So this is a one-shot about Marvel and his thoughts before he dies.

I wait in the trees silently. Hoping. I have seen the little girl, running around the forest.

She is Katniss's ally. Katniss seems to like her. If I kill the little girl, Katniss will be distracted. Then, we can kill her easily.

Cato said he'd kill me in my sleep if I didn't kill the girl.

I watch the little girl. She runs silently through the trees. She's looking for her. For Katniss. It makes me guilty. I know it's wrong; I don't want to kill the little girl.

But I have to get home. I have to win. I have to see my little brother.

He's only eight; I can't leave him alone with my mother. She hates us. The children she never wanted.

So I set the trap.

Come on, come on. A little farther… now.

The trap springs.

Her whistling is interrupted by a startled scream. She is trapped in the net, pinned to the ground.

"Katniss!" She screams. "Katniss help!"

I hear crashing through the trees, and I know I don't have much time. "Rue!" Her voice is panicked. "Rue, I'm coming!"

I hesitate but then step out of my hiding place.

I see Katniss emerge from the trees just as I let my spear fly. Her head whips to face me and I have no time to react.

I see the panic in her eyes as her arrow pierces my neck. I know the panic is not for my sake.

I crumble to the forest ground and gasp for air. As I'm drowning in my own blood, I see Katniss crying next to the girl, me forgotten.

For the first time, I see that she really does care for her. Like I care for my brother.

And I took that from her.

"I-I'm sorry." I try to whisper.

I'm so sorry.

And the pain wraps around me, enfolding me in darkness, before absolutely nothing.

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