumi called out to each in turn excitedly. "Where are Ami and Usagi?" She asked after looking around the room and not seeing them present.

"Ami's cutting out again." Ranma explained only for Kasumi to roll her eyes. "But yeah, it's not really like Usagi to be late. Especially when she knows there's going to be lots and lots of food." Ranma added contemplatively and the rest of the guests looked slightly puzzled as well. All of them were drawn out of their musings by the loud sound of thunder and a flash of lightning.

"Oh no. I hope she's not stuck in a storm! Did she forget to check the weather schedule?" The alicorn asked.

All present looked outside through the engawa to the rapidly darkening twilight sky. A cold breeze rapidly blowing in, and the sky instantly darkened to a midnight black a large crescent moon seeming to almost fill the sky.

"Sister, it's not polite to play with another's sky." The alicorn disapprovingly eyes darting to her sister while everyone present turned to look at the dark haired woman sitting in the corner.

"It's not me 'Tia." Luna said calmly idly biting into another cookie as the rest of those present turned their attention back to the outside of the home. The wind picked up the trees in the backyard groaning lightly in the unnatural strong breeze that quickly grew to a gale. Through the unnatural darkness a gray cloaked figure suddenly appeared seemingly hovering over the koi pond.

"Mortal fools! It was you who summoned me! You who called for your own death and destruction!" A gravely booming voice shouted, two pricks of red light coming from the hood of the figure outside seemingly floating over the doorway. Nabiki was simply too distracted by the figure to notice that her guests, minus Luna had each stood to face the figure. Transformation items appearing in their hands, minus the alicorn whose horn only glowed a bright white in color, and Kasumi who was moving to shield Nabiki from whatever threat this figure posed.

"Ah, I see you are prepared to fight me!" The figure shouted dramatically its eyes glowing a fiery unholy red yet again and a unnatural breeze causing the branches in the trees to shudder and begin to groan. "But death, destruction, and pestilence's cries will never cease! For the end of your lives has come! Mwhahaha!" The figure intoned floating off of the koi pond and towards the doorway the standing figures each beginning to sweat.

"Yes, fear me for I have come to…" while the floating figure had begun to dramatically make its way inside the estate it seemed to get tripped up on the edge of the engawa and fell face first onto the ground. The wind instantly died down and the twilight sky of early evening returned, the pitch black midnight receding so quickly it was like it had never been. The Moon too had returned to it's normal early nighttime spot low over the horizon.

"Oww…" The downed cloaked figure finally moaned before jumping back to its feet position and sticking a hand dramatically in the air before pulling back her hood revealing blonde hair tied into two odango shaped hair buns.

"YOUR DUNGEON MASTER HAS ARRIVED!" She finally proclaimed as dramatically as she could with her magically induced special effects gone.

"Usagi?!" Everyone present but Luna exclaimed. The dusky skinned Princess was not unlike everyone else present frozen and ran forward to engulf the blonde in a proud embrace.

"A wonderful job Princess! That is how a proper Moon Princess should make their entrance." Luna said grandly.

"Hehe, thanks. The floating bit is a lot of work." Usagi mused before a wide smile spread across her face. "But it's super dramatic! I could get used to it!" Usagi proclaimed walking in through the open door, while everyone else still stared on aghast.

"Yes, entwining floating magic along with darkening the sky and bending the light from your Moon is complex. Perhaps we can ask Princess Cadenza for assistance. She's quite good at manipulating flight magic." Luna stated as they both sat back down as everyone else remained mostly frozen in place.

Surprisingly it was Nabiki who broke the eerie silence of the rest of those present as she simply stood up calmly. "I-I…" Nabiki began stuttering before shaking for a split second before turning to all those present. "I'm out." She finally managed voice icily calm and stood slowly and began walking out of the room on unsteady legs while everyone looked after her before most simply shrugged.

"Wait a second!" Usagi suddenly shouted. "Where's Ami-chan?"

"Didn't come again. Still working on her character. She found some old untranslated supplement books in a used bookstore." Makoto explained still giving her Princess an odd look.

"Again? Damn. Well where's Chibi-Usa? Still hiding from my awesome entrance?" Usagi boasted after frowning for a second at Ami's absence before looking around the room for her time displaced daughter.

"My Pop took her off on a training trip. Sorry Usagi." Ranma reported sympathetically.

"But-but I had this entire campaign planned. And it took me all week to write it too. And I looked up all the rules again and and-" Usagi said biting her lower lips tears in her eyes. "HOW CAN SHE DO THIS TO HER MOTHER?!" She finally shouted freely crying.

Everyone at the table grimaced but Celestia simply grabbed a cookie with her telekinesis and simply waved it under Usagi's nostrils. Opening her eyes she grabbed the cookie and took a bite and her cries quickly became sniffling. "Did you make these Ranma?" As she smelt the cookie carefully.

Ranma only nodded as a huge smile spread across Usagi's face as she basically inhaled the cookie before looking for more a spread spreading across her face. "These are great!" She proclaimed seriously.

"So we're down two guess the games off for another week. What we going to do instead?" Makoto mused.

"I could port in the game system…" Ranma suggested flipping out her phone to quickly send Lautia a message.

"Yes! Bring back the controller of games! There was much entertainment and mirth the last time we struggled valiantly alongside and against each other!" Luna proclaimed happily.

"As if anyone can beat the Mistress of Arcades Sailor V!" Minako interjected standing proudly.

"I call team with Luna!" Usagi shouted rushing over to sit next to her as Ranma simply rolled her eyes as Ranma walked upstairs to her room to collect the game system and cart she had just requested from her castles AI.

"Indeed." Luna said arm wrapping around Usagi. "The Moon shall triumph over all!"

"Ranma shall be my teammate then!" Celestia said seriously from her position propped on the floor. "The Sun will shine eternally!"

Luna and Usagi looked at each other for a second before smiling conspiratorially "Unless you get…" Usagi began.

"Eclipsed!" Luna finished shouting both jumping on top of the surprised alicorn as everyone else looked on and began to laugh and settled in to have a nice relaxing night.


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