**I hope everyone will enjoy this one! This fic is NOT SMUT, but it is laced with a few moments where Kristoff is very attractice. I have plenty more chapters coming this week. I know it starts with Kristanna but Elsa's love life will heat up soon!

Thank you very much, xxMeMoRiEzxx on deviantart, for letting me use your art as the cover art for the fic.

Xx Hayley

Kristoff watched Anna stumble across the ice. Elsa was guiding her along on the skates she had just made. Kristoff could not believe how sweet the sisters were together, like they'd never been apart, even for a day. Anna was so natural and calm and giggling, like she hadn't just kissed him for the first time.

A few hours ago, she had surprised him with a brand-new replacement sled and lute. He had no idea that she would actually hold up her end of the bargain and replace his sled. He was so touched, and one thing led to another, and they wound up kissing on the dock. He wasn't quite sure who had initiated it, but she definitely wasn't as phased as he was. Her kiss was all he could think about.

He watched her skate around for a while longer, but night would fall shortly, which left him wondering what he should do next. Should he head on home? He and Anna had a thing, right? That kiss definitely meant something to her, too. But, sometimes parents give a quick kiss on the lips to their little kids to tell them goodnight. Surely it wasn't that kind of kiss. It wasn't to him. Maybe it was for her, though; after all, she did try to peck him on the cheek first.

So, maybe she wanted him to leave. I can't spend the night with Anna in the castle, Kristoff thought, as much as I want to. His thought startled himself. Since when was he taking it that far? There was no way he could spend the night in the castle, so he should stop thinking about it. He tried to turn his mind to other things. There was the option of staying in Arendelle, but he didn't know anyone in town to stay with. He would just have to mosey on out and go sleep at his home in the woods.

He had almost toted his reindeer Sven out the gates when a sharp little finger poked him in the shoulder. "Where are you running off to?"

Kristoff turned to see Elsa peering up at him quizzically. In the distance behind her Anna had fallen on her face for the thousandth time. "I, uh," Kristoff stammered, rubbing the back of his neck in distress, "I'm headed home for the night."

"Oh," Elsa nodded. "Where do you live? Is it far?"

Kristoff shrugged. "Just up in the mountains."

Elsa's eyes widened with concern. "You must be so tired. After all you've been through, I insist you stay with us."

"No, no," Kristoff held up his mitten-laden palms, "I can't."

"I insist!" Elsa persisted.

"I can't; I really can't." Now that the idea was not some mere fantasy, Kristoff realized he was terrified with the idea of sleeping inside.

"I insist!" Elsa's voice grew in volume.

"I can't!" Kristoff shouted. Some people in the crowd of skaters turned to see what the commotion was about.

Elsa, forever a queen of dignity, lowered her voice and brought her face closer to Kristoff. "You must spend the night. Anna will want it."

Kristoff's face was quite close to Elsa's, now. When he heard what she had just said, he couldn't stifle his guffaw. "Whoa, that sentence could be taken the wrong way."

"What?" Elsa shrieked.

"What?" Kristoff shrieked back as if he hadn't said anything. "What about what what?"

Just then, a cute set of strawberry-blonde pigtails clumsily skated between them. "What's going on here?" Anna asked, her right eye squinted in confusion.

"Nothing, dear," Elsa grabbed her shoulders to steady her, "Kristoff was just lamenting to me how much he will miss you when he has to go home tonight."

"No I—," Kristoff began, before Elsa stomped on his foot to shut him up and Anna burst out, "Elsa, no, you can't send him out to the woods! Please, let him stay with us."

Kristoff now needed no foot to silence him. She wanted him to stay?

"Shh, keep your voice down, Anna," Elsa warned. "Do you think that would be appropriate, to have a man from the mountains stay in the castle with an unmarried queen and princess?"

"Elsa, how can you be like this?" Anna tugged at the shoulders of Elsa's gown, pleading, "You just said today that you would never shut the castle up again! And look what you are doing, shutting out the man who saved my life." Anna wiped a tear with the back of her hand.

"Don't be so dramatic, dear," Elsa said, wiping her sister's eyelashes. "If it would mean that much to you, he can stay here tonight."

"Elsa!" Anna squealed. "Thank you, thank you, thank you! I will behave myself, I promise."

"Well, in that case," Elsa winked at Kristoff, "he can stay here as long as he would like."

Kristoff gulped. Unfortunately for him, as long as he would like was about never.